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Police nab serial robber

A repeat-robber of 24-hour delis on Court Street got caught because he struck too frequently.

Police arrested a 30-year-old suspect on Dec. 19 and charged him with sticking up several businesses in the last month. The suspect was actually nabbed moments after he robbed a deli at 3:40 am between Amity and Congress streets, cops said.

Police caught their man because the perp allegedly had just attempted to rob another late-night grocery between Degraw and Sackett streets.

A quick-thinking clerk thwarted the suspect because he recognized him from a previous robbery in November. Rather than hand over the cash, he shut the cash register and dialed 911.

Tongue tied

A man tried to avoid getting robbed on Smith Street on Dec. 22 by telling the three men who demanded his money that he didn’t speak English, but they showed no mercy.

The 34-year-old victim, who actually does speak English, was knocked to the ground, punched and kicked at the corner of Baltic Streets at 3:30 am, before the robbers made off with the $20 in his wallet.

Police say the victim went to Long Island College Hospital, under his own power, for treatment.

Teen on teen

A 17-year-old robbed a 14-year-old boy on Dec. 18 at the corner of Henry and Sackett streets.

The older teen followed the younger one down the street at 5:40 pm and yelled: “Gimme your money! Gimme your money!” The victim satisfied the robber by forking over $10.

Benz burgled

A thief stole several items from a man’s unlocked Mercedes Benz on President Street on Dec. 21.

The victim told cops that he had parked the fancy wheels between Smith and Court streets at 5 pm. When he returned to the car at 10 pm, he noticed that a thief had taken a wallet, which contained credit cards and his driver’s license, but no cash.


A housing police officer arrested a 16-year-old girl who had stolen a cellphone on Bush Street on Dec. 12.

The trouble began at around 9:50 pm, when the suspect headlocked a 19-year-old woman between Dwight and Columbia streets. Once subdued, the victim handed over her Sidekick cellphone, cops said.

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