PS 52 talent show bests ‘American Idol’

Move over, American Idol, some new kids have stolen your thunder — and they’re from PS 52.

Savvy students at the Sheepshead Bay school delivered a lesson in showmanship when they took to the stage for a talent show, wowing the crowd with their sweet singing, dancing and tender theatrics.

The artful bunch shared the spotlight with teachers who provided some musical surprises of their own, drawing roars of laughter from the audience as executive staff members Joy Mendelsohn and Ellen Quigley, and Principal Ilene Altschul, ignited the stage as ’70s pop band ABBA in flowy, bold-print dresses and matching headbands.

The kids had no problem upstaging them. Among them was doll-faced first grader Charlotte Seid, who demonstrated why she’s also a budding virtuoso by calmly tucking her violin beneath her chin, focusing her baby browns on sheet music and pealing off a rousing rendition of “This Land is Your Land.”

Fellow student Robert Brunotte refused to be outshone. The kindergarten student scrambled aboard the stage to sing his ABCs, drawing wide smiles and loud applause for his excellent efforts. Dancers Melanie Feliciano, Saylyn Feliciano and Chassity Soto elicited more of the same for their fancy footwork to the toe-tapping tune, “Get Me Body.”

“I didn’t know we had as many talented students in the school as we do, they were fantastic,” said Barbara Warner, a parent coordinator at the school on E. 29th Street, between Voorhies Avenue and Avenue Z, who was also impressed by the audience.

“I was very proud of the parents, they were very well-behaved,” she quipped.

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