Pugilist slashes straphanger

84th precinct stationhouse
The 84th Precinct station house on Gold Street.
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Brooklyn Heights–DUMBO–Boerum Hill–Downtown

Pugilist slashes stranger

An angry pugilist picked a fight on March 7 and slashed a stranger in the Jay Street subway station.

Police said the victim got into a physical fight in the station at 8:45pm, according to a witness, a friend of the victim. When the friend tried to step in and break up the fight, he realized the victim was bleeding from multiple wounds, and the bruiser ran away.

Cops came upon the victim in the station, and he was transported to New York Presbyterian-Brooklyn Methodist Hospital with lacerations to his legs, shoulders, and wrists.

Repeat robber

A sneak-thief with a penchant for car snatching allegedly broke into several rental vehicles on Atlantic Avenue on March 9.

The victim told police he observed the filcher rummaging through AVIS rental cars in a parking garage near Boerum Place just before midnight. He called the cops, who quietly watched the perp rifle through multiple vehicles, coming up empty handed, before arresting him. The alleged thief had reportedly been arrested previously while driving a car stolen from the very same rental company.

Brewery bandit

A bandit broke into a Lawrence Street brewery on March 9.

Police said the thief walked through the front door of Circa Brewery near Fulton Street shortly before 1pm and stole a DeWalt hammer drill, along with a sander and batteries from the same company, all in all worth nearly $700. Cameras captured the whole affair, though the robber managed to pull of his crime while the building was full of people.

Shake Shack shakedown

A group of jerks stole an iPhone outside the Fulton Street Shake Shack on March 7.

The victim told police he was hanging out near Pearl Street at about 8:30pm when he was surrounded by a band of five marauders, who allegedly grabbed his iPhone from his hand and tried to punch him before fleeing with the pricy phone. Police canvassed the area with the victim, who identified one of the five jerks hanging out nearby. Cops cuffed the lone thief, but it seemed another of his buddies had the phone, which the victim tracked to Bedford-Stuyvesant using Find My iPhone.

Sneaker sale gone south

A casual meetup to sell some sneakers went south when two robbers stole the shoes and more on Nevins Street on March 11.

Police said the victim had met the two thieves online and met up with them at the corner of Wyckoff Avenue at about 5pm to show off his wares. He was caught off-guard when both of the brutes pulled firearms and forced him out of his Mercedes-Benz, then drove off with the car, his iPhone, the stock of sneakers, and a jacket.