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Readers speak: Smartmom is wrong

After posting Smartmom’s piece last week — the one in which Smartmom wondered whether she should stop writing about her children in her tell-all column — The Brooklyn Paper asked readers whether our popular parenting columnist should stop invading her kids’ privacy.

The overwhelming response? Yes.

Some readers even blamed Smartmom for the widespread perception of Park Slope as an island of self-obsessed parenting.

“Smartmom’s no small part of why Park Slope parents have become the target of so much derision,” wrote “Advil Please” from Park Slope. “Perhaps The Brooklyn Paper has allowed her to babble on for so long in hopes of keeping the ‘controversy’ alive, but when even her kids are telling her to shut up, you’d think she would finally get the picture.”

Tough luck, Advil Please — in this week’s column, Smartmom says she’s sticking to her guns!

In that case, most respondents said that Smartmom should prepare for some hefty therapist bills as her tots grow up. And what’s worse, she might even lose some of her readers!

“If your kids and neighbors won’t talk because they fear being written up, think of something else creative,” wrote RK from Park Slope. “It’s run its course. Bring it to the next level.”

“If Smartmom doesn’t stop, I suspect that she will find out many years from now that the resentment on her children’s part will grow, not diminish,” added Andrea from Gowanus.

Bottom line: few (except for Dumb Editor, of course, but he poses in the nude!) defended Smartmom’s decision to put her life — and the lives of her children — on display.

“These are her children — the heart of her heart — she’s playing with,” added “Another Mother from Downtown.” “Maybe if she gets in touch with that reality, she’ll reconsider her career imperatives, find a more meaningful, less hurtful way to express herself and wind up a much smarter mom (and wife, neighbor and friend, too).

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