Safe in the subway: Our top cop Fox to head NYPD Transit

Safe in the subway: Our top cop Fox to head NYPD Transit
Photo by Stefano Giovaninni

Assistant Chief Joseph Fox, a Brooklyn-bred top cop who led Patrol Borough Brooklyn South for more than a decade, has been tapped to lead the NYPD’s Transit Bureau.

Fox was promoted to full Chief and immediately given his new marching orders on Tuesday, giving him little time to say goodbye to the communities he’s built strong relationships with since becoming the big cheese of Southern Brooklyn’s police force more than a decade ago.

Residents were saddened by the news.

“The people we have told all felt like they were losing a relative,” explained Detective Nivrose Duncan of Patrol Borough Brooklyn South’s community affairs division.

Raised in Flatlands, Fox spent most of his career in Patrol Borough Brooklyn South and served in the 70th Precinct as a cop.

When he assumed command of Patrol Borough Brooklyn South, he was put in charge of 13 police precincts that stretch from Carroll Gardens to Canarsie.

Taking the reins of the NYPD’s Transit Bureau, Fox will oversee the 2,600 cops that patrol the city’s subway system.

Whispers about his departure came on Friday, shortly after former transit chief Raymond Diaz announced his retirement.

During his tenure, Fox successfully built up police community relations in Southern Brooklyn that had been torn down by the Abner Louima case and the Crown Heights Riots. Always approachable, Fox strived to make the community an integral part of policing.

“Our work couldn’t be done without the participation of all the residents who are in contact with us and tell us about any new crime conditions that are happening in their neighborhoods,” he would often say.

Fox is credited for starting the Brooklyn South Showcase Festival — a popular annual event in which Brooklynites can get snapshots of the precincts, cops and the communities they serve.

At the same time, he encouraged his cops to be more open to the community — creating an annual award named after former Brooklyn South Chief Patrick Brennan that honored cops who go above and beyond the call of duty to help every day residents.

Brooklyn South cops said they were sad to see Fox go.

“Working under Chief Fox was a complete pleasure,” explained Inspector Eric Rodriguez, the commanding officer of the 70th Precinct. “He was a great leader and a great mentor.”

Assistant Chief Thomas Chan, who is currently assigned to the NYPD School Safety Division, will be taking over Fox’s position by the end of the week, sources said.

Calls to Fox were not returned by Tuesday evening.