Cold call: Podcaster talks to his haters at live show

Event: He’s calling all haters! Comments (3)

Best of times, worst of times for the media

Spin Cycle: The industry is suffering in America, but all is not lost. Comments (1)

No matter the race, don’t deface

Elections can bring people to do really dumb things. When I was walking to a debate for a Council race in Borough Park, I saw Yoni Hikind posters spray-painted. One part of the posters not spray painted on was the rabbi sitting next to Hikind. Later, returning from the debate I saw Kalman Yeger posters either drained by the rain that day or also put down by someone. (Not sure which it was.) Comment

What to read this week

Books: Brooklyn booksellers give their top picks. Comment

It’s time to rock and shop in the Ridge

Bay Ridge Nights: Have a cool time as it starts getting chilly. Comment
Editor’s Picks: This week we’ve got a comics convention, high-flying films, sumo stew, and much more! Brooklyn is the place to be! Comment
Marine Park: Marine Parkers are torn over a proposal to rezone the neighborhood to pave the way for taller residential buildings in a surrender to zone-busting developers who are already building bigger than allowed. Comment
Dyker Heights: The mood around the bright holiday display is a bit darker this season. Comments (4)

Man wanted for questioning in Sept. 18 Brighton Beach burglary

Brighton Beach: Police are asking the public to help them identify a man wanted for questioning regarding a burglary that occurred on Brighton Beach Avenue on Sept. 18. Comment

Man wanted for allagedly stealing iPhone from 9-year-old boy

Brighton Beach: Police hunting for a man they beleive stole an iPhone from a 9-year-old boy after threatening to kill him in the elevator of his apartment building in Brighton Beach on Oct. 25. Comment

Rough robbery: Creep slugs woman inside Williamsburg bank before stealing her cash

Williamsburg: Cops are on the hunt for a brute who they said repeatedly punched and then robbed a woman inside a Williamsburg bank on Tuesday. Comment
Standing O: Scary costumes, carnival games, prizes, music, refreshments, pumpkin decorating and lots of trucks and very few treats ruled the day for the more than 500 attendees at the third annual NIA Community Services Halloween Spooktacular. Comment

Pepys’ show: New dance adapts the 17th-century diary

Theater: They’re taking a page from his book. Comments (1)

Capano takes one last swipe at party leaders

Party Line: Third-place Bay Ridge Council candidate Bob Capano signed off from the long and tumultuous campaign season by congratulating the neighborhood’s new representative Justin Brannan in a statement on Nov. 8 — but not before taking one last jab at his Republican primary competitor John Quaglione and the Brooklyn Conservative Party. Comment

Best of times, worst of times for the media

Spin Cycle: It is a grand understatement to say media in American is undergoing a seismic shift these past few years. We all know print is suffering and could be threatened with extinction in the not-too-distant future (although I am still a firm believer that print will exist in some media outlets for many more decades). Radio has become a dinosaur. Even cable television is getting socked by all the cord-cutters who would rather stream than stick to prime-time viewing. Comment

Steph figures out what’s right. Right?

Fearless Living: Who’s to say what is right and what is wrong? Comment
Digital editions: The Paper understands the importance of the office it holds and the responsibilities expected of it by those constituents who elected it to represent them. The Paper will approach the next four years as it has the past 39, reporting the stories that matter most to its readers, and holding a mirror up to the communities it covers. The Paper thanks you for your vote, and keep hustlin’, Brooklyn! Read more…

Deep thoughts wth Dean Haspiel

Podcast: There aren’t any original ideas. But hasn’t that been said before? Comments (1)

General Election round-up

Party Line: The votes are in, and here’s our recap of Tuesday’s general election results in Brooklyn. Comments (4)
She gave them shelter from the storm — or at least its aftermath. Comment

Death in the family: Former Brooklyn Paper reporter dies after suffering brain injury

Our alum died about eight months after she contracted the injury while pregnant. Comments (1)
Park Slope: It was a night for the history books! Comment
Event: It was a day to say thanks to those who deserve it most. Comment

It’s ’where to go: New music venue Elsewhere has it all

Music: Look nowhere else! Comment
Bay Ridge: This just in … Justin Brannan is the new Bay Ridge councilman. Comment
Flatbush: A handful of workers and volunteers for candidate Brian Cunningham’s campaign to oust Councilman Mathieu Eugene have accused the incumbent of illegally electioneering at multiple polling sites on election day. Comment

Ridgites eat up at Scandinavian Autumn Festival

Bay Ridge: It was a taste of Nordic traditions! Comment

Squashed: Group assaults woman with pumpkin in Brooklyn Heights, police say

Brooklyn Heights: These alleged ruffians are out of their gourd. Comment
Event: These elders sang some oldies for the 11th-annual Senior Idol competition. Comment

Bridging the app! New technology connects Slope small-business owners directly with customers

Park Slope: These shopkeepers can now apply a personal touch — from a distance! Comment

Bensonhurst man scrawls hate message after terror attack

Bensonhurst: A Bensonhurst man who allegedly wrote a hateful message on the wall of his Bensonhurst apartment building targeting people from same country as the terrorist who carried out the terror attack in Lower Manhattan last week has been charged with a hate crime, police said. Comment
Midwood: They just don’t see the health benefit. Comment
Dining: From hot sheets to hot plates! Comments (7)

Local spots body floating in Sheepshead Bay

Sheepshead Bay: Police pulled a man’s lifeless body from the waters off Emmons Avenue in Sheepshead Bay on Nov. 1. Comment
Event: They got everything including the kitchen sink! Comment

Festive field trip: Ridge kids cut class to paint windows in annual fall event

Bay Ridge: This was more than just window dressing. Comments (1)

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