Want to take a short trip to an exotic locale? Do you want to be pampered by natives? Do you just want to put the romance back in your relationship, or put the focus on pampering yourself? Can this all be done in one place? Comments (1)


Partners Bonnie Thornton and Tamika Rivera (left to right) had a vision. They wanted to open a spa and shop in Williamsburg that catered to the spa needs of the people who lived in their neighborhood, forsaking the elitist ambiance of Manhattan’s Fifth Avenue spas, explained Thornton. With their own hands, and the hands of many friends, they converted their space at 115 Grand St. at Berry Street from the remains of an old Polish restaurant into Therapy spa and store. Comment


The staff at The Spa takes your health seriously. Like Caesar, they want you to come in, so they can see what ails you and then they’ll conquer it. Comment

Spa Report 2002

Spa: Note: There is an updated Brooklyn Spa Guide for 2006 Inside the ancient Indian–themed Tantra spa, featuring rain showers, Aveda products and treatments for couples, this […] Comments (1)


· When making your appointment let the spa know if you prefer a man or a woman to perform your services. Don’t wait until you show up, it could be too late for them to accommodate you. Comments (2)


It’s 11 am and I’m waiting in the Community Bookstore in Park Slope for cookbook author Rozanne Gold to arrive. We’re meeting to discuss her latest book, "Healthy 1-2-3: The Ultimate Three-Ingredient Cookbook," which was published last April, and her upcoming and final cookbook in the series, "Desserts 1-2-3," due out this May. Comment


If you’ve never treated yourself to a day at the spa, it is definitely time to start. Depending upon what you choose to have done, you will leave relaxed, well groomed and blissfully unaware that there is any difficulty in the world. Comment


Pilo Arts Day Spa & Salon is the place to go when you crave relaxation and need a new look. Comments (1)


Valentine’s Day, 2002. 5 am. Trudging out of the Downtown office of The Brooklyn Papers are the three remaining members of the production team. They’ve been on the job for about 19 hours, been awake for close to 21, and are now headed home to bed after a day and night of computer breakdowns, missed deadlines and utter pandemonium. Comment


I’m pretty sure it’s my first memory. Comment

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