Joyce DiDonato loves how George Frideric Handel makes no concessions to any of the usual operatic conventions in "Hercules." Comment


On New Year’s Eve 2004, friends who belong to the DUMBO Neighborhood Association got together for a potluck dinner. The eclectic dishes they contributed gave way to an idea: "Why," one wondered, "shouldn’t we compile our recipes and turn them into a cookbook?" They planned to use the proceeds of the books’ sales to beautify their community, as well as fund their ongoing project of having the DUMBO (Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass) neighborhood designated as a historic district. Comment


Do you love Brooklyn so much that you could just eat it up? If so, the Heights and Hill Community Council invites you to salivate over the words of "The Brooklyn Cookbook" author, Lyn Stallworth, who will give a talk on Feb. 16 at 2 pm about the borough’s food-filled legacy. Comment


As part of its "Brazil Transplanted: Carnival in New York" conference on Feb. 15, Long Island University’s Downtown Brooklyn campus will offer a free performance by an Afro-Brazilian ensemble. Comment


This story was born of the idea that those of us chasing the artistic life shouldn’t have to eat peanut butter sandwiches and Key Food macaroni every night, or sit at home over a plate of cold bologna and crackers while our friends live it up in the hundreds of great restaurants scattered across the length and breadth of Brooklyn. Comment



On Valentine’s Day, Williamsburg’s Galapagos Art Space will present 26.2 Productions’s "V-Day Brooklyn." The centerpiece of the one-night-only event is a performance of Eve Ensler’s "The Vagina Monologues" (pictured), directed by Theresa Rose, followed by live music by rock band, America’s Sweetheart. Comment


Atlantic Yards: Real-estate prices in Brooklyn are surging at Manhattan-like rates, with the borough’s average apartment going up by 35 percent last year, and units in some neighborhoods jumping by more than 80 percent. Comment

‘Army’ lets Ikea dock        

The Army isn’t the Navy, but it sure sunk the latest effort by preservationists to block Ikea’s plans for a waterfront mega-store in Red Hook. Comment

Mystery of casino paddleboat is finally solved

The mystery of a riverboat casino queen parked at Pier 6 at the foot of Atlantic Avenue has been solved: It sailed from Red Hook. Comment

On the outskirts of Ratnerville, house on market for 1.5M        

It’s the perfect brownstone — if you’re deaf and rich. Comment

REEL ’EM IN        

The world’s largest passenger ship, the Queen Mary 2, is coming to Red Hook in April — and local businesses can’t wait to get a piece of the action. But the real money won’t be spent by the folks in the Bermuda shorts and velour jumpsuits. Comment

Despite boom, prices start to drop in DUMBO        

The luxury buildings in DUMBO keep going up, but for the first time, it looks like the prices are coming down, at least a little bit. Comment

Pacific paved        

Atlantic Yards: Why did the city repave part of Pacific Street that Bruce Ratner plans to eliminate? Hey, you never know. Last week, the city fixed Pacific between Sixth Avenue and Bond Street in Prospect Heights, despite the fact that Ratner’s Atlantic Yards mega-project would transform Pacific Street between Vanderbilt and Flatbush avenues in Boerum Hill into green space. Then again, explained a Department of Transportation spokesman, maybe it won’t. “An ‘if’ is still an ‘if,’” explained the spokesman, Craig Chin. Comment

On the market        

What’s in a name? Everything, if you want to sell multi-million-dollar apartments that sit on deserted Furman Street next to the traffic-choked Brooklyn-Queens Expressway. Comment

Ratner’s adviser will advise MTA        

Atlantic Yards: The biggest city in the country is really just a small town — for the developer of the Atlantic Yards project, that is. Comment

Fulton Mall eyed for makeover

How do you change a place while keeping it the same? Comment
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A Champagne     Primer

Valentine’s Day is here, and no wine is as romantic as Champagne. Here is a quick guide to understanding this most magical of drinks! What is Champagne Champagne is both a region of France and the name of the wines made there. In truth, only wines made in Champagne are Champagnes. Other sparkling wines can be quite good, but they are not Champagne. A small amount of non-sparkling wine is made in Champagne and carries the designation “Coteaux Champenoise”, but we will concentrate on the more familiar “Bubbly.” The clima Read more…

Tower dentists know the drill

Brooklyn Angle: Root canal patients and Novocaine junkies shuddered at the news last year that the Williamsburgh Bank Building — once home to 150 dentists, oral surgeons, hygienists and their victims — was being converted into luxury condos Comment

Smartmom’s   sexy side

Smartmom: The only people Smartmom knows who are having sex are her divorced and widowed friends. Between, Nerve, and some of the other dating Web sites, there’s no shortage of the unattached and unencumbered eager for a little hanky-panky. Comments (1)

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