Friday, May 14, 2010

Music: And it’s too big for just one venue! Comment

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Greenpoint crustacean chef is an underground lobster roll dealer

Dining: Brooklyn’s underground lobster roll connection has re-surfaced — and he’s going mobile. Comments (9)
Page 1: So, a guy walks into the doctor’s office, and the doctor says, “Look, I have some bad news for you — you have six months to live.” The patient gets all upset, but then asks, “Wait a minute, what’s the good news?" And the doctor says, "Who said anything about any good news?” That joke pretty much sums up the yin and yang of modern life — you’re always waiting for the other shoe to drop, but sometimes there just isn’t another shoe. But there always is The Brooklyn Paper’s full print edition — available now just by clicking above. Keep hustlin’, Brooklyn! Comment

Our video takes you inside the belly of the beast — Grand Army Plaza

Mean Streets: The city has a bright idea for fixing Grand Army Plaza — a traffic light on the western spur of the devilish roundabout. But will it work? Editor Gersh Kuntzman and Traffic Correspondent Stephen Brown take you into the belly of the beast — Grand Army Plaza — in this exclusive video. Comments (1)
Bushwick: Raise another glass to Brooklyn — Bushwick is now home to the city’s first landmarked brewery. Comments (1)

Roofus: Maybe Trader Joe’s should start selling handbags

Cartoon: Our coverage of the ongoing robberies of shoppers at Trader Joe’s inspired Roofus in this week’s cartoon. Comment

Vito’s power grab

Perspective: Sure, no one wants to read about district leaders or party bosses, but this editorial could change your life. Comments (13)

More fallout from ‘anti-Christian’ caption

Letters: When I saw your caption comparing the improvement needed in the health of Walter the pit bull to the “alleged” resurrection of Jesus Christ, I was offended, but chalked it up to the secular press trying to be provocative and was willing to ignore it (“Walter is one sick puppy,” April 23). Comments (3)

Go to Southpaw to laugh at cancer

Nightlife: A benefit — plus some laughs. Comments (4)

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Tsar power! NBA approves Prokhorov to take over Nets

Atlantic Yards: Put the borscht on the menu at the Barclays Center — a Russian billionaire now owns the Brooklyn-bound New Jersey Nets! Comments (3)

This ‘Bad Idea’ sounds pretty damn sexy

Nightlife: Jonny Porkpie has a bad idea. Comments (2)
Cleaning Our Waterways: The future of the toxic Gowanus Canal zone can be bright — if the waterway is cleaned and thousands of new residential apartments are built, a new report argued this week. Comments (4)

Judge: Coney suit baloney

Coney Island: The city acted properly when it rezoned portions of the Coney Island’s amusement distirct, shrinking the area available for rides from 47 acres to 12-1/2, and allowing hotels and housing to be built along the waterfront, a judge ruled yesterday. Comments (3)

Fifth Ave group is BID-ing lone food vendor adieu

Bay Ridge: Nagi Hassan has been selling halal food at the corner of Fifth and Ovington avenues from his legal cart for about a year — but now the Fifth Avenue Business Improvement District wants him gone. Comments (5)

Would-be Ridge leader says he’ll only back candidates who back him!

Bay Ridge: Kevin Peter Carroll has a few choice words for elected officials who endorse his opponent, Ralph Perfetto, for state committeeman: carry your own petitions! Comments (9)
Downtown plan: The clock is ticking for residents living at the future site of Willoughby Square Park in Downtown — they’ll have to leave by July to make room for the green space. Comment
Mean Streets: A long-overdue city plan to fix the disastrous Fort Hamilton Parkway exit from the Gowanus Expressway is heading back to the drawing board after residents gave it a thumbs down this week. Comments (1)
Carroll Gardens: A landscape designer in Carroll Gardens is aiming to take back the brownstone neighborhood one front yard at a time. Comments (11)

It’s Never Scared and Bacon Bits!

Greenpoint: Brooklyn Kickball powerhouse teams Never Scared and Bacon Bits are off to a fast start this year, despite several mini-dust tornadoes appearing on the field and record-cold temperatures at the McCarren Park Thunderdome on Sunday night. Comment

Walmart — a force for good or evil?

Walmart is apparently hoping to open its first New York City store in a Related Companies’ mall in the Gateway Center in southern Brooklyn. Our news pages have covered the debate for several weeks now, so we thought it was time for the supporters and opponents to make their case, unfiltered. Click below for an opinion piece by Walmart CEO Mike Duke and a counterpoint by union leader Stuart Appelbaum.

reBar is retooled in DUMBO

The Best Thing We Ate This Week: Don’t worry, it’s good news, thanks to chef Jeremy Leech. Comment

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Toxic timebomb! State sues chem company for PCBs under Red Hook Park

Cleaning Our Waterways: State authorities have discovered “unacceptable” levels of cancer-causing chemicals near Red Hook Park — and the villain is the same company recently fingered by the feds for fouling the Gowanus Canal. Comment

The six-and-a-half-block solution! Greenpoint Memorial Day Parade is saved

Greenpoint: City budget cuts forced a venerable parade to go from eight to six-and-a-half blocks. Comment

To B37 or not to B37 — it’s really not much of a question

Bay Ridge: To seniors, it’s a vital link to Downtown. To the MTA, it’s an easy way to save $3 million. Comments (1)

It’s a pizza the action for Cucina legend Michael Ayoub

Dining: Like his pizza, Michael Ayoub’s career as a pizza man has been circular — when he opens his second outpost of Williamsburg pizza spot Fornino this week in Park Slope, he’ll be returning to the space where he first made his mark nearly 20 years ago at Cucina, once the lone high-quality eatery in Park Slope. Comments (3)
Williamsburg: Some merchants don’t like the annual street fair. Comment

From Boardwalk to chaise lounge

From Boardwalk to chaise lounge

Red Hook: A Red Hook furniture salvaged 200 feet of Coney Island’s Boardwalk — and turned it into expensive coffee tables. Comment

‘Tusk’ tusk! Fleetwood Mac-loving band honors forgotten, but great, album

Music: A long-overdue tribute to Lindsay Buckingham’s seminal work. Comments (1)

Smartmom is still working at being a working mom

Smartmom: But what of the children? Exactly. Comments (4)

Brutal morning on the F train

Carroll Gardens: Two victims, one perp, one gun during the morning rush. Plus all the crime news from Carroll Gardens, Cobble Hill and Red Hook’s 76th Precinct. Comments (2)

Gallery Players have an ‘Angel’ on 14th Street

The Butcher of Flatbush Ave. Extension: The troupe’s revival of “City of Angels” is a hit. Comment

DUMBO’s new ‘Front’

Dining: The ritzy Five Front is now Brooklyn Bridge Gardens, a new bar near Brooklyn Bridge Park that will open this Friday. Comment
Bridge ‘Park’: Brooklyn Heights’ next big makeover is underway — the resurrection of the long-defunct Squibb Park into a gateway to the new Brooklyn Bridge Park. Comments (2)

‘Swoon’ing for Haiti with a sculpture show about the earthquake

Art: After Haiti’s devastating earthquake, a celebrated Brooklyn street artist wanted to make a difference — by making art. Comment

Monday, May 10, 2010

Daschund killer? Qu’est-ce que c’est? Judge goes soft on dog killer!

Fort Greene: Dachshund killer Dudley Ramsay was sentenced to just four months in prison on Friday despite a massive “all paws bulletin” demanding that the wiener-dog abuser receive the full two years for the murder. Comments (4)

PO’d! Pratt post office will be closed for a year!

Clinton Hill: The Pratt post office on Myrtle Avenue — which was shuttered on March 1 for eight weeks of emergency repairs — will actually be closed for up to a year, the United States Postal Service admitted on Friday. Comments (2)
McMahon on Line 1: Rep. Mike McMahon has just returned from a three-day fact-finding mission to Afghanistan and Pakistan, where he met with big wigs like Gen. Stanley McChrystal and Afghan President Hamid Karzai. Given McMahon’s staunch support for our operations in that theater of war, and how much we can’t wait to run a picture of the freshman Bay Ridge rep in a flak jacket, it was clearly time to get McMahon on Line 1. Comment
Bridge ‘Park’: This is the quack that will echo throughout history. Comment

Chew on this! Two cooking giants square off at Sunday’s Taste of Williamsburg

Dining: The Peck vs. Suarez battle is the highlight of the all-afternoon food fest. Comment

Get ready to ‘Jumble’! Bike flea market coming to Slope

Shopping: Brooklyn is a borough of cyclists. Lucky for you, recession-friendly transportation is about to get a discount at a bicycle-themed flea market. Comment
Art: Marc Granager’s photos from the Algerian War of Independence in the 1960s are a must-see. Comment

New Nerve Tank piece is short on dialogue, long on modern angst

Theater: This avant-garde theater group aims to set off a dirty bomb in your brain. Comment

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Coney Island: The recession has claimed another casualty: Frolicking bikini-clad athletes in Coney Island. Comments (3)
Fort Greene: There’s fowl play going on in Fort Greene Park’s northwest corner — and visitors are flocking to see it. Comments (1)

Friday, May 7, 2010

‘Shuttle’ diplomacy — again! Buses to replace F train this weekend

Transit: Shuttle buses will replace weekend F train service between Jay Street in Downtown Brooklyn and Church Avenue in Kensington this weekend — the latest inconvenience along the troubled line. Comment
Meadows of Shame: The Grim Reaper has plied his deadly trade by the lake in Prospect Park yet again this week, leaving in his wake a dead raccoon, a possum and several gosling — whose corpses all showed up on the same day that we reported that the federal government had given Prospect Park an environmental award! Comments (18)

Proxy battle! Race for district leader — what? — is really all about Vito Lopez

Brooklyn Heights: This year’s biggest election battle is being waged on the lowest rung of the political ladder — a fight for a district leader post in the heart of Brownstone Brooklyn. Comments (11)
Bridge ‘Park’: The operators of Brooklyn Bridge Park have announced the four concessionaires who will be serving food and drink on Pier 1 — and two of them are from Manhattan! Comment

Paper to city: No to bike lane

Editorial: Even the cyclists on The Brooklyn Paper’s editorial board are not impressed by the city’s plan for a two-way bike lane on Prospect Park West. Comments (33)
Mean Streets: The Brooklyn–Queens Expressway trench has divided Carroll Gardens for more than 50 years, but now it’s bringing people together. Comments (2)

The tastiest restaurant gossip — including, of course, Roberta’s!

Foodie-in-Chief: It’s been a yummy week. Here are our tastiest morsels of restaurant openings, closings and, of course, some really good gossip. Comments (1)

Roofus: The federal fishing expedition on the Gowanus

Gowanus: Roofus read the coverage of the federal Gowanus Canal Superfund clean-up and had his usual cynical take. That’s why we pay him the big, er, the money. Comment

Letters: Christians are hot and bothered over our caption!

Letters: Our mailbag is bursting again — with two letters from people upset at a perceived slight at Jesus Christ. No offense was intended! Promise! Comments (3)
Coney Island: It’s game over at the Coney Island Arcade — at least for now. Comment

Thursday, May 6, 2010


Is this the biggest rat in Brooklyn?

Mean Streets: After filing Wednesday’s Web exclusive on rats, reporter Gary Buiso knew there was more to the story — and sure enough, there is: a stunning piece of videotape of what could be the biggest rat in Brooklyn. Join Buiso and Editor Gersh Kuntzman as they show you an animal that you won’t soon forget. Comments (1)

Bright idea for Grand Army Plaza — new traffic light in circle of hell

Mean Streets: The hair-raising traffic pattern on the western side of Grand Army Plaza will soon be tranquilized by a new red light to deter drivers from jockeying for position at the most dangerous point in what easily could have been Dante’s 10th circle of hell. Comment
Williamsburg–Greenpoint Waterfront: The developers of the defunct Domino Sugar factory slammed a secret city report that revealed this week that they stand to make more than $400 million from the project. Comments (12)
The Best Thing We Ate This Week: This is what you have been dreaming about for years. Comment

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Cops sting purse-snatcher at Trader Joe’s!

Cobble Hill: Maybe this will stop the rash of robberies. Comments (10)

Monday, May 3, 2010

Once bitten

Prospect Heights: A woman loses her iPod to a canine-like thief. Plus all the other news from Prospect Heights’ 77th Precinct. Comment

Friday, April 30, 2010

Mean Streets: City officials shot back at opponents of the controversial Prospect Park West bike lane last Thursday, saying that the two-way protected bike path is all about making Park Slope’s notorious speedway safer. Comments (11)

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