Friday, June 18, 2010


Cyclones open tonight against the hated Yankees!

Cyclones: The good news is that this year’s team hates the Baby Bombers — as our exclusive video shows! Comments (1)
Coney Island: Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey open in Coney Island — and Dooley likes it (for the most part). Comments (5)

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Page 1: In these troubled times of political upheaval, ecological disaster and economic depression, isn’t it nice that there is one constant in your life: the steadfast quality of The Brooklyn Paper’s full print edition. Click on the link above and within seconds, you’ll be reading every single article from this Friday’s paper. It’s pretty cool. It’s very cool. Read more…

Play Misty for us — but don’t play ‘Chopsticks’!

Pianos are going to be scattered throughout Brooklyn starting on June 21 — but it’s your job to take control of them lest some yahoo sit down and start playing “Heart and Soul” for hours. Comment

Meet our valedictorian of the year!

Checkin’ in with: Steven Bove of Bishop Ford HS is one of Brooklyn’s top graduates. He chatted with us about his future. Comments (1)

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Gowanus: Add Borough President Markowitz’s voice — and his topless physique — to the chorus of opponents who are hot under the swim trunks at the city’s decision to close the “Double-D” public pool in Gowanus for budgetary reasons this summer. Comments (6)

Labor Day Parade organizers demand more time 

Labor Day Parade organizers say shortening their parade will kill the goose that lays the golden egg. Comments (14)

Going ‘Yard’! Cool Gowanus pop-up parties are back!

Gowanus: The BKLYN Yard is dead! Long live the BKLYN Yard! Comments (6)

Update! N. Eighth tenants back on the street!

Williamsburg: Less than two days after returning to their homes for the first time in a year, the beleaguered tenants of a troubled Williamsburg building are out on the street again after construction work again undermined the building’s foundation. Comments (1)

Zuzu’s ghost? Fire-gutted shops to be torn down on Seventh

Park Slope: A long-cursed pair of Seventh Avenue storefronts destroyed in a fire six years ago are finally being demolished to make room for new retail — and the rumor is Petco. Comments (1)
How about this for a story: LeBron James is looking to move to Brooklyn! Comments (1)

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Awesome: Poems about Brooklyn obviously aren’t lost in translation for comic actor Bill Murray. Comments (4)

Councilman Steve: Save the D&D Pool!

Gowanus: One week after the city announced that it would close the Douglass-Degraw pool this summer, the neighborhood’s councilman called the move disastrous and vowed to open the watering hole for his sweating constituents. Comments (6)

Market crash! City scrutiny scuttles Greenpoint food vendor gathering

Shopping: The organizer of the Greenpoint Food Market has decided to fold her 10-month-old indie eats bazaar in the face of a threat from city health officials to slap summonses on her vendors because they lack commercial food handling permits. Comments (8)

Grit and bear it at this all-grits festival

Event: Joe Pesci’s Vinny Gambini character in the movie “My Cousin Vinny” was probably the first Brooklynite to eat grits, but he sure won’t be the last. Comment

City still trying to get Park Circle right

Mean Streets: Even the city admits that it hasn’t fixed all the traffic problems at Park Circle. Comment

Mermaid Parade returns on Saturday!

Event: This is an eye-popping good time. Comments (1)
The MTA’s “solar” roof at the Stillwell Avenue subway station is Coney Island’s biggest dog-and-pony show. Comment
Downtown: Forget soccer. This month, Brooklyn is the international home of swordplay as the Fencing World Cup comes to the Marriott from June 18-20. Comments (1)

Woman nearly raped on quiet Carroll Gardens street

Carroll Gardens: It can happen here — even on one of the quietest blocks in Carroll Gardens. Comments (11)
Dining: Sherri Eisenberg has traveled the world as a travel writer, and has found that nothing compares to Brooklyn’s culinary scene. Comment
Music: Forty years ago, one of the most seminal jazz albums — Miles Davis’s “Bitches Brew” — was released, a record that changed the course of music history. Hear why on Saturday night. Comment

Head to this ‘Williamsburger’ BBQ on June 21

Dining: Brooklyn’s got plenty of burgers, hot dogs and live music, but at the fourth annual Williamsburgers and Wieners BBQ, you can get all three for free. Comment

Monday, June 14, 2010

Pharmacy robbed by mullet- and gun-wielding thief

Bay Ridge: This thief wanted Oxycodone from a Fourth Avenue pharmacy. Comments (1)

‘Hill’ street blues on Vanderbilt as city agency ponders move

Clinton Hill: More than 3,000 workers and Human Resources Administration clients could be coming to Vanderbilt Avenue. Comments (5)

The time has come: Park Slope should become a kibbutz

Smartmom: Smartmom outlines the pros (and a few cons) of commune life. Comments (5)

Mercy, mercy them! Blowouts dominate Sunday kickball

Greenpoint: Bottom line? Never Scared is on a roll. Comment

Hot food gossip — including a new biergarten

Foodie-in-Chief: Better rev up that appetite — it’s been a tasty few weeks in the county of Kings. Here’s the best of the borough’s openings, closings, and of course, restaurant rumors. Comments (1)

Hidden history

Hidden history

Event: One of Brooklyn’s prized historical sites — the Plymouth Church of the Pilgrims in Brooklyn Heights — will host the first annual “NYC Underground Railroad Festival.” Comments (2)
Art: An art gallery in DUMBO isn’t the coziest place to spend a week, but it certainly could be worse. Comment

Hipster loses his cool on Jamaican trip in hot new film — screening tomorrow!

Cinema: A pair of Brooklyn filmmakers has taken two of the fundamental aspects of the borough — hipsters and West Indian culture — and thrown them together in a road trip-flick that is earning awards on the festival circuit. Comment

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Vandals attack BP station in Williamsburg

Williamsburg: The Gulf of Mexico disaster hits home for a guy who had nothing to do with it (well, directly, at least). Comments (11)

Here it is, folks — this week’s celebrity shot

Awesome: He’s named DeKay, but there’s no rot on this hunk and a half. Comment

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Friday, June 11, 2010

Peace march for new mosque gets ugly

A peace march to support for a controversial proposal for a mosque in Sheepshead Bay turned ugly on Thursday after residents jeered marchers, most of whom were from outside the area. Comments (13)

Steve seeks Cohn-tinuity!

Committeman Confrontation: For the promotion of Brooklyn’s most obscure political elected office, it sure was one heck of a party. Comment

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