Friday, June 25, 2010

It’s Oedipal! Restler runs against Warren, but campaigns against Steve!

Committeman Confrontation: A war of words is breaking out between two young challengers for North Brooklyn’s next Democratic District Leader — and Brooklyn’s judges are in the middle of it. Comments (3)

Landmarking is a waste of time and money

Perspective: Landmarking became part of the city’s life after the 1963 destruction of Penn Station and consists of two varieties: individual buildings and neighborhoods. I have no problem with landmarking historically or architecturally significant buildings, nor do I oppose the making of small historical districts as was done around Gramercy Park or the original district in Carroll Gardens. I do oppose landmarking broad swashes of our neighborhoods, as evidenced by the proposed extensions of Park Slope’s and Carroll Gardens’s historic districts. Comments (1)

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Page 1: When you look up at the stars at night, what do you think about? But enough about you. When we look up at the cosmos every evening, we ponder the big thoughts: why is the city closing the Double-D pool? What will happen with the Prospect Park West bike lane? What did Thurston Dooley III think of the new Ringling Bros. production in Coney Island. You know, the big thoughts. Fortunately, you can get the answers to these and so many other vital questions by clicking the link above and downloading our entire print edition. It’s a great way to make sense of the universe around us all. Read more…
Mean Streets: A city plan for new bike lanes to the Ikea superstore would be so “dangerous” according to the store’s manager that he’s threatening to renege on some promises to the community if the project goes forward. Comments (22)

Cyclones fall to Renegades — but retain first place

Cyclones: An all-around lousy night upstate. Comment

‘Ultimate’ fighter! Lawmaker’s bill to legalize blood sports moves ahead in Albany!

Greenpoint: Getting a bill passed through Albany these days may be tougher than beating Chuck Liddell in a mixed martial arts match — but not if the bill could bring Ultimate Fighting Championship events to Brooklyn! Comment

From the mailbag: More bike lane controversy — and other city slams

Letters: After witnessing yet another neighborhood car collision — this one at the corner of Sterling Place and Fifth Avenue — I opened up my recent issue of your newspaper, and came upon the latest in a series of letters I have read in these pages complaining about the new bike lanes on Prospect Park West (“Bozo bikers,” Letters, June 11). Comment

It’s Monday Night Live at Littlefield

Nightlife: Big laughs come to Littlefield this month. Comment

From our sister publication — disgust for Slope bikers!

Mean Streets: We don’t always agree with our friends and colleagues at Courier-Life, but everyone is talking about the Prospect Park West bike lane, so we thought we’d give the Courier editorial board a chance to weigh in, too. Comments (17)

Roofus: Double-D pool closure is a genuine tragedy

Cartoon: This week, Roofus goes earnest on us, taking a look at the city’s closure of the Double-D pool. Comments (2)

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Foes: New loft law will speed gentrification in Williamsburg

Williamsburg: Gov. Paterson signed legislation on Monday to require illegally converted loft buildings to get up to code — a move that could make such residences safer, but at the same time could result in higher rents that will push out Williamsburg’s artists and the industries they live near. Comments (12)

Holy shirt! NY Times threatens DUMBO biz over logo

DUMBO: The Old Gray Lady sure is cranky! Comments (8)

Danger zone! Getting to the new Pier 6 is no joyride

Mean Streets: When it comes to Brooklyn Bridge Park’s new Pier 6 playground, getting there is none of the fun. Comments (9)
Mean Streets: The new Prospect Park West bike lane is so controversial that it has caused a war between the neighborhood’s icons of self-righteousness — parents and cyclists. Comments (40)

Cyclones sweep the Ironbirds!

Cyclones: A two-game sweep of the McNamara Division rivals. Comment

The Backman is magic

Cyclones: Meet the Cyclones new manager, Wally Backman. Comment
Park Slope: Brian Mitchell of Ladder 122 checks his gear after he and a crew of 60 firefighters beat back an all-hands blaze on 10th Street between Seventh and Eighth avenues on June 22. Comments (12)
DUMBO: DUMBO’s Pearl Street Triangle — which is as beloved as it is mocked — would become a pedestrian oasis complete with movie screenings and ample seating under a visionary plan put forth by three architects. Comment

Bay Ridge to city: No more bike lanes!

Mean Streets: Fed up with a city that is forcing bike lanes down the throat of neighborhoods that don’t want them, a local panel voted on Monday against a plan to give space to pedal pushers in two new lanes on Bay Ridge Parkway and Shore Road. Comments (27)

Pols on BQE repairs: Our way is the highway!

Mean Streets: A state plan that could rip out a portion of historic Brooklyn Heights to repair the aging Brooklyn-Queens Expressway is nine miles of bad road, local pols said this week. Comments (1)

Protestors: Save our vital (and always empty) bus lines!

Downtown: An MTA plan to cut a key Brooklyn-to-Manhattan bus line would leave disabled people stranded, handicapped people and their supporters charged on Tuesday afternoon. Comments (5)
Books: David Gallaher’s three-bedroom apartment in Ditmas Park and Steve Ellis’s two-family row house in Kensington are separated by only a few blocks. But sometimes the comic book creators are worlds apart. Comment

Tuesday, June 22, 2010 […] Read more…

Cyclones beat the Ironbirds!

Cyclones: After trouncing the Yankees, the Cyclones now own first place. Comment

Williamsburg Walks returns this weekend

Shopping: Reclaim the streets! Comment
Williamsburg–Greenpoint Waterfront: A Williamsburg lawmaker slammed the Domino Sugar redevelopment plan as too big and too expensive for a neighborhood already burdened by packed subways and gentification. Comments (19)

Two scary shootings

Fort Greene: Lots of bloodshed lead the blotter this week. Plus all the other crime news from Fort Greene and Clinton Hill’s 88th Precinct. Comments (2)
Development: But the borough president is defiant: the shows will go on! Comments (8)

Rad trad! Irish Music Festival at Floyd Bennett Field this weekend

Music: Irish music isn’t just fiddles and jigs in 2/4 time. The scene is actually much more diverse, with influences of hip-hop, reggae and jazz finding their way into many modern bands. Comment

Echos of Smartmom’s life in ‘Toy Story’

Smartmom: You would have thought they’d be tired. Indeed, the humidity was incredibly high and the family had spent much of the day outside. Smartmom trudged up and down Seventh Avenue for the street fair, the Oh So Feisty One was out with her friends; Hepcat went to see the Red Bull air races in New Jersey. Comments (1)

Kickball shocker! Sadewitz is injured!

Greenpoint: It was a kickball weekend filled with the thrill of victory and the agony of victory. Comment

Walk the line! Take Philippe Petit’s high-wire class

Williamsburg: The man who captured the world’s attention when he walked between the Twin Towers on nothing but an inch-thick steel cable is about to give a master class so you can do the same someday. Comments (2)

Monday, June 21, 2010

Get ready to pay more for meter parking in Park Slope

Mean Streets: The cost of peak-hour meter parking in Park Slope will go up 33 percent — and the hours that are considered peak could increase under a city plan announced on Thursday night. Comments (5)
Beer trucks will no longer ply quaint Columbia Street and will travel along the Brooklyn–Queens Expressway for at least the next six months, city and state officials announced this week. Comments (1)

Yanks finally beat the Cyclones

Cyclones: Well, two out of three in the opening series ain’t bad. Comment
Mean Streets: You’re taking your life in your own hands when trying to enter Pier 1 of Brooklyn Bridge Park — and developers say it’ll be two more weeks before it’s safe. Comment

Lobster shift! Waterfront Book Festival celebrates maritime literature

Books: The waterfront has long been a source of inspiration for Brooklyn writers, from Walt Whitman to Budd Schulberg. Comment
Art: MF Gallery is the death metal band of Brooklyn art showrooms — it specializes in loud pieces that would be right at home on a Harley, or as a tattoo on the rider’s arm. Comment

Sunday, June 20, 2010


Marty: How about ‘Adopt-a-Pool’?

Meadows of Shame: The Beep hopes to find a corporate sponsor to get a beloved public pool in the heart of Brownstone Brooklyn off the mayor’s budgetary hit list. Comments (6)
Cyclones: The 2010 season has opened with a road and a home win against the Baby Bombers! Comment
Boerum Hill: The city is inching ahead with a plan to rezone Boerum Hill, the last remaining neighborhood in the so-called “Brownstone belt” that has not gotten new restrictions for out-of-scale residential development. Comments (1)

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Cyclones take season opener from hated Yankees!

Cyclones: The 2010 season opens with a big win against a hated team in a reviled stadium in a repugnant borough. The home opener is tonight in Coney Island. Comment

This coffee place makes a heckuva sandwich!

The Best Thing We Ate This Week: Go for the Fair Trade java, stay for the sandwich at Crop to Cup. Comments (2)

Friday, June 18, 2010

Mean Streets: Two vehicles collided in a spectacular crash on Smith Street yesterday, causing this 1999 Ford to flip over. Comments (6)

It’s bar-mageddon! Proposal would close roofs and patios at 11 pm

Nightlife: The city that supposedly never sleeps apparently wants to get some shuteye at 11 pm. Comments (6)
This is a great police sting story! Comments (2)
The Butcher of Flatbush Ave. Extension: The Brooklyn Museum has faced a barrage of criticism for going too commercial — but that’s the perfect time to trot out the most commercial artist in American history: Andy Warhol. Comments (1)

The Domino Sugar plan — good for Brooklyn? Two views

The Domino Sugar plan — good for Brooklyn? Two views

Perspective: Developers of the Domino Sugar refinery along the Williamsburg waterfront say their $1.2-billion project will restore a hulking wreck while also opening up the East River to residents. Opponents say that the project’s 2,200 units will overwhelm and already overcrowded neighborhood. Who’s right? Click below for the dueling op-ed pieces.
Meadows of Shame: The hot metal play domes that caused such a ruckus when they scalded children during the opening days of the Pier 1 section of Brooklyn Bridge Park earlier this month, have been placed off limits. Comments (1)

Thursday, June 17, 2010

A ‘formula’ crime

Prospect Heights: Thieves bust into a deli and steal cash and baby formula! Plus all the other news from Prospect Heights’ 77th Precinct. Comment

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Park Slope: That’s the overheated battle between Cafe Martin and Cafe Regular in Park Slope. Comments (2)

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