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Monday, Nov. 1, 2010

Do you abide? You’d better if you’re going to the Lebowski Fest on Nov. 4

Nightlife: Bowling, White Russians and costumes combine next month at Brooklyn Bowl for Lebowski Fest 2010, a celebration of the 1998 Cohen Brothers’ cult comedy and its great anti-hero, The Dude. Comment

Thursday, Oct. 28, 2010

Metalheads! Thieves stealing antique gates off brownstone fences

Park Slope: Call them heavy metal punks. Comments (4)

‘History’ in the making in Bushwick

Bushwick: Community leaders are scrambling to landmark the historic stretch of Bushwick known as “Brewers Row” before the buildings are sold and further altered. Comments (3)

City rejects ‘brownstone of the future’

Red Hook: Architects want to build the brownstone of the future in Red Hook, but the city is stuck in the past. Comments (1)

Money? What money? Beep slams developer for claiming he’d fund Greenpoint Hospital project

Greenpoint: Borough President Markowitz slammed the Queens-based developers of the Greenpoint Hospital site for making the “wrong” claim that he would underwrite the project with $3.9 million. Comments (4)

Marketwatch Halloween edition: TJMaxx and a haunted pop-up store

Shopping: Market Watch is back this week with some news on a brand new store and a fun, Halloween-themed shopping excursion. Comments (1)

The cable dispute — what should be done?

Perspective: Hundreds of TV shows have been blacked out during the negotiations between Fox and Cablevision, depriving viewers of everything from the baseball playoffs to talk shows. Whose right? Who cares? We just want to watch TV. Click below for two takes on the conflict.

Wednesday, Oct. 27, 2010

Boro Hall slip-and-fall!

Downtown: The long-neglected plaza around Borough Hall has taken its first victim — a woman will sue the city after tripping and fracturing her hip on the cracked slate. Comments (3)

Silent no more! Markowitz recovers from throat surgery that rendered him mute

The Greatest Story Ever: And we’ve got the first interview with the irrepressible Beep! Comments (5)

Heroes! Two EMTs chase down thief on Flatbush Avenue

Downtown: Two Brooklyn EMTs were life savers of a different kind last week when they leapt to a Fort Greene woman’s aide, risking their own safety to chase down a mugger. Comments (6)

Java the hurt! Gorilla Coffee sues the New York Times

Park Slope: The owners of Gorilla Coffee — where irate employees walked out en masse in April — are suing the New York Times for destroying their lives by covering the debacle. Comments (14)

Armed robbery on Montague St

Brooklyn Heights: Armed robbers posing as UPS deliverymen held up the Montague Street RadioShack on Tuesday morning, making off with cash and electronics. Comments (2)

Relief in site! Public toilet coming to Grand Army Plaza

Park Slope: And, no, that’s not a typo in the headline — finally, there’s a location for Brooklyn’s most important public toilet! Comments (3)

Skinny legs and all! W’burg bar serves tequila with a grasshopper chaser

Nightlife: Tequila goes great with plenty of dishes — tacos, scallops, skirt steak and Doritos, to name a few — but everyone’s favorite south-of-the-border beverage actually goes best with grasshoppers. Comments (2)

Is this graffiti anti-Semitic or anti-violence?

Park Slope: Some sicko wrote, “Geese first, Jews next,” on an emergency call box in Park Slope over the weekend — but it’s unclear whether the vandalism is an anti-Semitic call for violence or a sincere attempt to link this summer’s federal goose extermination to one of history’s greatest atrocities. Comments (7)

Tuesday, Oct. 26, 2010

You old goat! Head found near site of carcass in Prospect Park

Meadows of Shame: It turns out that Prospect Park is the perfect place to get your main ingredient for goats head soup. With video … Comments (8)

The Bad Wife?! Shop owner risks Slope ire with cheeky store name

Park Slope: Relax, everyone — he’s only kidding! Comments (6)

Yassky takes fall for van plan debacle

The city’s plan to add “dollar vans” to bus routes abandoned by the MTA is all but dead — and the head of the city agency that spawned the ill-fated initiative admitted that it was partly his fault. Comments (3)

‘Dust’ in the win! Ridge park keeps old name mostly

Bay Ridge: It’s still “The Dust Bowl,” thanks to a councilman playing fast and loose with math and democracy. Comments (1)

Can we all just stop judging?

Fearless Parenting: Our mom columnist is sick of all of us thinking we know her — or the “first-rate” family next door. Comments (24)

Scare tactics! Coney’s haunted maze will terrify and delight

The haunted trail at Luna Park is flat out amaze-ing. Comment

Horsing around! Equus Projects puts the gallop back in dance this Saturday

Dance: Call it dances with horses. Comment

Gentile wants to smoke out hookah bars

Bay Ridge: Arab-style smoking cafes that were exempted from the city’s landmark anti-tobacco law are under fire as a Bay Ridge councilman prepares to stop any new hookah bars from opening and seeks to regulate those that remain. Comments (2)

‘Reefer Madness’ is a hit!

The Butcher of Flatbush Ave. Extension: Marijuana makes even more inroads! Now the Gallery Players is even celebrating it. Comment

Is she really going out with him — and that yarmulke?

Theater: An unorthodox new play delves into modern Judaism and romance. Comment

Talk about a downward dog

Fort Greene: A dog-walker is mugged. Plus another crime at LIU’s Downtown campus. Yes, it’s all the other crime news from Fort Greene and Clinton Hill’s 88th Precinct. Comments (2)

Here they are — your ‘Do Gooders’

Awesome: The finalists in the Brooklyn Community Foundation contest are out (are you on the list?). Comment

Monday, Oct. 25, 2010

The web poster who cried ‘rape’

Park Slope: An online “game of telephone” leads to a week of fear over a rape that never happened. Comment

Freddy’s returns — but it’ll be miles from the Barclays Center

Park Slope: Meet the new Freddy’s — not exactly the same as the old Freddy’s. Comment

Make your own Halloween honey nuts from Liddabit Sweets

Dining: Need a sweet treat for Halloween? Look no further. Comment

These jack-o-lanterns are real cutups

Boerum Hill: Yikes. Comments (1)

Sunday, Oct. 24, 2010

Requiem for a panhandler

A well-known panhandler who plied his trade outside a Carroll Gardens subway station died earlier this month. Comments (1)

Saturday, Oct. 23, 2010

Sheepshead Bay mosque is back on

The Sheepshead Bay mosque is no longer living on a prayer. Comments (16)

Friday, Oct. 22, 2010

Dueling rallies over bike lane! Supporters out-spoke foes

Mean Streets: Supporters vastly outnumbered opponents in dueling rallies over the Prospect Park West bike lane on Thursday morning, as 250 cyclists rallied in Grand Army Plaza and then took a victory lap roughly four dozen opponents gathered just to the south. Comments (44)

Six car pileup on Flatbush Avenue

Park Slope: Seven people — including two children — were hospitalized on Thursday morning following a devastating six-car pileup on Flatbush Avenue outside the main branch of the Brooklyn Public Library. Comments (12)

City blitzes Williamsburg shops for ATM violations

Williamsburg: For nearly a dozen Williamsburg business owners this week, cash machines stopped dispensing money and started swiping it. Comments (13)

Food stamps for sugar sodas?

Perspective: Mayor Bloomberg wants to bar the use of food stamps for sugar-filled beverages and sodas on the grounds that such products are unhealthy. Of course, they are — but is the mayor’s initiative a public-health boon or just “nanny state” politics run amok? Click below for opinion pieces on the topic.

Thursday, Oct. 21, 2010

Oy vey! Marty is on mute after throat procedure!

The Greatest Story Ever: It’s the sound of silence from Borough Hall. Comments (5)

River stance! City says no to Newtown Creek kayaking

Greenpoint: The city has cut some access to the Newtown Creek for boaters days after the federal government listed the creek as a toxic Superfund site — but the feds and local kayakers argue that the city is overreacting. Comments (3)

Tuesday, Oct. 19, 2010

Tried to rob a CVS — then rode on the sidewalk

Carroll Gardens: A gunman fails as a robber, but gets nabbed for cycling on the sidewalk. Plus all the crime news from Carroll Gardens, Cobble Hill and Red Hook’s 76th Precinct. Comments (2)

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