Friday, Feb. 12, 2010

MTA moves ahead to get rid of Verrazano’s phantom toll booths

Bay Ridge: One of the most frustrating ways to get into the borough is one step closer to being fixed, now that the Metropolitan Transportation Authority has hired a contractor to remove the phantom toll booths on the Brooklyn-bound side of the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge. Comments (8)

Thursday, Feb. 11, 2010

Page 1: Look, the last thing you want to be doing right now is heading outside to pick up a fresh copy of our print edition. So why not stay cuddled up under your down comforter with your laptop, ask your kid to bring you a hot cocoa, and click on the blue headline above to download our full print edition right now? It’s jam-packed with everything you expect from The Brooklyn Paper — calendars, features, news, arts and bric-a-brac — plus it will keep you warm on a cold day. Keep hustlin’, Brooklyn! Comment
Let’s face it; the standard Valentine’s Day is getting tired. Making goo-goo eyes over a candle-lit dinner next to 15 other couples playing footsie under the table has simply lost its appeal (not to mention the big problem: who’s got the cash?). Comments (1)

Wednesday, Feb. 10, 2010

Park Slope: A group of merchants is about to drop a bombshell on Park Slope’s Seventh Avenue — proposing a tax hike on building owners to supplement existing city services like sanitation and policing. Comments (8)
Park Slope: Is he a con artist or just a contractor caught in a down economy? Comments (10)

Meet the new poet laureate — Tina Chang!

The problem with poets is that they live in an alternative universe. You go to their apartment, and it’s not like your home at all: the books are all different (“Poets in their Youth” or the Crab Orchard Review on the shelves) and the main room is uncluttered like the mind of someone who actually thinks for a living. Comments (2)

What a feeling? Bay Ridge Toyota digs out from the recall

Bay Ridge: What’s it like to be a Toyota dealer right now? We headed to Bay Ridge Toyota for an inside look. Comments (3)

Tuesday, Feb. 9, 2010

Snow day! Schools will be closed on Wednesday

Yes, the city has made the call already. Comments (1)

Big Boerum Hill prostitution bust

Boerum Hill: Four Johns are collared in one sweep on Nevins Street. Comments (4)

Oh, Canada! Here’s a mountie scandal for you

Carroll Gardens: A fake Canadian police officer scams a Red Hook woman out of $1,700. Comment

There’s a new nose in town to fix Fort Hamilton stink

Bay Ridge: What in Bloomberg’s name is that rotten egg smell? Comment

More cupcakes are coming

Shopping: You know you want them. Comments (2)
A city plan to close 10 child-care centers in gentrifying neighborhoods throughout Brooklyn is misguided because it ignores the reality that most people using the facilities do so because they are near their workplaces, not their homes, critics said this week. Comments (4)

This perp took pills — stupid pills

Carroll Gardens: He left his prescription bottle at the scene of the crime and was soon arrested. Ah, if police work was always this easy. Plus all the crime news from Carroll Gardens, Cobble Hill and Red Hook’s 76th Precinct. Comment

Valentine’s Day is coming up — and Smartmom is nervous

Smartmom: Smartmom worries whether she — or her marriage — can stand up to the Valentine’s Day pressures. Comments (1)

Monday, Feb. 8, 2010

Transit: Just in case you weren’t frustrated enough with last year’s F train service, the Metropolitan Transportation Authority is scheduling another round of weekend service cuts for 2010. Comments (3)

New Blue Marble ice cream parlor will have soft serve!

Dining: This time, it’s all about the soft serve. Comments (2)

All it takes is a penny and a thirst at Ellis Bar

Nightlife: One penny. One pint. Seems like a good deal to us. Comments (1)

Friday, Feb. 5, 2010

Downtown: MTA workers missed their deadline for some repairs at the long-decrepit Jay Street-Borough Hall station, so they did what anyone might do: they changed their deadline. Comment

Marty says that Fourth Avenue could be awesome someday

Park Slope: Fourth Avenue will go from a concrete wasteland straight out of “Frogger” to a thoroughfare with a green oasis in the middle — if Borough President Markowitz gets his way. Comments (11)
Crown Heights: Park Slope has its own state-of-the-art recreation facility in a city-refurbished armory — but now residents of Clinton Hill and Prospect Heights may see their nearby armories become neighborhood resources, too. Comments (5)
Dining: Even an optimistic name couldn’t save restaurant owners of Miracle Grill, who have closed and filed for bankruptcy, continuing a legacy of the little restaurants that couldn’t make it at that cursed corner of Seventh Avenue and Third Street. Comments (11)

Tanoreen is now twice as nice

Dining: Everybody’s favorite Middle Eastern eatery just got better, and by better, we mean bigger. Comments (4)

Thursday, Feb. 4, 2010

‘River’ dance! CB2 says yes to Cafe cabaret license for posh eatery

DUMBO: Wilkommen, bienvenue, welcome — im cabaret, au cabaret, to cabaret at the posh River Café! Comments (1)

Revolt on ‘Wheels’! Sylvia Fields hates her city-provided meals

Brooklyn Angle: It all started when the city changed the way it pays for its Meals on Wheels providers. Now, some seniors in Brighton Beach are going crazy — and forcing our columnist to eat really bad meatloaf. Comments (5)

Wednesday, Feb. 3, 2010

Cobble Hill: Nurses at Long Island College Hospital took to the street in front of the Cobble Hill medical center on Wednesday, alleging that the financially flatlining institution is tinkering with their contracts as it braces for new ownership. Comments (2)

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