Monday, Oct. 31, 2011

Event: Here’s our running guide to not running in next Sunday’s big (make that long) race. Comments (6)

Saturday, Oct. 29, 2011

‘Truth’ hurts! Bandits steal TV from ‘confessional’ artwork

Prospect-Lefferts Gardens: A Prospect Lefferts Gardens artist whose work probed racial and economic tension in a rapidly gentrifying neighborhood could have included himself in the piece — thieves stole a TV that was a critical part of the artwork! Comments (17)

Friday, Oct. 28, 2011

Event: The biggest blow out in the history of blowouts. Comments (3)

Your weekend reads — from three booksellers

Books: Once again, the ladies of BookMark Shoppe, Greenlight and Word give us their hot books of the week. Comment

Call it ‘Saint Mary’s’

Bar Scrawl: Our Bar Scrawl cartoonist likes a new Greenwood Heights joint. Comment

The 2, 3 tango

Weekend Watch: This weekend’s transit snafus. Comments (2)
Editor’s Picks: Once again, the invaluable Brooklyn Paper is back with some tips for a great weekend. Including fireworks! Comment

Powers of Love! Artist paints more letters across Downtown walls

Downtown: Steve Powers continues to beautify the area with his tributes to Brooklyn. Comments (3)

Thursday, Oct. 27, 2011

Downtown: The MTA’s gritty building at 370 Jay St. could be transformed into a glassy research center under New York University’s latest expansion plans for Downtown Brooklyn. Comments (2)
Prospect Heights: But don’t bother calling if it’s not your ring — she knows. Comments (2)
Art: After nearly five years of preparation, the Brooklyn Museum is finally ready to unveil its 100-plus piece exhibition honoring modernity, technology, and progress — but you can forget iPhone photos, iPad doodles and Cory Arcangel-type Nintendo sculptures; this is modernity, 1920s style. Comment

Bar fight! CB6 doesn’t want low-key eatery on ‘residential’ Sackett Street

Dining: A boyfriend-and-girlfriend restaurant team is fighting a community board that wants to stop it from opening a French eatery and cocktail bar in Carroll Gardens — a stunning echo to a battle four years ago when neighbors fought the couple’s quiet wine bar. Comments (19)

Commie classics! Brooklyn Philharmonic brings Soviet-era cartoons to life

Music: The Brooklyn Philharmonic will perform original soundtracks to six Soviet-era cartoons — while the animated shorts are screened next week. Comments (1)

Wednesday, Oct. 26, 2011

Bay Ridge: Two of the eight cops busted on Tuesday for allegedly running guns and stolen cigarettes were frequently awarded by Bay Ridge community groups — and one was even honored by the neighborhood’s law-and-order state senator. Comments (7)

Mother and artwork resting comfortably after gallery birth

Marni’s Big Delivery: It’s a boy — and the reviews are mixed! Comments (8)
Downtown: An attempt by Brooklyn pols to embrace “Occupy Wall Street” ethos with a rally and march evaporated the second demonstraters made it to Zuccotti Park in Manhattan. Comments (12)

Pols: Let’s talk about sex (not!)

Bay Ridge: Borough Republicans are just saying “no” to Mayor Bloomberg’s sex-ed initiative, demanding that the city offer parents the ability to opt out in favor of abstinence-only education. Comments (5)

It’s man’s best friend vs. man’s own children in Gowanus playground fight

Meadows of Shame: City planners will put toddlers ahead of pooches in a major Gowanus park renovation — and dog owners are barking mad. Comments (11)
Bay Ridge: Some residents say the stink coming from the Owl’s Head sewage treatment plant has not improved since the city invested $50 million to get rid of it. Comments (4)

These amateur chefs went casserole crazy

Photo Galleries: Contestants at the seventh annual casserole cookoff in Williamsburg really took the cake this year. Comments (15)
Due to an unusually rainy past few months, this fall’s mushroom season is one of the most bountiful in decades — and mycophiles are on having a sporing good time. Comments (2)

Dear Louie: Khadafy’s Brooklyn love letters

Canarsie: The world has lost a brutal despot. Louis Schlamowitz has lost a great pen pal. Comment

The ‘Center’ of it all! Chinese acrobats, Russian dancers, flamenco dancers and more

Theater: They say variety is the spice of life — certainly, it’s the spice of the Brooklyn Center for the Performing Arts, which is back in action with a delicious new season chock-full of dance performances, theater productions and musical concerts that cater to the many diverse cultural groups that call the borough home. Comment

Tuesday, Oct. 25, 2011

‘Boo’ crew! Rowdy teens scare — then attack — 40-year-old in pattern of violence

A group of teenagers pummeled a Boerum Hill man after bellowing a blood-curdling “Boo!” at him on Oct. 15. Comments (41)

John Hodgman is big — bigger than Paul Rudd, even

Books: The best-selling triologist of entirely fabricated facts is back with a new book — and all of Hollywood in his sway. Comments (2)

‘Novice’ to challenge Rep. Grimm for Ridge seat

Bay Ridge: A political nobody who has only voted once in his life came out swinging against freshman Rep. Michael Grimm, announcing last Thursday his candidacy to represent Bay Ridge and Dyker Heights and calling the incumbent a “mouthpiece” for the Republican elite. Comments (37)

It’s Burger King vs. nature

Fearless Parenting: Our columnist tries to instill a sense of adventure in her kids. Comments (5)

Crest Hardware carves up a ghouly good time

Williamsburg: The art-smart showed us how it’s done in Williamsburg by devilishly decorating orange beauties for the zaniest day of the year! Yes, that’s Osama and Saddam. Comment

The Bard in Brooklyn (sort of)

Event: Arthur Phillips and Guerrilla Rep perform Fakespeare to benefit the Carroll Gardens library. Comment

Kid mugged for $2 on Henry Street

Carroll Gardens: Plus all the crime from Carroll Gardens, Cobble Hill and Red Hook’s 76th Precinct. Comments (1)

Monday, Oct. 24, 2011

Perspective: A decade and a half after District Attorney Charles Hynes made an example of John O’Hara, what did the prosecution prove? Nothing, O’Hara says. Comments (7)
Dining: Alan Harding has been named the chef at the soon-to-open Gowanus seafood stand. Comments (7)

Real estate report — Williamsburg getting pricier, brownstones, not so much

Williamsburg: Prices in Williamsburg and Greenpoint’s new developments are rising this quarter, thanks to the interest of new Manhattan buyers. Comment
Boerum Hill: Boerum Hill’s post office has a new branch manager and extended weekend hours, but residents said the “improvements” have fallen far short of the U.S. Postal Service’s promise to overhaul the aging facility by the end of the month. Comments (1)
Art: Vax Moto repair shop hosts a cool art exhibition. But put the pedal to the metal — it’s almost over. Comments (1)

It’s a donut, no it’s a burger! Who cares? It’s delicious

The Best Thing We Ate This Week: The geniuses at Burger Bistro in Bay Ridge have done the impossible: created a donut burger. Comments (9)

Sunday, Oct. 23, 2011

Getting arrested at Occupy Wall Street? There’s an app for that

A new app allows you to alert your loved ones in the event of your detainment Comments (1)

I can’t stand telemarketers, but I know how to get them back!

Sunday Screech: This week, our columnist has a 10-point plans for getting back at those anonymous sales callers. Comments (2)

Saturday, Oct. 22, 2011

Dead Williamsburg cyclist was a major art figure

Mean Streets: Locals mourn rising star Mathieu Lefevre — and we join the tribute with a slideshow of his amazing work. Comments (33)

Friday, Oct. 21, 2011

Brooklyn’s Democratic Party boss — whose been in office longer than most Occupy Wall Street protesters have been alive — will hold a “day of solidarity” with the movement on Tuesday. Comments (19)
Old-school Boardwalk businesses that are facing eviction can stay open for eight more years — if they agree to get rid of their honky-tonk charm and turn themselves into upscale eateries — under a deal being offered by their landlord. Comments (11)

Marty’s meat-filled meet up

Shopping: The Beep cuts the ribbon — actually twine — on a new butcher shop in Park Slope. Comments (5)

Thursday, Oct. 20, 2011


Fulton Street bank robbery

Downtown: This just in — literally. Comments (9)

City yanks down pop art drug message

Park Slope: Sanitation Department bureacrats turned into the city’s harshest art critics this week as the city yanked down street artist Russell King’s mock street sign about drug use that the provacateur had hung on Fifth Avenue in Park Slope. Comment

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