Tuesday, Oct. 2, 2012

Dark Dark Dark under the bright lights

Music: There’s something inherently otherworldly about a band called Dark Dark Dark. Comment

Monday, Oct. 1, 2012

Brooklynites hail from diverse places and backgrounds, but a few common traits bind nearly all of us together: the lack of a television and a desire to enjoy most major events at a bar. Comments (11)

New book tells forgotten tale of Brooklynite who founded Marvel Comics

Books: The Brooklynite who founded Marvel Comics only got a one-paragraph tribute from the company he created when he died in 1992 — but now the incredible story of his life and achievements is getting the recognition it deserves. Comment
Event: A hulking facility that helped usher in history is now part of a look back into the borough’s past. Comments (6)

Sunday, Sept. 30, 2012

Carmine’s freestyle screech

Sunday Screech: In this week’s screech, Carmine gives it to you freestyle style. Comments (11)

Saturday, Sept. 29, 2012

Cinema: Audiences had plenty to heckle when watching a new documentary about the borough’s rapid gentrification — and that’s not because they didn’t like the film. Comments (9)

Friday, Sept. 28, 2012

Critics: Gowanus Canal development would be too populous

Changing Brooklyn: A planned housing development will bring too many residents to the banks of the Gowanus Canal, claim neighbors who fear it will overburden a fragile sewer system, crowd schools, and pack the subway. Comments (26)
Link: The Borough President is siding with bowlers poised to lose Brooklyn’s largest bowling alley — and encouraging builders who want to raze the lanes to keep the kingpin haven intact. Comment

Atlantic Antic 2012: New York City’s biggest street festival is back!

It’s like Times Square on New Year’s Eve — only it’s on Atlantic Avenue in September. Comments (3)

In which our Captain sorts his recycling

Captain’s Log: In this third episode, Park Slope resident and Star Trek icon Sir Patrick Stewart struggles to organize his refuse. Comments (1)
Bar Scrawl: Our drinking illustrator does well at Park Slope’s new meatopia. Comments (1)

All aboard the MTA express!

Weekend Watch: Most of Brooklyn’s trains will be in tip-top shape, so get out there and enjoy the weekend. Comment

Thursday, Sept. 27, 2012

Red Hook: Hold your dollar bills. Comments (2)

¿Cuánto cuesta? DUMBO boutique accepts Mexican pesos

Shopping: Cash is cash in any language — just ask the owner of a new DUMBO boutique that accepts Mexican pesos. Comments (3)
Page 1: Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls — what you are about to read will shock and amaze you. We proudly present the most spectacular of spectacles, the most curious of curiosities, the best-produced production: this week’s completely remarkable and never-before-seen Brooklyn Paper. The reportage will challenge your perceptions, the photographs will titilate your senses, and the witty headlines will awaken your cerebrum. And the whole show is guaranteed to keep you hustlin’, Brooklyn. Comment

Land baron: Thunderbolt could roar again for $90 million

All the city needs to do is pony up the cash, a major Coney Island land owner declared this week. Comments (2)

Neighbors: Xaverian must stop taking our parking spots

Bay Ridge: Residents living around Xaverian High School are banding together to make sure that the Catholic school doesn’t take up any more of their cherished parking spots. Comments (12)

Seventeen years later, it’s time to let go

The Dad: This week, The Dad realizes he’s got to give a little to get a lot. Comments (3)

Atlantic Antic rapper will freestyle about whatever you’re carrying

What happens if everyone brings oranges? Nothing rhymes with that. Comment

Wednesday, Sept. 26, 2012

Skaters ramp up W’burg parking lot

Guerrilla skaters built a 15-foot-long concrete ramp across three Williamsburg parking spots last week in the latest do-it-yourself addition to a growing unsanctioned skatepark beneath the Brooklyn–Queens Expressway. Comments (6)
Bay Ridge: Residents say a Bay Ridge massage parlor is rubbing everyone the wrong way. Comments (41)
Greenwood Heights: Cops released video of a fence-hopping man who they believe destroyed dozens of monuments and tombstones inside Green-Wood Cemetery on Aug. 25. Comments (5)
Bensonhurst: Bensonhurst’s famed L&B Spumoni Gardens is moving Downtown — by way of the Barclays Center. Comment
Theater: Who’s cutting the strings on this puppet theater? Comment

Tuesday, Sept. 25, 2012

Bridge ‘Park’: A $40 million indoor bike track in Brooklyn Bridge Park will offer more space for other sports after critics bashed project backers for only catering to a niche group of cyclists. Comments (11)
Gowanus: Meet Brooklyn’s Steve Jobs. Comments (3)

Street lights! Traffic sounds could power Hamilton Avenue art installation

Art: Red Hook artists want to turn a dreary space under the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway into the Studio 54 of sidewalks. Comments (4)

Monday, Sept. 24, 2012

Lincoln Restler claims it’s not over yet!

Link: After claiming he had defeated Chris Olechowski in a hotly contested race for an obscure Democratic party position, incumbent district leader Lincoln Restler says he is now losing by 31 votes and the race will go to a hand recount. Check back later for more details! Comment

Ridge residents: Vandals are tagging up our trees

Bay Ridge: A group of teens spray-painted more than a half dozen trees on 70th Street in Bay Ridge earlier this month — apparently not caring that neighbors saw them mark up the sycamores and ash trees that lined the block from their windows. Comments (8)

Inventor wants to pimp your stroller

A Brooklyn entrepreneur is rolling out “Pimp My Ride”-style strollers complete with speakers, flashing headlights, and an alarm system to scare off thieves. Comments (2)

Pre-Yom Kippur film shoot isn’t Kosher, Midwood residents claim

Link: Our pals at have the exclusive on observant Jews in Midwood who are outraged that the city will allow a film shoot near Avenue M one day before the holiest day in the Jewish calendar. Comment

Saturday, Sept. 22, 2012

Civic cans ‘great debate’ scheduled for Yom Kippur

Bay Ridge: A Bay Ridge civic group has cancelled the neighborhood’s largest political debate — a heated back and forth between four pairs of candidates that stunned Jewish residents for being scheduled on Yom Kippur. Comments (8)

Friday, Sept. 21, 2012

Atlantic Yards: Developers and city officials marked the opening of the Barclays Center arena with a symbolic ribbon cutting on Friday, touting it as a “big win” for Brooklyn — but mask-clad protesters slammed those same big wigs for failing to provide enough jobs to residents in the borough. Comments (72)

Captain’s log: In which our Captain finds a friend in orbit above

Captain’s Log: In this second episode, our brave Captain, Sir Patrick Stewart, continues his battle against the Time Warner Cable empire with the help of a powerful ally in deep space. Comment

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