Monday, Oct. 22, 2012

A place for romance — and drinking

Nightlife: Love is blind — but it still gets thirsty. Comment

The band electric: Synth-heavy musicians are live wires

Music: It takes a lot of volts for music this wired. Comment

Tricky treat! Do or Dine’s George McNeese dishes out a dessert recipe

Dining: Get just as creative about your cooking as you are with your Halloween costume with this recipe from Do or Dine’s George McNeese, one of the most talented chefs in the city. Comment

Sunday, Oct. 21, 2012

Carmine buys a cheap printer — and pays a price!

Sunday Screech: Carmine complains about a printer, then eats for free. Comments (3)

Saturday, Oct. 20, 2012

Color me, hipster

Color me, hipster

Chances are, you were into crayons before they were cool. Comments (6)

Friday, Oct. 19, 2012

Bar Scrawl: Bill Roundy tips you off to one of Park Slope’s hottest hangouts — and one of its best deals. Comments (1)

Brooklyn’s upstart fashionistas join forces

Fashion: In fashion, smaller is better. Comments (1)

Pot topic: Stoners come to Gowanus to share ‘Marijuana-logues’

Event: Some people eat Chinese takeout when they smoke marijuana and some people watch Star Trek reruns, but not this comedic trio — they monologue. Comment

Thursday, Oct. 18, 2012

In Hollywood, it’s based on a true story. In Brooklyn, it is a true story. Comments (1)

Blooming businesses: Shops of all kinds now sell flowers

A flowershop or a bar? Skateboards or tiger lillies? Fine art or freesia? Brooklynites can have it all. Comment
Park Slope: Park Slope’s famous pink brownstone will lose its polarizing, Pepto-Bismol hue, city officials decided on Monday. Comments (5)
Page 1: You know what it’s like sitting at your machine every morning, pressing that button and hoping the screen comes up with a winning news article. Let’s be honest — you lose more than you win. The odds of finding great community journalism aren’t good, but we’re here to tip you off to a little trick: Every day, this neighborhood news site lines up its best stories in an easy-to-read row — and every visitor is guaranteed to leave a winner. It’s always a jackpot and never a gamble, and we promise it will help you keep hustlin’, Brooklyn. Read more…
Some men are pigs — but this guy is a also a dog, lion, and bear. Comments (1)

Sharing knowledge — and so much more — at pottery class

Fearless Parenting: This week, Stephanie’s youngest takes the lead, and shows his big brother how to do something for a change. Comment

Wednesday, Oct. 17, 2012

Parenting: A proposed zoning change at two beloved Park Slope schools is drawing a thick line across the neighborhood — leaving parents on one side celebrating less crowded classrooms, and moms, dads, and property owners on the other side fearful they might not make the cut. Comments (2)

Olechowski beats Restler in Williamsburg district leader race

Williamsburg: Williamsburg Democratic district leader Lincoln Restler has met his match. Comments (2)

Libraries lure kids with Playstations, Nintendos

Link: The Brooklyn Public Library is reeling in kids with their favorite passtime — and it ain’t books. Read more…

Fatal stabbing in stalled W’burg condo

Williamsburg: A man lost his life after a grisly stabbing in an unfinished Williamsburg condo building on Tuesday morning, investigators say. Comments (1)

Lip service: Bushwick entrepreneur sells Brooklyn–inspired mustache wax

To make it in this borough, you need a stiff upper lip — and thankfully McKenzie Santiago is here to help with that. Comments (17)

Tuesday, Oct. 16, 2012

Cleaning Our Waterways: Throwing mud into the Gowanus Canal is the secret to cleaning the dirty waterway, environmental activists say. Comments (14)

Carroll Gardens residents: Don’t give us homeless shelter

Carroll Gardens: A Bronx-based non-profit wants to open a 170-bed homeless shelter on a residential block of Carroll Gardens — but neighbors fear a cramped facility will encourage troubled folks to loiter nearby. Aguila Incorporated plans to offer single adults housing in a five-story building on West Ninth and Court streets to “help less fortunate individuals find a better quality of life,” according to a letter the group submitted to Community Board 6. Comments (22)
Williamsburg–Greenpoint Waterfront: Real estate powerhouse Two Trees Management Company has closed on its purchase of the former Domino Sugar factory, acquiring the massive real estate gem but not yet revealing whether it will stick to the original-but-controversial redevelopment blueprint or draft something new. Comments (4)
Link: Midwood’s makeout lane is finally free from the ravages of sex-crazed teens — thanks to a complete city makeover spurred by a series of articles from our pals at Read more…

Monday, Oct. 15, 2012

Cobble Hill: Neighbors want to push back the closing time of Cobble Hill Park following a mini-ticket blitz that left late-night visitors facing costly summonses. Comments (7)

No hangout for old men: W’burg’s beloved Swinging Sixties Senior Center closing

Williamsburg: The city will stop funding Williamsburg’s Swinging Sixties Senior Center, harkening the demise of a gathering place for the bingo set, a popular upstairs day-care center, and a hub for North Brooklyn neighborhood activism since 1974. Comments (3)
Bay Ridge: Three Bay Ridge cops who sidelined as gun runners will be spending the next two years in a prison cell, federal prosecutors announced last week. Comments (8)

Friday, Oct. 12, 2012

Bridge Park bike philanthropist will bring arts to Gowanus

Gowanus: The philanthropist funding a $40-million athletic facility full of fixed-gear bikes in Brooklyn Bridge Park is now throwing money at an innovative arts project in Gowanus — earning him street cred as Brooklyn’s coolest benefactor. Comments (8)

Babs plays Brooklyn in first-ever show in home borough

Brooklyn’s native son opened the Barclays Center — and the borough’s favorite daughter made it feel like home. Comments (31)

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