Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The Best Thing We Ate This Week: Outside of Naples, Italy, the fiercest contest for best pizza is right here in Brooklyn. Comments (13)

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

That sinking feeling

Dance: A dance perfromance revisits the Titanic. Comment

Sunday, May 26, 2013

All the things that keep Carmine alive are making his life a living hell!

Sunday Screech: In this week’s Screech, Carmine laments the technology that keeps him going. Comments (3)

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Event: Brooklyn Pride, the borough’s famous gay pride celebration, is moving from Prospect Park West to Fifth Avenue this year. Comments (7)

Master at work

Master at work

Theater: His character may be wrapped up in illusory aspirations, but John Turturro remains grounded in his performance at a play at the Brooklyn Academy of Music. Comments (1)

Friday, May 24, 2013

Paved Brooklyn could escape cicada ‘swarmaggedon’

Wild Brooklyn: Might “swarmaggedon” - the oft-reported cicada orgy coming to the northeast for the first time in 17 years miss Brooklyn entirely? Comments (2)

Bartoonist checks out a cafe-bar on Washinton Avenue

Bar Scrawl: Our drinking illustrator shares his thoughts on a new spot named Saint Catherine. Comments (1)
Event: These freaks will do anything for a good Schwinn. Comments (10)
Awesome: Not content to bring bacon soup only to the people of Williamsburg, a Williamsburg chef has rented a commercial kitchen in Bedford-Stuyvesant and partnered with an online food seller to bring his delectable dishes borough-wide. Comments (11)

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Reporter’s Notebook: Cuomo will decide LICH’s future

Perspective: The fate of the Cobble Hill hospital lies in the hands of one person — Gov. Cuomo — says our reporter. Comments (6)
Bay Ridge: Neighbors along 92nd Street are infuriated that, after 10 months of non-stop construction, the city will only resurface the center strip of the road — instead of the entire street. Comments (3)
She’s the Swedish pop star you didn’t know you missed. Comment

Vikings Invade Bay Ridge!

Vikings Invade Bay Ridge!

Event: The annual Viking Fest and the Norwegian Independence Day Parade both thrust onward through wet weather last weekend like a mighty Norse longship against the tide. Comments (1)
Page 1: The folks at The Brooklyn Paper know you’ve got many choices to make each day, but none can be more important that the one you make right now: paper or PDF? Click here, and you’ll be whisked a way to a place where a bunch of zeros and ones are miraculously transformed into the news you need on the colorful screen right in front of you. Or, don’t click, but you’ll be sure to pick up the paper version of that very same important news tommorrow when you and it hit the street. Either way, you can’t make a mistake, because no matter what, you’ll always keep hustlin’, Brooklyn. Comments (1)

Stephanie looks for inspiration — to inspire

Fearless Parenting: This week, our fearless mom seeks your help in making the world a better place. Comments (2)

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Need for speed: Ridgites square off over Fourth Ave slow-down plan

Mean Streets: Members of a Bay Ridge panel who attacked a plan by the city to slow down traffic along dangerous Fourth Avenue got rear-ended by one of the group’s traffic experts, who claimed the nay-sayers are most likely part of the problem on the strip. Comments (34)
Event: Mother Nature wiped out the final day of the controversial Great GoogaMooga in Prospect Park, and some say they took a hit because of it. Comments (22)

Nowhere to go! Coney bathrooms won’t be ready for Memorial Day

The beach will be ready — but the bathrooms won’t! Comments (8)
Boro of Nerds: The Force was with a Jedi from Bedford-Styvesant who’s weapon was stolen from him while he was out at a cantina. Comments (5)

Run, Brooklyn, run! From Prospect Park to the Boardwalk — joggers run the borough

Event: About 22,000 joggers — including New Zealand Olympian Kim Smith — pounded 13-plus miles of pavement between Prospect Park and Coney Island on May 18, wrapping up in front of Ruby’s Bar on the Boardwalk. It was all part of the Brooklyn Half, an increasingly popular run designed to boost business in the most populous borough. Comments (1)

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Mean Streets: The city want to turn one of Brooklyn’s most car-friendly strips into a pedestrian paradise. Comments (37)

P.J. Hanley’s to return with new, old name

Carroll Gardens: Brooklyn’s oldest bar will soon reopen with its original 19th century name — Ryan’s. Comments (4)

Trading races: Ridge Republican moves campaign to Coney

Politics: A Tea Party Republican is making the move from Bay Ridge to Coney Island in hopes of finding a smoother ride into the City Council. Comments (19)
Prospect Heights: Police did not charge the driver of the car, who hit the cyclist on Eastern Parkway, with a crime. Comments (7)

Heat comes down — alleged Bay Ridge burglar in custody

Bay Ridge: Police busted a man they say burglarized four Bay Ridge businesses in an 11-day blotter-dominating reign of terror. Comment

Monday, May 20, 2013

In which our Captain attempts to save a small creature

Captain’s Log: Help our Captain save a tiny bird! Comments (2)

Maid service targets hipsters — as workers and clients

Williamsburg: Finally, hipsters to clean up the mess made by hipsters! Comments (22)

Urban legend: ‘Outfitters’ in Williamsburg wants to sell booze, too

Williamsburg: Williamsburg hipsters may be able to buy their skinny jeans while they chug on a PBR because a new Urban Outfitters store set to open in the heart of the super-trendy neighborhood wants to serve beer. Comments (4)
Red Hook: An additional stop at Van Brunt Street is being added to the Ikea ferry on Saturdays and Sundays Comments (3)

Dinner and dancing New York Methodist gala

Fort Greene: Staff at New York Methodist Hospital were treated to cocktails, food, and a raffle at the medical center’s bash, held at the Brooklyn Museum. Comments (1)

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Lopez resigns, will still seek council seat

Williamsburg: Embattled Williamsburg and Bushwick Assemblyman Vito Lopez has resigned from the Assembly, but he still plans on running for the City Council later this year. Comments (12)

Friday, May 17, 2013

Police hunt for thieves who looted 20 pants from Urban Outfitters

Cobble Hill: Cops are on the hunt for five suspects who looted 20 pairs of pants from an Urban Outfitters in Cobble Hill on March 26. Comments (4)

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