Thursday, Jan. 2, 2014

Shopping: Get ready for an influx of Nets tattoos. Comments (5)

Coney conjuring: Show makes winter blues magically disappear

Theater: Sideshows by the Seashore is hosting a weekly magic show to keep the crowds coming back to Coney all winter long. Comment

Tuesday, Dec. 31, 2013

Event: Attendees at this fund-raiser for the Philippines can wear their support for the typhoon-ravaged country on their sleeve — forever. Comment

Monday, Dec. 30, 2013

Adams: I’ll bring Brooklyn its own ball drop

Politics: As Brooklynites said so long to their Borough President of 12 years, we checked in with the his replacement ahead of his swearing-in on New Year’s Day. Apparently the timing was right because Eric Adams is pledging to bring Brooklyn its very own ball drop in just fewer than 360 days. Now that is what we call a resolution. Comments (2)
Art: Hidden inside a quaint neighborhood cafe is an exhibit of indigenous Mexican pottery. Comments (3)

Saturday, Dec. 28, 2013

Where to GO this week!

Nightlife: Got plans for this coming week? No? Don’t worry, we have got you covered. Comments (1)

Friday, Dec. 27, 2013

Nightlife: Between fun runs, karaoke, and costume parties, there is a Brooklyn New Year’s Eve event for every taste in our definitive guide. Comments (3)

Thursday, Dec. 26, 2013

Dating gets another challenge: Charades!

Nightlife: Unattached men and women looking for someone special to smooch on New Year’s Eve could get lucky at Union Hall’s boozy board game singles night. Comments (1)

Swing into 2014: Go back in time for New Year’s Eve at this speakeasy ball

Nightlife: We might be on the verge of 2014, but Gemini and Scorpio wants to party like it is 1929. Comments (1)

The real spirit of Christmas, and the Dad

The Dad: This week, the Dad considers the almighty. Comment
Page 1: You might have noticed something this week: our esteemed editor is not in the office. So we’re doing all the things he doesn’t let us do when he is here. Begin a sentence with a conjunction other than “and” or “but?” Not a problem! Lead a story with the name of someone the reader has never heard of before? We’re doing it! Introduce information into a story through a quote? Done and done. And acronyms! We are using acronyms with reckless abandon! So enjoy this little reprieve -- when we improperly use double-hypens where em dashes are clearly demanded -- because we certainly will! Oh, and what’s that thing he always writes at the end of these? Oh, yeah. Keep hummin’, Brooklyn! Comment

Bushwick native featured in documentary of lost promise

Bushwick: A new documentary chronicling the rise and fall of a Bushwick basketball phenom offers a cautionary tale about squandered potential. Comments (2)


Nets: The latest injury in a season filled with them will surely be the final nail in the Nets’ coffin, and maybe not just this season. Comment

It’s the backcourt’s time to shine — if it can

Nets: This column was originally going to be about how Brooklyn’s backcourt is finally pulling its weight and the Nets’ big guys need to step it up. Comment

Tuesday, Dec. 24, 2013

Bedford-Stuyvesant: Interfaith Medical Center got an 11th-hour reprieve on Monday in the form of a cash infusion from the state to keep the hospital open for a few more months. Comments (18)

Wednesday is usually crime news day on, but this week it’s Christmas

Crime: We have just one set of crime reports this week due to a compressed holiday production schedule and an ongoing information blackout by the police department. Click below to learn more about the crimes in Carroll Gardens and how our readers are demanding their blotters back, but not the ins and outs of our newsroom’s timetable. Comment

City’s Coney Christmas gift — leases to Wonder Wheel Park, Luna Park through 2027

Coney Island’s biggest attractions have a new lease on life! Comment
Brooklyn Heights: One of Brooklyn’s most prominent waterfront parks is wet-defying. Comments (5)

Monday, Dec. 23, 2013

Young adult author Ned Vizzini remembered after Park Slope suicide jump

Park Slope: The writer’s death sparked an outpouring of grief and remembrance from his friends in the literary community. Comments (2)

Recchia’s campaign is full of Sitt

Will’s Watch: Councilman and congressional candidate Domenic Recchia is runnning on dollars from controversial mega-developer Joe Sitt. Get the whole story in this week’s Will Bredderman politics column over at Comment
Williamsburg: There is a do-it-yourself arts venue apocalypse happening in Williamsburg and these renaissance men and women are among the worst affected. Comment
Cleaning Our Waterways: The city reactivated the canal’s on-again,-off-again flushing tunnel last week, but the jury is still out on whether the drainage system will finally live up to its century-old promise and freshen the fetid canal. Comments (3)

Letters: We want our police blotter!

The ongoing blotter blackout is an opportunity to get more engaged or the second coming of Hitler, depending on whom you listen to. Comments (8)
Williamsburg: Williamsburg residents of all ages rallied last week to save the embattled neighborhood senior and daycare hub that is in danger after a big rent hike. Comments (1)
Greenpoint: Yet another massive development project planned for the Brooklyn waterfront has passed city muster. Comments (6)

Sunday, Dec. 22, 2013

Carmine’s screechin’ about that screech that came out of the VA hospital last week!

Sunday Screech: You probably were wondering what that noise was last week. The short answer is it was Carmine getting a shot. For the long answer, click above. Comments (3)

Friday, Dec. 20, 2013

One dead in Kensington fire

Kensington: One teen died and three people were injured, two severely, after a fire broke out in an apartment on East Eighth Street in Kensington at 5:30 am today, fire officials said. Comments (3)

Whole Foods lettuce down: City preservationists

Gowanus: The city is slapping the just-opened Gowanus Whole Foods Market with a fine today for failing to keep up the long-abandoned historic building the high-end supermarket sits on either side of, according to a city spokeswoman. Comments (45)

Prospect Park it! Neighbors of Brooklyn’s backyard sue, say tower would cast a shadow

Prospect-Lefferts Gardens: Prospect Lefferts Gardens residents sued the state and the developer of a 23-story apartment complex planned for Flatbush Avenue, saying that the tower will destroy the low-rise residential neighborhood’s charming character and mess up the park. Comments (12)

Mammoth recycling center opens on Sunset Park waterfront

Sunset Park: Brooklyn takes trash from nobody — but soon it will be taking recyclables from throughout the city and beyond. Comments (2)

Burn-outs! Kids seared in weed-related explosion

Two kids’ plan to get high went up in smoke — and took them with it. Comment

School will be in jam session if these rockers get their way

A group of Brooklyn musicians want to share their passion for performing by starting a school based around the notion that jam sessions, not scales and arpeggios, will get students to stick with their instruments. Comments (1)

Thursday, Dec. 19, 2013

Williamsburg–Greenpoint Waterfront: City preservationist think renovations of the old Domino Sugar factory in Williamsburg should make the building look even older. Comment
Williamsburg: Brooklyn vegans are down a place to get chicken wings minus the chicken now that a beloved anti-animal-cruelty staple is closing its doors. Comments (8)

Alternative oyster: Grand Central Oyster Bar opens its Slope location

Dining: And the Manhattanization of Brooklyn continues – with bivalves. Comments (4)

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