Monday, Nov. 24, 2014

Trash talk! Park Slope ‘pollution tourist’ on vacationing in Chernobyl

Event: You’ve spent winter on the Gowanus, now try summer in Chernobyl! Comment

B’Heights guitar vet teams up with Sonic Youth’s Kim Gordon

Music: More than two decades after he was diagnosed with Parkinson’s, Loren Connors is still rocking. Comments (1)

Friday, Nov. 21, 2014

Bartoonist finds a delightful hidden cocktail den

Bar Scrawl: Prospect Lefferts Gardens bar Erv’s on Beekman is cramped, sparsely decorated, and weirdly located — but the bartenders and drinks are fantastic, our drinking illustrator reports. Comments (2)

Five things to do in Brooklyn this week!

Nightlife: Play “Star Wars” trivia, get your holiday shopping done, hear some delicious stories, and other things to do in Brooklyn Nov. 21–26. Comment

Where to avoid your family on Thanksgiving Eve in Bay Ridge

Bay Ridge Nights: This Nov. 26, the Ridge has volleyball, live music, and craft beer — and none of your annoying cousins. And’s ace nightlife correspondent has your guide to all the action. Read more…

Thursday, Nov. 20, 2014

Nightlife: Black coal came early for SantaCon, the neighborhood’s councilman announced last night. Comments (7)

Take the high road

Here’s to 50! Events to mark Verrazano’s semicentennial

Bay Ridge: The Metropolitan Transportation Authority is throwing a celebration on Staten Island at 10:30 am on Nov. 21, but Brooklynites can catch some of the action from Bay Ridge’s golden shores. Comments (3)

Bridging the gap: MTA wants to raise Verrazano tolls

Bay Ridge: On the eve of the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge’s 50th anniversary, the Metropolitan Transportation Authority is considering the 16th toll hike on the span to help close a budget gap. Comments (12)

Boom! Greenpointer explains spontaneous human combustion

Event: It is actually a real thing that happens. Just not very often. Comment

Slurred speech: Writers to give boozy TED-style talks

Nightlife: PowerPoint presentations usually drive people to drink, not the other way around. Comment

The Chronic 2014: Nets’ strong start goes up in smoke on West Coast

Flagrant Fowl: Brooklyn’s home team’s visit to the realm of Snoop Dogg and Jeff Spicoli left the players dazed and confused. Comment

Pfizer’s growth industry: Startups

Circuit Lord: Three-dimensional printers, a woodshop, and “Dubstep Dinosaurs” are just some of the items kicking around in the old pharmaceutical building. Comment

The boy has boobs on the mind

Fearless Parenting: This week, Stephanie talks sex with her tween. Comment
Page 1: That nip is back in the air! The stores are done up in their Christmas best! We’ve gotten our picture taken with Santa! The BIDs have draped our streets in mistletoe. The tree is up at MetroTech! Yep, it can only mean one thing! Christmas is here! So, we’ve broken out our old Johnny Mathis CD, sent off our list to the North Pole, and settled in for a long winter’s rest. What’s that? It isn’t even Thanksgiving yet? You could have fooled me. Oh, well. Keep hustlin’ anyway, Brooklyn! Read more…

Wednesday, Nov. 19, 2014

EXCLUSIVE: Prospect Park Residence selling for $76 million

Development: The owner of a tony Grand Army Plaza old-folks home who has spent the past eight months trying to evict his elderly tenants isn’t doing it fast enough, according to a lawsuit by the real estate investors who want to buy the building. Comments (3)

Pin-art-a! Gowanus art installation is made to be smashed to pieces

Weird Art: Art is dead — or it will be after this show is done with it. Comments (2)

Jay-maker: Group wants overhaul of Downtown’s disaster street

Mean Streets: Brooklyn’s hairiest roadway for cyclists needs more signs, longer pedestrian crossing times, a two-way bike path, and a shelter area for pedestrians caught in the middle of Tillary Street, according to road-safety activists. Comments (11)

Breakup news: Forest City Ratner buys out Swedish partner on B2

Construction Update: It’s official: Forest City Ratner and its Swedish contractor are divorced. Comments (7)

Youths attack Jewish man at J, M station

Williamsburg: A trio of teenage bigots attacked an Orthodox Jewish man on a Willliamsburg train platform on Monday afternoon in what police are calling a hate crime. Comment

Tuesday, Nov. 18, 2014

Pedestrian dead in Downtown hit-and-run

Mean Streets: A hit-and-run driver struck and killed a man on Flatbush Avenue Extension at DeKalb Avenue on Monday night, according to police. Comments (12)

An ignoble end for Brooklyn’s ‘oldest bar’

Changing Brooklyn: City marshals seized Goldenrod in Carroll Gardens on Nov. 14, closing the latest chapter in the tavern’s troubled recent history. Comment

Wear pollution: G’point activist pushing air-monitor accessories

Greenpoint: They can feel it coming in the air tonight, oh lord. Comment
Art: To everything, turn, turn, turn. There is an art show, turn, turn, turn. Comment

Money docks: Taxpayer cash for Navy Yard renovation

Fort Greene: Pols are pouring $140 million of taxpayer money into fixing up a building at the Navy Yard. Comments (5)

Brooklyn trio throws 300th birthday party for Bach

Music: No, not that Bach — his son. Comments (3)
Bay Ridge: As far as fund-raisers go, this one will be a sleeper hit. Comments (1)
Fashion: A group of breast cancer survivors were among the runway stars at a fashion show last week. Comment

Monday, Nov. 17, 2014

Taylor Swift as New York City’s Global Welcome Ambassador? Fuggedaboutit!

Gravesend: Brooklyn native Paul Bomba’s got your tourism video right here... Comment

Battle of the bulkhead: Brooklyn Bridge Park hotel’s bar, machinery blocks view

Bridge ‘Park’: The ventilation machinery and planned bar on the roof of a new hotel in Brooklyn Bridge Park will block the beloved view from the Brooklyn Heights Promenade, in violation of an agreement to keep it pristine, a civic group argues. Comments (9)
Mean Streets: A southern Brooklyn pol’s bid to ban text-messaging while biking is a misguided attempt to score political points in the car-centric district and fundamentally misunderstands the dangers cyclists face, according to bike advocates. Comments (41)

DA: Send latest bridge climber to the slammer

Brooklyn Heights: “This is not a game and we will be seeking jail time,” Ken Thompson said. Comment
Dyker Heights: Areas with the highest number of complaints about illegal conversions also have the most overcrowded elementary schools. Comments (29)

Sunday, Nov. 16, 2014

Carmine’s caloric intake seriously affected by language barrier

Sunday Screech: This week, the Screecher dosen’t get what he wants, even if he got what was coming to him! Comment

Saturday, Nov. 15, 2014

Downtown: The scaffolding is down after a year, and boy does this building look good. Comment

Friday, Nov. 14, 2014

Design here: Former Pfizer building gets business incubator

Bedford-Stuyvesant: One designer at the new complex is turning foraged nut, berry, and flower juice into clothing dyes. Another is making “origami rubber.” Comments (3)
Nets: Bidding in an Ebay auction for the easy-to-type URL reached $150,000 this week, but that was not enough for the whimsical family business owners who are rubbing their Internet 1.0 cred in the face of Brooklyn’s home team. Comments (1)
Gowanus: A Gowanus pol who spent a good chunk of the year soliciting ideas for the neighborhood’s future will present the highlights on Nov. 24. Comments (6)

Take it to the Bay Ridge!

Bay Ridge Nights: For those about to rock in Bay Ridge this weekend, we salute you! Our pals at have your guide to all the action. Read more…

Thursday, Nov. 13, 2014

Williamsburg preschool: We’re getting evicted for condos

Changing Brooklyn: “They are letting people build condos and forget about the children,” said Bushwick United spokeswoman Marilyn Acosta. “It is really frustrating and we do not know what to do.” Comments (2)

Sweets thief sours, brandishes blades

Vinegar Hill: Cops cuffed a man on Nov. 2 who they say stole cotton candy from a York Street market, then returned a few minutes later and threatened an employee with three knives. Comment

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