Wednesday, Feb. 5, 2014

Theater: Just because civilazation has broken down, it doesn’t mean your love life has to! Comment
Music: Simone Dinnerstein is taking New York City Bach to school. Comments (2)

Tuesday, Feb. 4, 2014

Ladies bash back

Bad girls at BAM: Film series celebrates vengeance-seeking anti-heroines

Cinema: Revenge is a dish best served in a movie theater. Comment

Top three revenge-filled films from the ‘Vengeance is Hers’ series

Cinema: The co-curator of BAMCinematek’s ‘Vengeance is Hers’ film series picks her favorites — so you don’t have to. Comment

Chisholm-ed in stone: New book celebrates first black congresswoman

Books: If Brooklyn College professor Barbara Winslow has her way, Shirley Chisholm will soon be a household name. Comment

Monday, Feb. 3, 2014

An entire book about the Nets’ first season in Brooklyn

Books: Sports writer Jake Appleman explains how he filled 256 pages with a single season of basketball. Comments (4)

Young Yeller creates big pop sounds from small Greenpoint bedroom

Music: Many musicians give up dreams of pop stardom for sensible day jobs — but Jesse Brickel has done the exact opposite. Comments (3)

Outside in: Bushwick street artist moves his work indoors

Art: Luis Rosenfeld’s glossy black and white photos are typically found on the streets of Bushwick. But for one month, you can see them in wrmer surrounds. Comment

Friday, Jan. 31, 2014

Where to GO this week!

Nightlife: Hot events to pass the cold Brooklyn nights. Comment
Bar Scrawl: Our drinking illustrator enjoys beer and barbecue at the new Downtown outpost of Hill Country Barbecue. Comments (3)

Thursday, Jan. 30, 2014

Fitness: Break out the spandex and leg warmers! Comments (16)

Interfaith finally gets state cash

Bedford-Stuyvesant: The state has pledged, once again, to give Interfaith Medical Center the $7.5 million it needs to make it through the next couple of months. Comments (1)

Maestro of puppets: Mexican marionette show reinvents ‘Sleeping Beauty’

Theater: A theater company that uses puppets on strings to pull at families’ heart strings is putting on a modern-day version of “Sleeping Beauty.” Comment

Strange sounds: Animal-human hybrids perform at experimental music night

Music: A night of weird and wonderful music in Crown Heights will feature a performance group dressed as animal-human hybrids. Comment
Page 1: Man, look at those numbers. Can you believe it? We are having a really good week. In fact, it might be the best one this year. And we only have you to thank. I mean, how many times have you been back to today to find out what is going on in your neighborhood? Three? Seven? Twenty-one? We don’t know the number for sure, but rest assured we’re keeping track. So keep checkin’ in with and as always, keep hustlin’, Brooklyn. Read more…

Steph’s mission: Inner peace

Fearless Parenting: This week, Stephanie travels to the Catskills by herself, to learn something about herself. Comments (4)

Brooklyn Nets Basketball

Signing of Russian giant paying off

Front Court: Bringing on Andrei Kirilenko for just $3.18 million raised some eyebrows, but his performance since returning from a back injury proved that he was a steal. Comment

Draft dodger! Nets early picks go by the wayside

Back Court: Will the Brooklyn Nets ever develop young talent, or are they destined to become a team of free agent signings and other proven — but older — commodities? Comment

Wednesday, Jan. 29, 2014

Grimm's Anger Management

Grimm tale: Pol backtracks after threatening reporter

Bay Ridge: Rep. Michael Grimm says he is sorry for menacing a television journalist after the President’s State of the Union address on Jan. 28, but Dems are saying he is not sorry enough — and political experts say he soon may be even sorrier. Comments (13)

Tracing the congressman’s temper

Bay Ridge: Hot-headed Rep. Michael Grimm’s scrape with NY1 reporter Michael Scotto may not have been the first time his temper got the best of him in public. Stories about the Bay Ridge congressman’s volatile demeanor have followed him for years, so we have rounded up the Republican’ greatest hits. Comment

Home run! Cyclones score 2014 All-Star Game

Who needs the Super Bowl — the New York-Penn League All-Star Game is coming to Brooklyn! Comments (2)

Bushwick’s Oneida keeps avant-rocking on

Music: The members of Oneida are not fans of downtime. Comments (1)

Tuesday, Jan. 28, 2014

Yield to the shield! Park Slope police stage crosswalk sting operation

Mean Streets: Cops in Park Slope are doing something seldom attempted by the New York Police Department — enforcing traffic laws. Comments (27)
Williamsburg: One or more thieves has been dialing up small business owners and tricking them into turning over big bundles of cash. Comment

Kids rock! Children sing for peace in Bay Ridge

Bay Ridge: They sing to unite the world — and the borough! Comments (1)

Too-cool winter Schoolfest gathers little scholars and their parents

Parenting: Parents, students, and teachers gathered on Saturday to check out the wealth of academic and recreational options available to Brooklyn kids. Comment

Monday, Jan. 27, 2014

Go yeast! New brewery coming to Coney

The People’s Playground’s alcohol content is about to rise! Comments (3)
Prospect Heights: The world-renowned Russian anarchists who plan to appear at a Feb. 5 concert at the Barclays Center are actually disciples of the Antichrist, according to one man of the cloth. Comments (10)

Slow your roll!

Traffic calming coming to Clinton Hill

Mean Streets: Clinton Hill drivers will soon be hitting the brakes. Comments (15)
Mean Streets: The city wants to make a dent in speeding on Kent Avenue. Comments (13)

Fresh Kiehl’s! Skin-care store marks Brooklyn opening with road rash bash, park cash

Shopping: The Manhattan-based skin-care retail chain Kiehl’s Since 1851 is opening its first Brooklyn location on Jan. 31 with a skateboarding clinic and a gift to a beloved park. Comments (2)

Sunday, Jan. 26, 2014

Finally! An award worthy of the name ‘Carmine’!

Sunday Screech: This week, the screecher puts aside his usual piss and vinegar for a tribute to his awardees. Comments (2)

Friday, Jan. 24, 2014

A state agency has declared the birds per-swan-a non grata, and aims to exterminate the entire population. Comments (16)

Elderly domain! W’burg pol pitches state seizure as solution to senior center woes

Williamsburg: A Williamsburg official is pushing a law that would let the city seize a building from its owner to save the embattled senior center inside. Comments (3)

Swish! Nets provide Key assist in the form of free groceries

Park Slope: Sometimes the Nets get slam dunks off the court. Comments (5)

Thursday, Jan. 23, 2014

Shopping: The Park Slope Food Co-op knows it could lose business to a fledgling do-good food store in Windsor Terrace, and it does not care. Comments (7)
Dining: Egg is about to get a bigger carton. Comments (26)
Cobble Hill: The battle of Cobble Hill ended with no shots fired. Comments (6)

Wednesday, Jan. 22, 2014

How to throw a super Super Bowl party

Nightlife: Impress your friends and keep your wallet intact with our handy guide. Comment

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