Receive $800 for each room in your Apartment or house. You can choose a: 1) Veteran 2) Mature person (60 years old and over). 3) Working Person. 4) SSI & SSD Some Clients have 100% rent Paid by City and State. Clients who Work Pay $50. of their Income towards Rent. We will do a lease per room. Option to renew lease up to 5 years. (One year Lease Renewal at a time). Clients who are 60 years and over have a Lifetime Voucher Rooms can be Unfurnished Sign lease anytime, lease is Pro-Rated. Servicing All 5 Boroughs Edens Gate Foundation (non-profit) Roy S Dixon NYS Real Estate Broker Roy “Sherman” Dixon visit Call Sherman @ 718 287-7292

Updated Jul. 23, 2018

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