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December, 2015

Photo Galleries: It was the press event of the season. Comment

Anna Kendrick cheers return of ‘Hard Nut’ to BAM

Anna Kendrick cheers return of ‘Hard Nut’ to BAM

Fort Greene: She missed it when it was gone! Comment
Awesome: Seriously, these kids lost their minds — check out the photos. Comments (2)
Downtown: Talk about horse power! Comment

It came from the Gowanus Canal: The only holiday gift guide you need

Shopping: There is only one place you need to shop this holiday season — the Gowanus Souvenir Shop. Comments (1)

November, 2015

Fuzzy Brooklyn: You can now die safe in the knowledge that the most adorable thing of all time has occurred and been documented — with a slideshow! Comments (1)

Model patients: Breast-cancer survivors, doctors put on fashion show

Awesome: They catwalked for a cure. Comment
Prospect Heights: It was one for the books! Comment
Park Slope: Parents say the Slope not only has a great parade — it also has a best candy. Comment
Downtown: It’s the breakfast of champions! Comment
Red Hook: They were making waves — out of papier mache. Comment

October, 2015

Fuzzy Brooklyn: Look, we know you just want to see the photos, but we wrote an article as well. Comment
Photo Galleries: Meet the Mets — because most of them were made in Brooklyn! Comment
Gowanus: It tasted and smelled less poop-y than last time, says Christopher Swain. Comments (6)

Number two! Toxic avenger will make second attempt to swim Gowanus Canal

Cleaning Our Waterways: Call it a doodoo over! Comments (5)
Bridge ‘Park’: Then go see it for yourself next weekend! Comments (1)
Fuzzy Brooklyn: They’re a man’s wurst friend! Comments (1)
Fuzzy Brooklyn: Pet owners across the borough brought their furry friends to church over the weekend for the annual round of animal blessings. Comment

Galley cats! Talk dives into feline seafaring history

Art: Don’t call them sea dogs! Comment
Greenpoint: Our drinking illustrator visited the Brooklyn Pour beer festival with his sketchbook in hand. Comments (4)

September, 2015

Boerum Hill: It takes the funnel cake! Comment
Red Hook: It took thousands to follow in one hero’s footsteps. Comment
Midwood: Famed Midwood pizzeria Di Fara celebrated its 50th anniversary on Sept. 22 with the debut of a special-edition pizza and a gut-busting pie-eating contest that had even the biggest slice savorers swooning Comments (5)
Park Slope: And park stewards say there were no complaints from neighbors this year. Comments (3)
Islanders: The puck is about to drop on the New York Islanders’ inaugural season in Brooklyn, but fans got a head start on the action on Sept. 21. Comments (2)
Downtown: This festival takes all types. Comment

Flatbush street fair celebrates 40th year

Photo Galleries: They had a frolicking good time! Comments (2)
Greenwood Heights: He must have done the right thing. Comment
Rhymes with Crazy: This week, our intrepid columnist hops on the Seven train and takes it to its new last stop. Comments (13)
Editor’s Picks: Take advantage of the great weather while you can, Brooklyn! This weekend, it’s all happening outdoors! Comment
✔ Poll

Poll: What do you think of the Islanders’ new Brooklyn jersey?

✔ Poll

Poll: What do you think of the Islanders’ new Brooklyn jersey?

Islanders: These colors remind us of something... Comments (13)
Music: The ’90s over? As if! Comment
Dining: This neighborhood has a lot on its plate! Comments (8)
Bay Ridge: Our adventure correspondent was one of the first cyclists to try out the new “Bike and Ride” program that lets bus riders strap their bikes onto racks on the front to make the trip over the Varrazano-Narrows Bridge to the bucolic borough. Comments (6)

Top-10 quotes from Cyclones manager Tom Gamboa in 2015

Cyclones: No manager in the history of the Cyclones was more looser with the lips than second-year skipper Tom Gamboa. We celebrate his greatest hits. Comment
Photo Galleries: Out of the home, into the homeroom! Comment
Prospect Heights: We know you’ve been waiting for these photos all day — and they’re finally here! Comment
Editor’s Picks: Labor Day weekend is filled with fun — and so is the rest of the week! Comment
Bedford-Stuyvesant: And celebrates Michael Jackson’s birthday. And commemorates the anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. Comments (2)
Park Slope: Kids these days are going downhill fast. Comments (6)

August, 2015

Prospect-Lefferts Gardens: They were heroes on the battlefield, and now they’re champions on the sporting field. Comments (1)
Photo Galleries: This was a very different bash at the beach. Comment
Photo Galleries: Sand masters sculpted national monuments, animals, and castles on the Coney Island beach on Aug. 15 for the annual Sand Scultpure Contest. See our slideshow for all the fun. Comments (1)
Photo Galleries: Neighborhood celebrates with live snakes. Comment

Fun-size photography: Instagram stars shoot mini models

Art: It’s a shoebox photo shoot! Comment

Gowanaissance! New Third Avenue shops reshape the neighborhood

Gowanus: The borough’s new hippest neighborhood is coming into its own. Comments (6)
Fuzzy Brooklyn: Prospect Park was home to an Adoptapalooza! Comment

July, 2015

Sunset Park: The Brooklyn tech darling that laid off 100 people in April has just opened its new factory in Sunset Park — and now the company is hiring. Comments (1)
Fuzzy Brooklyn: Damn that spaniel — he’s so hot right now. Comment
Brooklyn Heights: This story has it all: angry Coney Islanders and athletes in swimsuits! Comments (4)
Bedford-Stuyvesant: The implosion injured a handful of people and sent emergency services scrambling to find anyone who might be in the building. Comments (6)
Williamsburg: Feast your eyes on this! Comment
Photo Galleries: Cyclones fans got to see their team win, watch one player set a team record, and meet some of the faces from their favorite show. They got it all! Comment
Brooklyn Heights: Fans of patriotic pyrotechnics gathered by the thousands in Brooklyn Bridge Park on Saturday to celebrate Independence Day. Comment
Park Slope: They were the stars and stripes of the show! Comment
Event: It’s news you can fuse! Comment
Fort Greene: The event descended into a maelstrom of flag-waving and shouting while a handful of activists quietly burned the banner in a nearby barbecue pit. Comments (17)

June, 2015

Park Slope: Talk about a slice of heaven! Comments (1)
Photo Galleries: Rain, rain can’t make the Mermaid Parade go away. Comments (2)

Cyclones return to Coney Island in home opener

Photo Galleries: Brooklyn’s boys of summer had a somber evening at MCU Park on June 20, losing their home opener and paying tribute to a fallen hero. Comment
Theater: It was an opening night to remember. Comments (3)
Sunset Park: This procession has made serious progress. Comments (6)
Fuzzy Brooklyn: The dancers at this prom had two left feet. Comment
Weird Art: It is the art and soul of Brooklyn’s creative scene. Comments (1)
Books: Holy literacy promotion, Batman! Comment
Music: The funk queen drew thounds of fans to the Prospect Park bandshell on Wednesday, with thousands more watching on screens outside. Comment

Green day: Botanic Garden opens new and improved kids area

Crown Heights: Talk about garden variety! Comment
Williamsburg: They were looking for brains — and a stiff drink. Comments (5)

May, 2015

Editor’s Picks: Film fests, zombies, Chaka Khan, and other great things to see and do in Brooklyn this week. Comment
Photo Galleries: Life’s a beach for Brooklynites. Comments (2)
Photo Galleries: Borough President Adams has now pledged $1 million to help restore the Cadman Plaza World War II memorial. Comments (4)
Bay Ridge: Owl’s Head Park hosted the 15th-annual Viking Fest on May 16. Comment
Cobble Hill: Now with new and improved renderings. Comments (52)

Fleeced! Zoo gives sheep their summer haircut

Prospect-Lefferts Gardens: It was a case of hair today, gone tomorrow! Comment
Fort Greene: There’s no masking it — this was one successful bash! Comments (1)
Event: A Bay Ridge wine bar that also slings oysters is serving up some “Mary on the half-shell.” Comments (2)

Flatbush biz leaders toast Markowitz at Kings Theatre

Photo Galleries: It was a gala fit for Kings. Comments (1)

That’s a wrap! Gowanus’s Film Biz Recyling to close

Gowanus: The company is calling “cut!” on its operation, and selling off all its stock at heavily discounted prices. Comment
Books: Bookish bikers and bikish bookers teamed up for the Brooklyn Public Library’s “Bike the Branches” event on May 9, riding to libraries in neighborhoods near and far across the borough in an attempt to see who could hit the most checkpoints, or just have a nice ride. Comments (1)
Art: Manhattan’s fancy contemporary art fair Frieze is this weekend, but you can save the ferry fare, because Brooklyn is having its own fancy contemporary art fair Comment
Greenwood Heights: PS 295’s “Touch-a-Truck” event brought kids and trucks together again. Comment

April, 2015

Wham! BAM: Thank you, ma’am!

Fort Greene: Brooklyn’s cultural elite celebrated outgoing Brooklyn Academy of Music President Karen Brooks Hopkins at a gala on April 29. Comment
Event: Why reenact the Civil War when you can reenact a Civil War-era baseball game? Comment

Robots take Downtown: Polytech grad students show off innovations

Downtown: The robots are coming! Comment
Cleaning Our Waterways: Turns out the most polluted waterway in America would have been deemed fine to swim in by the city had it tested the fetid waters that day! Comments (3)
Cleaning Our Waterways: No one covered yesterday’s Earth Day swim of the Gowanus Canal like The Brooklyn Paper, and no one will give you a recap like this one. Enjoy! Comments (7)
Art: Art lovers flocked to the Brooklyn Museum on April 15 to toast the museum’s departing president, Arnold Lehman, Comments (7)

Universoul Circus dazzles audiences at Aviatior

Photo Galleries: What a show! Comments (1)
Downtown: Tots from across the borough convened Downtown on April 2 to comb Albee Square for Easter treasure. Comments (1)

Food fest serves up regional delicacies of Fifth Avenue

Dining: Talk about street food! Comment

Cobble Hill photographer captures a disappearing Brooklyn

Art: Take a look now — before it is gone. Comments (5)

Special feature

Photo Galleries: Acclaimed filmmaker Darren Aronofsky dropped by his old middle school, Mark Twain IS 239 in Coney Island, to be inducted into the school’s Alumni Hall of Fame. Comment

March, 2015

Looking at the best

The Greatest Story Ever: It’s official: The Brooklyn Paper is the best of the better. Comment

Terror at 85 feet

Photo Galleries: When Luna Park’s Cyclone roller coaster stalled near the top of its first hill during the second ride of the season on March 29, trapping a dozen riders 85 feet above Coney Island, nobody at the amusement park bothered to contact the police or fire department. Comments (5)
Red Hook: A Red Hook landlord who leased cheap apartments in a less-then perfect building is putting the lives of toddlers in danger as he jacks up rents and disregards necessary repairs, claim some long-time tenants who have procreated since moving in — and now expect a better living environment. Comments (20)
Williamsburg: They sat down for justice. Comments (12)

Irish ramblers

Irish ramblers

Bay Ridge: Ridge eyes were smiling during the neighborhood’s beloved St. Patrick’s Day Parade on March 22. See our slideshow for all the green-clad fun. Comments (3)
Books: These guys really get to the point. Comments (4)

Brooklyn Nightlife Awards celebrates borough’s party people

Bushwick: If Brooklyn’s nightlife scene felt a bit quiet last weekend, it might be because its best and brightest were celebrating elsewhere. Comment
Photo Galleries: Brooklynites across the borough streamed outside and rejoiced as winter came to an official end today, welcoming the spring and all its good tidings. Comments (1)
Mean Streets: A cement truck driver injured his back on Tuesday morning when the loaded truck he was driving tipped over, spilling wet cement all over Varick Street in Williamsburg, officials said. What happened next was someone making the best of a bad situation. Comments (5)
Fort Greene: A Fort Greene building that has housed daycare and senior centers for four decades is up for rent to the highest bidder because the city failed to reach a lease renewal deal, according to administrators of the city-funded programs. Comments (9)
Park Slope: Hundreds of bagpipers, dancers, military veterans, and others in the Irish spirit marched in the Brooklyn Saint Patrick’s Day parade on March 15. Comments (3)
Greenwood Heights: Cops arrested a pair of councilmen on Wednesday morning for blocking traffic in a show of solidarity with the striking workers of a Greenwood Heights car wash. Comments (1)

Praying dress-up: Purim is pure fun at Brooklyn Heights temple

Brooklyn Heights: Let the Purim party begin. Comment

February, 2015

Bushwick: It was a real-life Enchantment Under the Sea dance. Comments (1)
Development: The picture palaces of yesteryear are hiding in plain sight. Comments (2)
Photo Galleries: The waterfront Williamsburg warehouse that went up in flames early on Saturday morning is still smoldering, and fire officials say it could continue for weeks. Comments (2)

January, 2015

You call that a blizzard?

You call that a blizzard?

Photo Galleries: We toured the aftermath of the historically over-estimated storm, and got a cool time-lapse video. Comment
Photo Galleries: So much for that blizzard. Comments (5)

Hops to it: Hardworking reporters put new beer’s taste to the test

Branding Brooklyn: The Brooklyn Paper took a break from reporting the day’s news to swirl the new Braven beer around on our sophisticated palates and brew up some hard-hitting hops criticism. Comment
Photo Galleries: Pols want the reopened Kings Theatre to make Flatbush a destination on par with Manhattan’s most opulent cultural attractions, but a local business leader fears that would drive out mom-and-pop shops. Comments (5)

Deadly fire in Prospect Heights

Prospect Heights: One man died and 18 people were injured, four of them seriously, when flames tore through an apartment building on Flatbush Avenue in Prospect Heights, according to a Fire Department spokesman. Comments (3)
Event: Martin Luther King, Jr. would have plenty to keep him busy in Brooklyn these days. Comments (1)

Everyday gourmet: Our arts editor’s office coffee ritual

Photo Galleries: Here is proof you don’t have to have to go to a laboratory-style cafe to get your gourmet on. Comment

Indie-music newsletter’s greatest hits

Music: Publisher and promoter Todd Patrick walks us through his favorite Showpaper covers as the staple of the scene stops printing. Comment
Nathan’s Famous: She works as a home health aide, but spends many of her evenings suplexing opponents into oblivion. Comments (2)

Three kings for a day: W’burg Christians mark holiday, honor slain officer

Williamsburg: Hundreds took to Graham Avenue in Williamsburg on Sunday afternoon to celebrate Three Kings Day. Comment
Art: It is a whitewash! Comment
Photo Galleries: An aide to Borough President Adams said that ringing in the new year in Coney Island could become a new tourist tradition. Our reporter put the hypothesis to the test, braving the ocean breeze on the Boardwalk, renting a room at a by-the-hour motel, and the next morning, taking the polar bear plunge. Comments (4)

Woah, baby! First newborn of 2015 a Brooklynite

Photo Galleries: Several borough parents rang in the new year with a little bundle of joy, including one at the stroke of midnight. Comment

Grand Army Plaza fireworks herald start of 2015

Event: The annual fireworks display at Grand Army plaza drew scores of people too smart to travel overseas to Manhattan to ring in the new year. Relive all the action with our slideshow. Comment

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