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Mean streets on display at BAM

For those whose school bus was the subway, and sprinklers were fire hydrants, the Brooklyn Academy of Music has a photo exhibit is for you. Comment

Our exclusive mus-o-meter registers The Library is on Fire

The Library is on Fire has been characterized as 1990s rock revival. It’s easy to see why, as the trio’s echoes of the alternative rock scene are reminiscent of the bands Steve Five would have listened to growing up in Kent, Ohio. But to really get a sense of what it’s all about, the band can only be described through the musical-mathematical science that goes into our exclusive Mus-o-meter. Comment

Here’s one Ceol place with a menu to match

Nightlife: One of the old-school Cobble Hill chef moguls is back, baby, and he’s here to kick some serious apps. Comment

Get a load of this

Sean Edward Lewis is used to doing underground theater. With his ensemble Lilac Co. and St. John’s Theatre, he’s performed primarily in a church basement in Greenpoint. Comment

Demons, ghouls and skulls, oh my!

No, this isn’t some sort of Lady Gaga tribute. Comment

Cinema giant on screen

Skip the latest 3-D box office gimmick and get acquainted with one of cinema’s giants this month. Comment

Library is on Fire is heating things up in Williamsburg

All things considered, you’d think Steve Five would stay in Ohio. Comment

Our exclusive mus-o-meter registers A Sunny Day in Glasgow

Cinema: A Sunny Day in Glasgow burst on the dream-pop, shoegaze scene in 2009 with its sophomore album, “Ashes Grammar,” a sprawling collection of experimental noise-pop. The band’s recent EP is a continuation of that album — the leftovers, so to speak. But to really get a sense of what it’s all about, the band can only be described through the musical-mathematical science that goes into our exclusive mus-o-meter. Comment

Air apparent! It takes more than hot licks to win the air guitar championships

Sure, it takes talent to wail on an axe in front of a blood-thirsty crowd — but it takes some serious finesse to put on a show with nothing but the music at your back and the wind between your fingertips. Comment

Turn that garbage into something special

Instead of dumping her broken microwave on the sidewalk, self-professed Williamsburg “design junkie” Tiffany Threadgould turned it on its side, stuck in a shelf and transformed it into a hot new CD player — thus beginning her quest to “recycle the whole world.” Comment
Nightlife: Sorry, Community Board 2, but this is no hip-hop club. Comments (3)
Music: Ben Daniels should hate being on tour. Currently on the road for months on end, the frontman of A Sunny Day in Glasgow is thousands of miles from his Sydney, Australia, home, where he left behind his wife. It’s also nearly impossible to get anything done creatively (unless, of course, you call watching old “Simpsons” episodes inspiration). Comment
Dining: Greenpointers looking for Mexican munchies will soon only have to head towards McCarren Park to have their craving sated — thanks to the brain trust behind Lokal. Comments (2)

A burger by way of the islands

The Best Thing We Ate This Week: In a town full of mediocre burgers, the discovery of a new favorite is somewhat akin to waiting less than an eternity for the G train — a rare occasion. Enter the Agoulou, the West Indian-style burger at three-week-old French-Guadeloupian eatery Kaz An Nou in Prospect Heights and a very possible new favorite. Comments (1)
The Butcher of Flatbush Ave. Extension: Now that the hysteria over health care reform has reached its crescendo — hopefully — why not revisit the classic parable of groupthink run amok, Arthur Miller’s “The Crucible”? Comments (2)

Walt Whitman was beat, man

Event: St. Francis College explores Brooklyn’s legendary poet’s influence on guys like Allen Ginsberg. Comments (1)

Toni Morrison leads a true ‘write’ of passage for black authors

Books: The reining queen of American literature, Toni Morrison, is coming to the borough of writers in yet another Brooklyn celebration of the arts and letters. Comments (1)
Nightlife: Break out your 1940s vintage finest. Comment

Ibeam kicks some serious brass with trombone fest next month

Music: It’s not often that trombonists get to toot their own horns in music circles. Typically, they’re one of many in a horn section or the punch line of a joke (see: sad trombone). But next month in Gowanus, they’re front and center. Comments (1)

Get spirited at a great food and booze event at the Bell House

Nightlife: What, you never ordered a Bali Hai before? Comment
Art: Broken-down industrial structures might detract most people, but for photographers with a sense of adventure, they can be ideal spots for urban exploration and inspiration. Comment

Hot Dogg! Snoop Dogg’s Bklyn show tix on sale today!

Music: It’ll be a Dogg’s day in Brooklyn next month. Comments (3)

Andy? That’s dandy! Brooklyn Museum’s late Warhol works

Art: Get ready for more than 15 minutes of fame. Comment

Here’s one Ceol place with a menu to match

Dining: The bad boy of Smith Street — Marc Elliot — has a new kitchen and he’s ready to kick some apps. Comments (5)

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