December, 2014

Cartoon networking: Comic drawing night comes to Brooklyn

Art: If your super power is drawing comic book characters, this could become your new secret lair. Comment

Ditmas Park artist creates 60-foot mural celebrating Hindu goddess

Art: Talk about going out on a limb! Comment
Art: They’re still standing — and running, hurdling, pole-vaulting, javelin-throwing, and shot-putting! Comment

Galapagos’s evolution taking it to Detroit

Art: Citing rising rents, the Dumbo gallery and venue is moving to the Motor City, where it has already bought nine buildings. Comment

The new pornographers: Bushwick artists hosting smut fest

Art: Bow-chicka-wow-wow. Comments (3)

November, 2014

Pro-creations! Red Hook show features art inspired by parenthood

Art: Meet the parents — then meet their artwork. Comment

Pin-art-a! Gowanus art installation is made to be smashed to pieces

Weird Art: Art is dead — or it will be after this show is done with it. Comments (2)
Art: To everything, turn, turn, turn. There is an art show, turn, turn, turn. Comment
Weird Art: Fifty artists have created weird and wonderful dolls for a show inspired by an un-merry holiday season 50 years ago. Comment
Art: Big names in indie comics, and the fans who love them, swarmed Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church on N. Eighth Street this weekend for Comic Arts Brooklyn. Comment

Gawk at artists’ workspaces during P’Slope open studio weekend

Art: This Brooklynite loves going in to work on the weekends — so much so, he wants you to come, too! Comment
Weird Art: This Williamsburger has an arty appetite. Comments (6)
Art: Dumbo is getting flashy — and it is not due to another luxury condo or gourmet grocery store. Comment

October, 2014

Art: Music, dance, and family musicals will rock the boards for the Center’s 60th-anniversary season. Comment

Memorable moments at the Center

Art: A movie ticket cost 45 cents, Boeing launched America’s first jet plane, and the TV dinner made its debut when the Brooklyn Center for the Performing Arts opened in 1954. Comment
Art: There is something blooming on the Gowanus Canal, and, no, it is not toxic algae. Comments (8)

Art-tech hub pulls out of Fort Greene development

Circuit Lord: A workshop for techie artists and artsy technologists moved to Sunset Park recently for what was supposed to be a short stay, but now it is sticking around for a while. Comment
Art: Fort Greene artist Dread Scott buckles under pressure, then gets back up again. Comments (3)

Photographer captures nature and decay in Gowanus

Art: It is Gowanus after dark. Comments (2)

September, 2014

By the river fumes: Painters gather to render Gowanus Canal

Art: And for my next work, I present “Condom, floating with dead rat.” Comment

Soggy doggies! Cobble Hill photographer snaps wet pooches

Art: These photos really made a splash. Comments (1)

Night shift! Dumbo Arts Fest exhibit looks at life after work

Art: What do New Yorkers do when they aren’t at work? A group of part-time photographers are trying to find out in their own spare time. Comment

Art by the masses: B’wick gallery gives world the keys, paint roller

Art: A Bushwick art gallery is taking the do-it-yourself ethos to new extremes by inviting the public inside to do whatever, whenever. Comment
Art: What’s cooking? Gender politics. Comments (1)

Fruit of the zoom: W’burgers face off at adult pinewood derby

Art: They may not be Boy Scouts, but they have mastered the esoteric art of the model-car race. Comments (2)

Locals only: New Bric biennial highlights Downtown artists

Art: Downtown is going up on the wall. Comment

Checkin’ in with Brooklyn Museum’s director as he eyes the exit

Checkin’ in with: The outgoing Brooklyn Museum director has a piece of advice for his successor: march in the West Indian American Day Parade. Comment
Art: Here is an expertly curated timeline to help guide you through retiring Brooklyn Museum director Arnold Lehman’s nearly two decades on the job. Comment
Art: A group of local shutterbugs has been posting snapshots of Downtown life online — now they’re getting an exhibition. Comments (3)

Brooklyn Museum head: Stick a frame on me, I’m history

Art: It won’t be long before his last First Saturday. Comments (1)

High-heels step out of the closet — and into the Brooklyn Museum!

Art: Shoes. Shoes. Shoes. Oh my god, shoes! Comments (1)
Weird Art: And you thought dirty water was just for hot dogs. Comment
Art: A whole royal court of drag kings and queens wigged out at the cross-dressing fest Bushwig last weekend in Bushwick. Comments (14)

Wave goodb-eye! Coney throwing farewell party for Spook-A-Rama Cyclops

Art: Keep an eye out for this party! Comments (1)

August, 2014

Full house! Crown Heights art installation is inspired by hoarders

Art: This performance will have it all — literally. Comment
Art: It is art imitating lunch. Comment
Art: A 10-foot-tall, high-rise sand castle that almost didn’t happen took first place of the team division in the annual Coney sand sculpting contest on Aug. 16. Comment

Flatbush tree signs up for freaky-deaky refurbishment

Art: These bummed-out trees are about to get a trippy paint job. Comments (3)

Inside voices: Street artists go indoors for Sunset Park gallery show

Art: A famed New York graffiti artist is helping other street specialists show their fine art side. Comment

Office play-space: All-ages playground-art comes to MetroTech

Art: It’s a jungle-gym out there. Well, almost. It’s some seesaws and a maze. Comments (1)
Weird Art: This art show features high-tech chocolates that scream and moan when you bite into them. Comment

July, 2014

Art: The Brooklyn Academy of Music hit the White House yesterday. Comment

Art of glass: Exhibition features see-through gun sculptures

Art: The appeal of this art show is transparent. Comment
Art: On the heels of the dismantling of the moody installation by artist Kara Walker comes a mural by a community group also grappling with the sugar industry’s connections to slavery. Comments (1)

Marni Kotak will go off her meds for new performance piece

Art: A lot of art is created under the influence of drugs — this piece is attempting the opposite. Comments (8)
Art: Whether the goats who came to eat the clover planted in a John Street lot yesterday are headed for the halal aisle or an urban farm, their time is running out. Comments (4)
Art: This artist gets his inspiration from the bottle. Comment
Art: A group of artists showed Bushwick kids you don’t have to run away to join the circus by way of a park performance on Tuesday. Comments (2)

Touching the void: New Fort Greene exhibition makes art out of the intangible

Art: “The Air We Swim In” tuns breath and soundwaves into interactive artworks. Comment

June, 2014

Art: A short time ago in a galaxy right around the corner, it is a period of puppetry. Comments (2)

Avant garter! Cabaret channels performance artist Marina Abramovic

Art: The strippers were present. Comments (3)
✔ Poll

Verse vendors: Lego my Whitman

Art: UPDATE: Now you can weigh in about whether the Lego statue actually looks like Walt Whitman using our handy poll. Comments (2)
Art: The Brooklyn Historical Society is exhibiting snaps by legendary borough street photographer Lucille Fornasieri Gold, alongside the works they inspired by Nell Irvin Painter. Comment

Paint he something? Library’s artist in residence on display

Art: Brooklyn Public Library’s contracted creator kicked off a summer exhibition with a fast and furious painting demonstration. Comment

Atlantic Yards goes Futurama

Atlantic Yards goes Futurama

Atlantic Yards: If you start to build it, they will wildly extrapolate. Comments (11)

Islamic school’s motto: We love to see you tile

Art: Proud students unveiled their art in Greenwood Heights last week. Comments (6)
Art: A new art installation has brought a clover field to a lot under the Manhattan Bridge. Comments (1)
Art: Bushwick’s wildest and weirdest artists opened their doors to the world. Comments (1)

May, 2014

Bushwick pet-poop painter dogged by rival

Art: A secretive graffitist is painting pieces of dog manure gold — and he says he is not alone. Comments (16)
Art: Call it tattoo performance art. Comment
Art: Dumbo design show to feature Japanese designers who take a cue from Brooklyn Comment
Art: This artist is making the inside of the Domino Sugar factory bittersweet, with an emphasis on the bitter. Comments (5)

April, 2014

Fire-artworks: Feminist fireworks show to light up Prospect Park

Art: This art will go off with a bang! Comment
Art: The museum’s rotunda has been transformed into a fanciful landscape. Comments (2)

Cut it out: Weird collection of collages coming to Cobble Hill gallery

Weird Art: This art show works on paper. Comment
Art: The Society of Old Brooklynites has settled what constitutes “Old Brooklyn” once and for all. Except they operate on the honor system. Comments (7)

Open season at Bushwick sculpture garden

Art: An arts group is accepting work from sculptors to place in a community garden, no questions asked. Comments (2)

Arts and cats! Greenpoint cat ladies gather for craft night

Art: “Put a cat on it” is the mantra of an insurgent do-it-yourself movement, a queen of the craftswomen argues. Comments (10)
Art: This guy likes to follow tradition — with a camera! Comment
Art: The Quilters’ Guild of Brooklyn is a tight-knit bunch. Comments (1)

March, 2014

Tattoo artists put the guns down for multiple sclerosis

Art: Cast members from a reality show about an out-of-control tattoo parlor hawked more traditional art in Bedford-Stuyvesant and help raise money to fight the autoimmune disease. Comments (3)
Art: Many artists are obsessive, but these ones have turned obsession into an art-form. Comment
Art: A performance artist hosted a so-called “Cake Sit” at a Gowanus art gallery. Comments (5)

Brooklyn Museum’s new civil rights exhibition goes beyond old photos

Art: The civil rights movement is making a comeback in Brooklyn. Comments (3)
Art: And you thought your living situation was topsy-turvy. Comments (18)

February, 2014

B’wick performance artists to live in giant hamster wheel for 10 days

Art: This sounds like a wheel-y uncomfortable living situation. Comments (29)
Art: Bands and painters will soon be able to get their artistic groove on above the stacks at libraries in Williamsburg and Red Hook. Comments (4)

Rugging up: Boerum Hill artist weaves photos into prayer rugs

Art: This artist mixes the spiritual with the arboreal. Comment

Getting milit-art! Landlord to decorate with pics by veterans

Art: A real estate company is decorating its buildings with art by former soldiers. Comment
Art: Skin art is not the only thing on display at this Williamsburg tattoo studio. Comment
Art: It’s art, Jim, but not as we know it. Comment

Walk this way! Myrtle Avenue celebrates Black history with art stroll

Art: It is the biggest Black History Month celebration this side of the East River. Or, as we like to call it, the West River. Comment

Outside in: Bushwick street artist moves his work indoors

Art: Luis Rosenfeld’s glossy black and white photos are typically found on the streets of Bushwick. But for one month, you can see them in wrmer surrounds. Comment

January, 2014

Art: A Brooklyn bug expert will teach a class in creating dioramas of anthopomorphized insects doing everyday activities. Comments (1)

True colors: New sculpture show brightens up Prospect Heights

Art: Gray skies got you down? Get a dose of chromotherapy at this vibrant exhibition. Comments (2)
Art: It is a whale of an exhibition. Comments (10)

Have truck, will travel: Photo show snaps Mexican carpoolers

Art: This exhibition will may you think twice before complaining about New York rush hour. Comments (1)

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