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December, 2009

No bull! This Montreal man will change your notion of pastrami forever

Dining: Noah Bernamoff is taking Brooklyn’s national dish to a new level. Comments (15)
The Best Thing We Ate This Week: You don’t go to a British-style pub for the food — and you certainly don’t go for the dessert. Comments (3)

Veggies take a blow as Red Bamboo brings in meat

Dining: Vegetarianism may not be dead, but it’s certainly on life support now that stalwart veggie restaurant Red Bamboo will add meat to the menu. Comments (23)
Dining: First Jim Mamary — and now Alan Harding! Man, can a guy just get a decent meal anymore? Comments (11)
Dining: Finally, there’s a genuine Egyptian hot sauce — made and bottled in Park Slope. Comments (9)
Dining: Take a fashion guru’s interior design skills and mix it with the small plates of Spain and the cocktails of a hipster lounge and you have Bar Celona, the hot new tapas bar in Williamsburg. Comment

November, 2009

Dining: First, Park Slope residents had to feel bad about eating non-organic food and having a high carbon footprint. Now, they even have to confront their liberal guilt when ordering in. Comments (20)

The bucks stopped there

Dining: Here are all the restaurants named by the Labor Department for allegedly underpaying workers and deliverymen. Comment

Bitter taste at Slope coffee bar

Dining: There’s nothing “Regular” about this sibling rivalry at Cafe Regular on 11th Street. Comments (5)

Deity goes from dancing to dinner

Dining: Brooklyn doesn’t have many restaurants like Deity. Comments (1)
Dining: Join our own “Sweet” Melissa Murphy as she offers up a full menu for Thanksgiving. Find your favorite recipes below — or start with Murphy’s turkey recipe by clicking above. Comments (3)

Stuffing with a difference!

Dining: I love to use different types of sausage for this bread pudding. I recently discovered some wild boar and red wine sausage at our local Los Paisanos family owned butcher on Smith Street. It was an incredible substitution for the pork sausage here. Comment

Who says bacon can’t get dates?

Dining: These are a great appetizer to serve while you are waiting for everyone to arrive. They can be prepped up to two weeks ahead and frozen. Pop them in the oven 20 minutes before your guests are expected. Early arrivals will hope the other guests get stuck in traffic. Comment

A killer mushroom soup

Dining: This is a great soup, full of wonderful earthy mushrooms. Roasting the mushrooms concentrates their flavor. It is an elegant first course that acts as a preview of the delicious meal to come. Comment

Mashed potatoes with a parsnip twist

Dining: Everyone loves roasted garlic mashed potatoes, and the parsnips add a subtle sweetness that I adore. The toasted breadcrumbs sprinkled on just before serving may be gilding the lily, but I love the buttery crunch it lends to the creamy mash. Comment

These baked pairs are one great dish

Dining: I love something sweet next to all these savory dishes, and these baked pears are perfect. As an added bonus, they smell like absolute heaven in the oven. This is a great “signature” dish for you or your kids to make. It’s so easy and delicious, it’ll become a new tradition for sure. Comment

And of course you need cranberry sauce

Dining: This recipe will help use up that box of clementines! The cranberry sauce can be made up to one week ahead and stored tightly wrapped in the refrigerator. Comment

The meal is useless without this pie

Dining: There’s only one way to punctuate the perfect meal — and that’s with Melissa Murphy’s perfect apple pie. We ran this recipe last year and offer it again as a tribute to its lasting greatness. Comments (1)

Finally, real British football with real British food

Dining: Plenty of bars show European football matches, but at the long-awaited Black Horse Pub in Park Slope, you can watch Manchester United live while eating fried eggs, Irish bacon, black pudding, sausage, baked beans, mushrooms, grilled tomatoes, and fried toast — and wash it down with a spot of tea or a pint of Guinness. Comments (7)
Dining: Now that Planet Thailand has closed, what will happen to all the copycats? Comments (14)

These guys are cocoa nuts

Dining: Get ready for the Brooklyn Chocolate Experiment! Comment

October, 2009

Dining: The beefsteak is back! Comments (9)

Bolton has created a holy lamb in Prospect Heights

The Best Thing We Ate This Week: Saul Bolton’s merguez sausage at his new restaurant, The Vanderbilt, is the best thing we ate this week. Comments (1)
Dining: Meet James Gosper — an Australian who keeps winning chili contests. Comments (2)
Dining: Here it is, folks — the photo op of the week: Borough President Markowitz caresses a pastrami sandwich at the Mill Basin Deli! Comments (5)
Dining: Crown Heights burger maestro Kyle Huebbe wowed The Brooklyn Paper with his horseradish-topped sliders, but his ground beef concoction couldn’t beat meaty offerings from some of the nation’s best chefs at the Burger Bash in DUMBO on Friday. Comment
Dining: It’s the best thing on sliced bread. Comments (6)

Is Sarah Zorn’s sandwich the best in the borough?

Dining: Our elite team of tasters put the Sarah Zorn sandwich through the meat grinder, if you will. Comment
Dining: The man who won The Brooklyn Paper’s best hamburger in the borough contest will take the stage on Friday against some of the best chefs in the world at the Burger Bash. He’s ready. Comments (2)

Read the ‘Tea’ leaves: Beloved Slope coffee bar won’t open in the Heights

Dining: The Tea Lounge — once the emergent coffeehouse chain of Brownstone Brooklyn — has scrapped its much-anticipated plan to expand its now one-store empire into Brooklyn Heights, The Brooklyn Paper has learned. Comments (3)

Raise a glass to — and of! — the Newtown Creek

Smash or Trash: A Clinton Hill brewery has released a new beer named for a fetid Brooklyn waterway. The good news is you can drink it. Comment
Dining: Montague Street’s famed restaurant Armando’s is back in business — and so is its iconic lobster sign. Comment

September, 2009

Red Hook vendor wins the Vendy Award

Dining: It’s a vindication for the borough — and the Red Hook vendors. Comments (1)

Guac and roll from Vendy Cup winner

Dining: They may be newly minted Vendy Award winners, but Fernando and Yolanda Martinez are still the same as they were before Saturday’s decisive victory over outer-borough vendors. As such, they gladly gave us the recipe for the simple-but-perfect guacamole from their home state of Pueblo. Comment

The two Joshes of Stone Park Cafe to open Chinese restaurant

Dining: The creative team behind Park Slope’s acclaimed Stone Park Café is planning an affordable Chinese restaurant just blocks away the much-loved New American eatery. Comments (2)
Dining: We’re a part of the city that never sleeps — so it’s only fitting that sometimes we get hungry in the middle of the night. Comment

And here are our favorite diners

Dining: Sometimes the greasiest spoon serves the tastiest food. So to suppliment our guide to the best late-night food, GO Brooklyn’s Ben Muessig offers his guide to his favorite 24-hour diners. Comments (2)
Dining: Believe it or not, hundreds of Muslim-Americans flocked to the Chuck E. Cheese “restaurant” inside the Atlantic Terminal Mall to mark the end of the Ramadan fast. And, apparently, this is a major local tradition. Comments (10)
Dining: The best coffee in Brooklyn just got even better. Comment

August, 2009

Dining: Seventh Avenue in Park Slope just got its second Vietnamese sandwich shop — four blocks from the neighborhood’s first — and not since the Vietnam War has there been as juicy a story of spies, secrets, lies and Vietnamese families torn apart. Comments (4)

‘Wett’ your appetite in Fort Greene

The Best Thing We Ate This Week: The best thing we ate this week was some Ethiopian chicken stew at Bati Comments (2)
Dining: Kevin’s restaurant in Red Hook is having its first anniversary, but customers will get a nice gift: an all-you-can-eat, completely affordable clambake. Comment

It’s fair fowl at one Red Hook restaurant

Dining: Home/made, a Van Brunt Street eatery, is hosting a chicken dinner. Comments (1)
Dining: Meet Kyle Huebbe, the winner of our Burger Bash contest. Comments (3)

Five great burgers you can make at home

Dining: There can only be one winner of The Brooklyn Paper’s first-annual “You’re Going to the Burger Bash!” contest, but our burger-eating team of Mike “Rib-Eyd” McLaughlin and Gersh “Good Cholesterol” Kuntzman attest that there were certainly no losers. All five finalists served up excellent hamburgers that gave the judges fits trying to pick the single best one. Here are the recipes, so you can try them all at home. Comment

And here’s how we told him the good news!

Dining: Watch our exclusive video about how Kyle Huebbe got the news of his triumph! Comment
Dining: You’ve heard of a mealworm, but have you ever heard of a meal of worms? Comments (3)

Here are some mouth-watering bug recipes!

Dining: Marc Dennis not only puts his insects where his mouth is, but he invites you to join him. Here are some recipes that are posted on his Insects are Food Web site. Comment

July, 2009

Boar stiff! F. Martinella Deli closes on Court Street

Dining: The pastrami experiment has failed. Comments (2)
Dining: It’s dim sum time! Comments (1)

Go off the eaten path for your dim sum

Dining: It ain’t just dumplings, as our iron-stomached reporter discovered (to his gastronomical enjoyment). Comments (1)

Big changes at Tom’s! Gus is out — but now there’ll be Sunday brunch!

Dining: The beloved owner of Tom’s Restaurant in Prospect Heights has gone into semi-retirement and handed over the grill to his nephew who promises no changes in the famously courteous diner — except that it will finally be open on Sundays. Comments (1)
Dining: The Grecian Corner will return! Comments (5)
The Best Thing We Ate This Week: Don’t miss the corned beef hash at Dizzy’s. Comments (6)

D’oh nuts! Tim Hortons replaces Dunkin Donuts in two Downtown spots

Dining: Canadian donut invader Tim Hortons has opened in two Downtown locations and, of course, The Brooklyn Paper team was there. Comments (5)

Truck stop! Calexico boys finally open their Brooklyn restaurant

Dining: Manhattan will still have its burrito trucks, but Union Street gets the first sit-down Calexico. Comments (1)

Secret is out at Garden cafe — it’s closed for good!

Dining: Prospect Heights eaters are mourning the surprise loss of the Garden Cafe, which closed abruptly last month after a pioneering 24-year run on Vanderbilt Avenue. Comments (5)

No ‘truffle’ eating this whole pie

The Best Thing We Ate This Week: The best thing we ate this week? The truffle pizza at Toby’s Public House in Greenwood Heights. Comment

Melissa’s shortcake recipe is berry good

Dining: Our top chef gives us another great summertime recipe. Comments (2)

Save the food vendors!

Editorial: Our editorial board believes that licensed street food vendors are a valuable part of our urban life. Comments (8)

Bar Reis goes into the sandwich business

Dining: Just what you want: tapas sandwiches! Comments (1)

June, 2009

Sh-WAR-ma! Ridge group seeks city ban on food vendors

Dining: Bay Ridge’s community board is pushing the city to ban street food carts from several commercial strips. Food vendor fans are crying foul. Comments (17)

The best thing we ate this week: The ‘Greenpoint’ Vietnamese sandwich

The Best Thing We Ate This Week: If the banh mi sandwich is a symbol of French colonialism in Vietnam, then the Polish-style banh mi at Silent H in Williamsburg is an emblem of the gentrification of North Brooklyn. Comment

Cafe Grumpy opens in Park Slope!

Dining: There’s nothing grumpy or obnoxious about this great new coffee bar. Comments (2)
Dining: Our top chef gives us a great Father’s Day recipe. Comment

Sam’s closing? Fuhgedaboudit! Legendary pizzeria quashes rumors (and, perhaps, our kneecaps)

Dining: You heard it here first, nothing is changing at Sam’s restaurant on Court Street, despite a whirlwind of rumors this week that the creator and head pizza chef, Mario Magliaccio, had retired and was moving back to Italy. Comments (19)

It’s a burger bash!

It’s a burger bash!

Dining: You know you want it. The only question is, how. Comments (1)

Here are our favorite unsung hamburgers

Dining: Everyone has enjoyed the widely lauded burgers at Dumont and Mullane’s, but have you savored Brooklyn’s unsung burgers? Get on the patty wagon with this handy GO Brooklyn guide to the borough’s most underrated burgers. Comments (6)

That’s helado good news

Dining: The calendar waits until June 21, but in Sunset Park, summer actually begins in late March. Comments (2)

Our contest lets YOU be the burger king

Dining: The Brooklyn Paper joins the New York City Wine and Food Festival to take you — and your burger — to the Burger Bash this fall. Don’t miss this once-in-a-lifetime contest opportunity. No purchase necessary! Comments (2)

The best thing we ate this week: The burger at Building on Bond

The Best Thing We Ate This Week: In these troubled times, you need simple pleasures. But the best thing we ate this week — the burger at Building on Bond — proves that simplicity doesn’t means compromise. Comment

May, 2009

Dining: For father and son restaurateurs Joseph and Marco Chirico, the apple — or in this case, the olive — doesn’t fall from the tree. Comment

Book him! Barrio honcho now serving at the library

Dining: Spencer Rothschild has brought his Latin beach cuisine to the Brooklyn Public Library. Comments (1)

The best thing we ate this week: Jacques Torres is making ice cream!

Dining: He conquered the world of high-end truffles and bon-bons. Then he made us look forward to winter with his hot chocolate. When he started baking, his kitchen quickly created the best chocolate chip cookies and brownies in the city. Comment

It’s lobster time!

It’s lobster time!

Dining: With Memorial Day around the corner, you need to get some lobsters in you. Comments (1)

‘Sweet’ and savory: Melissa’s secret BBQ sauce

Dining: Our official baker, “Sweet” Melissa Murphy, returns with a classic summer staple: the barbecue sauce. Comment
Dining: Gino Cammarata has closed the best gelato joint in the borough to open a small plates restaurant (yes, there’ll be ice cream). Comments (2)

‘Cue-ing up for BBQ in Greenpoint.

Awesome: This Saturday is the “Great Greenpoint BBQrawl,” and five bars will serve complimentary ’cue and discounted draught beer from Brooklyn Brewery. This is cool. Comment

The best thing we ate this week: The mussels at Rebar

Dining: Finally, there’s a kick-ass menu to go with the beautiful setting and creative cocktails at one of our favorite DUMBO watering holes, reBar. Comment

Help cure cancer — with just a little wine-ing

Dining: Drinking may not always be good for you, but for the next five weeks at least, it will be good for other people. Comment

April, 2009

A semi-precious scone from Sweet Melissa

Dining: Our top chef gives us a great Mother’s Day recipe. Comments (2)

Studying is fun at this wine ‘university’

Dining: Becoming a wine snob has never been so easy, thanks to new “courses” at the Park Slope restaurant and wine bar Bussaco. Comment

Pork lovers paradise in Park Slope

Dining: Set your calendars — Sunday, May 3 — for a great pork-filled day. Comments (2)
Dining: Fast food chain Arby’s plans to open a roast-beef emporium on the Fulton Mall in the landmark former Gage and Tollner restaurant site moved ahead on Wednesday night. Comment

Sacre bleu! Patois, Smith Street pioneer, goes to Gaphattan!

Dining: The restaurant that started it all on Smith Street just kissed Brooklyn goodbye. Comments (7)

There’s a new pizza on the block — is Grimaldi’s scared? (Uh, no)

Dining: There’s a new pizza kid on the block in DUMBO a mere 100 yards from legendary pizza giant Grimaldi’s — but Ignazio’s owner Louis Termini (pictured) maintains that there’s room for both. Comments (6)

Is it lights out or sign up for Armando’s?

Dining: Brooklyn Heights is gearing up for the return of the popular restaurant Armando’s, but the soon-to-be-reopened Italian joint might not be able to hang its famous — some say infamous — neon lobster sign in the landmark district. Comments (2)

Checkers checks in at Busy Chef site

Breaking Chews: The Busy Chef is about to become the burger chef. Comments (5)

March, 2009

Dining: Call it the trail of cheers — the popular Red Hook bistro Tini Wine Bar lost its lease in one space, but paraded up Van Brunt Street as volunteers (and even some wine-bar-loving tykes) hoisted the eatery’s possessions to a new storefront on Sunday. Comments (1)

Sour ‘Chef’ may turn ‘Sweet’

Dining: It could be a sweet ending to a sour story as Sweet Melissa considers a move into the former Busy Chef space on Henry Street in Brooklyn Heights. Comments (1)

Cookie won’t crumble! Totonno’s will reopen!

Dining: Totonno’s — arguably the best pizza in the city — will reopen in the same Neptune Avenue location that was badly damaged by a fire on Saturday night, its owner told The Brooklyn Paper. Comments (1)

Jacques treat! Torres getting into ice cream

Dining: Chocolatier Jacques Torres has again made mouths water by spilling the beans on his latest treat: DUMBO’s Willy Wonka is expanding into ice cream. Comments (1)

Bite of spring

Dining: Our top chef offers her contribution to The Brooklyn Paper’s spring fever coverage. Comment
Dining: When the roast beef sandwich joint Arby’s opens in the historic Gage and Tollner storefront this spring, there will be big changes on the menu — but hardly any alterations to the eatery’s famed interior, the restaurateur behind the fast food franchise told The Brooklyn Paper. Comment

Should Arby’s get historic site?

Vox Pop: The Arby’s sandwich chain is going to open a location in the historic — and landmarked — site of the former Gage and Tollner restaurant on the Fulton Mall in Downtown Brooklyn. We asked shoppers — all potential customers for those fast-food roast beef sandwiches — what they thought. Comment

It’s time to ‘Dine’ — in Brooklyn

Dining: Gentlemen, start your appetites. Comment

It’s the bodega of the future — today!

Dining: A Greenpoint restaurateur is having a go at reinventing the city’s most ubiquitous culinary standby — the corner bodega. Comments (3)
Breaking Chews: The folks who gave Greenpoint the best coffee in the city are coming to the South Slope, The Brooklyn Paper has learned. Comments (2)

Hog heaven!

Hog heaven!

Dining: Politicians and pundits inside the Beltway are ranting and raving about all the “pork” in the stimulus package, but as far as we’re concerned, the more pork the better. Comment

Quichey writer

Dining: Our top chef offers her contribution to The Brooklyn Paper’s all-pig coverage. Comment

We eat chitlins! A piggy preview

Dining: Join us as we down chitlins — on video! — as part of our exclusive coverage of pork around the borough. Comments (1)

A Tea Lounge for Brooklyn Heights!

Dining: Park Slope’s laid back, novel-writing, blog-posting, coffee-drinking culture may have finally found a beachhead in Brooklyn Heights. Comment

Three of stomachs! Ortine serves ‘em all

Dining: The problem with your favorite restaurant is that it excels only at one meal a day. But Ortine, which just opened on Washington Avenue in Prospect Heights, serves all three meals every day, and does it exceptionally well. Comments (1)

Zipi Zape becomes Barberry in Billyburg

Dining: Small plates just got a lot bigger, thanks to the transformation of the tapas bar Zipi Zape into Barberry — a Mediterranean eatery. Comments (1)

February, 2009

Slope is sandwiched by two new joints

Dining: Park Slopers are going to love this: A new sandwich shop on Third Avenue offers lasagna on a bun, while Hanco’s, the beloved Vietnamese sandwich joint, has opened on Seventh Avenue. Comments (1)

He’s the ‘Top’ (chef)

Dining: Curly-topped “Top Chef” star Mark Simmons is now cooking at Get Fresh Table and Market on Fifth Avenue in Park Slope. Comment

See the 20-pound lobster now!

Dining: This video and story will amaze you! It’s a 20-pound lobster! Comments (7)

Big fat Greek feast

Big fat Greek feast

Dining: Park Slope restaurateur Spiro Hiotis named Athena Mediterranean Cuisine after the Greek goddess of wisdom (and, perhaps more important, his daughter) — and it seems that his newly opened eatery has been blessed with some divine intelligence. Comments (22)

Que Syrah, Syrah! CB2 backs liquor license

Dining: Prohibition is over in Community Board 2! Comments (3)

January, 2009

Make a ‘Stop’ for Stumptown Coffee

Dining: The Stumptown revolution continues! The Portland-based coffee purveyors that will soon open a roasting plant in Red Hook are now offering their gourmet grinds at the newly opened Second Stop Café in Williamsburg. Comment

Five lies! Blogs wrong about Five Guys on Court Street

Dining: The popular hamburger chain Five Guys is expanding — but not to a location on Court Street in Downtown, as was wrongly reported by a number of blogs on Thursday. Comments (8)

Brook-vin opens tonight!

Dining: A new wine bar opens on Seventh Avenue — so lift a glass of the great house red. Comment

Eat here

Eat here

Dining: It’s on an unlikely block — yet Vinegar Hill House has become a destination restaurant almost overnight. Comments (3)

Java man! New Hook roaster offers the best beans ever

Dining: No, you actually have never had a good cup of coffee — yet. But that’s all going to change once Stumptown Coffee Roasters — the brew that made Portland famous — opens its new roasting facility in Red Hook next month. Comments (1)

North Brooklyn leads with its stomach

Breaking Chews: It’s a great time to be a North Brooklyn foodie. Two new restaurants have opened in as many weeks, bringing fresh eats to the burgeoning culinary scenes in Williamsburg and Greenpoint. Comments (2)

CB2 backs bid for wine bar booze

Dining: Owners of the proposed Brooklyn Heights Wine Bar cleared their first hurdle on Wednesday night when Community Board 2’s health, environment and social services committee voted to approve proprietor Mark Lahm’s liquor license application. Comments (1)

Java man! New Hook roaster offers the best beans ever

Dining: No, you actually have never had a good cup of coffee — yet. But that’s all going to change once Stumptown Coffee Roasters — the brew that made Portland famous — opens its new roasting facility in Red Hook next month. Comments (2)

Au revoir, Patois

Dining: Patois — the groundbreaking French bistro that launched the culinary Renaissance of Smith Street — will close on Sunday after 11 years in business. Comments (4)
Dining: Our meat-loving critic takes a bite out of Peter Luger’s much-vaunted porterhouse — and finds the new Morton’s superior in so many ways. Comments (58)

December, 2008

New wine bar in old bottle on Henry Street

Dining: New life will soon come to the disgraced corner of Henry and Cranberry streets — and the two popular neighborhood restaurateurs say they have no connection to the arrested operator of the previous establishment at the site. Comments (3)

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