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Reviews: December, 2010

Our weekly food column really fills the stomach this week

Foodie-in-Chief: Foodie in chief Erica Sackin has a full menu of items. Comment

A feast fit for three kings — where to eat out this Christmas Eve

Dining: Sure, Christmas Eve is one of the big “family nights” on the Gregorian calendar, but that doesn’t mean you can’t take the family out to a great meal at one of the few borough restaurants that are open. Here’s our guide to the best Christmas Eve dining options (minus Chinese restaurants, which never seem to close). Comments (2)

Perfect pork chop? Brine it Joe’s way

Prime Time: Our columnist gives you the secret to brining. No, it’s not difficult! Comments (1)

‘Shine on! Legal distillery moves from hootch to bourbon

Dining: Kings County Distilling is taking on the big boys. Comments (1)

There’s now room to wine at Brooklyn Oenology’s ‘tasting’ space

The Best Thing We Ate This Week: Why are you not reading this in Brooklyn Oenology’s new tasting room right now? Comments (1)

Moonshiners no longer! Kings Co. Distillery making bourbon now

Foodie-in-Chief: Lots of news and gossip to share, so grab a bib and get reading. Comments (1)

Paging Dr. Javastein! Fort Greene gets ‘coffee lab’

Dining: Now sleepy Fort Greene residents can get the perfect cup of coffee four very different ways. Comment

Joe Raiola’s London broil is a cut above

Prime Time: Learn how to make it yourself! Comments (4)

Reviews: November, 2010

Tacos and donuts and bread — oh, my!

Dining: Our food gossip column is back! Comment

Tacos and donuts and bread — oh, my!

Foodie-in-Chief: Our food gossip column is back! Comment

Food fight! Ths Sunday, a battle for the best holiday dish

Dining: They’ve battled over brunch, chosen the best cheeses, and even tackled tacos. But cookoff pros Theo Peck and Nick Suarez are about to take on what might be their most ambitious Food Experiment yet: the holidays. Comment

Old school meets new at Brucie’s

Dining: The name may be redolent of an old-school Italian eatery, but Cobble Hill’s recently opened Italian market and restaurant, Brucie, is anything but. Comments (1)

We knew it! Illegal backyard restaurant closed down after city crackdown

Dining: Everyone except city Health bureaucrats enjoyed a Taste of Hawthorne — and now the restaurant is shut down. Comment

Ayoub’s Fornino is a high-end, family friendly joint

Dining: Michael Ayoub has done the impossible — again — by creating a truly fancy restaurant that is truly family friendly. Comments (1)

Don’t want to cook this Thanksgiving? Use our guide

Dining: Our annual report on the restaurants that want to make it easy on you this turkey day (some even without turkey!). Comments (1)

A salty, gooey take on an American classic

Dining: Use this recipe to make the caramel apple pie from Four and Twenty Blackbirds. Comments (2)

Break out the bubbly as local restaurants make their own sodas

Dining: Brooklyn leads the gassy revolution. Comment

Prime time! Morton’s chef gives the recipe for a great holiday meal

Dining: Hint: Beef is involved. Comment

Robicell’s cupcakes are Devil’s food for Thanksgiving

Dining: It’s no secret that Robicelli’s cupcakes are amazing. Comment

Brooklyn’s best chefs share their tips

Dining: Ever wish you could bend your favorite chef’s ear for some advice in the kitchen? Well, with the holiday cooking season upon us, we asked some of the top foodies working in Brooklyn to share their tips in the kitchen. The results are some basic rules to stand by, as well as tried-and-true methods. You’re welcome. Comment

The best pumpkin maple soup ever

Dining: Nothing says fall like soup and pumpkins. So good thing that Nissa Pierson at Ger-Nis Culinary and Herb Center in Park Slope has offered us her pumpkin maple soup recipe. Comment

Baked shares its cupcake recipe

Dining: “I love the idea of anything maple,” admits Matt Lewis. Comment

Cooking 101! This is the time to brush up on your skills

Dining: Whether you’re a complete amateur or consider yourself a budding Batali, cooking lessons are a way to fine-tune your skills, or learn new ones. And with the holidays upon us, there’s never been a better time to perfect your braising technique or try your hand at baking bread. Here’s a roundup of classes at three Brooklyn cooking institutions. Comment

This Brussels sprout recipe will turn you from a hater

Dining: There’s no hating on Brussels sprouts when they’re combined with with apples and mint in this simple and tasty recipe from Ger-Nis Culinary and Herb Center. Comment

Pie in the sky this Sunday in Williamsburg

Dining: It’s the annual pie contest, so let’s get ready to cruuummmmbbbbbllllleeeee! Comment

Believe it! American finally wins Slope chili cookoff

Dining: And you get the recipe, too. Comments (1)

The marathon is not just about running

Dining: The athletes will jog, but you need to eat. Here’s our guide. Comments (3)

Reviews: October, 2010

Saturday recipe corner! It’s easy being green with beans this good

Dining: City Tech’s adult education program serves up something good. Comment

Make your own Halloween honey nuts from Liddabit Sweets

Dining: Need a sweet treat for Halloween? Look no further. Comment

Hot dog! Empanada lady fills us with delight

Dining: Brooklyn has a booming food culture, so how come you can only get a stale pretzel, a dirty water dog or a re-frozen Italian ice in Prospect Park? Comments (2)

Makin’ bacon! A great recipe from the Bacon Takedown

Dining: Bacon lovers, here’s your new favorite recipe. Comments (1)

Stumptown Coffee — from the source in Red Hook

Dining: Stumptown coffee is available throughout the borough, but true java geeks should make their way down to Red Hook, where the roaster’s new coffee bar opened this month. Comments (1)

Smith Street simmers up a soup festival this Saturday

Awesome: That little nip in the air meants it’s time for the Smith Street Soup Festival. Comments (11)

This lamb burger is ‘Strong’

The Best Thing We Ate This Week: The best hamburger in the borough right now might just be the one without any burger in it. Comment

Try Le Bouchon’s cured short ribs — at home!

Dining: For your next dinner party, impress your guests with some fine French food, the likes of which you’d find cooked by a professional chef. In fact, this recipe comes courtesy of Sheepshead Bay’s newest French spot — Le Bouchon. Bon appetit! Comments (1)

French food, made by a Ukrainian, in Sheepshead Bay

Dining: Chef Roman Nikhman may be Ukrainian, but he’s bringing French food to Sheepshead Bay. Comment

What’s German for Bay Ridge? Oktoberfest!

Dining: Three Ridge bars really shine during the German heritage festival. Comments (1)

Join the coolest club — literally

Dining: Here’s the scoop on one of Brooklyn’s coolest new social club. Comments (1)

Recipe: Make your own ice cream

Dining: One of the members of the ice cream social shared with us her signature dish, which is good enough to eat any time of year. Comment

Monty Q’s is back in business!

Dining: Our official late-night, go-to pizzeria and salad bar returns after a bit of business with the Health Department. Comments (1)

Simply the best! Mile End leads Bklyn to top of Zagat Survey

Dining: The newest deli in the city is now officially the best deli in the city. Comments (7)

A ‘Fare’ to remember

Dining: While Brooklyn was busy racking up acclaim in the Zagat Guide, Brooklyn Fare earned the borough another gold star — or two, actually, in the latest edition of the highly regarded Michelin Guide. Comment

Vito needs a new clubhouse? Here’s our guide

Dining: Now that Cono’s is closed, we all need a new place to call our own. Thankfully, we’ve found them. Comments (5)

The best baklava is in Bay Ridge

Dining: To baklava connoisseurs, Samia Ziade’s baklava is legendary. It is the kind of stuff rarely found in this country — airy, not too sticky or tooth-achingly sweet like most baklava. Comments (1)

City shuts down Monty Q’s

Dining: Monty Q’s, the popular Montague Street pizzeria, was shut down by the Health Department on Monday for a second time in three years. Comments (5)

Get it while it’s hot (and before the city shuts it down)

Dining: Two ladies are running a great restaurant out of their Prospect Lefferts Gardens backyard. Cue the bureaucrats! Comments (1)

What is the ‘taste’ of Hawthorn?

Dining: Here’s the menu at Taste of Hawthorne (at least as long as the city allows it to keep operating) Comment

Rube ‘Goldberg’! Reis sheds his chameleon skin again in Slope.

Foodie-in-Chief: Now he’s opening a taqueria. Plus all the food gossip from our “Foodie in Chief.” Comment

Taste — and support — Red Hook with charity food fundraiser

Dining: It’s not often you can feel good about yourself after a round of binge eating — but at the Taste of Red Hook fundraiser on Oct. 6, you can stuff your gut in the name of charity. Comment

Reviews: September, 2010

The most egg-cellent sandwich

The Best Thing We Ate This Week: Put down this newspaper or click the red circle on the top left corner of this web page and head right now to Five Leaves in Greenpoint for the best egg sandwich in the city. Comments (1)

Get some healthy juice this fall

Dining: The Green Pirate Juice Truck will be in Grand Army Plaza every Saturday. Comments (1)

Oh no, Cono’s! Even Vito’s restaurant has closed!

Dining: As if things couldn’t get any worse for embattled Assemblyman Vito Lopez (D–Williamsburg), now his favorite restaurant has closed. Comments (8)

Chipotle in the Slope? It’s not true!

Foodie-in-Chief: Plus all the food gossip from our “Foodie in Chief.” Comments (1)

Seventh Avenue sampler!

Dining: Try food from 30 Park Slope restaurants in one night — for free. Comments (1)

Holy hunger! Our guide to breaking the Yom Kippur fast

Dining: Saturday night — atone for your sins and then eat a little. Comment

The Greeks invented the Edible Complex

Dining: Find out why at this annual food festival this weekend. Comments (3)

¡Comida Mexicana querido at Authentic Mexican week

Dining: The real deal starts next Thursday. Comment

Take a bite out of autumn with our restaurant preview

Dining: Our guide to where you should eat this fall. Comment

A real ‘meat’ and greet at Roberta’s

Dining: Brooklyn, you’re about to witness the most epic all-you-can-meat party the borough has ever known. Comments (1)

This is one meal with real buzz

Dining: Eat insects at The Brooklyn Kitchen. Comment

Who will you be eating?

Dining: Here’s our guide to four tasty insects. Comment

This chicken is hot hot hot!

The Best Thing We Ate This Week: The fried chicken at Peaches HotHouse in Bed-Stuy is worth a trip from anywhere. Comments (4)

Sample the best of Brooklyn next week

Dining: It’s all part of Hot Plates Live at the Bell House next Monday. Comment

Cake Man accused of giving staff crumbs — plus all the other food gossip

Foodie-in-Chief: With the lackadaisical days of summer drawing to a close, Brooklyn’s restaurant scene is revving up. Here’s the best of the borough’s openings, closings, and, of course, restaurant gossip. Comment

Reviews: August, 2010

Labor Day Extravaganza Part 1: Go to a pig roast on Saturday

Dining: Reason one to stay in town this weekend: Snout ‘N Stout in Williamsburg. Comment

Vendys schmendys! After snub, Bklyn food vendors keep on trucking

Dining: Next month’s Vendy Awards party has snubbed Brooklyn — but who needs those supposed street food know-it-alls to tell us where to get the best grub? Our hungry reporters hit the streets this week to compile our own “Vendy” award nominees — five street trucks that those Manhattanites should have invited to the ball. Comments (1)

De-clawed! City stuffs underground lobster roll man

Dining: Better measure some handcuffs for Dr. Claw. Comments (9)

A guacamole with some kick!

The Best Thing We Ate This Week: Even the best guacamole is a bland, one-dimensional paste. Comment

Tap into this new wine trend

Dining: Here’s a classy new twist to the keg party: kegged wine. Comment

A vegan croissant? Say it ain’t so

Foodie-in-Chief: Plus the rest of this week’s smoky, gooey, thick and delicious restaurant gossip. Comments (1)

‘Fare’ game! Downtown supermarket becomes Bklyn’s hottest restaurant

Dining: It’s like a private Food Network taping — with a tiny group of friends. Comment

In his element: Alan Harding leads dinner at Carroll Gardens spa

Dining: Here’s a new approach to health and well-being: a fabulous meal. Comment

Downtown Arby’s is dead — cause unknown

Dining: Arby’s, which made a name for itself with salty roast beef, horseradish sauce and curly fries, unexpectedly closed on Wednesday at the former Gage and Tollner building on Fulton Street Mall. It was 7 months old. Comments (2)

Here’s the beef! Brennan and Carr is simply the best

The Best Thing We Ate This Week: Any self-respecting connoisseur of roast beef absolutely must make the pilgrimage to Sheepshead Bay and visit the Mecca of slow-cooked meat, Brennan and Carr. Comments (3)

Half-baked! A new generation of pros are actually amateurs

Dining: In Brooklyn, D.I.Y. is increasingly becoming L.L.C. Comments (1)

This week’s hot restaurant dish

Foodie-in-Chief: It’s been a blistering hot two weeks — thankfully, Brooklyn has a whole new crop of great new (air conditioned) bars and restaurants to take the edge off. Here’s the latest openings, closings, and of course, some gossip. Comment

Wicked Spoon, indeed! Yogurt place tops yours with chocolate-covered crickets

Dining: Jeepers creepers! Wicked Spoon, Park Slope’s new frozen yogurt joint, is offering fro-yo lovers a few more exotic toppings to go with their cherries and chocolate sauce — chocolate-covered crickets. Comments (1)

Reviews: July, 2010

It’s like a summer ‘Campo’ for pizza lovers

Dining: The new Campo de’ Fiori on Fifth Avenue in Park Slope is like a tiny corner of Rome. Comments (2)

Calexico’s new cart serves a burrito muy bueno

The Best Thing We Ate This Week: Most burritos end up igniting a Mexican Revolution in your stomach — but the pollo asado burrito ($7) from the Calexico food cart in Brooklyn Bridge Park’s Pier 1 is as wonderful as un beso from Salma Hayek herself. Comment

Calexico cart in Bklyn Bridge Park — plus the other food news!

Foodie-in-Chief: It’s been another tasty fortnight in the borough of Kings. Load up on Brooklyn’s latest openings, closings, and of course, a healthy helping of gossip. Comments (1)

Buttermilk Channel’s skirt steak is a heck of dish

The Best Thing We Ate This Week: Ordering the skirt steak at any ol’ eatery can yield a grab bag of results — a bland, heavily oiled or overcooked beef slab can leave you wishing you ordered something a little more exciting. But we’re proud to show off the one at Buttermilk Channel, which is not only the best thing we ate this week, but quite possibly the best skirt steak anywhere outside of Argentina. Comment

Don’t pass this Moutarde! Fifth Ave. bistro is better than ever

Dining: Just in time for Bastille Day, the irrepressible Bruno Berrebi has completely transformed his excellent restaurant, Moutarde, into a more casual bistro, Moutarde: Le Bistro de la Rue. Comments (4)

Hot food gossip — new bars, new eats, and, yes, some closures

Foodie-in-Chief: It’s been a busy few weeks in the Brooklyn food-scene. Here’s the best of the borough’s openings, closings, some pretty big rumors and some crumbs, too. Comment

The drink of summer at One Girl Cookies

The Best Thing We Ate This Week: When it’s this hot outside, there are really only a two things worth consuming: ice cream, and iced tea. Comments (2)

He’s hamming it up at new W’burg trattoria

Dining: Alex Palumbo may just one day join the ranks of King Midas. After five years managing Manhattan’s Da Silvano — known for its five-star dining and clientele — Palumbo has brought his golden touch across the river, to the newly opened Osteria Il Paiolo in Williamsburg. Comments (1)

Oh, baby! Gerber’s got nothing on Ted & Honey in Cobble Hill

Dining: Finally, baby food that’s fit for an adult. Comments (1)

Reviews: June, 2010

Ice creamed! Blue Marble’s frosty debut on Pier 1 is delayed

Bridge ‘Park’: No wonder this kid is so PO’d. Comments (1)

This coffee place makes a heckuva sandwich!

The Best Thing We Ate This Week: Go for the Fair Trade java, stay for the sandwich at Crop to Cup. Comments (2)

This author dishes on her favorite Brooklyn eats

Dining: Sherri Eisenberg has traveled the world as a travel writer, and has found that nothing compares to Brooklyn’s culinary scene. Comment

Head to this ‘Williamsburger’ BBQ on June 21

Dining: Brooklyn’s got plenty of burgers, hot dogs and live music, but at the fourth annual Williamsburgers and Wieners BBQ, you can get all three for free. Comment

Hot food gossip — including a new biergarten

Foodie-in-Chief: Better rev up that appetite — it’s been a tasty few weeks in the county of Kings. Here’s the best of the borough’s openings, closings, and of course, restaurant rumors. Comments (1)

Claws out! Lobster Pound guys stick it to Brooklyn Bridge Park!

Bridge ‘Park’: It looks like Brooklyn is taking back the concessions at Brooklyn Bridge Park. Comments (3)

More fancy fast food comes to Williamsburg

Dining: Calexico and Crif Dogs more closer to opening. Comments (2)

Hot bird! Harding rolls back into the scene with a new eatery (on wheels)

Dining: And Hot Bird is back, too (minus the chicken, but with drinks). Comments (1)

Reviews: May, 2010

Make the perfect burger

Dining: There’s something about summer that triggers the primal need to put meat on a bun — and the good news is that Brooklyn is in the midst of its biggest burger renaissance since the invention of the George Foreman grill. Comment

This hot dog is $11 — but it’s worth it!

The Best Thing We Ate This Week: Get to St. Anselm for a new take on a classic. Comments (10)

Get some real Southern comfort at Seersucker

Dining: The concept at Seersucker is much like the Carroll Gardens restaurant’s name — a polished southern classic. Comments (1)

‘Goods’ news as 3rd Ward founders get into food

Dining: Food carts? Feh. Comments (1)

Tasty restaurant gossip — including prepared food next to the Co-op!

Foodie-in-Chief: With summer heating up, it’s been a busy fortnight for Brooklyn’s foodie scene. Here are our tastiest tidbits of restaurant openings, closings, and of course, gossip. Comments (1)

It’s revenge of the breeders as Fornino adds kid-friendly items

Dining: The indomitable parents of Park Slope demanded a kid’s menu, and the owners of the new Fornino restaurant on Fifth Avenue caved. Comments (5)

‘Thistle’ be good news for Slope foodies

Dining: Thistle Hill Tavern, the newest addition to Park Slope’s Seventh Avenue restaurant row, is a new school eatery with an old-world feel. Comments (4)

Coffee bar offers some real black gold — the $10 cup of joe!

Dining: In Crown Heights, The Pulp & The Bean coffee shop is betting residents value their morning caffeine fix — enough to shell out a whopping $10 for a cup of joe. Comments (5)

Yes, but is it worth $10?

Dining: Tasty or not — $10 is a pretty high asking price for a cup of joe. Comments (1)

The 411 on morning joe

Dining: Don’t know your java from your Colombian from your Sumatran? Here’s our coffee primer. Comment

‘Taste’ of bitterness for Peck in loss to Suarez

Dining: It was all about the pastrami. Comment

Newcomer Cariño lives up to its name

Dining: Mexican eateries may proliferate in South Williamsburg, but good Mexican food is still about as common as non-controversial bike lanes. The newly opened Cariño, however, is not just good Mexican — it’s revelatory. Comment

Greenpoint crustacean chef is an underground lobster roll dealer

Dining: Brooklyn’s underground lobster roll connection has re-surfaced — and he’s going mobile. Comments (9)

reBar is retooled in DUMBO

The Best Thing We Ate This Week: Don’t worry, it’s good news, thanks to chef Jeremy Leech. Comment

The ‘Gersh’ is back!

Dining: ReBar has recreated the greatest cocktail ever — the Gersh. Our writer is so proud. Comment

It’s a pizza the action for Cucina legend Michael Ayoub

Dining: Like his pizza, Michael Ayoub’s career as a pizza man has been circular — when he opens his second outpost of Williamsburg pizza spot Fornino this week in Park Slope, he’ll be returning to the space where he first made his mark nearly 20 years ago at Cucina, once the lone high-quality eatery in Park Slope. Comments (3)

DUMBO’s new ‘Front’

Dining: The ritzy Five Front is now Brooklyn Bridge Gardens, a new bar near Brooklyn Bridge Park that will open this Friday. Comment

Chew on this! Two cooking giants square off at Sunday’s Taste of Williamsburg

Dining: The Peck vs. Suarez battle is the highlight of the all-afternoon food fest. Comment

Bklyn Bridge Park is half Manhattan! Two of four concessionaires are from the outer borough

Bridge ‘Park’: The operators of Brooklyn Bridge Park have announced the four concessionaires who will be serving food and drink on Pier 1 — and two of them are from Manhattan! Comment

The tastiest restaurant gossip — including, of course, Roberta’s!

Foodie-in-Chief: It’s been a yummy week. Here are our tastiest morsels of restaurant openings, closings and, of course, some really good gossip. Comments (1)

A French onion soup — without the soup

The Best Thing We Ate This Week: This is what you have been dreaming about for years. Comment

At this event, the borough is ‘Made’ to be eaten

Dining: Borough Hall hosts Brooklyn’s big time food manufacturers. Here’s our preview. Comment

A great opening weekend for the Latino Food vendors of Red Hook

The Best Thing We Ate This Week: The Red Hook Vendors are back — and a hero has emerged: El Olomega! Comments (2)

Reviews: April, 2010

Red Hook vendors break free of city rules with new ‘mercado’

Dining: Sure, the vendors will open this weekend in Red Hook Park, but in two weeks, they’ll open a full market, free of some of those persnickety city rules. Comments (4)

¡Ay, papi! Here’s our guide to the best tacos in Williamsburg

Dining: Few people know that Cinco de Mayo celebrates the Mexican army’s unlikely victory over the French in 1862 — but that doesn’t mean you can’t at least be educated about Mexican food. Comments (7)

Pie are squared at sisters’ new shop, Four & Twenty Blackbirds

Dining: A new bake shop in Gowanus has a fairy tale name — but there’s nothing make believe about the quality. Comments (2)

In Verde veritas! New Smith St. Italian serves awesome tuna

The Best Thing We Ate This Week: Look, there are lots of restaurants on Smith Street — and many of them are great — but none of them served us a plate of seared sashimi-grade tuna over beans and herbs as good as Verde did last week. Comment

The tastiest restaurant gossip — including, of course, burgers!

Foodie-in-Chief: It’s been a scrumptious two weeks of openings, closings and restaurant gossip. Here’s the skinny. Comments (2)

Hungry at Brooklyn Bridge Park? How about some ice cream and lobster?

Bridge ‘Park’: Ice cream and lobster rolls could be an integral part of Brooklyn Bridge Park this summer. Comment

Holy cow! Man opens shrine to pork in Hasidic Williamsburg

Dining: And this man’s Traif is delicious. Comments (6)

Aurora rising! Italian joint in Williamsburg is better than ever

Dining: Every Italian joint this side of Carroll Gardens has the standard vongole — but one Williamsburg restaurant’s menu is making its name as a one-of-a-kind, serious foodie destination. Comments (2)

The tastiest restaurant gossip — including more smoked meat on Hoyt Street!

Foodie-in-Chief: It’s been a booming fortnight in the foodie world. Here’s the latest gossip and news from our gourmet desk. Comments (1)

Three new wine bars bring vino back down to earth

Dining: Wine may be a sometimes daunting beverage, but three brand new Brooklyn wine bars are here to get even the most intimidated novice over their fears. Comment

Crop to Cup finally opens a cafe

Dining: Buyers, beware — you may enter the new Crop to Cup Café in Brooklyn Heights seeking nothing but your morning coffee, and find yourself leaving with an antique armoire. Comment

They will they will rock ewe!

Dining: At the Lamb Takedown at the Bell House, anything goes (as long as it’s lamb). Comment

Reviews: March, 2010

Fatty ‘Cue opens in Williamsburg

Dining: And the duck is amazing! Comments (1)

Say hola to new Mexican joint by the owners of Lokal

Dining: Greenpointers looking for Mexican munchies will soon only have to head towards McCarren Park to have their craving sated — thanks to the brain trust behind Lokal. Comments (2)

A burger by way of the islands

The Best Thing We Ate This Week: In a town full of mediocre burgers, the discovery of a new favorite is somewhat akin to waiting less than an eternity for the G train — a rare occasion. Enter the Agoulou, the West Indian-style burger at three-week-old French-Guadeloupian eatery Kaz An Nou in Prospect Heights and a very possible new favorite. Comments (1)

Our foodie-in-chief gives you the lowdown

Foodie-in-Chief: Here’s the tastiest restaurant gossip this week. Comment

Here’s one Ceol place with a menu to match

Dining: The bad boy of Smith Street — Marc Elliot — has a new kitchen and he’s ready to kick some apps. Comments (5)

Our foodie-in-chief gives you the lowdown

Foodie-in-Chief: Borough hopping: Thomas Ferlesch, chef-owner of the much-adored Fort Greene Austrian eatery Thomas Beisl, is apparently making a run for the border. The Lafayette Avenue eatery is up for sale on a local real-estate Web site, and the chef is rumored to be Manhattan bound. A call to the restaurant was returned, but Ferlesch had nothing to say. Comments (2)

Believe it! Paulie Gee’s has opened in Greenpoint

Dining: It seems like there were years of fits and starts, but the Greenpoint Avenue pizzeria is cranking them out! Comments (7)

This is one ‘Bottle’ you’ll want to hit over and over

Dining: Blue Bottle Coffee comes to Williamsburg. Comments (3)

A new ‘Benchmark’ for Park Slope

Dining: There’s a secret restaurant — serving high-end steak — behind the Loki Lounge on Fifth Avenue! Comment

Here’s a toothy preview to ‘Dine in Brooklyn’ week

The Best Thing We Ate This Week: Our staff did the eating, so you’ll know where to go. It’s a little service we provide. You’re welcome. Now, get eating. Comments (1)

‘Sparks’ fly at Bussaco! Owner responds: We’re being defamed!

Dining: The demise of respected eatery Bussaco in the heart of Park Slope appears to have been greatly exaggerated after a dishy feud with a chef who didn’t even last at the joint for two months! Comments (1)

Irish ayes! Sweet Melissa gives us a great soda bread recipe

Dining: It’s St. Patrick’s Day, so make your own soda bread! Comments (1)

5 Burro finally adds its second borough

Foodie-in-Chief: A great Mexican joint expands to Brooklyn from Queens. Comments (3)

The tastiest restaurant gossip — including a possible closing

Foodie-in-Chief: The skinny on Brooklyn’s opening, closing and restaurant rumors. Comments (6)

‘Thistle’ work — new old-school eatery in the South Slope

Dining: Thistle Hill Tavern is coming soon to take you back in time. Comments (2)

Pies ‘n’ Thighs is back!

Foodie-in-Chief: The chicken-fried drought is over! Pies ’n’ Thighs — Williamsburg’s beloved Southern food and barbecue joint — reopened on Monday. Comments (5)

Fork this! Foodies are now leading the gentrification of Brooklyn

Dining: If there is anything that gentrified Brooklynites love more than gentrifying the rest of Brooklyn, it’s eating out. Comments (12)

Where to eat off the beaten path

Dining: This Wi-Fi ready café is the newest in a slew of operations populating Clinton Hill’s edges with gourmet beans. Comments (3)

Reviews: February, 2010

A taco cart opens in Downtown — no, this is big

Dining: It has to be the least-likely best restaurant in the borough. Comments (4)

Duo pushing the boundaries of Bushwick with new cafe

Dining: A new coffee bar near the Myrtle Avenue JMZ! Comments (6)

Our first-ever Williamsburg tapas smackdown!

Dining: Two tapas bars are one block apart. Time for a chorizo-to-chorizo battle. Comments (10)

It’s a scream! Van Leeuwen goes from truck to storefront

Dining: Our days of chasing the Van Leeuwen ice cream truck around town for just one scoop of Earl Grey are just about over. Comments (2)

Got a buck? You can get a burger

Dining: The McDonald’s value menu — with its stale apple pie and wan burgers — is no match for the “Dollar Menu” at One Front Street this March. Comments (7)

Odd name, but great food at new W’burg sushi-fusion joint, 1or8

Dining: In Japanese gambling, the term “one or eight” means “all or nothing” — but there’s no risk at all on the menu at the new 1or8 Japanese fusion restaurant in Williamsburg. Comment

And the best chicken wing in Brooklyn is …

Dining: … Super Wings in Crown Heights! Comments (2)

Holy mole! New Mexican joint on Smith Street is great

Dining: Look, the Borough of Kings can be shoddy with its Mexican food. Comment

It’s time to get Syria about Middle Eastern food

Dining: The Olive Vine Cafe on Court Stret in Carroll Gardens is now Palmyra, a Syrian restaurant with new ownership and a new spirit. Comment

New Blue Marble ice cream parlor will have soft serve!

Dining: This time, it’s all about the soft serve. Comments (2)

‘Miracle’ ends at cursed Slope corner

Dining: Even an optimistic name couldn’t save restaurant owners of Miracle Grill, who have closed and filed for bankruptcy, continuing a legacy of the little restaurants that couldn’t make it at that cursed corner of Seventh Avenue and Third Street. Comments (11)

Tanoreen is now twice as nice

Dining: Everybody’s favorite Middle Eastern eatery just got better, and by better, we mean bigger. Comments (4)

Anella’s gets a new chef

Dining: A top Greenpoint eatery brings in someone new behind the stove — and the food is better than ever. Comment

Reviews: January, 2010

Bulletproof! This Gowanus Chinese takeout will be clean and green

Dining: Chinese take-out may be a New York staple, but restaurateur Michael Bruno is hoping we can all make room in our hearts for a healthier version of the fare when his new restaurant on Third Avenue in Gowanus opens shop this March. Comments (1)

DUMBO is saying hooray for ñ

Dining: Finally, Brooklynites don’t need to cross a river — or an ocean — for great tapas. Comments (2)

Arby’s? In Gage and Tollner? See for yourself!

Dining: The old Gage and Tollner restaurant has been turned into an Arby’s, so naturally, The Brooklyn Paper team checked out whether a fast-food joint could properly fill the landmarked shoes of the former chophouse. Here’s a video that you won’t see anywhere else! With video … Comments (4)

How about these gay recipes!

Dining: Brooklyn will soon be home to the city’s first gay cookbook. Comments (4)

This ‘Iris’ has a focus on breakfast

Dining: A new restaurant on a quiet block serves up great eggs and sandwiches. Comments (7)

Slope burger shop starts the poutine revolution

Dining: Corner Burger on Fifth Avenue is the first to roll out a full poutine menu. What’s poutine? If you have to ask, you don’t deserve poutine. Comments (8)

David’s brisket sandwich is the best thing we ate this week

The Best Thing We Ate This Week: Get to Crown Heights for the best in savory meat. Comments (5)

Organic Heights becomes Sun in Bloom

Dining: The name has changed at Park Slope’s favorite organic restaurant, but the mission is the same. Comments (5)

It’s ‘Le Petit’ mort on Henry Street

Dining: The much-loved French bistro Le Petit Marche has closed — but it will be reborn with a touch of Southern comfort. Comments (2)

Clueless in the kitchen? She wants to help

Dining: DUMBO resident Jyl Ferris presents “Cooking for Bachelors.” Comments (2)

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