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December, 2012

Sweet charity

Dining: New York City’s top pastry chefs banded together and dished out their finest treats to help rebuild DUMBO’s Sandy-shuttered Almondine Bakery. Comments (1)

Hunter’s finds mark in Cobble Hill

Dining: There’s something Brooklyn about this place. Comment
Dining: With a blood-orange facade and Edison-style bulbs hanging inside rusted industrial whisks in the tall and welcoming front windows, the decor of the new Neapolitan pizzeria Krescendo in Boerum Hill is much like the joint venture that brought it to life — a combination of old school Brooklyn and authentic Italian passion. Comments (3)

October, 2012

Enjoy Monday, bloody Monday at Fort Greene’s new butchering class

Dining: A restaurant in Fort Greene is offering a class on butchering large, medium, and small animals. Comments (4)

Marco Polo gets facelift: Major makeover for classic Italian eatery

Changing Brooklyn: The owners of a legendary Italian restaurant are saying “Ciao!” to their old-school, fresco-lined dining room and reinventing the eatery to fit into Carroll Gardens’s hip dining scene. Comment

Tricky treat! Do or Dine’s George McNeese dishes out a dessert recipe

Dining: Get just as creative about your cooking as you are with your Halloween costume with this recipe from Do or Dine’s George McNeese, one of the most talented chefs in the city. Comment
Atlantic Yards: Judging by the menu, it really is Brooklyn’s arena. Comments (23)
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A few good ramen: The top five places to get creative ramen dishes

Dining: Sweater weather is noodle-slurping season — and with ramen shops popping up across the borough, Japan’s comfort food is the perfect cure for the cold. Comments (21)

September, 2012

Dining: You won’t find anything resembling chicken parmesan in Italy — or on the menu at a new Italian eatery in the Columbia Street Waterfront District. Comments (1)
Dining: There are other eateries like it, but this one may have you calling it your own. Comment

Matzo ball ramen? Yep, it exists

Dining: Your bubby was wrong: there is something better than matzo ball soup. Comments (1)

August, 2012

Do or Dine chef wins TV show, our hearts, and our stomachs

Dining: A young Bedford-Stuyvesant chef has staked his reputation on something as boring as a Caesar salad — and it worked. Comments (2)

Long-term parking: Kimchi Taco food truck gets permanent address

Dining: Everything you thought you knew about kimchi is about to change. Comments (1)

Culinary peaks, long waits

Dining: A quaint, current, and affordable miracle of a restaurant in Williamsburg, like all good things, has a long waiting list. Comment
Dining: Make like Cool Hand Luke, only cooler, in this fertilized duck egg eating contest. Comments (3)

July, 2012

Dining: We’re all very proud of Michael Phelps and the other Americans heroically competing in sports we don’t normally care about, but it wouldn’t be the Olympics without cheering guiltlessly for some other country’s team. Comments (2)

Would you drink these libations inspired by the Gowanus Canal?

Dining: Naming your establishment after a local landmark is one thing, but taking the more than undrinkable Gowanus Canal as the impetus for a beverage — and serving it up to patrons — is walking a line between the playfully ironic, and plainly daring. Comments (1)

Park Slope pub serves Twix bars wrapped in prosciutto

Dining: A Park Slope bar is serving up an appetizer that combines the sweetness of dessert with the saltiness of Italian deli meat. Comments (47)

June, 2012

Surf and turf: Red Hook crab shack and minigolf course putts it all on the table

Dining: A rustic new crab shack in Red Hook is serving up mini-golf alongside buckets of fresh fare — and seafood loving Brooklynites are already shelling it out for the new summertime destination. Comments (13)

Green point in Greenpoint! McGolrick Park gets farmers market

Dining: Lazy Sundays are becoming grazing Sundays in Greenpoint thanks to a new farmer’s market at McGolrick Park. Comments (6)

Cake topper: Park Slope pastry chef wins big in frosting art contest

Dining: This Park Slope pastry chef takes the cake. Comments (1)

It’s food gossip time!

Foodie-in-Chief: Cobble Hill uses its noodle, Park Slope readies for pork, and Williamsburg’s on a roll (sushi and otherwise) in this weeks roundup of Brooklyn-centric, food-tastic gossip! Comment

Log in and dine out at this web-influenced food festival

Foodie-in-Chief: Turns out there are some tasty reasons to air your amateur opinions on Yelp — namely an exclusive food festival. Comments (1)
Dining: Farm to table? Try ocean to table. Comments (4)

Borscht brunch: Loosen your belt for Russian food in Bushwick

Dining: In Russia they eat brunch, too. Comment

New Italian market opens in Bay Ridge

Foodie-in-Chief: A new Italian specialty store is coming to Bay Ridge this August. Comment
Dining: Monte’s has been a household name in Brooklyn for more than a century, but its first birthday party — yes, you read that right — was a celebration for the ages. Comments (3)

It’s food gossip time!

Foodie-in-Chief: Williamsburg plays chicken and Prospect Heights raises the standard on subs, but it’s Park Slope’s cups that truly runneth over in this week’s edition of incredible edible gossip. Comment
Foodie-in-Chief: Transforming traditional dishes into haute cuisine can be a tightrope act. Comments (3)

Recipe: How to cook fish skewers with spinach, beet mashed potatoes, and pea sauce

Foodie-in-Chief: Branzino or stripped bass, one 10 oz filet portion per serving Comment

Sounds weird, tastes wonderful

Dining: It’s not quirk for quirk’s sake — it tastes amazing, too. Comment

May, 2012

It’s social feedia

Dining: Brooklyn foodies enjoyed a Facebook-inspired dining experiment in a Bushwick gallery. Comments (1)

How you can ‘friend’ your food

Foodie-in-Chief: Don’t just eat and run — log in and interact with your local restaurant or food-truck to get the most out of your dining experience. Comment
Foodie-in-Chief: Gowanus and Greenpoint get baked, Red Hook goes terminal, and Bay Ridge is done with the club scene but all about charcuterie in this week’s Blue Plate special of gossip! Comments (1)

Boro’s ramen men unite

Dining: The greatest minds of Brooklyn’s Japanese culinary scene are getting together to host a series of very special dining events. Comment

It’s food gossip time!

Foodie-in-Chief: Chew on this week’s most mouth-watering food news — including talk of a take-out Habana Outpost expansion. Comments (1)
Foodie-in-Chief: An el Bulli-schooled chef is bringing bite-sized concotions to the spacious My Moon. Comments (4)

April, 2012

New restaurant shows off Hudson Valley cuisine

Dining: A Williamsburg eatery is taking its influences from upstate, not overseas. Comment

It’s food gossip time!

Foodie-in-Chief: The latest and greatest in Brooklyn restaurant news. Comment

Burpy slurpees! New restaurant serves up boozy slushies

Dining: An acclaimed chef is serving up Thai-inspired “beer slushies” — a cool adult spin on the classic 7-Eleven style kiddie treat. Comment

Bites of spring: Your guide to enjoying the tastes of the season

Foodie-in-Chief: Spring is here, so you can act like winter never happened and stop pretending you actually love root vegetables. Comment

Season’s eatings: Try these recipes from James restaurant

Dining: Want to really veg out this spring? Comment
The Greatest Story Ever: Name-dropping customers who want hook-ups at Italian restaurants have a suspiciously and hilariously loose definition of “famiglia,” Brooklyn restaurateurs say. Comment
Dining: A North Brooklyn civic organization is waging a war on brunch — pressuring restaurants in one of the city’s mimosa-strongholds to open later, hush their patrons, and keep their diners inside. Comments (3)

Chez Moi is chez toi in Brooklyn Heights

Breaking Chews: A new French bistro hopes to become a meeting point where neighborhood foodies of all kinds can come together. Comments (3)

New Mexican: Lights on for DUMBO’s new Gran Electrica

Dining: Gran Electrica is adding a jolt to DUMBO’s oft-maligned food scene. Comment

It’s food gossip time!

Dining: It’s out with the old and in with the Ethiopian in Carroll Gardens, while Park Slope and Sunset Park go seriously green in this week’s bumper crop of locally produced gossip! Comment

Our food columnist infiltrates Brooklyn’s underground supper club

Dining: The first rule of NY Bite Club is that you don’t talk about NY Bite Club. So much for the first rule. Comment
Dining: The Brooklyn Flea’s food festival won a major victory in its quest to serve booze outdoors on the Williamsburg waterfront this summer, but it’s triumphant return this weekend will be a dry one. Comment

Thai gets real in Bay Ridge

Foodie-in-Chief: Bay Ridge is all lit up over Glow Thai — a new Southeast Asian eatery that has become a beacon of hope for what seemed like a cursed spot for restaurants. Comment

March, 2012

It’s gossip time!

It’s gossip time!

Dining: Williamsburg goes fish, Gowanus gets a rub down, and a Park Slope sub shop hits the streets in this week’s balmy bite of springtime gossip. Comments (1)

Go green: James Beard Award-winning cookbook author celebrates ‘Vegetables’

Dining: James Peterson doesn’t need to tell you twice to eat your vegetables — he makes them so delicious, you’ll forget they’re good for you. Comment

It’s posher, not Kosher

Dining: Restaurants inspired by Jewish cuisine are serving completely amazing — and totally against the rules — fare. Comments (4)

This Ramone remains

This Ramone remains

Dining: Marky Ramone to play the old hits at the Bell House. Comments (4)

A conversation with Krauss

Dining: Brooklynite Nicole Krauss and Aleksandar Hemon celebrate European fiction. Comments (1)
Dining: This ain’t your grandma’s gefilte fish. Comments (4)

Get ready to eat for cheap — Dine in Brooklyn is back again

Foodie-in-Chief: Dine In Brooklyn slashes the prices at some of the borough’s most finger-lickin’ restaurants. Comment
Foodie-in-Chief: Matt and Allison Robicelli take the cake, Elizabeth Falkner is sweet on the Slope, and Smith Street gets it’s own crack at pie in this week’s sugary slice of down-home gossip. Comment

Meat Madness: Slope hot dog shop pits franks against burgers

Foodie-in-Chief: At the end of this tournament, Park Slope will have a true top dog — unless the burger wins out. Comment

Big flavor in a ‘petit’ package

Dining: This Bay Ridge restaurant is home-grown, literally! Comments (3)

New Sunset Park eatery boasts Italian dining, nearly naked women

Dining: Jaguar 3 is Sunset Park’s latest not-so-family restaurant. Comments (9)

Take a bite outta the Bridge!

Dining: New sandwich shop serves up open-faced tributes to Brooklyn’s national treasure. Comment

February, 2012

Burn baby burn!

Dining: For four nights in March, the Brooklyn Lyceum will be transformed into an infamous coal mining town with a haunted past, thanks to Ugly Rhino Productions, a booze-infused theater company with a pentient for putting on weird shows with tailor-made cocktails to match. Comments (4)
Dining: Care for a side of psychedelia with your sushi roll? Comments (6)

Make your own meatballs!

Dining: Hungry for meatballs? We bet you are. Check out these meatball recipes from two of Brooklyn’s beefiest chefs. Comment

Choco-holic! This moonshine’s chock full of cocoa

Dining: When life gives you leftover cocoa husks, make chocolate moonshine! Comments (1)

Brussels sprout in Brooklyn

Dining: Mini cabbages have captured the hearts of the borough’s foodie community. Comments (1)

Kolache crazy!

Kolache crazy!

Dining: Texan breakfast pastries make their way to Brooklyn. Comments (25)
Dining: The Williamsburg food festival Smorgasburg wants to add alcohol to the menu — but neighborhood leaders put that plan on ice. Comments (14)

Feel the love!

Dining: These tasty treats will fire up your mind, body and soul, just in time for the sexiest holiday of the year. Comment

What’s an aphrodisiac?

Dining: Here’s a breakdown of the world’s sexiest eats. Comment

Who cares about love? Valentine’s Day is all about chocolate

Dining: It’s the only holiday where grownups are allowed — nay, encouraged — to eat sweets with reckless abandon. Here are Brooklyn’s best sweet treats. Comment

It’s gossip time!

Dining: Four area restaurants double down, Bed Stuy loses brisket, and Carroll Garden’s builds a better burger in this week’s scrumptious serving of gossip. Comments (2)

Is Columbia Street about to become the new Smith Street?

Dining: An award-winning chef will open the East Coast outpost of his acclaimed Thai restaurant in the waterfront neighborhood — and some locals are saying the new eatery could bring big changes to the geographically isolated community. Comments (13)

The sub standard!

The Best Thing We Ate This Week: It’s the greatest thing on sliced bread — literally. Comments (3)

What’s the special ingredient in Vinegar Hill House’s Caesar salad?

Dining: The King of Vinegar Hill puts the crunch in this beloved dish at his popular restaurant. Comments (2)
Dining: These cheesy noodles got especially brutal at this competitive cook-off. Comments (2)

January, 2012

The best places to chow down outside of Chinatown

Dining: When we asked our friends and sources where to find good Chinese restaurants outside of Brooklyn’s Chinatowns in Sunset Park, Bensonhurst, and Sheepshead Bay, the response was almost universally : “Oh … I don’t know.” Comments (9)
Dining: We were already fans of Bravo’s “Top Chef Season 4” and “All-Stars” contestant Dale Talde going in — a fact we tried hard not to convey when interviewing him about Talde, his new Asian-fusion eatery on Seventh Avenue and 11th Street in Park Slope. Comments (1)

Not your average cup of joe — W’burg cafe treats java as art

Dining: There are coffee houses — and then there’s Toby’s Estate. Comments (2)

The pickle microcosm

Dining: These briny beauties represent the changing face of Brooklyn. Comments (1)

A ‘Pig’ fit for Kings!

Dining: A bourgeois staple comes to Cobble Hill. Comments (1)

Philly phlavor phinds phans in W’burg

Dining: A new cheesesteak truck is serving up meaty hoagies to hungry foodies in North Brooklyn’s primary snack corridor. Comments (3)
Foodie-in-Chief: Our foodie-in-chief is back with a sizzling serving of the hottest openings, closings, and new arrivals in Brooklyn’s restaurant scene. Comments (1)
The Best Thing We Ate This Week: Park Slope’s newest Italian restaurant serves one of the most authentic crostini this side of Milan — and there’s one reason why: owners brought the fresh, simple recipe straight from the food-centric city itself. Comment

Argentinian eats with an Italian accent

Foodie-in-Chief: Who would have guessed that an Argentina-born Queens resident would become such a pioneer of Italian food in Brooklyn? Comment

‘basik’ally delicious: Williamsburg’s new small plates spot a hit

Dining: It’s back to basics for a new suds, spirits and small bites bar on Graham Avenue. Comments (1)
Foodie-in-Chief: Hey bro — got a jones for some righteous SoCo-style eats? Make the drop into Bay Ridge, where Ho’Brah, Bay Ridge’s new surfer-inspired taco joint, is currently riding the sweet wave of success. Comments (2)

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