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Cerebral Palsy Soccer Training

CP Soccer (Cerebral Palsy Soccer) for kids with cerebral palsy who can walk and run unaided is forming a soccer team in NYC.

CP Soccer is a great way for kids with cerebral palsy, hemiplegia or traumatic brain injury who are ambulatory to engage in a team sport with their peers. There are very few sports activities dedicated to children with physical disabilities, but are otherwise developmentally able. Many of these kids play sports with their able-bodied peers but find it hard to keep up. CP Soccer is a program for this group and helps both their physical and emotional development! Kids get to meet and play alongside other kids just like them and are given a chance to compete with their peers.

Training is provided by professional coaches from Super Soccer Stars who are trained for CP soccer. We will train for 2 hours on Sundays at Cadman Plaza in Brooklyn. All children in the five boroughs who qualify are welcome to join! Children must have cerebral palsy, hemiplegia or some sort of traumatic brain injury but are able to run and kick a ball unaided. Ages 8-18, girls and boys are welcome. No prior soccer experience is required.

Cadman Plaza, Brooklyn
Cadman Plaza,
Contact: Tel: (347) 328–3390 |
When: Sunday, Sept. 30, 1 pm
Recommended age groups: Elementary school, Older kids
How much: Free
Updated Oct. 26, 2018

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