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Coney Island Hospital

Coney Island Hospital in Brooklyn has an established reputation for excellence and competent care. As one of the premier Brooklyn, NY hospitals, Coney Island Hospital provides innovative treatment to a diverse range of patients in over 130 languages. Compared to other hospitals in Brooklyn, we stand out as a leader in Emergency Services, Adolescent Medicine, Primary Care, Nuclear Medicine, and for being the best labor and delivery hospital in NYC, for which we have been recognized. Expectant mothers can receive state-of-the-art obstetrics and gynecological care in the best baby-delivery hospital in the five boroughs. For Brooklyn radiology, we offer unsurpassed services, using digital equipment and advanced infrastructure to render timely services. Our Brooklyn Podiatry Clinic provides advanced screening tests for patients diagnosed with diabetes. Among Brooklyn hospitals, our mission is to serve our patients with continually improving community and hospital-based programs. When stacked against other hospitals in Brooklyn, NY, Coney Island Hospital shines as a healthcare leader presenting exceptional services and complete care solutions for its patients.

Where: 2601 Ocean Parkway
Tel: (718) 616–3000
Updated Mar. 14, 2018

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