December, 2009

Dar Williams returns for her annual post-Xmas gig

Music: Along with the Christmas trees hawked on street corners and vacant lots, decorations on main drags, competing versions of “The Nutcracker,” one thing that’s come to be expected each holiday season is a post-Christmas show at Southpaw from Dar Williams. Comments (1)

We did it! Paper helps singer raise money for new album

Music: Singer-songwriter Greta Gertler will finish her new album — and she has Brooklyn (and its Paper) to thank for it. Comments (3)

Another year on tap for ‘pool’ parties in East River State Park

Music: At ease, hipsters, it now looks like the “pool parties” will be back this summer. Comment

Want health care? Sing for it

Music: Or you could buy a ticket to “Brooklyn Sings for Health Care” next week at The Bell House. Comment

November, 2009

Music: A festival next month will present every single song by the biggest band ever — on the smallest guitar ever. Comment

This magic moment: Jay and the Americans are back!

Music: The legendary doo-wop band returns to its roots on Nov. 14. Comments (1)

These superhero rockers saved rock and roll — in 2048!

Music: Jef UK, frontman and lead singer for Americans UK, has never had an album reviewed in Pitchfork, and he hasn’t established an indie following in Williamsburg. But the Gowanus sci-fi rocker has done something that no other band has done: he’s traveled through time to save rock ’n’ roll. Comments (1)

The algorhythm: Americans UK

Music: What kind of music does the Americans UK play? Use our exclusive feature, “the Algorhythm” to figure it out. Comment

October, 2009

Brooklyn singer needs cash for next album

Music: If you ever wanted a pop singer to write and record and album all for you, it’ll only cost you $5,000. Comments (5)
Music: When your band is named The Dodos and your new album is called “Time to Die,” expect extinction jokes. But for Meric Long, lead singer and guitarist of the San Francisco band that will headline the Music Hall of Williamsburg on Oct. 13, it’s no joke. Comment
Music: Twice this month, Park Slope’s portion of Fifth Avenue will become a sprawling, open-air music festival. Comments (3)

The Gaslight Anthem is a smash!

Smash or Trash: But you knew that, given Señor Editor Vince DiMiceli’s inclusion in the “Smash or Trash” team this week. Comments (4)

September, 2009

Tiny Tim this ain’t! Big ukulele fest comes to Jalopy

Music: The Jalopy music hall on Columbia Street has emerged as one of the city’s leading blues and folk spots. So why is the venue playing with toys next month, when the Paris Uke Fest comes to town? Comments (3)
Music: The Green-Wood Cemetery is the final resting place for more than 560,000 Brooklynites, but it only takes 30 dancers and a troupe of accordion players to make it come to life. Comment

It’s a MacSymphony at the Brooklyn Lyceum

Music: Computers aren’t usually part of a classical music concert. But on Sept. 18 at the Brooklyn Lyceum, the highbrow show is all about the electronics. Comment

Knitting Factory opens tonight in Williamsburg

Music: The Knit has hit the fan. Music fans, that is. Comments (2)

Park Slope will be bluegrass central next week

Music: Park Slope is a long way from the hills of Appalachia, but for two days in September, the neighborhood will be filled with the down home sound of fiddles and banjos. Comment

August, 2009

Music: Everybody’s — or at least every middle-aged editor with two kids’ — favorite band, Care Bears on Fire, rocked on “The Late Show with David Letterman” on Wednesday night. Comments (2)

The New Up is a downer!

Smash or Trash: The band has a new album out, but the Smash or Trash team trashed it. Sorry. Comment

The giants of soul will be at The Bell House

Music: The Brooklyn Soul Festival starts on Aug. 28 at the Gowanus music venue. Comment

Kenny Vance to play Brooklyn next month!

Music: The Dylan of Doo-Wop is back where it all started. Comments (1)

Catch Mugison at Pete’s Candy Store tonight

Smash or Trash: The Icelandic rocker is doing all five boroughs in one day — and Brooklyn is his last stop. Comment

Catch In Cadeo — tonight!

Smash or Trash: The “Smash or Trash” team loved this band’s new song, “Communist Lecture.” See In Cadeo tonight or on Aug. 20. Comments (4)
Music: Only Peter Block would find his inspiration in the murky Gowanus Canal. Comment

July, 2009

It’s time to take the bassoon seriously — we mean it!

Music: A legendary bassoon master has come to Park Slope for an open-ended run — so it’s time for you to give the bassoon another chance. Comments (2)

Irish guys will be smiling at Jalopy

Music: Irish folk music joins the lineup at Brooklyn’s pre-eminent folk music champion on Columbia Street. Comment

We smash Cobalt and the Hired Guns

Smash or Trash: Cobalt and the Hired Guns is playing Saturday night at Union Hall — that’s tomorrow! July 25! — so the Smash or Trash team gives them the shot in the arm that they so badly need. This band is a smash! Comments (4)
Music: Some “genuine legends” of the 1970s punk-rock scene are coming to the Bell House next Friday. Comment

Wilco rocked Keyspan last night!

Awesome: Chicago’s favorite band tore through a blistering set in Coney Island. Comments (1)
Music: They Might Be Giants sat down with us at Terrace Bagels a few days before Saturday’s family show in Prospect Park. Cool. Comments (1)

The essential They Might Be Giants

Music: They Might Be Giants — a.k.a John Flansburg and John Linnell — have put out 14 studio albums in their 20-plus-year recording career. Their sound is easy to dismiss as kitschy and their lyrics are often derided as gimmicky, but there are few bands that write tunes as catchy or lyrics as sad, funny, witty, poignant and, yes, educational as the Giants. Here are the essential records. Comments (1)

A freaky three-way for the Smash or Trash team!

Smash or Trash: With a big music weekend upon us, the Smash or Trash team reviews three new songs. Comment

June, 2009

Music: Forget the BBQ and drop those hot dogs this Fourth of July — and get ready for a real celebration of indie-pendence. Comment

Meet the winner of our Wilco ticket giveaway!

Music: And the winner is... Comment

Marty’s concert series rocks — of ages!

Music: Borough President Markowitz’s summer concert series lineup is out — and it features some big names…from the past. Comments (2)

Freedy Johnson will be at Union Hall!

Music: Sorry for the late notice, but Freedy Johnston is playing Union Hall tonight. Comments (1)

This ‘Honeymoon’ is over!

Smash or Trash: The Smash or Trash team hated the husband-and-wife band, Post Honeymoon. Comment

Marty’s concert series rocks — of ages!

Music: Borough President Markowitz’s summer concert series lineup is out — and it features some big names…from the past. Comments (2)

Hip-hop festival returns to DUMBO

Music: The Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival is back — with bigger names and a second stage. Comments (1)
Awesome: David Byrne, the legendary frontman for Talking Heads in the 1980s, opened up the 31st annual “Celebrate Brooklyn” summer festival in Prospect Park in bright white style on Monday night, performing with his Latin-influenced band before a crowd of about 10,000 people. Comments (4)
Music: The keyboardist for Wilco has spoken: our ticket giveaway for the band’s July 13 concert in Coney Island is “great.” Comments (2)

May, 2009


Just four more days to win Wilco tickets!


Just four more days to win Wilco tickets!

Smash or Trash: Our contest to win two free tickets to Wilco’s July 13 show at Coney Island ends on May 31. Enter today! Comments (5)

Help a girl who wants to rock!

Music: Next weekend, there will be four great shows to benefit the Willie Mae Rock Camp for Girls. Comment

Title Tracks is a smash!

Smash or Trash: On the eve of two weekend shows, Title Tracks gets a rave from The Brooklyn Paper’s “Smash or Trash” team. Comment
Music: Brooklyn music lovers will no longer have to trek to Austin — or Manhattan — to check out a premiere indie-rock festival. Comments (2)
Music: The best folk festival in the city just got one bold-faced name better. Comment

This Frontier Needs Heroes lives up to its name!

Smash or Trash: The Smash or Trash team loves this Williamsburg-based band. Comment
Music: The last time a concert was billed as “three days of peace, love and music,” an upstate New York farm bloomed into the epicenter of rock music. Comments (2)
Awesome: As if you needed another reason to celebrate Brooklyn, you just got a big one: the schedule for the annual “Celebrate Brooklyn” summer music, dance, film and arts festival has something for everyone. Comment

Dan Deacon gets smashed — and trashed!

Smash or Trash: Electronica legend Dan Deacon sent us his new CD and asked The Brooklyn Paper’s Smash or Trash team to do what it does best in reviewing the hit “Getting Old.” Comments (1)

April, 2009

Music: An indie supergroup has found a bizarre, but fitting, venue to unveil its new record — a Russian bathhouse in Kensington. Comment

Here’s how to win two Wilco tickets!


Here’s how to win two Wilco tickets!

Awesome: We got ‘em, you want ‘em: two tickets to Wilco’s July 13 show at Coney Island. Click above to find out how to enter our giveaway contest! Comments (2)

Pontiak joins the “Smash or Trash” dishonor roll

Smash or Trash: The Smash or Trash team sees this Virginia band as no better than a GM car. Comments (1)

‘Giant’ news! They Might Be Giants reveal Prospect Park show

Awesome: Another day, another giant piece of concert news: They Might Be Giants revealed on Tuesday that the band will be doing a “free family concert” in Prospect Park on July 11. Comment
Awesome: This is the biggest news since Dylan! Wilco. Keyspan Park. July 13. Free tickets from The Brooklyn Paper. Comments (1)

Speck Mountain joins the “Smash or Trash” honor roll

Smash or Trash: They wanted our review before their show next Sunday — but then cancelled the show. Too bad, because the Smash or Trash team actually liked their song. Comments (1)

The Suckers get the “Smash or Trash” treatment

Smash or Trash: The Suckers wanted The Brooklyn Paper’s “Smash or Trash” team to review their new single before their April 23 show at Glasslands. We’re happy to oblige, though we doubt the band will agree with our conclusions. Comments (2)

Byrne baby, Byrne!

Music: Leave it to head Talking Head David Byrne to get people talking. Comment

Smash! Trash! Inevitable Backlash!

Smash or Trash: The heavy metal band, The Inevitable Backlash, asked The Brooklyn Paper’s “Smash or Trash” team to review its song “My Two Brookes” in advance of the band’s April 26 show at Cameo in Williamsburg. Sorry, but when your name is The Inevitable Backlash, our Smash or Trash team had a pretty easy time helping you live up to it. Comment
Music: The Wrens may be seen as a Jersey band, but the lead man is from Brooklyn, baby! The group plays the Bell House on April 10. Comment

Brass ball

Music: Now is the time to celebrate the trombone! Comment

March, 2009


Smash or Trash!

Smash or Trash: The New Haven techno band, Eula, asked The Brooklyn Paper’s “Smash or Trash” team to review one of its songs in advance of the show’s April 4 show at Death by Audio. The results were mixed: Gersh hated it, but Ben and Mike loved the song. Watch all the action as Gersh over-rules the team! Comments (2)

Get jazzed for the Central Brooklyn festival

Music: The hills of Brooklyn will be alive with the sound of music — jazz music — throughout April. Comment

Smash or Trash!

Smash or Trash: Sarah Lentz asks the “Smash or Trash” team to review her song. How did it turn out? Not so well! Comments (1)

Opera on Tap mixes high notes and high life

Music: It’s time to take opera out of stuffy concert halls and theaters and get it where it really belongs — in bars. Comments (1)

Smash or Trash!

Smash or Trash: Sarah Lee Guthrie — Arlo’s little girl — invited The Brooklyn Paper’s Smash or Trash team to “review” her latest hit single, “Dr. King,” in advance of her performance at Jalopy on Thursday, March 12. Good news for her — it’s a smash! Comment

February, 2009


Smash or Trash!

Smash or Trash: The Brooklyn Paper’s Smash or Trash team is back — this time “reviewing” Brooklyn-based quartet Cholo and the band’s new song, Just Aks. This one is a classic. Comment

‘Juno’ what we mean: Kimya Dawson to play Greenpoint

Music: Catch Kimya Dawson, of “Juno” soundtrack fame, at Club Europa on March 10. Comments (3)

Smash or Trash!

Smash or Trash: A band makes the dangerous decision to be reviewed by our “Smash or Trash” team. How did it turn out? Click above! Comment
Music: Fresh from last year’s new album, “Walk It Off,” the Minneapolis-based quartet Tapes ’n Tapes will slam into Brooklyn with its hard-driving drum-backed twangy indie rock sound for a must-see concert at the Music Hall of Williamsburg on Thursday, Feb. 26. Comments (2)

One-hit wonderful! Donna Lewis to play Southpaw

Music: The woman behind the international 1996 smash hit, “I Love You Always Forever,” will play at Southpaw in Park Slope on Sunday, Feb. 22. Comment
Music: Finally, a tribute to “Yacht Rock”! Comments (1)

‘Trail’ of cheers: Conrad Keely leads ‘Trail of Dead’ to Music Hall

Music: For some, Williamsburg is a post-collegiate playground dotted with discos and drinking establishments. For Conrad Keely — the lead singer in the indie rock band …And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead — it’s an inspiration. Comment

January, 2009

Sound nix at Sound Fix

Sound nix at Sound Fix

Music: It will be remembered as the day the music died: After five years of free music, one year of free stand-up comedy, and lots of noise complaints, Sound Fix, a Williamsburg record store, is closing down its bar and live-music space. Comment

Rock of aged: Bay Ridge bands never die — and they don’t fade away either

Music: Neil Young said that it’s better to burn out than it is to rust. Obviously, he’s never rocked in Bay Ridge. Comments (11)

Cartoonist has gone country

Cartoonist has gone country

Music: One of the coolest acts to come out of Brooklyn’s music scene is a country-crooning Jewish cartoonist from the New Yorker magazine who has two creaky chords and a voice that sounds like it was run over by the kind of beat-up Dodge that rumbles through his songs. Comment

Care Bears on Fire are ready for prime time (even on a school night!)

Music: Finally, the Care Bears on Fire are not just for kids anymore. Comments (8)

Czars of rock!

Czars of rock!

Music: Mumiy Troll, the seminal Soviet-era rock group, is undergoing a musical Glasnost. Comments (2)

Smash or Trash!

Smash or Trash: The Brooklyn Paper’s Smash or Trash team is back — this time “reviewing” Brooklyn singer-songwriter Jessie Killguss’s new hit, “Gristmill,” in advance of her Jan. 17 show at Rose Live Music [345 Grand St., between Havemeyer Street and the BQE in Williamsburg, (718) 599-0069]. Brooklyn Paper poohbah Gersh Kuntzman executes a coup over the rest of the team in this very special “Smash or Trash.” Comments (1)

Smash or Trash!

Smash or Trash: The Brooklyn Paper’s Smash or Trash team is back — this time “reviewing” Russia’s hottest rock band’s new single, “Queen of Rock.” It’s in Russian, but that doesn’t faze this team of rock monsters. Comment

December, 2008


This week’s Smash or Trash: Padre Pio

Smash or Trash: This week, Bushwick band Padre Pio is in the hot seat. Comments (1)

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