December, 2014

Your definitive guide to 2015 New Year’s shows in Brooklyn

Music: In the immortal words of David Bowie: let’s dance. Comments (1)

Vital organist: Judd Nielsen says dancing is key to his keys

Music: This guy is harvesting organs — for great grooves! Comment

Vital organist: Judd Nielsen says dancing is key to his keys

Music: This guy is harvesting organs — for great grooves! Comment

Dumbo music fest features new work on ancient flute

Music: Here is a concert you can really barge in on. Comment

Your definitive guide to 2015 New Year’s shows in Brooklyn

Music: In the immortal words of David Bowie: let’s dance. Comment

Parade will bring Appalachian dancing to Flatbush Avenue

Music: This is a good time to get caught flatfooted! Comments (1)

Other Brooklyn events at Make Music Winter

Music: Play along with radios, bicycle bells, and kalimbas. Comment

Transplant-trashing rapper Awkwafina coming to W’burg

Music: She is giving New York newcomers a bad rap. Comments (10)

Queer Christmas cheer: A gay country holiday concert in Gowanus

Music: They’re making the Yuletide gay. Comment
Music: Holy cow — we think we’ve got one here! Comments (1)

Dirty ditties: Filthy Song Night returns to Red Hook

Music: Get ready for a night of f------ filth and g------ debauchery. Comment

Bouzouki Joe: Greenpointer combines psych rock with traditional Greek music

Music: Dave Shuford plays 18th-century instruments in his band Rhyton. Comment

Musicians form new bands in 12 hours for Brooklyn Rock Lottery

Music: Gabba gabba hey you never know! Comment

November, 2014

Zorn again! Legendary composer celebrates 30 years of ‘Cobra’

Music: John Zorn is bringing his famous composition back to where it all began — sort of. Comment

B’Heights guitar vet teams up with Sonic Youth’s Kim Gordon

Music: More than two decades after he was diagnosed with Parkinson’s, Loren Connors is still rocking. Comments (1)

Brooklyn trio throws 300th birthday party for Bach

Music: No, not that Bach — his son. Comments (3)
Music: Plain old pianos are so passé. Comment

Red Hooker’s new instrument brings out secret sounds

Music: What makes this original instrument so cool? We attempt to explain. Comment

Brooklyn goes country!

Music: Meet the Kings County bands that play both kinds of music. Comments (1)

Vocalist-turned-comedian performs heartfelt rendition of ‘Sk8r Boi’

Music: Eliot Glazer takes silly songs very seriously. Comment

Class act! Bushwick trio lives and plays in an old schoolhouse

Music: When it is time for this trio to make new music, it literally goes to school. Comment

Local acts at the Brooklyn Electronic Music Fest

Music: Meet the hometown heroes taking part in this weekend’s fest. Comment

October, 2014

Shredding anniversary! Noise rockers Deerhoof celebrate 20 years

Music: Deerhoof has lasted longer than most marriages. Comments (1)

Strum along if you know it! Ridge bar offers guitar karaoke night

Music: This is one for the average Joe strummers! Comment

Subway musicians to police: Let us play

Music: Buskers rallied this week after a video of an apparent wrongful arrest in the Metropolitan Avenue G station went viral. Comments (15)

How Peter Sarsgaard became the champion of a Park Slope church roof

Music: It involves a mandolin and a movie that was never made. Comment

Six-string star spends down-time playing Park Slope

Music: Smokey Hormel’s guitar playing is one of the worst kept secrets in rock. Comment

Bands from mysterious island to rock Brooklyn venue

Music: Four bands from bucolic Staten Island (pronounced stat-NUY-lin) will perform their people’s traditional music at a Brooklyn bar. Comments (3)

Rock of rock! A field guide to musicians of Staten Island

Music: You may not have heard of Staten Island, but you are probably familiar with some of its local musicians. Comment

Breakout Tabernacle Choir singer launches debut solo album

Music: It is about time Alicia Olatuja took another solo. Comment

Musician will perfom live to ‘Phantom of the Opera’ in Ditmas Park church

Music: This phantom of the opera is always keeping score. Comments (3)

W’burg club owner in dance battle with the city

Music: This attorney and barkeep wants his patrons to be able to shake a leg, many legs, in fact. Comments (5)

Blue notes: The Big Eyed Blues Fest blows into Brooklyn

Music: Brooklyn has got the blues. Comment

Ghost buskers: Spooky musical show haunts Bushwick Starr

Music: Forget ghost stories this Halloween — listen to some ghost songs instead. Comment
Music: This performance will begin on a high note. Comments (1)

Thrive-in Saturday! W’burg glam rock party celebrates 10 years

Music: They love to boogie on a Saturday night! Comments (1)

September, 2014

Green Monster Big Band plays tribute to G’point legend Fred Ho

Music: They are blowing his horn. Comment

Music fest steers clear of Red Hook

Music: A controversial two-day rock concert has made its great escape, leaving Red Hook’s port facility for less hostile shores. Comments (1)
Music: Break out the rhinestones and herbal refreshments. Comments (1)

Lefferts Gardens rocker juggles three bands, six albums

Music: Emil Amos is a master multi-instrumentalist and multi-tasker. Comment
Music: And they all lived rap-pily ever after. Comment

Ladies’ night! Young and old-school female emcees to perform free BAM show

Music: The beat will drop — but the pitch will not. Comment

Death by Audio dying

Death by Audio dying

Music: Another scrappy Williamsburg music venue is closing its doors. Comments (1)

W’burg electronic musician throws her voice across Atlantic

Circuit Lord: This recording artist’s SoundCloud and Kickstarter presence has allowed her to embark on her first-ever tour — throughout Europe. Comment

Ridgite to play 9-11 tribute with songs about New York City

Music: Martin McQuade will croon through three hours of songs about the city. Comment

August, 2014

Roots’ rapper pal promises his musical variety show will change your life

Music: “Old New York Live” will be a throwback to the days when artists and audiences from all walks of life rubbed shoulders, according to creator Dice Raw. Comment

Un-Rapture-d! G’point musician trades dance-punk stardom for soul

Music: Dance-punk’s not dead — it is just playing R&B in Bushwick. Comment
Music: Rising R&B stars will play alongside Sharon Jones and Bad Brains at massive Fort Greene music festival. Comment

Gotta have that Afropunk: What to see at the fest

Music: You already know you’re going to see Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings and Bad Brains. But what about all those other acts? Our music guru names five to look out for. Comment

I was (re)born a unicorn: Cult band reforms to play Barclays

Music: There is a legendary indie rock band coming to Barclays Center Aug. 22–24 — and it is not Arcade Fire. Comments (1)
Music: Always wanted to learn a musical instrument, but held back by stage fright? Try a little liquid courage. Comments (5)

July, 2014

Music: And your mom told you video games were a waste of time. Comment
Music: Dust off those huaraches and break out the Sex Wax! Comment

Tubular tunes: A Brooklyn surf rock roundup

Music: We have braved rip currents an sandy trunks to bring you the best in the borough’s surf music scene. Comment
Music: The Marine Park Alliance finally found someone. Someone to share the Carmine Carro Community Center stage. They finally found the one. To be with every night (but mostly the night of July 27). Comment
Music: It is life imitating art imitating alien life. Comments (2)

Country road: G’point musician has love, will travel

Music: Melaena Cadiz just can’t wait to get on the road again. Comment

This guy is putting Brooklyn songs on the map

Music: Okay, he acknowledges the rest of the city, too. Comment

From Russia, with love! Band pays tribute to iconic Soviet rock group

Music: Beat the summer heat with a taste of the Cold War. Comment

Rhyme time! Jay Z makes surprise showing amid B’klyn rap round-robin

Music: Brooklyn was most definitely in the house at this weekend’s hip-hop festival. Comment

A showcase of Americana music — minus the America

Music: The musicians at this show might hail from abroad, but their tastes are strictly down home. Comment

Flying high: Rapper CJ Fly is ready for take-off

Music: The Bedford-Stuyvesant artist will share a stage with Jay Electronica and Raekwon at this year’s Brooklyn Hip-Hop Festival. Comment

Highlights from 10 years of the Brooklyn Hip-Hop Festival

Music: Founder Wes Jackson looks back his favorite moments from the festival’s first decade. Comment

Shaggy-licious, baby

Music: Shaggy hit Borough Hall Plaza for a free concert yesterday. Comment

June, 2014

White noise: Ben Folds will play to crowd dressed all in white

Music: A picnic party fund-raiser at Prospect Park will be be a colorfree affair. Comment
Music: Prepare your drums — and your eardrums! Comments (2)
Music: These bandmates share musical DNA. And regular DNA. Comment
Music: It will be a thin line between love and Haiti at this Downtown classical guitar concert. Comments (1)

Northern high-lights: Five under-the-radar acts to see at Northside

Music: It is the best of the rest of the fest! Comment
Music: This genre-bending multi-instrumentalist has more than one string to his fiddle. Comments (4)

May, 2014

Music: The mothership is landing in Prospect Park. Comment

Zimmer-men and women to play whole Bob Dylan album for his birthday

Music: A group of musicians will bring it all back home and revisit “Highway 61 Revisited” as they celebrate Bob Dylan’s 73rd birthday with a tribute show in Prospect Heights on May 30. Comment
Music: The synth-pop practitioners who make up Young Heel do it themselves, but you wouldn’t know it to listen to them. Comments (3)
Music: Get ready to hear some of the most crisp, resounding guitar chords ever played in Williamsburg, and don’t expect to recognize the people doing the strumming. Comment

Cavernous concert hall headed for Williamsburg

Music: The concert company that runs Brooklyn venues the Music Hall of Williamsburg and Rough Trade NYC is planning a venue that can accommodate 2,000 in an industrial part of Williamsburg. Comments (2)

Caught in a Babs romance

Music: An accomplished singer is tackling Barbra Streisand’s intimidating songbook in Manhattan Beach. Comments (2)

Pop goes the festival! Brooklynites to celebrate power pop

Music: These musicians are on a mission to prove that pop can most definitely rock. Comment
Music: This band plays in the most unexpected places, or at least mostly outside of the standard venues. Comment
Music: Balkan Beat Box is coming home to Brooklyn — and bringing the sounds of the world with it. Comment
Music: Call him a dream-pop star. Comment

April, 2014

Ch-check it out: Beastie Boys fans honor Adam Yauch with MCA Day

Music: It’s just you, your posse, and MCA. Comment

Synth secrets: All-star lineup plays tribute to a mysterious Nigerian musician

Music: Musicians including David Byrne and Money Mark play tribute to synth composer William Onyeabor — but they don’t know anything about him. Comment
Music: You just wait until your father hears about this! Comments (6)

You call that music? Staff dads share their favorite jams

Music: Just what is a “dad jam?” We asked our fathers. Comment
Music: Who says you need a record deal to make records? Comments (5)

Folk talking: A glossary of Americana words and expressions

Music: Blend in at the Brooklyn Folk Festival with this guide to old-timey lingo. Comment

Mind over music: Neuroscientist will transform brainwaves into live music

Music: This musical performance will be tripping the light fantastic. Comment
Music: Alash Ensemble is more than just a pretty voice. Comment

Tooting their own flute: Flutronix brings a modern sound to the classical instrument

Music: This Crown Heights duo is making the school-band staple cool again. Comment

Coney meets Carnival: Funk group celebrates People’s Playground with a Big Easy sound

Music: This band is bringing the sounds of the Big Easy to the Big Apple — and taking listeners from the Boardwalk to Bourbon Street. Comment
Music: The former “Where in the World Is Carmen Sandiego?” house band brings Motown classics to Kingsborough College. Comment

March, 2014

The band played on: The rise and fall and rise of Ditmas Park duo Via Audio

Music: Via Audio has weathered the loss of its management, booking agent, and the lack of a label. But can it overcome a seperation of 2,448 miles? Comment

Electric dreams: See a 12-piece theremin orchestra in Red Hook

Music: The popularity of the theremin comes in waves. Now it is generating buzz once again, with a history-making concert at Pioneer Works. Comments (1)
Music: Here are some of our favorite tracks about the borough. What are yours? Comments (14)
Music: The New Cookers is steeped in the ghosts of jazz past. Comment

Forever young: Bands play tribute to ’80s-era Bob Dylan

Music: The times, they are a-repeating. Comments (4)

Fearless Parent brings the music

Music: Our parenting columnist is spreading arts the Brooklyn way. Comments (1)
Music: Why should kids have all the Purim party fun? Comment

Rock with you: Audience members star in Michael Jackson musical

Music: This one is sure to be a thriller. Comment

Guitar heroine: Mamie Minch doesn’t just play guitars — she also repairs them

Music: With a name like Mamie, this Park Slope musician was born to play the blues. Comment
Music: It sounds like a perfect day. Comments (3)

February, 2014

Music: This karaoke night has both kinds of music — country and western. Comments (5)

Sharkmuffin attack! W’burg trio sinks its teeth into the music world

Music: As its name suggests, this garage rock trio is both sweet and fierce. Comment

G’point musician has hit song with Aussie group she has never met

Music: Technology is taking singer-songwriter Christine Hoberg in strange new directions. Comment

Outside the ring box: Find an anti-wedding band for your big day

Music: Kool and the Gang’s “Celebration” is strictly a no-no when celebrating with this bunch. Comment

Antony and the Johnsons clarinetist creates water-inspired solo album

Music: Bedford-Stuyvesant musician Doug Wieselman is making a splash! Comments (1)
Music: Talk about a magical mystery tour! Comment
Music: Simone Dinnerstein is taking New York City Bach to school. Comments (2)

Young Yeller creates big pop sounds from small Greenpoint bedroom

Music: Many musicians give up dreams of pop stardom for sensible day jobs — but Jesse Brickel has done the exact opposite. Comments (3)

January, 2014

Strange sounds: Animal-human hybrids perform at experimental music night

Music: A night of weird and wonderful music in Crown Heights will feature a performance group dressed as animal-human hybrids. Comment

Bushwick’s Oneida keeps avant-rocking on

Music: The members of Oneida are not fans of downtime. Comments (1)

In sync: Fort Greene artists create opera about Milli Vanilli

Music: The story of Milli Vanilli is a drama ripe for operatic treatment — and this month, it will get one. Comments (3)
Music: Kids can waltz to classical music played by a skunk, a dog, and two pink gorillas at the garden’s midwinter festival. Comments (5)

Schoolhouse rocker offers to do teens’ homework if they’ll come to shows

Music: An underground concert promoter is offering to do high school kids’ homework if they come to his shows. Comments (3)

Pulling the plug: Guitarist goes off the grid to recharge

Music: As electric as his playing is, guitarist Ryan Ferreira prefers an unplugged life. Comment
Music: New York’s annual celebration of Balkan music and dance turns 30 with a two-day festival at Grand Prospect Hall. Comments (1)

Get up, stand up! Amnesty International concert series coming to Barclays

Music: Finally — a throwback concert for the millenials! Comments (3)

Marsalis’ druthers: Playing a Fort Greene senior center

Music: A Fort Greene senior center got a dose of Lincoln Center on Friday night when jazz trumpeter and impresario Wynton Marsalis stopped by to play two sold-out shows. Comment
Music: In many parts of the world, the civil rights movement never ended, and one band is still singing the soundtrack to freedom and equality. Comments (2)

285 Kent goes out with a song

Changing Brooklyn: A Williamsburg indie venue is saying sayonara with several blowout concerts over the next two weekends. Comment
Music: New venue Radio Bushwick is hosting a birthday party for Elvis Presley, with live music, and dance, costume, and trivia contests. Comments (1)

‘Fiddling poet’ throws roots music showcase

Music: Get back to your roots at the Jalopy Theatre, with a variety show combining Appalachian string-band music with Irish, country, bluegrass, and even some percussive dancing. Comment

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