January, 2014

Coney conjuring: Show makes winter blues magically disappear

Theater: Sideshows by the Seashore is hosting a weekly magic show to keep the crowds coming back to Coney all winter long. Comment

December, 2013

Blues travels to beleaguered Bed-Stuy hospital for site-specific play

Theater: These hospital activist-actors have got the blues and they cannot be satisfied, so they are combining their passions by staging a play about late blues legend Bessie Smith inside a beleaguered Bedford-Stuyvesant hospital. Comment
Theater: Expect some very wooden performances at this Park Slope holiday show. Comment
Theater: New York’s favorite geriatric clown, Grandma, has left Manhattan’s Big Apple Circus for the bright lights of Brighton Beach. Comments (7)

Theat-arrr! Pirate-inspired performers promise free holiday play

Theater: The only thing these pirates are plundering is ticket prices. Comment
Theater: This sketch comedy group may sound sweet — but do not let the name fool you. Comments (1)
Theater: Who needs Manhattan’s Theater District when you have Manhattan Beach? Comment

November, 2013

The Butcher of Flatbush Ave. Extension: The performance opened on Oct. 19 and marks a comeback for director Julie Taymor, whose last production was the disastrous “Spiderman: Turn Out the Dark.” This staging has its high points — and not the kind that injure cast members the way “Spiderman” famously did. Comments (1)

The many marriages of Figaro

Theater: Three different Brooklyn opera companies will perform “The Marriage of Figaro” in November. Comments (1)

Figaro fisticuffs: A tale of the tape

Theater: It’s an operatic battle royale in Brookyln this month, with two rising stars slugging it out against a veteran heavyweight with different versions of “The Marriage of Figaro.” Comment

October, 2013

Theater: It turns out Johnny Cash really does walk the line — between alive and dead, that is. Comment

Are you afraid of the park?

Are you afraid of the park?

Theater: A Carroll Gardens theater company brings dark and eerie tales to life on Halloween night. Comment

Kvetch Comedy: Jackie Mason brings his schtick to Brighton Beach

Theater: He’s ruled the Borscht Belt and Broadway — now he’s coming to Brooklyn. Comment

One of a kind! One-act play festival takes the stage in Bay Ridge

Theater: One hidden Bay Ridge talent did not get a chance to fully shine during his lifetime, but he lives on thanks to a theater festival in his neighborhood and in his name. Comments (1)
Theater: The surreal buddy comedy rocks, rolls, and does ballet. Comments (2)

September, 2013

Southern twang

Theater: Heights Players take on Horton Foote’s “Dividing the Estate.” Comments (2)

August, 2013

Front stage story

Theater: An opera coming to BAM tells of tabloid queen Anna Nicole Smith’s life. Comment

Jiminy crickets

Jiminy crickets

Theater: Bring your own puppet to life in Fort Greene. Comment

The great bard on tap

The great bard on tap

Theater: Fair is foul and foul is a hangover. Comment

July, 2013

City sleuths

Theater: Brooklyn Heights street play has audience collecting the clues. Comments (1)

Pip boy included

Pip boy included

Theater: Video game festival goes apocalyptic with “Fallout”-inspired play. Comment

June, 2013

A woman in a man’s world

Theater: An actress is taking on the role of Julius Caesar in a new production of the Shakespeare classic. Comments (2)

The stages of hell

Theater: Williamsburg theater puts on Dante’s ‘Inferno.’ Comments (2)

Flying high with Pan

Flying high with Pan

Theater: A new adaptation of the tale about a boy who never grows up is grown-up in unexpected ways. Comments (7)

May, 2013

Master at work

Master at work

Theater: His character may be wrapped up in illusory aspirations, but John Turturro remains grounded in his performance at a play at the Brooklyn Academy of Music. Comments (1)

Shakespeare on the waterfront: Bard’s ‘Midsummer Night’s Dream’ coming to Pier One

Theater: All of Brooklyn Heights is a stage. Comment

April, 2013

Van Gogh’s bromance

Theater: A new rock musical will leave you with a good “post impression.” Comments (1)

Caesar on the move

Theater: When in Africa, do as the Romans did — kill Caesar. Comments (2)

Superfund site specific: Pollution play staged beside Gowanus

Cleaning Our Waterways: It’s not just the feds who are dredging up issues in Gowanus. Comments (23)

March, 2013

Theater: A new rendition of “The Vagina Monologues” is countering a spate of violence against women in Bushwick. Comments (2)

Find out what it’s like to be a Broadway actor

Theater: Even Broadway musicals have bloopers. Comment
Theater: It’s like “Waiting for Godot.” But for kids. With zombies. Comments (1)

February, 2013

These circus performers have some snake oil to sell you

Theater: It’s the cure for all ailments, including gingivitis, the common cold, and even that pesky cancer, depending on which huckster you ask. Comment

The naked truth

Theater: Who says it’s bad manners to kiss and tell? Comments (1)

The play’s the movie!

The play’s the movie!

Theater: It’s a play within a movie within a play. Comment

Plays show little has changed since Matthew Shepherd’s murder

Theater: The true story of one of America’s most notorious hate crimes will come to Brooklyn in an epic five-hour production. Comment

January, 2013

‘The Suit’ at BAM

‘The Suit’ at BAM

Theater: Apartheid-era South Africa is the true leading character in this tale of a husband and wife torn apart. Comment

This play is about the environment, but ‘An Inconvenient Truth’ it is not

Theater: That’s because there will be aliens! Comment

‘The Suit’ comes to BAM — and Brooklyn actress makes her hometown debut

Theater: There’s no stage like home. Comment

String theory

Theater: With great scientific advances come great puppets. Comment

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