December, 2016

Spies like you: Join a game of surveillance at Brooklyn Museum

Theater: Private eyes are watching you! Comment

Home fir the holidays: Christmas tree musical lights up Fort Hamilton

Theater: It’s kind of a sap-py story. Comment

November, 2016

Arcade’s fire: Penny Arcade brings incendiary show to Dumbo

Theater: She’s putting in her two cents! Comments (3)

Election update: Hillary-inspired sitcom gets a new ending

Theater: While Hillary supporters were tearing out their hair on election night, one Crown Heights playwright was tearing up her script. Comment

Master of fun: ‘Servant of Two Masters’ is a glorious goof

The Butcher of Flatbush Ave. Extension: It’s a comedic “Master” piece! Comment

Furry-ous fists: ‘La Furia!’ features Elmo ruling the street

Theater: It’s Elmo’s World — or else! Comment

Join the Club: Musical brings Club Harlem’s glitz and glam to Brooklyn

Theater: Harlem comes to Brooklyn — by way of Atlantic City! Comment

No kitten! Circus cat play features human im-fur-sonator

Theater: You’ll want to catch this purr-formance! Comment

October, 2016

Space opera: Drag queens perform ‘Mozart in Space’

Theater: They’ll have a fabulous flight! Comment

Great hair days: ‘Hairspray’ show says ‘Welcome to the ’60s!’

Theater: It’s a big show about big hair! Comments (1)

Fight to the finish: Boxing play tries to take Parkinson’s down

Theater: They’re taking a swing against Parkinson’s. Comment

September, 2016

Let me entertain you? Nah. This ‘Gypsy’ doesn’t come up roses

The Butcher of Flatbush Ave. Extension: As the song says, “you gotta get a gimmick, if you want to get ahead,” and the production of “Gypsy,” running through Oct. 9 at the Gallery Players in Park Slope, really needs a gimmick of its own. Comments (1)

Lord of the Ringo: Musical mashes up Fab Four and Frodo

Theater: They’re Tolkien ’bout a revolution! Comment

August, 2016


Show stopper! Grappling with its own rule book, state erroneously halts male-female wrestling match

Theater: Let’s get ready to grumble! Comments (5)

Woman who was kicked out of Slope Food Co-op unamused by musical lampooning store’s politics

Co-op d’Etat: Read the exclusive review. Comments (13)

O brave nude world! Naked women to perform ‘Tempest’ in Prospect Park

The Greatest Story Ever: It’s Shakespeare in the buff! Comments (15)

Killing them softly: Slasher musical mocks rock festivals

Theater: It’s got horrible deaths by the score! Comments (1)

Select all: Election play tackles every topic

Theater: Talk about political theater! Comment

Anaesthetically pleasing: ‘Ketamine the Musical’ opens in Bushwick

Theater: It’s a K-hole new world! Comment

July, 2016

Rolling in the aisles: New musical is set in the Park Slope Food Co-op

Theater: This murder mystery is cruelty free! Comments (9)

Hack and splash: ‘Psycho Beach Party’ comes to Slope

Theater: It is going to be a bloody good time. Comment

Mine verses yours: Poets perform show about growing up in borough

Theater: Brooklyn is theirs for the talking! Comment

Fairy mixed up: Modernized ‘Midsummer’ doesn’t move

The Butcher of Flatbush Ave. Extension: This tale of lovers lost in the woods has gotten itself turned about. Comments (2)

June, 2016

Tales out of school: Play shows teachers are people too

Theater: This show will teach you a lesson! Comments (1)

Taking the shot: Basketball opera scores points against gun violence

Theater: This show is a courtside drama. Comment

Male polish: Play reading puts men at the nail salon

Theater: Boys will be girls! Comments (2)

Modem times: Play spoofs hacker films of the ’90s

Theater: They can jam with the console cowboys in cyberspace! Comment

Ka-ching blade! Fund-raiser features a sword to kilt for

Theater: This theater is on the cutting edge! Comments (1)

Where to see Shakespeare in the parks of Brooklyn

Theater: The parks are alive with the sound of Shakespeare! Comments (2)

May, 2016

Golden voices: Gallery Players announces 50th season — in song

Theater: They’ll be swell, they’ll be great! Comment

50 years of Gallery Players

Theater: The Gallery Players theater company is a Brooklyn institution. Comment

Chaos in the ring: ‘Bianco’ circus show is a thrilling mess

The Butcher of Flatbush Ave. Extension: This nerve-wracking show is in tents! Comment

Heavy petting: Experimental show follows a pet detective

Theater: This tale may have you in hiss-terics. Comment

April, 2016

Like it’s 1599!: A year of Shakespeare in one night

Theater: One man in his time plays many parts — and these six actors play nearly 70! Comments (1)

Heights, no waits! Play from ‘Hamilton’ creator opens in Park Slope

Theater: Call it “In the Slope.” Comment

Gunning for office: Musical ‘Killing Republicans’ to rock Coney Island

Theater: Shooting Republicans will not solve your problems! Comments (1)

A Venetian masque: Spectacle at BAM combines opera and ballet

Theater: It is an all-singing, all-dancing extravaganza! Comment

Sharp tongued: Kathy Griffin plans to cut loose on Brooklyn

Theater: She’s coming for Brooklyn! Comments (2)

March, 2016


Edgar Allan foes: Dark musical doubles down on writer’s childhood

Theater: They are Poe little boys. Comment

No holds Bard: Lost play a ‘greatest hits of Shakespeare’

Theater: It’s a new show from a 452-year-old writer. Comment

Magical mystery tour: ‘Pericles’ becomes a fairy-tale travelogue

The Butcher of Flatbush Ave. Extension: The little-produced Shakespeare play “Pericles” is pretty much bonkers, and this new production leans right into it. Comment

February, 2016

The singing journal-ist: Musical draws on teenage diary

Theater: Dear diary, today a group of strangers got to hear all about you! Comment

Spirit of laughter: Ghostly Caribbean comedy plays Fort Greene

Theater: The sunny Caribbean has plenty of stories about spirits and black magic. Comment

Paradise lost: Two critics wander through interactive show

The Butcher of Flatbush Ave. Extension: This steamy show required a double-team. Comment

Wilkommen to the stage: This ‘Cabaret’ recruits the audience

Theater: Whose frau-line is it anyway? Comments (3)

Battle of Bash Beach: Pro wrestlers battle at St. Finbar Church

Theater: They are ready to rumble! Comment

January, 2016

Tragically hip: Play looks at the ‘Last Hipster in Brooklyn’

Theater: What is a hipster, anyway? Comments (1)

Vow of violence: Play about pacifist monk gets punchy

Theater: It’s a world gone wild! Comment

Doctor’s notes: New musical needles health care industry

Theater: Turn your head and laugh. Comments (2)

Pop culture: Hip-hop artist showcases his father’s work

Theater: It’s a new spin on old material. Comment

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