December, 2010

YouBoob! Sanit workers caught in ‘Net destroying Heights cars

Podcast: Check out this amazing action as a Sanitation team totals a car in Brooklyn Heights! Comments (17)

And here it is — our exclusive snow video

Podcast: Live from our editor’s posh Park Slope stoop. Also starring: A 3-year-old boy! With video … Comments (5)

Stephen Brown departs — a video tribute

Podcast: He was only here for a year, but in that time, reporter Stephen Brown broke stories, broke hearts and broke promises about letting us watch his black Lab when he’s out of town. Join us for a touching video tribute. With video … Comments (2)

Our man gets in the middle of a gin war

Podcast: No one downs booze in the name of work better than Gersh Kuntzman. With video … Comments (3)

November, 2010

Giving thanks — to a great intern

Podcast: Yes, folks, Joe Anuta is gone. Please enjoy our heart-rending video tribute to an unpaid legend. With video … Comment

Henry Kissinger’s bird is dead!

Boerum Hill: Sad news out of Boerum Hill — a beloved cockatoo belonging to community activist Leslie Lewis is dead. Here’s our heartfelt video tribute. With video … Comments (4)

The inside story on how Achilles was saved

Meadows of Shame: A swan with an illegal barbed fishhook through its foot was saved from a painful fate by two wildlife enthusiasts on Friday, in the latest clash between waterfowl and Prospect Park fishermen. With video … Comments (17)

Achilles, the snared cygnet, is saved!

Meadows of Shame: Two heroic park advocates have saved Achillies — and we have the exclusive photos and video! It’s part two of our “Hail, Achillies!” coverage. With video … Comments (24)

The good tie young! Cygnet trapped in fishing barb!

Meadows of Shame: We’ve got another bird down in Prospect Park — a cygnet with a fishing barb through his cute little webbed foot. And we’ve got the video! With video … Comments (15)

October, 2010

You old goat! Head found near site of carcass in Prospect Park

Meadows of Shame: It turns out that Prospect Park is the perfect place to get your main ingredient for goats head soup. With video … Comments (8)

Oh, deer! Another dead animal shows up in Prospect Park

Meadows of Shame: The butcher of Prospect Park is back. Comments (6)

Watch the goat head video here!

Meadows of Shame: It’s disgusting, but it’s a “must watch”! With video … Comment

The greatest (8-year-old) guitarist ever!

Music: This video is stunning — a must watch! With video … Comments (2)

September, 2010

Cyclones start title series tonight in Troy!

Podcast: And here’s a video from Thursday night’s win to get you in the mood. With video … Comment

Backman meets Mets owner — to talk stadium renovations?! Come on!

Ridin’ the Cyclones: Is Wally Backman kidding? Who knows? With video … Comment

Lucas Duda — a ‘Dude’ with the Cyclones is now a Met

Cyclones: You know him as the newest Met, but we at The Brooklyn Paper remember Lucas Duda as a great young power-hitting kid. Duda So click to watch our historic video of Duda after he won a playoff game against the Yankees. With video … Comments (1)

Editorial: A double take on ‘double dipping’

Perspective: Two Assemblywomen. Two pensions. Two levels of outrage. With video … Comments (13)

Our reporter still basking in kudos from Olbermann

Podcast: Yes, Stephen Brown got a shout-out on “Countdown” after his hard-hitting interview with Rudy “9-11! 9-11!” Giuliani, so check out our video on the ensuing excitement. With video … Comments (1)

August, 2010

That’s my money! Millman backtracks from pension pledge

Cobble Hill: Assemblywoman Joan Millman has backed off a pledge to stop taking her public school teacher’s pension — and instead slammed her challenger for linking her to so-called “double-dipping” lawmakers who draw their state legislative pensions even as they work at the state house. With video … Comments (2)

Our man tries out the new sensory deprivation tank

Sunset Park: A lot of think tanks these days dedicate time to indoctrinating followers into the political hive mind — but a new one in Sunset Park lets you lounge in a sea of salty sensory deprivation while contemplating ways to destroy the prevailing paradigm. With video … Comments (2)

Debate week round two! Millman vs. Biviano!

Cobble Hill: Assembly candidate Doug Biviano blasted away at incumbent Joan Millman in a debate last week, hammering her for taking her pension even as she works as a lawmaker, lambasting her for backing transit cuts, and for flip-flopping on housing inside Brooklyn Bridge Park — but the harshest word he had for Millman was that she’s “nice.” With video … Comments (16)

Debate week begins! Round one: Jacobs vs. Adolphe!

Politics: It’s a barn-burner between three-decade incumbent Assemblywoman Rhoda Jacobs and challenger Michele Adolphe to represent Flatbush. Normally, we at The Brooklyn Paper don’t cover Flatbush, but this debate must be seen. With video … Comments (2)

Cyclones celebrate one really great moustache!

Cyclones: Brooklyn relief pitcher Hamilton Bennett may be playing in Single A, but he has a major league moustache — albeit from a decade far, far away. With video … Comments (1)

A great intern moves on — farewell to Ben Kochman

Podcast: Please enjoy our video tribute to the scrappy southpaw. With video … Comment

What’s it like to spend 45 minutes in an isolation tank?

Sunset Park: Our reporter, Stephen Brown, took the plunge — and saw things that no man should ever see. Watch the video now! With video … Comments (4)

Cutting the mustard! Greenpoint woman makes the good stuff

Shopping: Anna Wolf makes mustard, but relish is really what she’s doing right now. With video … Comments (1)

Video: Inside Backman’s ‘Wally World’

Podcast: No one brings you inside the Cyclones locker room like The Brooklyn Paper. So join Editor Gersh Kuntzman, the dean of the Cyclones press corps, as he trains his video lens on skipper Wally Backman — whom everyone thinks is the Mets manager-in-waiting. With video … Comment

The ‘Midwood Mouth’ roars! Weiner pens op-ed about his House burning

Politics: Finally, Rep. Anthony Weiner explains the root of his rage. Comments (3)

July, 2010

On the new mechanical bull — a video exclusive!

Campbell’s Soup: Some guy named Andy Campbell who said he was a reporter here got on the bull and rode it (more or less). Join Gersh Kuntzman as he covers this mediocre effort. With video … Comments (2)

Our exclusive video of horseshoe crab mating!

Podcast: Click above for some pre-historic mating action. With video … Comments (2)

That’s right, fans — another installment of ‘The Short Minute…with Aaron Short’!

Podcast: Join Community Newspaper Group legend Aaron Short for the third installment of his scintillating weekly roundup, “The Short Minute.” As always, Aaron takes on the big topics of the week. With video … Comments (3)

Sex god! Bklyn College doc loves a good crab orgy

Podcast: There’s a horseshoe crab orgy going on right now, and everyone’s invited. With video … Comment

Our most disgusting ‘Meadows of Shame’ video — ever!

Meadows of Shame: Monday, July 5 in Prospect Park — the worst mess we’ve ever seen. Good news? Parks workers are cleaning it up as we speak. With video … Comments (19)

June, 2010

Check out our hot Double-D Pool video!

Gowanus: The pool that was saved from city budget cuts opens with a splash — by our shirtless editor. Watch it all. With video … Comments (2)

Double D-lightful as Gowanus pool reopens

Gowanus: The city budget bean counters have spared the Douglass-Degraw pool — and the children are happy. With video … Comment

Marty: How about ‘Adopt-a-Pool’?

Meadows of Shame: The Beep hopes to find a corporate sponsor to get a beloved public pool in the heart of Brownstone Brooklyn off the mayor’s budgetary hit list. With video … Comments (6)

Cyclones open tonight against the hated Yankees!

Cyclones: The good news is that this year’s team hates the Baby Bombers — as our exclusive video shows! With video … Comments (1)

Wild wet fun at Brooklyn Bridge Park

Bridge ‘Park’: Plus our exclusive video shot today! With video … Comments (2)

Spike Lee rolls out his vodka at the Blogfest on June 8 (weird, right?)

Event: He doesn’t live in Brooklyn anymore, and he doesn’t blog, but Spike Lee will be the main draw at this year’s Brooklyn Blogfest. With video … Comments (6)

May, 2010

An exclusive video of a turtle trap!

Meadows of Shame: Our Prospect Park Correspondent Stephen Brown is back with another hard-hitting report from the Meadows of Shame! With video … Comment

Pier 6 is without peer thanks to amazing kid attractions

Bridge ‘Park’: It might just be the coolest place to bring your kids for free. Comments (2)

Candidates savage each other in district leader debate

Committeman Confrontation: Incumbent Democratic District Leader Ralph Perfetto says that a vote for his inexperienced challenger Kevin Peter Carroll would be a vote for the Republicans. With video … Comments (10)

That’s right, fans — another installment of ‘The Short Minute…with Aaron Short’!

Podcast: Join Community Newspaper Group legend Aaron Short for the second installment of his scintillating weekly roundup, “The Short Minute.” As always, Aaron takes on the big topics of the week. With video … Comment

The great debate! It’s Perfetto vs. Carroll — live (on tape)!

Bay Ridge: You’ve heard the buildup. You’ve read the allegations. You’ve been shocked by the vitriol. Now it’s time to rumble as Bay Ridge’s incumbent District Leader Ralph Perfetto and hard-hitting challenger Kevin Peter Carroll go mano-a-mano in a debate in our Downtown offices. With video … Comment

Our video takes you inside the belly of the beast — Grand Army Plaza

Mean Streets: The city has a bright idea for fixing Grand Army Plaza — a traffic light on the western spur of the devilish roundabout. But will it work? Editor Gersh Kuntzman and Traffic Correspondent Stephen Brown take you into the belly of the beast — Grand Army Plaza — in this exclusive video. With video … Comments (1)

EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Is this the biggest rat in Brooklyn?

Mean Streets: After filing Wednesday’s Web exclusive on rats, reporter Gary Buiso knew there was more to the story — and sure enough, there is: a stunning piece of videotape of what could be the biggest rat in Brooklyn. Join Buiso and Editor Gersh Kuntzman as they show you an animal that you won’t soon forget. With video … Comments (1)

April, 2010

Introducing…’The Short Minute’ with Aaron Short

Podcast: Join Community Newspaper Group legend Aaron Short for the first installment of his scintillating weekly roundup, “The Short Minute.” This week, Aaron takes on the big topics. With video … Comments (3)

Marty’s got an iPad — and now he wants a Brooklyn Apple store

Podcast: The way to Steve Jobs’s heart is through his e-mail. Comments (3)

March, 2010

The Butcher of Prospect Park — a photo montage!

Meadows of Shame: Entrails, chicken heads, blood and dead fish. It’s been a disgusting two weeks in Prospect Park. So put down that coffee and let award-nominated reporter Stephen Brown narrate a slideshow of a fortnight’s worth of carnage! With video … Comments (2)

Watch Gersh and Aaron eat matzoh!

Williamsburg: You asked for it, you got it: Two of Brooklyn’s most legendary Jews — Brooklyn Paper Editor Gersh Kuntzman and Williamsburg Courier Cub Reporter Aaron Short — conduct the first-ever shmura matzoh taste test. Will their bowels ever forgive them? With video … Comments (2)

Our exclusive video from the Atlantic Yards groundbreaking

Atlantic Yards: Join The Brooklyn Paper team of Andy Campbell, Stephen Brown and Gersh Kuntzman as they take you inside — and outside — Bruce Ratner’s Barclays Center groundbreaking on Thursday. With video … Comment

Gersh is back on the bike!

Mean Streets: Join our biking editor as he makes his maiden two-wheeled commute of the season. With video … Comments (3)

February, 2010

Should The Brooklyn Paper go behind a paywall?

Podcast: And what kind of paywall? Watch this video to find out. With video … Comments (9)

It’s Presidents’ Day, people! Here’s our tribute to Martin Van Buren

Podcast: Sure, everyone else is remembering the “big” presidents — Washington, Lincoln, Taft — but we at The Brooklyn Paper hit the streets to see if anyone remembers Van Buren (you know, the Little Magician). With video … Comment

Revolt on ‘Wheels’! Sylvia Fields hates her city-provided meals

Brooklyn Angle: It all started when the city changed the way it pays for its Meals on Wheels providers. Now, some seniors in Brighton Beach are going crazy — and forcing our columnist to eat really bad meatloaf. With video … Comments (5)

January, 2010

What if the G train gets worse?

Greenpoint: The MTA is planning huge service cuts, including worse service on the G train. Senior transit reporter Andy Campbell staked out Brooklyn’s much-maligned line to find out how riders will use all the extra time on the platform! With video … Comments (2)

Arby’s? In Gage and Tollner? See for yourself!

Dining: The old Gage and Tollner restaurant has been turned into an Arby’s, so naturally, The Brooklyn Paper team checked out whether a fast-food joint could properly fill the landmarked shoes of the former chophouse. Here’s a video that you won’t see anywhere else! With video … Comments (4)

December, 2009

Off with his head! Freddy’s Bar unveils guillotine to slay ‘Eminent Domain’

Atlantic Yards: Watch our exclusive video of all the action. With video … Comment

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