Brooklyn Bridge ‘Park’

December, 2009

Ride on! Bridge ‘Park’ directors accept Jane’s Carousel

Bridge ‘Park’: A DUMBO real-estate titan and his wife’s dream of donating her lovingly restored, 1920s-era carousel to the Brooklyn Bridge Park waterfront development was finally realized on Thursday when state officials finally accepted the gift. Comments (7)

Mayor will pony up cash — if state hands over Brooklyn Bridge ‘Park’

Bridge ‘Park’: Brooklyn Bridge Park’s ill-fated Piers 2 and 3, which were essentially put on the back-burner when the park’s price tag topped $300 million last year, would be back in the picture if the city is given control of the long-delayed greenspace. Comments (7)

Bloomy: Housing in ‘park’ is still the plan

Bridge ‘Park’: So much for that Daily News “exclusive” this morning. Comments (16)

November, 2009

No ‘park’ing! Critics say Brooklyn Bridge Park entrance isn’t so grand

Bridge ‘Park’: Grand entryway or condo driveway — you decide. Comments (6)

September, 2009

Ins and Audis at One Brooklyn Bridge Park

Bridge ‘Park’: These apartments are priced to move — literally. Comments (1)

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August, 2009

Brooklyn Bridge Park is being built

Bridge ‘Park’: Brooklyn Bridge Park is finally being built. Comments (8)

In the 33rd district, six candidates speak on Brooklyn Bridge Park

Bridge ‘Park’: Brooklyn Bridge Park is being built — no, really — so now it’s time for the candidates for the City Council seat that includes the park to explain how it will be maintained for years to come. Comments (3)

This barge makes global warming look cool

Bridge ‘Park’: Check out what life may be like if the oceans rise and we all have to live on water. Comment

June, 2009

New signs of life at Bridge ‘Park’

Bridge ‘Park’: The proposed Brooklyn Bridge Park showed new signs of life last week as officials moved to take the reins of its first piece of actual parkland — the existing Empire-Fulton Ferry State Park. Comment

May, 2009

Art attacked! State park cops reuglify DUMBO building

Bridge ‘Park’: An evolution-themed artwork that beautified an ugly scaffolding was ripped down by state officials who claimed the artists did their public service without permission. Comments (9)

State official: BQE could crumble before repairs

Bridge ‘Park’: State officials revealed on Tuesday night that a colossal renovation of the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway won’t likely begin until 2020 — nearly 30 years beyond the roadway’s original lifespan. Comments (8)

BQE fix ramps up — tomorrow night!

Mean Streets: A decades-long project to repair a ready-to-collapse section of the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway finally begins tomorrow night. Comments (4)

It’s a ‘Squibb’ kick in Brooklyn Heights

Bridge ‘Park’: The Brooklyn Bridge Park development suffered yet another blow this week when a proposed bridge connecting it to Brooklyn Heights was axed in Mayor Bloomberg’s new budget, The Brooklyn Paper has learned. Comments (1)

More ‘Park’ malarkey

Editorial: The editorial board smells another rat in the latest cutbacks at Brooklyn Bridge Park. Comment

Bridge ‘Park’ to run through River Cafe

Bridge ‘Park’: The lovely grounds of the enchanted River Café will be ripped apart to create a pathway linking disparate ends of the Brooklyn Bridge Park development, The Brooklyn Paper has learned. Comments (6)

April, 2009

Brooklyn Flea coming to Brooklyn Bridge Park site

Bridge ‘Park’: The popular Brooklyn Flea will open a summer home — its third — inside the troubled Brooklyn Bridge Park site starting in June. Comment

BQE on the QT

Bridge ‘Park’: Here’s another way to muffle the noisy Brooklyn-Queens Expressway as it roars past the proposed Brooklyn Bridge Park development — instead of 30-foot mini-mountains, a Brooklyn Heights architect proposes a solar-panel-covered envelope to encase the highway. Comments (20)

March, 2009

Squadron’s ‘Park’ plan

Editorial: The Brooklyn Paper editorial board is cautiously optimistic about a state Senator’s plan to eliminate housing inside Brooklyn Bridge Park. Comments (1)

Squadron seeks tax money to get ‘Park’ built

Bridge ‘Park’: State Sen. Daniel Squadron unveiled a radical new proposal for the underfunded Brooklyn Bridge Park development that would eliminate hundreds of planned condos from the park and, instead, use property taxes from nearby landowners to pay for the controversial park project’s upkeep — but several critics immediately punched holes in the plan. Comments (16)

State: ‘Park’ still on time — for now

Bridge ‘Park’: Despite uncertainty in the days after Mayor Bloomberg’s stunning announcement on Thursday that the city should take control of the Brooklyn Bridge Park development from the state, the development’s president said on Monday night that the earliest park sections are still scheduled to open by the end of this year. Comments (2)

‘Park’ taking shape? These mounds aren’t just dirt, park planners say

Bridge ‘Park’: Just as the mayor is working out a way to take over the Brooklyn Bridge Park project, the construction of the first permanent section of open space in the long-stalled state-run development are underway, park planners said last week. Comment

Mayor to take over Brooklyn Bridge Park?

Bridge ‘Park’: This just in: Mayor Bloomberg told reporters at his daily press briefing today that the city has the means to take over the stalled and underfunded state-run Brooklyn Bridge Park development — and turn it into a city park. Comments (10)

New boss at ‘Park’ Conservancy

Bridge ‘Park’: The Brooklyn Bridge Park Conservancy tapped its vice president, Nancy Webster, to become the group’s acting director after longtime leader Marianna Koval announced her resignation last week. Comment

Koval’s departure

Editorial: Our editorial board sees a much bigger story to Marianna Koval’s resignation from the Brooklyn Bridge Park Conservancy. The story: There is no park. Comments (2)

All drawn out

Bridge ‘Park’: Cartoonist Cristian Fleming looks at an abrupt departure at the Brooklyn Bridge Park Conservancy. Comment

Breaking news! Koval out at Bridge ‘Park’ Conservancy

Bridge ‘Park’: Longtime Brooklyn Bridge Park Conservancy President Marianna Koval has resigned — officially to spend more time with her teenage daughter. Comments (1)

February, 2009

More problem$ at Brooklyn Bridge ‘Park’

Bridge ‘Park’: Yet another revenue-generating component of the beleaguered Brooklyn Bridge “Park” development is on hold because of the faltering economy, The Brooklyn Paper has learned. Comments (8)

Pier pressure at Brooklyn Bridge ‘Park’

Bridge ‘Park’: There’s a ticking time bomb beneath the murky surface of the East River that could wreak havoc on the recently hiked budget of the Brooklyn Bridge Park development. Comments (4)

January, 2009

Brooklyn Bridge bark! Local anger spills over at ‘park’ meeting

Bridge ‘Park’: Mounting costs to build Brooklyn Bridge Park with no completion date in sight incensed critics during a presentation of long-sought budget figures for the controversial park-and-condo project on Thursday night. Comments (9)

‘Park’ costs go up again!

Bridge ‘Park’: The cost to construct — and operate — the troubled Brooklyn Bridge Park development has gone up again, but its planners say that the higher maintenance cost is actually a cut! Comments (1)

Make ‘park’ a real park

Editorial: Our editorial board calls for the Brooklyn Bridge Park development to be scrapped and reconceived as a real public park. Comments (8)

Bridge ‘park’ housing now also on hold

Bridge ‘Park’: Yet another key part of the scheme for funding Brooklyn Bridge Park — housing units inside the “park’s” footprint — have been quietly shelved, one week after officials announced that they were no longer planning a hotel either. Comments (1)

Hotel no tell

Bridge ‘Park’: A ballyhooed hotel that would have funded a large part of the maintenance budget for the controversial Brooklyn Bridge Park has been quietly abandoned by the condo-and-greenspace development’s planners. Comments (3)

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