Brooklyn Bridge ‘Park’

December, 2011

Rich private schools rally to save rec bubble on Pier 5

Bridge ‘Park’: A coalition of area private schools wants to build a sports bubble in Brooklyn Bridge Park now that park officials have failed to do so despite a deal between state lawmakers and Mayor Bloomberg earlier this year. Comments (18)

‘Bubble’ has burst! Pier 5 rec fields move forward without year-round element

Bridge ‘Park’: Brooklyn Bridge Park is moving forward with three soccer fields and a picnic area on Pier 5 — without leaving room for a year-round sports bubble. Comments (3)

Bridge too far? Squibb-to-Bklyn-Bridge-Park footpath costs soar

Bridge ‘Park’: The cost of a proposed footbridge from Brooklyn Heights to Brooklyn Bridge Park’s Pier 1 — a key amenity for residents seeking quick access to the world-class park — jumped 26 percent after park officials upgraded the design then failed to find a contractor who could meet the original budget. Comments (12)

Secret’s out! Under pressure, Bklyn Bridge Park reveals hotel selection committee members

Bridge ‘Park’: Brooklyn Bridge Park has released the names of the city officials who will ultimately decide which hotel and luxury condo complex is built on Pier 1 — succumbing to pressure after locals slammed park officials for a lack of transparency. Comments (5)

November, 2011

Post-Thanksgiving fun: Pick your favorite design for Brooklyn Bridge Park hotel

Bridge ‘Park’: Watch our slideshow and then render your verdict! Comments (8)

No-tel! City shows off big park plans, but is tight-lipped on Bridge Park development

Bridge ‘Park’: Residents demanded the city slow down before chosing a builder for the hotel, condo, and retail development in prime space in Brooklyn Bridge Park, but the city says its forging ahead — and refuses to reveal who’ll pick the winning design. Comments (28)

HERE THEY ARE! Slideshow gives you the goods on Bridge Park hotel.

Bridge ‘Park’: Here’s a first look at the exciting (and not-so-exciting) designs that potential hotel and condo developers for Brooklyn Bridge Park’s Pier 1 have proposed to the city. Comments (1)

October, 2011

The bubble bursts! Brooklyn Bridge Park won’t get promised indoor field

Meadows of Shame: Brooklyn Bridge Park won’t get its much-touted indoor soccer field because the city failed to attract developers for it — prompting locals to slam the city for deliberately bursting the recreational bubble. Comments (21)

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September, 2011

Jane’s Carousel opens today!

Bridge ‘Park’: And we have exclusive video from the inaugural ride! With video … Comments (6)

You’ll shake with pleasure at Blueprint

Bar Scrawl: Great cocktails in Park Slope. Comments (1)

Drive on over to Crown Victoria

Bar Scrawl: A former garage becomes a great beer hall. Comment

A rave for the new Mo’s!

Bar Scrawl: This place (now Mo’s without the “e”) is great — except for the Happy Hour margarita, apparently. Comments (6)

August, 2011

Pier 5 plan moves ahead

Bridge ‘Park’: Brooklyn Bridge Park will get a major recreational facility on Pier 5 by the end of next year, city officials said on Tuesday. Comments (2)

You won’t go Austro-hungry at the Vienna Music Film Festival on Monday

Bridge ‘Park’: This event includes opera, music, film and wienerschnitzel. Comment

News analysis: Inside the Brooklyn Bridge Park deal

Bridge ‘Park’: It’s the billion-dollar boondoggle! Comments (135)

Editorial: At Brooklyn Bridge Park, the rich get richer

Editorial: Our editorial board provides a contrary view of the Brooklyn Bridge Park funding deal (you know, the one that everyone else seems to like). Comments (24)

The ‘Watchtower’ deal’s winners and losers

Bridge ‘Park’: The city’s agreement to fund Brooklyn Bridge Park’s annual maintenance with the property taxes on soon-to-be-sold Watchtower properties could be the greatest real-estate swindle of all time or sound public policy. But either way, it’s created plenty of winners and losers. Comments (13)

Rooms with a view! City starts search for Pier 1 hotel developer

Bridge ‘Park’: The city has moved forward with plans to build condos and a hotel at Pier 1 of Brooklyn Bridge Park — locking in a long-sought revenue source for the waterfront park’s $16-million annual maintenance budget. Comments (5)

Pols have sold us out to Bloomy

Bridge ‘Park’: State Sen. Daniel Squadron and Assemblywoman Joan Milllman reneged on their promise of no new housing to pay for Brooklyn Bridge Park. Comments (7)

Deal is a good one for Bklyn

Bridge ‘Park’: Two years ago, the governor and the mayor were steamrolling ahead with plans to construct new luxury housing in Brooklyn Bridge Park as a source of funding for park maintenance. Most odious were the two planned 300-foot towers on the corner of Hicks Street and Atlantic Avenue. The mayor and governor showed no interest in considering alternatives to constructing these new buildings. Many of the active recreational elements that the community long advocated for were gone, replaced by kayaking and expensive landscaping. Comments (4)

All eyes on the Watchtower — Inside the Brooklyn Bridge Park deal

Bridge ‘Park’: Brooklyn Bridge Park will have fewer luxury condos inside its waterfront footprint under a deal that would set aside future tax revenues to pay for the park’s $16-million annual upkeep — but how much less housing depends on the timely sale of tax-exempt buildings owned by the Jehovah’s Witnesses and not controlled by the city. Comments (8)

Explaining the Brooklyn Bridge Park deal

The Explainer: Confused by all the spin? Let the Explainer break it down for you. Comments (1)

Deal is sealed: There will be housing — but less of it — in Brooklyn Bridge Park

Bridge ‘Park’: Two key lawmakers who had long fought luxury high-rise development inside Brooklyn Bridge Park have signed off on a deal that would scale back the housing — and possibly eliminate most of it entirely — but still meet a mandate that the greenspace’s $16-million annual maintenance cost not come from city taxpayers. Comments (10)

Un-bee-lievable! Swarm of wasps invades Brooklyn Bridge Park’s Pier 6

Bridge ‘Park’: Stinging pests have taken over the park’s sandy paradise. Experts say don’t worry (tell that to your 4-year-old who’s just been stung). Comment

July, 2011

Yesterday’s news keeps Brooklyn Bridge Park green

Bridge ‘Park’: The Brooklyn Paper doesn’t just do a great job covering hard-hitting news and information — it also does a number on weeds! Comment

Pay to play! Free volleyball hours at Pier 6 are curtailed

Bridge ‘Park’: A co-ed volleyball league will take over Pier 6 in Brooklyn Bridge Park for two nights a week in exchange for providing free public workshops and funding for court maintenance — the latest sign that public-private partnerships are shoring up the waterfront park’s revenues. Comments (1)

Tobacco noed! Judge says that feds and state broke rules at Warehouse

Bridge ‘Park’: A judge has blocked a plan to turn the historic Tobacco Warehouse in Empire-Fulton Ferry State Park into the new home of St. Ann’s Warehouse, a DUMBO theater company that had planned to move there. Comments (1)

June, 2011

This pool would be a real plus

Bridge ‘Park’: Now this is a swimming hole! Comments (5)

Hot dog! Pier 6 rooftop bar opens in Brooklyn Bridge Park

Bridge ‘Park’: Bark Hot Dogs opened a rooftop concession on Pier 6 in Brooklyn Bridge Park on Saturday, bringing beer and frankfurters to a space that’s isolated from wide dining options. Comments (2)

The fix is in! City cuts big developer’s taxes in Brooklyn Bridge Park

Bridge ‘Park’: The city quietly slashed the main source of revenue for Brooklyn Bridge Park, revealing only this week that a luxury condo that funds the park’s maintenance budget is now paying $1 million less — leaving a gaping hole in revenue at a time when planners are struggling to raise even more money for upkeep. Comments (10)

Brooklyn Bridge Park consultant: Alternatives to housing? What alternatives to housing?

Bridge ‘Park’: Housing is looking more and more inevitable in Brooklyn Bridge Park Comments (17)

May, 2011

More to love at Brooklyn Bridge Park

Bridge ‘Park’: This weekend, Brooklyn Bridge Park will be filled with cheese, frankfurters, sand — and eager park-goers galore. Comment

Bridge from Squibb Park to Brooklyn Bridge Park will cost $4.9M

Bridge ‘Park’: Brooklyn Heights will get an innovative $4.9-million footbridge that zigzags over streets and through buildings to connect the northern part of the neighborhood to one of the world’s most breathtaking parks. Comments (7)

April, 2011

New retail — dogs, wine! — comes to Brooklyn Bridge Park

Bridge ‘Park’: Brooklyn Bridge Park is going to the dogs — and to oenophiles. Comments (5)

This year’s ‘Movies with a View’ puts an emphasis on the view

Bridge ‘Park’: The schedule for this summer’s “Movies with a View” series at Brooklyn Bridge Park’s Pier 1 is up — and this year is focusing on the “view” part of the name. Most of the films in the series have a Manhattan focus — which only makes sense given the city views from the park at the foot of Old Fulton Street. Comment

Tobacco no-ed! Judge blocks transfer of warehouse for arts center

Bridge ‘Park’: A federal judge has temporarily blocked a plan to turn the historic Tobacco Warehouse inside Brooklyn Bridge Park into an arts center run by the St. Ann’s Warehouse theater troupe. Comments (4)

House training! Bridge Park supporters say condos are the best way to raise dough

Bridge ‘Park’: Supporters of housing inside Brooklyn Bridge Park brought out the big guns last week to support residential units inside the park as the best way to meet a state mandate that the park generate enough revenue to cover its maintenance budget. Comments (4)

March, 2011

Foes say ‘No Housing’ committee report is lowballing them

Bridge ‘Park’: Community members and elected officials are furious that a report studying ways to fund Brooklyn Bridge Park’s massive maintenance budget may be leaving good cash on the table. Comments (8)

BHA lawsuit is a bad idea

Bridge ‘Park’: My wife, Betsy, and I attended the Brooklyn Heights Association annual meeting on Feb. 28 at which Jane McGroarty, Brooklyn Heights Association president, included in her remarks an explanation of the rationale for the Brooklyn Heights Association lawsuit challenging the proposed use of the Tobacco Warehouse as a new home for the St. Ann’s Warehouse theater. In spite of this eloquent explanation, Betsy and I, most respectfully, remain strongly supportive of the St. Ann’s proposal and in strong disagreement with the Brooklyn Heights Association lawsuit. Comments (1)

The BHA suit is about justice

Bridge ‘Park’: What if, today, someone — anyone — decided that your local park didn’t belong to the public any more? Or maybe just the lake, the boat house, or the ball field didn’t belong to the public any more? Would you think that was OK? Comments (1)

February, 2011

Foes decry Park ‘tax’ scheme, push for revenue from Witness buildings

Bridge ‘Park’: Brooklyn Bridge Park could raise one-quarter of its massive maintenance budget through a new tax on local businesses and residents — but that idea is dead in the water, say critics, who think there are better ways to raise the money. Comments (10)

Feds: We were right about the Tobacco Warehouse

Bridge ‘Park’: Federal parks officials say they did nothing wrong when they allowed the state to redraw the map of the Brooklyn waterfront to allow a historic building in a park to be redeveloped into a theater. Comments (1)

Big prize for Brooklyn Bridge Park

Bridge ‘Park’: Forget his multi-million-dollar fee — starchitect Michael Van Valkenburgh just won a $2,500 prize for designing Brooklyn Bridge Park! Comments (4)

January, 2011

‘Tobacco’ woes! Suit says state lied to feds to privatize Park warehouse

Bridge ‘Park’: And a judge has ordered an expedited hearing, too. Comments (4)

City: Bus a move — away from Brooklyn Bridge Park

Mean Streets: The city is moving to stop droves of double-decker tour buses from idling and clogging the foot of Old Fulton Street during the summer — a traffic debacle that’s reached a breaking point since Pier 1 of Brooklyn Bridge Park opened early last year. Comments (18)

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