December, 2008

Marty slams Bloomy in year-end interview!

Politics: Borough President Markowitz got feisty during his annual end-of-year sitdown with Brooklyn Paper Editor Gersh Kuntzman — but he saved his venom for “czar” Mayor Bloomberg’s quest to “gut” and “starve” his office of funding. Comments (2)

Vito veritas: Rep. Fossella had a year to forget

Bay Ridge: Without a doubt, the best story of the year was the stunning — and blindingly fast — demise of Rep. Vito Fossella, whose career disintegrated faster than you can say “Another round of drinks.” Comment

Fossella to exit stage, right? Um, maybe not

Politicrasher: Disgraced and retired — but apparently still beloved — Rep. Vito Fossella may have been fresh from his sentencing last week in Virginia to five days in jail for drunk driving, but he was hailed on Staten Island on Sunday in what looked a lot more like a political comeback than a send-off. Comment

They’re off! Council candidates start making their pitch

Politics: ’Tis the season to be campaigning. Comments (2)

The man who lost to Obama! A Brooklyn Paper exclusive!

Brooklyn Angle: It is no small thing to say that a Park Slope lawyer named David Goldberg is one of the most important figures in American history. Comment

From this House…to the jailhouse! Vito gets five days

Bay Ridge: Rep. Vito Fossella was sentenced to five days in jail — but yes, Virginia, there is a Santa clause: the congressman’s appeal means that he’ll get a new trial before he gets packed off to jail. Comment

November, 2008

Hipsters vs. Old-timers battle flares up again

Williamsburg: Dozens of hipsters — and the old-timers who resent them — stormed a community meeting on Monday night, showing the ongoing clash of cultures that collided when people flooded the streets after Barack Obama’s election win on Nov. 4. Comments (12)

Mike Long — right-wing party powerhouse — sells Ridge liquor store

Bay Ridge: Heather Hamilton has hardly changed a thing in Long’s Wines & Liquors since she purchased the Bay Ridge booze shop from state Conservative Party Chair Mike Long in March — but there’s one big difference: and it ain’t the wine selection. Comment

Trim Marty’s fat

Editorial: Our editorial board supports cuts to the borough president’s office — but opposes recent calls to eliminate the office altogether. Comments (2)

Greetings from Obamaville!

Park Slope: Exit polls show that Barack Obama got 95 percent of the black vote nationwide. But in one mostly white corner of Park Slope, he did even better. Comments (3)

This is McCain country!

Williamsburg: Kings County may be Barack-lyn now, but the President-elect’s unorthodox candidacy turned many Democratic south Williamsburg voters into McCainiacs. Comments (5)

Pols riding the Chisholm trail

Fort Greene: One week after Barack Obama broke a major racial barrier, Brooklyn pols shined a light on one of their own, former Rep. Shirley Chisholm, who knocked down several racial and gender obstacles in her time. Comment


Politics: Brooklyn helped hand Barack Obama a historic win on Tuesday night — and then revelers spilled out into the streets in a cathartic victory party in several neighborhoods. Comments (3)

Full election monty! McMahon, Squadron, and, oh, Obama win big!

Politics: Democrats swept all of the key races in Brooklyn on Tuesday, as voters faced long lines (like this one outside the state Supreme Court building in Downtown) at the polls in the historic election of Sen. Barack Obama as president of the United States. Comment

Obama victory is theirs, too

Politics: George Greene watched the black man appear on his television screen on Tuesday night above the words “president-elect,” the 83-year old World War II veteran had only one thought. Comment

President Barack Obama

Editorial: Our editorial board concludes: The election of Barack Obama is a major big deal! Comments (1)

Live from Ohio! Last chapter of our Buckeye blitz

Politicrasher: Our political columnist finishes his journey to Ohio, where a group of Brooklynites helped swing the ultimate swing state. Comment

McCain wins (In one school’s kiddie vote, that is)

Greenpoint: Barack Obama handily won the national race, but students at St. Stanislaus Kostka School in Greenpoint made a maverick decision when they elected Sen. John McCain on Tuesday. Comment

The breakfast of champions

Downtown: Downtown power broker Steve Cohn’s annual pre-election event at Junior’s was the ultimate power breakfast. Comment

Obama vs. McCain: It all comes down to the juice boxes

Politicrasher: On the eve of Election Day, Obama supporters strategize on how to keep voters at the polls. Comment

It’s election day: Here is some key poll information

Politics: Polls in New York City open at 6 am today and will remain open until 9 pm. That’s the easy part. Here’s some additional information from the New York Civil Liberties Union that should answer all of your last-minute questions. Comment

War is hell — but it pays the bills! How Obama lost another Ohio vote

Politicrasher: A wife stands by her man — and against Obama — because her husband’s job depends on the war in Iraq. Man, this is one messed-up country sometimes. Comments (4)

Live from Ohio! Our columnist crashes the campaign

Politicrasher: Our political columnist is in Ohio — yes, the real Ohio in the Midwest — to bring you on-the-ground coverage of the war for this ultimate swing state. Obama fans: be afraid. Be very afraid. Comments (2)

October, 2008

Yassky ‘betrayed’ voters

Politics: A lot of people are angry about the City Council’s 29-22 vote to set aside term limits and allow Mayor Bloomberg to run for a third term. And they’re all angry at David Yassky. Comment

Yassky fallout! Ken is loaded for ‘Baer’

Brooklyn Heights: Add Ken Baer to the list of people angry about Councilman David Yassky’s vote to let elected officials run for a third term — but unlike everyone else, Baer is actually doing something about it. Comments (4)

Yassky’s integrity terminated

Editorial: The way Councilman David Yassky handled his vote on term limits stands out — for all the wrong reasons. Comments (10)

Lord Markowitz! Term-limit clears path for Beep-eat

Politics: The controversial term limits extension cleared the decks for a third term for Borough President Markowitz as several leading opponents quickly bowed out despite increasing scrutiny of the Beep’s ethics and overall record. Comments (5)

Mike McMahon for Congress

Editorial: Often on Election Day, the voters’ choice boils down to which of the two candidates is the least objectionable. Fortunately, Bay Ridge, Dyker Heights and Bensonhurst voters have a chance to cast their ballots for a worthy candidate for Congress on Tuesday, Nov. 4: Councilman Mike McMahon. Comments (1)

Final debate for Heights Senate seat

Brooklyn Heights: A Republican candidate for the Brooklyn Heights state Senate seat took his last licks at favored Democratic newcomer Daniel Squadron during a debate on Tuesday night, charging that Squadron is part of the same “Democratic machine” that clogs up legislation in Albany — but Squadron sat quietly, knowing that his general election victory was all but guaranteed when he won the Democratic primary in September. Comment

Bill fold! DeBlasio to avoid Marty and run for public advocate instead

Politics: Councilman Bill DeBlasio has abandoned his bid to become the next borough president and will run for public advocate instead — an indication that incumbent Beep, Marty Markowitz, will likely cruise to a third term. Comments (5)

Hakeem’s dream: Let the people vote on term limits

Politics: A Brooklyn assemblyman will now try to do what the City Council refused: Let the people decide about term limits. Comment

Yassky: The lyin’ in winter

Politicrasher: A lot of people are angry about the City Council’s 29-22 vote to set aside term limits and allow Mayor Bloomberg to run for a third term. And they’re all angry at David Yassky. Comments (3)

McMahon and Straniere battle for Fossella’s seat

Bay Ridge: Exclusive! The Democratic and Republican rivals for the Bay Ridge congressional seat being vacated by scandal-scarred Rep. Vito Fossella battle it out in our DUMBO newsroom. Comment

Brook-Krasny vs. Capano

Bay Ridge: Now, about that time I confronted Mayor Bloomberg in a men’s room... Comment

The signs look good

Williamsburg–Greenpoint Waterfront: Some Williamsburg residents aren’t shy about voicing their political leanings. Comment

Palin around! Sarah lookalikes raise big bucks — and hair — for Barack

Politicrasher: Imitation may be the most sincere form of flattery in “real America,” but in Park Slope, the liberal ladies who dressed up like Republican Vice Presidential nominee Sarah Palin on Saturday decided it’s definitely not sincere and it’s certainly not flattery. Comment

Guilty! ‘Vino’ Fossella convicted in drunk-driving case

Bay Ridge: Bay Ridge is represented in Congress by a convict, now that Rep. Vito Fossella was found guilty last Friday of drunk driving, stemming from a May 1 arrest in Virginia as the seven-term congressman was on his way to a night-time rendezvous with his mistress. Comments (5)

Yassky is still undecided on term limits!

Politics: The city is being torn to shreds in the debate over term limits, and Councilman David Yassky is nowhere to be found on the issue. Comments (4)

Bloomy: Marty is ‘probably’ good

Bloomy in the ’Hood: Mayor Bloomberg offered only lukewarm support on Tuesday for his embattled ally Borough President Markowitz, who’s come under intense ethical scrutiny since The Brooklyn Paper reported last month that his private charity has received hundreds of thousands of dollars from Bruce Ratner, the Atlantic Yards developer who has enjoyed strong support from Markowitz. Comments (3)

Team coverage: The 2nd presidential debate!

Politics: On Tuesday night, tens of millions of Americans watched the second presidential debate between Barack Obama and John McCain. With that many people engaged in something so big, you can be sure that The Brooklyn Paper’s “Best Community Newspaper Political Team in the Whole Darn Business” was out on the beat, watching the debate, too. Here is our exclusive full-team coverage. Comment

Baking it up for Barack

Park Slope: Brooklyn backed Barack by baking brownies. Comments (1)

Brooklyn leads fight over Bloomy power grab!

Politics: Brownstone Brooklyn pols in city and state government are on the front lines of the battle to stop Mayor Bloomberg from getting a third term — but their motives might have as much to do with their own political ambition as it does with civic virtue. Comments (5)

Clash of the Titans!

Politics: Mayor Bloomberg’s bid to end term limits is setting up an epic race for borough president, pitting incumbent Beep Marty Markowitz against powerhouse Councilman Bill DeBlasio. Comments (9)

Barack concerts

Politics: Brooklyn loves Barack — but don’t worry, McCain supporters, there are events for you, too. Comments (1)

September, 2008

Marty: Don’t question me!

Perspective: Our editorial board thinks Borough President Markowitz needs to provide answers. Comments (2)

Marty is in Israel! Beep says he’s there for tourism business, not sightseeing

Politics: Borough President Markowitz was in Israel this week promoting tourism between Brooklyn and the Jewish state, he told The Brooklyn Paper. Comment

Mike is Bloomy’s McMahon!

Bay Ridge: Yet another Republican — well, sort of — has endorsed Democratic Councilman Mike McMahon for the Bay Ridge congressional seat long held by the GOP. Comment

Marty’$ borough haul

Downtown: The city comptroller said this week that he is “very concerned” about no-bid contracts that Borough President Markowitz made on behalf of his own charity, Best of Brooklyn. Comments (2)

Slopers flip cookies for Obama; fail to show up at peace rally

Park Slope: The two faces of Park Slope were fully on display on Sunday, as hundreds of empty seats showed up for an anti-war rally, but hundreds of dollars were raised at a 14th Street bake sale for presidential hopeful Barack Obama. Comments (1)

SI Beep — a Republican-Conservative — endorses Dem McMahon

Bay Ridge: How much does the Republican establishment on Staten Island hate former Assemblyman Robert Straniere? So much so that the Republican-Conservative borough president of that island paradise has endorsed Straniere’s Democratic rival for the long-GOP seat being vacated by Rep. Vito Fossella. Comment

GOP leader endorses Dem McMahon

Bay Ridge: How much does the Republican establishment on Staten Island hate former Assemblyman Robert Straniere? So much so that the Republican-Conservative borough president of that island paradise will on Saturday endorse Straniere’s Democratic rival for the long-GOP seat being vacated by Rep. Vito Fossella. Comments (1)

Ridge rivals come out swinging

Bay Ridge: Mike McMahon wins the Democratic nomination in the 13th congressional district and will face Robert Straniere for the seat being vacated by scandal-tarred Rep. Vito Fossella. Comment

Full primary results!

Politics: From an upset in a Brooklyn Heights state Senate seat to another win by longtime incumbent Rep. Ed Towns to a landslide by a Democratic Councilman who wants to replace scandal-tarred Rep. Vito Fossella and represent Bay Ridge in Congress, The Brooklyn Paper brings you all the election results. Click on the races below or read this round up. Comments (3)

Bay Ridge’s congressional primary

Bay Ridge: Mike McMahon beats Steve Harrison for the Democratic nomination in the 13th congressional district and will now face Robert Straniere for the seat being vacated by scandal-tarred Rep. Vito Fossella. Comment

Downtown congressional primary

Fort Greene: Rep. Ed Towns beats Kevin Powell handily. Comments (1)

A state Senate upset

Brooklyn Heights: Newcomer Daniel Squadron beats 30-year incumbent Marty Connor. Comments (1)

GOP congressional primary

Bay Ridge: Robert Straniere beats Jim Wyne and will face Mike McMahon in November. Comment

A Civil Court race

Brooklyn Heights: Devin Cohen beats Roger Adler — and gays are happy. Comment

Hey, Marty! Pass the pickles — and let’s gut term limits

Downtown: Here’s our photo op of the week — all five borough presidents (who are they again?) dining with our own Beep, Marty Markowitz, at Junior’s on Monday. Comments (1)

UPDATE: Towns disses rival’s plan

Fort Greene: House hopeful Kevin Powell might have a plan, but he doesn’t have a clue, according to the incumbent Rep. Ed Towns. Comments (2)

The Powell Plan: Too much, too late?

Politics: Just five days before voters hit the booths, congressional upstart Kevin Powell finally gave them a reason to hit the books. Comments (8)

Gloves come off in state Senate race

Brooklyn Heights: State Sen. Marty Connor — embroiled in the political fight of his life — used a debate Wednesday night to lash into his 28-year-old opponent as a “trust fund man” with little life and neighborhood experience. Comments (6)

Powell outage

Fort Greene: A spirited newcomer’s uphill race against a rarely challenged 26-year-congressman is sputtering down to the very end — but in some ways, it hasn’t officially started. Comments (5)

Harrison’s abortion flip-flop

Bay Ridge: The self-proclaimed “progressive Democrat” for Congress in Tuesday’s primary for the seat being vacated by disgraced Rep. Vito Fossella has come a long way from the pro-life, anti-spending conservative stance he adopted in his 2003 City Council race. Comments (6)

Small ‘Towns’; Longtime Rep. is clueless on foreign policy

Politicrasher: Our columnist has a big problem with Rep. Ed Towns. Comments (5)

Tax returns now part of bitter senate race

Brooklyn Heights: Candidates in an exceptionally heated state Senate race traded barbs over each other’s personal tax returns — and the man who threw the first punch emerged bloodied. Comment

The robes are off! Judge’s race is slugfest

Politics: The two lawyers vying for the Democratic nomination for Civil Court judge are going down to the wire in a heated battle fought over qualifications and baggage. Comment

Fresh choices in three Brooklyn races

Editorial: Our editorial board endorses newcomers to replace longtime incumbents in the state Senate and in the House of Representatives, plus a veteran city councilman to represent Bay Ridge in Washington. Comments (18)

August, 2008

Six men and The Paper

Politics: Ed Towns and Kevin Powell; Marty Connor and Daniel Squadron; and Michael McMahon and Steve Harrison: All are running in three contested Democratic Primary contests on Sept. 9. Last week, The Brooklyn Paper met with all of them. Here’s what they had to say! Comment

Fossella trial delayed

Bay Ridge: The drunk-driving trial against outgoing Rep. Vito Fossella has been postponed until October, due to requests from his lawyers to obtain more information about the sobriety test equipment used the night of his arrest in May, the New York Times reported this week. Comment

Chris Owens has some advice for Obama

Convention: In Denver for the Democratic National Convention, Chris Owens, who unsuccessfully ran for Congress two years ago, says he knows what will get Barack Obama elected. Comments (1)

Downtown: Ed Towns seeks our endorsement in the 10th Congressional District

Fort Greene: Rep. Ed Towns revealed a surprising lack of knowledge about foreign affairs, especially developments in Eastern Europe and the Caucasus, and little enthusiasm for engagement anywhere in the world. When the discussion turned to domestic issues, he was on firmer ground, touting several bills for which he’s claimed credit over the years. Comments (2)

Downtown: Kevin Powell drops by to seek our endorsement

Fort Greene: In an interview with The Brooklyn Paper, Rep. Ed Towns’s challenger Kevin Powell hyped his knowledge of the neighborhoods and said his self-acknowledged history of violence should not be held against him. Comments (4)

Brooklyn Heights: Marty Connor vs. Daniel Squadron in the 25th Senate District

Politics: Can you say “Smackdown”? Comments (2)

Mile-high green!

Convention: Our man in Denver finds out how to lower his carbon footprint — before he even takes a step inside the Democratic National Convention Comment

Bay Ridge: Steve Harrison vs. Mike McMahon in the 13th Congressional District

Bay Ridge: This is the race that almost never was. If police hadn’t arrested Rep. Vito Fossella for drunk driving in May, and if Fossella’s sleazy personal life had not come to light, at least one of the candidates — Staten Island City Councilman Mike McMahon — would have sat it out. Comment

Judge race: Insiders out!

Downtown: A hotly contested primary race for a local judgeship looks like it will hinge on which candidate is less tarnished by the Kings County Democratic machine’s legendary corruption. Comment

Towns won’t debate foe — even in The Brooklyn Paper office!

Fort Greene: Rep. Ed Towns is dodging Kevin Powell, refusing to share a stage with his upstart congressional opponent — and even turning down The Brooklyn Paper’s offer to host a debate on neutral territory, our DUMBO offices! Comments (6)

Handout photo of the week!

Politicrasher: Take a good look at the usual suspects gathered in this handout photo and you’ll have a pretty good idea of which local pols will enjoy the support of the Satmar community in Williamsburg. Comments (6)

It’s payback time! Bloomberg endorses rookie in Heights race

Brooklyn Heights: Mayor Bloomberg — a billionaire former Republican — has inserted himself into the Democratic race for a Brooklyn Heights state Senate seat, endorsing a well off newcomer against longtime incumbent Marty Connor as payback for votes against him in Albany. Comments (6)

Meal ticket to City Hall

Politicrasher: Our columnist gets a free meal off of mayoral wannabe, Rep. Anthony Weiner. Comments (2)

Dom the Benchwarmer!

Politicrasher: Our political insider covers a councilman’s ribbon-cutting at a post office. Man, how the mighty have fallen. Comments (6)

McMahon on the stump, er, pump

Bay Ridge: Congressional hopeful Mike McMahon is a little bit of Al Gore, a lot of Barack Obama and even a little bit of Richard Nixon on energy and the environment. Comment

Pol: Give us raises and we’ll work harder!

Brooklyn Heights: A veteran state Senator is under fire during a heated re-election campaign for calling for massive raises for Albany lawmakers if they’re willing to do what most voters are already forced to do: work full time. Comment

More work, more pay

Vox Pop: State Sen. Marty Connor is pushing a bill that would to raise lawmakers’ salaries in exchange for them putting in regular full-time work weeks all year long. He believes the public will understand and support the bill, but his Democratic rival, Daniel Squadron, said Connor “would be hard pressed to find a single New Yorker who agrees [that] he should get a $52,000 bonus just for doing the job he was elected to do.” To find out who’s right, we hit the streets. Comment

With Quinn, there’s no cheesecake

Politicrasher: We met with Council Speaker Chris Quinn at Junior’s — and all we got was a cup of joe and praise for her work leading the Council. Comments (2)

Yassky sings to The Brooklyn Paper!

Politics: City Councilman David Yassky dropped by our DUMBO offices to give us a proclamation and to give us his rendition of Starship’s immortal hit, “We Built this City (On Rock and Roll.” How did the “Singing Councilman” do? Let’s go to the videotape! Comments (1)

Harrison: McMahon garbage plan stinks

Bensonhurst: Congressional hopeful Steve Harrison blasted a city plan for proposing to put a garbage-transfer station in Gravesend — smack in the middle of the congressional district he wants to represent. Comments (1)

July, 2008

GOP pol has a lot of promises

Bay Ridge: In an early swipe at an opponent in the race to succeed scandal-ridden Rep. Vito Fossella, former Republican Assemblyman Robert Straniere assailed Councilman Mike McMahon as a tax-and-spend Democrat, one of the oldest curses in an old political book. Comment

Hasids to Powell: Jew have our support

Politics: Congressional upstart Kevin Powell is already a vegan, but an endorsement tonight might make the House hopeful consider keeping Kosher. Comments (23)

Kevin on the couch

Politicrasher: Is running for Congress the new therapy? Comments (8)

Youth vote? That’s a laugh

Politicrasher: Our columnist follows around congressional hopeful Kevin Powell as he courts that most-elusive of political prizes: the youth vote. Comments (1)

Prosecuted and convicted for a crime he really did commit! But John O’Hara is back!

Politics: Could it be that political gadfly John O’Hara has clawed himself back to respectability? Comment

Steve Harrison fires back

Bay Ridge: Steve Harrison, the spurned man in the race to succeed Rep. Vito Fossella, says Sen. Charles Schumer’s endorsement of Councilman Mike McMahon this week just goes to show that the Staten Island councilman is not a true progressive Democrat. Comments (2)

Marty’s out — out of the fundraising game

Politics: In the clearest sign yet that Borough President Markowitz is not running for mayor in 2009, the Beep is barely raising any money. Comments (1)

GOP outsider is in; But they keep pushing him back out

Bay Ridge: A former Republican Assemblyman who was driven out of power by his GOP rivals four years ago has been ushered back into the fold as the party’s official choice to represent Bay Ridge and Staten Island in Congress. Comment

He’s Schumer’s McMahon; Senior senator stumps for Mike over Steve

Bay Ridge: Congressional hopeful Mike McMahon’s bid to replace retiring Rep. Vito Fossella got a boost on Sunday when Sen. Charles Schumer threw his weight behind the Staten Island councilman’s campaign, despite a longstanding practice of not endorsing during intra-party squabbles. Comments (3)

The Chappelle (No) Show: Comic skips Powell fundraiser

Politics: Comedian Dave Chappelle disappointed voters and raised doubts about congressional upstart Kevin Powell’s campaign by blowing off the candidate’s highly promoted Wednesday night fundraiser. Comments (6)

The party’s over! Staten Island and Brooklyn GOP leaders split over Vito race; Republican leader predicts defeat

Bay Ridge: The death of would-be Republican congressman Frank Powers has split the Staten Island and Brooklyn wings of the so-called Grand Old Party. Comment

Transit candidate on a roll?

Politicrasher: Our political insider takes the measure of Council candidate Gary Reilly, eternal optimist. Comments (2)

June, 2008

Frank Powers, 67: Was, briefly, GOP candidate for Fossella seat

Bay Ridge: Frank Powers, who had been selected by Republican power brokers to run for the congressional seat being vacated by disgraced Rep. Vito Fossella, died in his sleep on Sunday. He was 67. Comment

May, 2008

Vito admits it: He has a lovechild!

Politics: Embattled Rep. Vito Fossella admitted today to fathering a daughter with the woman who bailed him out of an Alexandria, Virginia jail after his arrest last Thursday for drunk driving. Comment

Vito was really really drunk!

Politics: Disgraced Rep. Vito Fossella had more than two times the legal limit of alcohol in his bloodstream when he was arrested for drunk-driving on early Thursday morning in Virginia — and the six-term congressman is facing a mandatory sentence of five days in the slammer. Comments (2)

April, 2008

Angela Davis drop in at Pratt Institute

Politics: Former Black Panther Angela Davis gave her much-anticipated lecture at Pratt Institute and said that racism is still as ingrained as ever in the U.S. Comment

February, 2008

Zero-bama no longer! Barack actually got thousands more votes in primary

Politics: Illinois Sen. Barack Obama received thousands of votes more than he had been credited with in the Board of Elections’ unofficial Primary Night vote count. Comments (5)

Cast party! Local councilman wins gigantic bidding war for my ankle brace

Brooklyn Angle: Our columnist’s cast auction goes well — with two councilmen in a bidding war! Comments (1)

Paper backs Obama, McCain

Editorial: The Brooklyn Paper endorses Sen. Barack Obama for the Democratic presidential nomination. The Brooklyn Paper endorses Sen. John McCain for the Republican presidential nomination. Comments (4)

January, 2008

Inside the Brooklyn caucus

Brooklyn, Iowa: Our columnist takes you inside an actual Iowa caucus room: “What I saw was the most basic form of democracy in action. I was proud to be an American.” Comment

March, 2008

Hakeem the dream

Fort Greene: Assemblyman Hakeem Jeffries wants to help renters from being displaced. Comment

What are Smartmom’s dealbreakers?

Smartmom: Eliot Spitzer’s alleged prostitution habit has Smartmom wondering what it would take before she left Hepcat. Comments (1)

January, 2008

Vito wants probe of ‘Ammo Bay’

Politics: Another big gun — this time Rep. Vito Fossella — has come out against a city plan to build a garbage-transfer station along Gravesend Bay — and says the plan could literally blow up in the city’s face. Comments (1)

April, 2008

Vito: Inspect the homeless

Bay Ridge: A Bay Ridge rail yard site that has become a haven for the homeless people will now be inspected weekly to clear out the area and increase safety. Comment

March, 2008

All drawn out

Cartoon: Our artist’s take on the issues of the day! Comment

January, 2008

We the People, with carrot juice!

Bay Ridge: The Constitution can make you healthy. That’s the word over at Bay Ridge’s Appletree Natural Foods shop, which, in the spirit of the presidential primary season, has set aside an entire window for a gigantic display of our nation’s founding document. Comments (11)

March, 2008

Bloomy praises Fort Hamilton HS

Bloomy in the ’Hood: Mayor Bloomberg joined Fort Hamilton HS Principal Jo Ann Chester last Thursday to celebrate the school’s arts education program — but not everyone found the mayor’s speech scintillating. Kenneth Lai, a Fort Hamilton HS junior, devoted as much attention as he could spare. Comments (2)

A Park Slope homesteader

PS … I Love You: Tip O’Neill used to say that all politics is local. Who knew it extended to food? Comment

February, 2008

Circular logic: Anti-flier bill gets Spitzer’s pen

Politics: The city can now penalize business owners for leaving circulars and menus on the doorsteps of homeowners who’ve explicitly said they don’t want them, thanks to a bill signed by Gov. Spitzer on Tuesday. Comment

June, 2008

No doubt about it — rum helps pols make a splash

Politicrasher: Our political insider makes the scene. This week: Council candidate Jo Anne Simon’s mojito party! Comment

January, 2008

He’s Dollar Bill

Politics: Councilman Bill DeBlasio is running away with the race to succeed Borough President Markowitz — the money race, that is. Comment

June, 2008

Capano gunning for assembly

Bay Ridge: A staffer in embattled Rep. Vito Fossella’s Bay Ridge office says his boss’s tarnished reputation won’t hurt him in his just-announced run for the Assembly. Comments (1)

Powers that be

Bay Ridge: Brooklyn Republicans have joined their Staten Island bedfellows and endorsed dark-horse candidate Francis Powers to retain GOP control of the seat held by outgoing, and disgraced, Rep. Vito Fossella — and at the same time, Democrats are increasingly uniting behind their candidate, Councilman Mike McMahon. Comment

April, 2008

Crunch time for Connor

Downtown: Is the end near for state Sen. Marty Connor? The Brooklyn Heights Democrat’s hopes for a 16th term are looking shakier than ever, thanks to a few good weeks for challenger Daniel Squadron. On Sunday, Sen. Charles Schumer came to Brooklyn Heights to endorse Squadron, calling his former staffer “one of the smartest, most able people I know.” Comment

February, 2008

The state of the area

Politics: Everyone’s getting in on the “state of” game these days, from Borough President Markowitz, who gave his sixth, final and raucous “State of the Borough” address on Feb. 7 at the Brooklyn Cruise Ship Terminal, to Assemblyman Hakeem Jeffries (D–Fort Greene), who gave a more muted performance at Pratt Institute on Jan. 30. Of course, both were following in the vaunted tradition of presidents past and present, including President Bush, who gave his final State of the Union on Jan. 28 in Washington. Here’s how the three politicians’ speeches compared. Comment

March, 2008

Stop the war

Politics: Brooklynites marked the fifth anniversary of the war in Iraq with a damp protest rally on Wednesday. Comment

SI Dems want Harrison

Bay Ridge: Steve Harrison, who came closer than any Democrat before him in defeating the city’s only Republican congressman two years ago, won the endorsement of the Staten Island Democratic Association by a landslide vote of 42-6 last week. Comments (3)

Nothing for Nader

Brooklyn Angle: Call him a Nader Traitor — but the only Brooklynite to contribute to Ralph Nader’s inept 2004 campaign has bailed on the twice-failed presidential hopeful. He’s not alone. Comments (1)

Hamlet of Boro Hall

Politics: Last week’s stunning mayoral poll put Borough President Markowitz ahead of other pretenders to the City Hall throne, but the Beep’s dithering over whether he will run is allowing valuable fundraising opportunities to dissolve into the ether, experts said. Comment

May, 2008

Second to no one

Politics: A group of ornery Brooklyn Democrats has effectively said it would rather have no one representing it in Congress than Rep. Yvette Clarke. Comments (2)

March, 2008

Judges out of order

Editorial: The Parks Department has moved to evict a few dozen judges from parking in Columbus Park — and The Paper cheers. Comments (1)

Fightin’ words

DUMBO: As the war in Iraq reaches the five-year mark, journalists and presidential candidates have been talking about it endlessly, but according to Lou Reed, Moby and Laurie Anderson, not nearly enough is being said. Comments (1)

May, 2008

He’s the McMahon

Bay Ridge: Democratic party leaders from Brooklyn and Staten Island anointed Staten Island Councilman Mike McMahon as their chosen candidate for the congressional seat spanning the two boroughs that is being vacated by disgraced Rep. Vito Fossella. Comments (1)

Rep. Towns’s opponent from ‘Real World’

Fort Greene: It’s the MTV kid versus the golden oldie for Congress. Comments (2)

April, 2008

Congestion pricing: The Brooklyn vote

Politics: The City Council approved the mayor’s plan to charge car drivers $8 and truck drivers $21 to enter Manhattan below 60th Street by a 30–20 vote on Monday. But here in Brooklyn, the vote went the opposite way. Comments (3)

June, 2008

Powers that (want to) be

Bay Ridge: Frank Powers, the presumptive Republican candidate for the Bay Ridge congressional seat being vacated by disgraced GOP lawmaker Vito Fossella, introduced himself to the public days after national Democratic Party officials made the rare move of endorsing Staten Island Councilman Mike McMahon in his intra-party primary. Comments (1)

May, 2008

Vito in his own words

Bay Ridge: Rep. Vito Fossella called the press to a hotel in Staten Island to address his Thursday morning drunk-driving arrest in Virginia. Here is the six-term congressman’s opening statement, as captured by cameraman Ricky Barlin. Comment

April, 2008

Civil rights and modern wrongs in Bklyn

Politics: The Rev. Jesse Jackson came to a Fort Greene church to talk about the mortgage crisis, but the old politician in him couldn’t resist talking about everything else. Comment

January, 2008

DeBlasio: Make companies recycle e-waste

Politics: The City Council is on the verge of requiring electronics manufacturers to pick up their computers, video games and TV sets when consumers are done with them, but the mayor has signaled his opposition on the grounds that the goal, however laudable, is unattainable. Comment

Supremes sign off on our boss-picked judges

Politics: The Supreme Court on Wednesday unanimously upheld New York’s “smoke-filled” system of choosing trial judges, setting aside critics’ concerns that political party bosses control the system. Comment

Three-way for Yassky’s seat in Heights, W’burg

Politics: At the moment, there are only three Democratic candidates vying to replace term-limited Councilman David Yassky and represent a sprawling district that stretches from Greenpoint to Park Slope. Comments (2)

A five-for-all to replace DeBlasio

Politics: Whoever takes over for Councilman Bill DeBlasio (D–Cobble Hill) will have some big shoes to fill — literally. The NBA-sized DeBlasio is term-limited out of the district, but already five candidates have stepped up to represent the 39th Council district. Comment

May, 2008

Strong start for hip-hop candidate

Politics: A former reality show cast-member and hip-hop journalist kick-started his congressional campaign this week, saying 13-term incumbent Rep. Ed Towns “has completely ignored” his constituents. Comment

January, 2008

How a Brooklyn butcher KO’d FDR

Politics: A Brooklyn Heights author tells how a kosher butcher in Brooklyn, playing David to President Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s Goliath, faced off against the federal government and won. Comments (3)

June, 2008

Powers is out: Father/son showdown narrowly averted

Bay Ridge: Presumptive Republican congressional candidate Frank Powers dodged a bullet this week after his son, Fran Powers, failed to win the Libertarian Party’s nomination, thus avoiding the prospect of an ugly father-against-son race to succeed disgraced Rep. Vito Fossella. Comment

May, 2008

Who’ll fill Vito’s void?

Bay Ridge: Humiliated Rep. Vito Fossella (R–Bay Ridge) ended the speculation around his own political career by announcing he would not seek re-election this fall — an announcement that set off intense jockeying on both sides of the political world. Comment

Tish, Tish: Fined for finance faux pas

Politics: Councilwoman Letitia James has been fined by the city for overpaying a campaign worker with taxpayer money during her 2005 re-election campaign — and for trying to hide details of a payoff to a political consultant linked to disgraced party boss Clarence Norman. Comments (2)

April, 2008

All drawn out

Cartoon: Our artist’s take on the issues of the day! Comment

March, 2008

Judges fighting for free parking

Downtown: A group of Brooklyn judges may sue the city to preserve its parking privileges in a park next to Borough Hall, claiming that the removal of 20 or so spaces will endanger the judges’ safety because the nearest city-owned garage is two blocks away. Comments (6)

May, 2008

They’re still with Hil

Politics: Brooklyn’s two superdelegates whose districts voted overwhelmingly for Sen. Barack Obama in February’s New York primary say they’re still backing Sen. Hillary Clinton — though one of the ubervoters admitted that he was “bothered” by the trailing candidate’s use of the race card last week. Comments (1)

April, 2008

Remember Dick Cheney

Editorial: Rep. Vito Fossella — the city’s lone Republican congressman — called in a much-hated vice president to help him raise money. He’s banking on two things: Cheney’s pull with billionaires and voters’ short memories come November. Comments (2)

March, 2008

Pols not in any rush to vote ‘yes’ on congestion pricing

Politics: Mayor Bloomberg’s ambitious and controversial plan to charge drivers $8 to enter Manhattan’s central business district will come to a vote early next month in the City Council, where it faces a very bumpy road, according to our survey of all 17 Brooklyn councilmembers. If the vote was today, Brooklyn would vote 8–1 against the plan (with six undecideds and two councilmembers too busy to return our calls). Comments (5)

February, 2008

On the record

Politics: State lawmakers are about to hand themselves a big pay raise. Here’s what they say about it. Comment

January, 2008

Panel: Guardian stole, but Hynes won’t prosecute

Politics: A court-appointed attorney who plundered the fortune of former Judge John Phillips has been temporarily stripped of her license to practice law — but District Attorney Charles Hynes won’t commit to opening a criminal investigation into her wrongdoings. Comments (2)

June, 2008

Recchia: Bad loan not my fault

Bay Ridge: Councilman Domenic Recchia said a case of internal corruption at a non-profit that he funded has nothing to do with him. Comments (2)

February, 2008

Battle for the $oul of Brooklyn

Politics: The New York primary is settled, but the money war rages on between Sens. Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. Comments (2)

April, 2008

Cheney stumps for Vito — yet he still leads!

Bay Ridge: Dick Cheney popped into New York this week to raise money for Rep. Vito Fossella’s re-election campaign — and the much-hated vice president brought in enough cash to offset any damage he did to Fossella in the eyes of Brooklyn voters, experts said. Comment

Pay-to-park is dead, too

Politics: The death of the mayor’s congestion pricing plan has also lead to the killing of the city’s residential parking permit proposal. Comment

February, 2008

Boro Dems can’t make up their minds

Politics: Meet Erica Sattin. She’s smart. She’s young. She’s opinionated. So why can’t she make up her mind about which Democrat to support on Tuesday? Comments (1)

GOPers eye McCain after Rudy’s fall

Politics: Brooklyn Republicans — yes, they exist! — are determined to not go down with Rudy Giuliani’s sinking ship. Comment

June, 2008

Powers outage has GOP in flux

Bay Ridge: The death of Frank Powers, who was briefly the Republican standard bearer to succeed disgraced Rep. Vito Fossella, has thrown the race for the Staten Island–Bay Ridge congressional seat into its natural state: turmoil. Comment

May, 2008

Time’s up for Fossella

Editorial: We’d prefer a campaign on the issues — rather than one focusing on how a “law and order,” “family values,” “fiscal conservative” candidate got himself into such a mess. Comment

As Fossella keeps quiet, job remains in limbo

Bay Ridge: It’s not over ’til the thin Italian sings — and he’s not saying a word. Embattled Rep. Vito Fossella (R–Bay Ridge) is not only fighting his May 1 drunk-driving charge in court, but apparently fighting for re-election. Comments (3)

April, 2008

A prowling ‘Panther’ at Pratt

Politics: Former fugitive, Communist Party presidential candidate and Black Panther Angela Davis is coming to Pratt with a message that racism is “no less overt” than it was 50 years ago. But is it? Comment

February, 2008

Primary Thoughts

Politics: Voters across the political spectrum tell why they support their man (or woman). Comment

January, 2008

Where’s the Bill? Constituents wonder what DeBlasio’s doing … in Iowa

Politics: Constituents of Councilman Bill DeBlasio blasted the up-and-comer for spending most of the past two weeks campaigning for Sen. Hillary Clinton in Iowa and New Hampshire. Comments (1)

May, 2008

Vito’s scandal has Dems in turmoil

Bay Ridge: Rep. Vito Fossella’s drunk-driving arrest and subsequent admission that he was an adulterer who fathered a child out of wedlock hasn’t only thrown the GOP into disarray — it’s apparently done the same thing to Democrats trying to pick a challenger to take on the disgraced congressman. Comments (2)

February, 2008

Hillary in trouble? Superdelegates to the rescue!

Politics: Two Brooklyn members of Congress say they’ll vote for Sen. Hillary Clinton at the Democratic convention in August, even though the majority of voters in their districts cast ballots for Sen. Barack Obama in the New York primary, The Brooklyn Paper has learned. Comments (3)

Zero-bama: Did Clinton really shut out Obama in some districts?

Politics: Brooklyn election workers undercounted hundreds, perhaps thousands, of votes for Barack Obama in the New York primary earlier this month, spawning calls to investigate the Board of Elections and even conspiracy theories that workers were trying to help home state Sen. Hillary Clinton. Comments (11)

January, 2008

Brooklyn votes: At Iowa caucus, our sister city backs Edwards and Huckabee

Brooklyn, Iowa: BROOKLYN, IOWA — Former Sen. John Edwards emerged a narrow winner in this rural town of 1,300, fighting off a last-minute visit by former President Bill Clinton and a strong surge by younger voters for Barack Obama in a raucous, only-in-Iowa caucus. In a much-more subdued process, Brooklyn Republicans made Baptist preacher, weight-loss guru and former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee the winner of their vote. Comments (1)

June, 2008

Shucks! Pols shell oyster bar

Carroll Gardens: A new law drafted with a controversial Hoyt Street bar in mind would make it harder for proprietors to open saloons near schools and places of worship. Comments (3)

February, 2008

Clinton and Obama split Brookyn

Politics: Brooklyn Democrats are far more divided than their counterparts across New York State, backing Hillary Clinton over Barack Obama, 50 percent to 48 percent. Comments (1)

May, 2008

‘Vino’ Fossella: The people speak

Vox Pop: What do Bay Ridge residents think of Rep. Vito Fossella since his May 1 drunk driving arrest? We hit the streets to find out. Comments (5)

March, 2008

Raise a glass to (and of) Obama

Politics: Some polls show that Barack Obama’s campaign may by losing momentum — but Mr. Gallup and Mr. Zogby might want to drop by a Fourth Avenue bar, where the nation’s first Barack Obama ale is selling as fast as bartenders can pour it. Comment

May, 2008

Rogues gallery

Politics: Vito Fossella is certainly not the first politician to get in trouble with the law. Here’s a handy chart. Comments (2)

All drawn out

Cartoon: Our artist’s take on the Fossella drunk-driving arrest. Comment

Vito must step aside

Editorial: The Brooklyn Paper calls for Rep. Vito Fossella to resign now rather than drag his constituents through the ongoing scandal over his drunk-driving arrest and extra-marital affair. Comment

Fossella arrested for drunk driving

Bay Ridge: Rep. Vito Fossella (R–Bay Ridge) was arrested early Thursday morning in Alexandria, Virginia for driving while intoxicated. Comments (3)

April, 2008

McCain walks the walk in Bay Ridge drop by

Bay Ridge: Likely GOP nominee John McCain stopped by Bay Ridge on Thursday to talk politics and have a slice of pizza without sauce! Comments (2)

March, 2008

Bloomy pay-to-park plan pulls pols

Bloomy in the ’Hood: Mayor Bloomberg unveiled a residential parking permit plan to bolster his controversial proposal to charge Manhattan-bound drivers a “congestion-pricing” fee — and the permits quickly had the desired effect, swaying two ambivalent Brooklyn lawmakers toward supporting the bill. Comments (1)

May, 2008

Vito’s shame

Bay Ridge: Embattled Rep. Vito Fossella (R–Bay Ridge) will reportedly not seek re-election — a stunning bombshell that capped a topsy-turvy week that began early last Thursday with the congressman’s arrest for drunk-driving in the Virginia suburbs and subsequent reports of a possible extra-marital affair. Comment

April, 2008

Our man in Baghdad

Brooklyn Angle: Tucker Reed, who spent the last two years fixing potholes, handing out energy-efficient lightbulbs and keeping the peace between DUMBO’s warring factions, is heading to Iraq to do, basically, the same thing. Comment

March, 2008

Spitz in your face: Are all men pigs?

Vox Pop: Reports that Gov. Eliot Spitzer hired prostitutes was the talk of political insiders all week. But the man on the street — in this case, the woman on the street — was talking about the story a little differently. Our inquiring photographer asked Brooklyn woman a simple question, “Would all men cheat on their wives if they knew they could get away with it?” Comments (1)

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