December, 2009

Williamsburg: A major atheist group and a priest are suing the borough’s Catholic leadership, alleging that the church violated its tax-free status by making thousands of pre-recorded calls during the November election campaign that endorsed candidates favored by Assemblyman Vito Lopez. Comments (6)

November, 2009

Council sick day bill needs treatment

Editorial: The Brooklyn Paper’s editorial board generally supports workers rights, but the Council needs to go back to the drafting table and fix its flawed paid sick day bill. Comments (1)

Roofus was too sick to do the ‘sick day’ cartoon!

Cartoon: Our cartoonist, Roofus, was actually going to do a cartoon about the paid sick day bill in the City Council — but then he got too sick to actually draw the cartoon (seriously). That left our Webmaster (and cartooning legend) Sylvan Migdal to get this week’s paycheck. Sorry, Roofus! Comment

Gay marriage now

Editorial: The Brooklyn Paper’s editorial board supports gay marriage. Now, if the state Senate would only do something. Comments (10)

Rep. Mike says ‘no’ to Obama on health care

McMahon on Line 1: He voted against the House health care bill, but freshman Rep. Mike McMahon still says he wants health care reform. Comments (9)

Brooklynite runs for Senate seat — in Idaho!

Politics: He’s never been to Idaho — heck, he’s never been west of Buffalo! — but Bay Ridge resident William Bryk wants to be the Spud State’s next U.S. senator. Comments (4)

Mike — fix this already

Editorial: Congratulations, Mr. Mayor. Now, get to work. Comments (8)

Roofus: Bloomy bought this election

Cartoon: Our cartoonist, Roofus, continues his assault on Mayor Bloomberg. Comment
Politics: Mayor Bloomberg rolled to a third term on Tuesday, but he didn’t win Brooklyn. Comments (14)

In Bushwick: Reyna beats Davila — and Vito!

Election: Incumbent Diana Reyna beat Maritza Davila for the second straight time. Comments (2)

In Park Slope: Lander triumphs again

Election: The Democrat beats back a Republican and a Green. Comment

In Williamsburg: Levin doesn’t even break a sweat

Election: The Democratic nominee didn’t even have a Republican challenger. Comment

In Fort Greene: Tish James in a landslide

Election: The Democratic nominee rolls to an easy win. Comments (1)

In Bay Ridge: Gentile beats off Capano

Election: It turns out that Republican power in Bay Ridge really is limp. Comments (2)
Election: The Oracle was a shill! Comments (7)

Campaign tricks no treat for former candidate

Election: Vandals attacked the Conselyea Street home of former City Council candidate Gerry Esposito just days after the Community Board 1 district manager endorsed an insurgent candidate against the incumbent he tried to defeat. Comment

October, 2009

Election: Rachel Robinson, the widow of great Brooklyn Dodger and legendary civil rights pioneer Jackie Robinson, endorsed Mayor Bloomberg for re-election, chosing the white, non-Brooklynite over a black borough native. What would Gil Hodges think? Comments (7)

Who will win on Tuesday? These pols think they know

Election: Downtown Democratic powerbroker Steve Cohn had his annual pre-Election Day breakfast at Junior’s, so we caught up with all the local poobahs to get their predictions about Tuesday’s mayoral election. Mayor Bloomberg may be up by 15 percent in the polls, but these Democratic pols are convinced that he’ll wake up on Nov. 4 as the outgoing leader. Comments (3)

Last gasp of the GOP in Bay Ridge?

Election: The battle between a Democratic incumbent and a Republican upstart isn’t just a race for Bay Ridge’s Council seat — it’s a litmus test for conservatives in the borough’s longtime right-wing stronghold. Comments (6)

Health care road show comes to Bay Ridge — and Rep. McMahon is too conservative!

Bay Ridge: While the rest of the country brought out torches, pitchforks — and in some cases, handguns — this summer to protest “socialized medicine,” Bay Ridge residents stormed Tuesday’s town hall meeting on health care to demand that their Democratic congressman be more liberal on the issue. Comments (4)
Election: What other newspaper lets you into the boardroom when we grill three candidates for City Council who are seeking our endorsement? Comment

Health care circus comes to Bay Ridge on Tuesday!

Politics: Set your calendars and grab your tea bags — Rep. Mike McMahon is bringing the health care town hall craziness to Bay Ridge. Comments (2)
Politics: It took 12 years, but John O’Hara finally beat District Attorney Charles Hynes. Comments (4)

There’s a Republican in the Food Co-op!

Politicrasher: Joe Nardiello is a different kind of Republican, but on a few issues, he’s not different enough. Comments (3)
Election: The head of the Brooklyn Democratic Party and the party’s highest ranking elected official both turned against their party’s nominees for the Nov. 3 general election when they lent their endorsements to non-Democratic candidates. Comments (16)

The speaker? A squeaker!

Election: The three men who want to represent Park Slope in the City Council weigh in on Council Speaker Christine Quinn Comments (1)
Cobble Hill: Just a few days after the Kansas crazies picketed outside the Cobble Hill temple, Gov. Paterson had a Sukkot meal. Comment

Hey, Yassky — how about cleaning up your mess?

Election: Our photographer finds the vanquished would-be comptroller’s mess at a major intersection. Comments (10)
Election: Borough President Markowitz — a Democrat — endorsed Mayor Bloomberg over Democratic rival (and Brooklynite!) Bill Thompson near Borough Hall today, calling the would-be third-term mayor “one of the greats.” Comments (10)

September, 2009

Editorial: The Community Newspaper Group, which includes The Brooklyn Paper, heartily endorses Mayor Mike. Comments (15)
Election: Park Slope’s Bill DeBlasio trounces Mark Green for the Democratic runoff for public advocate while Brooklyn Heights’s David Yassky fails — and falls bad — to John Liu in the comptroller runoff. Comments (6)

And from the mailbag...

Letters: Our letters column opens with a response from a Republican candidate, and includes letters about politics, Atlantic Yards, bag searches at a Brooklyn moviehouse and more! Comment

Pechefsky is one candidate with balls (croquet balls, that is)

Election: Green Party longshot challenges his rivals to a game of lawn polo this Saturday. Comments (2)

GOP and Green nominees say they’ll beat Lander (maybe)

Election: Now that he’s won the Democratic nomination for the 39th Council District, Brad Lander is facing two challengers: Republican Joe Nardiello and Green Party nominee David Pechefsky. We checked in with both upstarts to see if they stand a chance against the better-funded, better-known Democrat. Comments (16)

And from the mailbag...

Letters: Our letters column opens with a scathing attack on our editor! Comments (2)

And now, the runoffs!

Election: It’s DeBlasio vs. Green and Yassky vs. Liu — and Brooklyn stands poised to take two citywide offices. Comment

Tuesday’s primary results are in!

Election: After a year-long campaign for the Democratic nomination in various citywide and local offices, the results are in. Find the races you’re interested in below, click and enjoy. Comment

In the 33rd District: Levin, party boss’s pick, wins handily over six rivals

Election: The former chief of staff to the Democratic Party’s county boss, Vito Lopez, won going away. Comments (6)

In the 39th District: Lander crushes four rivals

Election: The win was somewhat expected, but not by this much. Comments (12)
Election: A popular incumbent wins in a romp. Comments (5)

In the 34th District: Reyna reigns — but barely

Election: A controversial incumbent holds on by a tiny margin against a machine-backed candidate. Comments (7)

The 39th District: A battle for Park Slope, Windsor Terrace and Carroll Gardens

Election: This forum — featuring John Heyer, Gary Reilly, Josh Skaller, Brad Lander and Bob Zuckerman was moderated by Brooklyn Paper Editor Gersh Kuntzman — and you’ll want to watch it again and again. Comments (1)

The 33rd District: A battle for Williamsburg, DUMBO, Bklyn Heights, Cobble Hill and Park Slope

Election: All seven candidates for the 33rd District seat — Isaac Abraham, Ken Baer, Doug Biviano, Ken Diamondstone, Steve Levin, Jo Anne Simon and Evan Thies — participated. Comments (2)

Public Advocate: Siegel and Green fight each other

Election: All four the candidates — Councilmembers Bill DeBlasio (D–Park Slope) and Eric Gioia (D-Queens), civil rights lawyer Norman Siegel and former Public Advocate Mark Green — clashed in a spirited debate held by The Brooklyn Paper in conjunction with Brooklyn Independent Television. Comment

The 35th District: Letitia James takes on two challengers in Fort Greene-Clinton Hill

Election: Some of the wildest action so far this campaign season involved one man and two women going at it in front of a camera — in a hot City Council debate in The Brooklyn Paper’s Metrotech offices last month. Comments (1)

Comptroller: All four candidates in our debate

Election: ouncilmembers Melinda Katz, John Liu and David Weprin, all of Queens, and Councilman David Yassky (D–Brooklyn Heights), were grilled by reporters from Community Newspaper Group, the parent company of The Brooklyn Paper, in a debate held in conjunction with Brooklyn Independent Television on the BCAT TV Network. Comment

Mike likes The Speech — but wants more details

McMahon on Line 1: Freshman Rep. Mike McMahon checks in with The Brooklyn Paper after President Obama’s big health care speech. Comments (1)

Mayoral race: Meet Comptroller Bill Thompson

Election: Mayoral candidate Bill Thompson visited The Brooklyn Paper’s office last month to outline his vision for the city — and his plans differ from his Democratic rival on just about all counts. Comment

Mayoral race: Meet Councilman Tony Avella

Election: The Queens lawmaker is a firebrand — and he wants to be your mayor. Comment

Challenger: Call her Sara ‘Gone’-zalez

Election: Insurgent candidate Robinson Iglesias lobbed the ultimate hand-grenade in his longshot bid to defeat Councilwoman Sara Gonzalez in Tuesday’s primary for the Red Hook-Sunset Park seat — he’s gone after Gonzalez’s poor attendance record. Comments (3)

In the 39th district: Five men standing

Election: All five candidates for the Democratic nomination to succeed Councilman Bill DeBlasio make their pitch. Comments (16)

In the 33th district: Seven candidates, seven pitches

Election: All seven cintestants for the Democratic nomination to succeed Councilman David Yassky get their last chance to earn your vote. Comments (3)

Get engaged! Next Tuesday’s election is important, you know

Editorial: The Brooklyn Paper editorial board scolds readers to eat their vegetables — namely, to read up on the issues and vote in Tuesday’s primaries. Comment

And from the mailbag...

Letters: Lots of political commentary in this week’s letters column. Comment

Zuck unleashes ‘lighthearted’ attack ad against rivals Skaller and Lander

Election: It could be a political first: a cartoon attack ad. Comments (3)

Here’s how to watch our TV debates!

Election: It ain’t Lincoln vs. Douglas, but our television debates — a collaboration with Brooklyn Independent Television — are a great way to make an informed decision this election season. Comments (1)

CNG newspapers publish Democratic primary endorsements

Politics: Clean sweep for Bill Thompson in the mayor’s race; editors are split among Katz, Liu, Yassky for comptroller; DeBlasio, Gioia and Siegel for public advocate. Comment

For comptroller, David Yassky

Editorial: The Brooklyn Paper editorial board picks Councilman David Yassky, over three rivals for city comptroller. Comments (4)

Siegel is the only bulldog in the bunch for public advocate

Editorial: The Brooklyn Paper editorial board picks civil rights lawyer Norman Siegel for public advocate. Comments (2)

Dems should pick Heyer for the 39th District

Editorial: The Brooklyn Paper editorial board endorses John Heyer for the Democratic nomination to succeed Councilman Bill DeBlasio. Comments (17)

Evan Thies, a real reformer for the 33rd District.

Editorial: The Brooklyn Paper editorial board endorses Evan Thies, a former aide to Councilman David Yassky, for the Democratic nomination to represent Greenpoint, Williamsburg, DUMBO, Brooklyn Heights and the rest of the sprawling 33rd District. Comments (2)

Incumbent James deserves re-election in the 35th District

Editorial: In the 35th District, The Brooklyn Paper editorial board endorses Letitia James for the Democratic nomination for her Fort Greene-Clinton Hill-Prospect Heights seat. Comments (12)

In the 33rd District, candidates must love bikes

Election: Some City Council debates focus their energy on lower taxes, affordable housing, or crime. But in the 33rd District, at least for one night, bicycles were the main issue. Comments (9)

Meet Comptroller Bill Thompson


Meet Comptroller Bill Thompson

Election: The Democrat who wants to be mayor sits down with our reporters and editors. Comments (2)

Meet Councilman Tony Avella


Meet Councilman Tony Avella

Election: The Queens lawmaker is a firebrand — and he wants to be your mayor. Comment

August, 2009


Watch our public advocate debate now!


Watch our public advocate debate now!

Election: Last week, we taped a scintillating debate with the four public advocate candidates — and you can watch it right now by clicking the link above! Comments (1)

Bloomy in our hood! An exclusive video preview!

Politics: Mayor Bloomberg sat down with our editors and reporters on Monday. Here’s just a small taste. Comment
Election: Some of the wildest action so far this campaign season involved one man and two women going at it in front of a camera — in a hot City Council debate in The Brooklyn Paper’s Metrotech offices this week. Comments (6)
Election: Borough President Markowitz endorsed two of Assemblyman Vito Lopez’s pet projects this week, giving his blessing to a controversial rezoning and the powerful Democratic Party boss’s Council candidate. Comments (8)

Junior’s. Nathan’s. Yassky?

Election: Borough President Markowitz is out on the hustings for David Yassky in a fun new TV ad. Comments (2)
Politics: Mayor Bloomberg sat down with our editors and reporters on Monday — and he made news with practically everything he said. Comments (18)

Watch our comptroller debate now!

Election: Who should be our next comptroller? Decide for yourself by watching our exclusive debate featuring all four hopefuls. Comment
Election: Chapter three of our week-long series of candidates’ debate — a fight to be city comptroller — will air tonight at 9 pm on the BCAT TV Network. Comments (1)

Super Mario stumps for tall Bill

Election: Former Gov. Mario Cuomo, a giant in the Democratic party, on Wednesday endorsed Councilman Bill DeBlasio (D–Park Slope), a life-sized giant, in his bruising race for public advocate. Comment

GOP candidate has a criminal past — and present, say cops

Election: One Republican City Council candidate is not running on his record — his criminal record, that is. Comments (9)

Proxy battle in 34th District as Reyna fights Vito’s ghost over B’way Triangle

Election: The incumbent, a former protege of Democratic Party boss Vito Lopez, is making the Broadway Triangle rezoning a big issue in her race for re-election — even though the project is in the next district. Comments (6)

Our 39th District debate is online — now!

Election: Who needs Tivo? The Brooklyn Paper and Brooklyn Independent Television’s exciting debate featuring the five men who hope to succeed Bill DeBlasio can be viewed just by clicking here. Comments (2)

In the 33rd district, six candidates speak on Brooklyn Bridge Park

Bridge ‘Park’: Brooklyn Bridge Park is being built — no, really — so now it’s time for the candidates for the City Council seat that includes the park to explain how it will be maintained for years to come. Comments (3)

And baby makes four! Candidate Skaller has a new constituent to feed

Park Slope: In the heat of the campaign to succeed City Councilman Bill DeBlasio, candidate Josh Skaller’s wife Kelly gave birth to the couple’s second child, a daughter named Selah, at New York Methodist Hospital on Aug. 7. Comment

Watch our 33rd district debate now — or whenever! It’s online all the time!

Election: There’s no need for Tivo! You can watch candidates for the 33rd Council District — currently occupied by David Yassky — debate right here, right now! Comments (4)
Election: Chapter two of our week-long series of candidates’ debate — a fight for the 39th district seat — continues tonight at 9 pm on the BCAT TV Network. Comments (4)
Election: Set your Tivo! Our candidates’ forums begin tonight at 9 pm on the BCAT TV Network. Comments (4)

Here’s how to watch our TV debates!

Election: It ain’t Lincoln vs. Douglas, but our television debates — a collaboration with Brooklyn Independent Television — are a great way to make an informed decision this election season. Comments (3)

A pol’s kid goes to school — it is an issue!

Editorial: The Brooklyn Paper’s editorial board weighs in on the controversy over a candidate’s decision to send his child to a private school. Comments (1)

Skaller and Lander trade more barbs — this time over campaign shenanigans

Election: For the second time in as many days, the race to succeed Councilman Bill DeBlasio has turned into a vicious, mud bath between rivals Josh Skaller and Brad Lander — this time as the two leading candidates exchanged accusations of illicit campaign spending all day long on Tuesday. Comments (6)

Sen. Adams: I would’ve collared Gates immediately!

Politics: State Sen. Eric Adams inserted himself into the national debate over the arrest of Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates in his own home last month by saying he would’ve gone even further than the arresting officer in the now-infamous incident. Comments (14)
Election: It wasn’t the answers that separated the front-runners from the longshots at The Brooklyn Paper and Brooklyn Independent Televisions’s 33rd Council District debate — it was the questions themselves. Comments (21)

Schoolyard brawl over Skaller’s 8-year-old kid!

Election: The once-genteel race to succeed Councilman Bill DeBlasio was thrown into turmoil this week, when the pregnant wife of one of the candidates sent an e-mail from her hospital bed to slam another candidate for making an issue out of the couple’s decision to send their son to private school. Comments (15)
Election: The popular Democratic congressman endorsed Bob Zuckerman for City Council on Sunday in Park Slope. Comment

Chuck wagon! Schumer makes the Steve Levin endorsement official

Election: City Council hopeful Steve Levin, slammed by his opponents in the Greenpoint to Park Slope district as the “machine candidate” because of his relationship with Brooklyn Democratic Party boss Vito Lopez, moved into higher gear thanks to last Friday’s endorsement by Sen. Charles Schumer. Comments (16)

Hey, political junkie! Get your fix at our new election Web site

Election: The Brooklyn Paper is a part of a huge new Web site covering local — and only local — politics! Finally, Brooklyn political junkies have a place to call their own on the Web. Comments (2)

Schumer to endorse Steve Levin for Council on Friday

Election: The “machine candidate” just moved into high gear. Comments (27)

Bloomy’s F train plan has one big flaw

Atlantic Yards: Our cartoonist Cristian Fleming sees the one main problem in Mayor Bloomberg’s campaign-year promise to fix the F train. Comments (1)
Election: Mayor Bloomberg called for the creation of express subway service on the F line, one of the most crowded routes, as part of a larger campaign announcement calling for a multitude of mass transit improvements — and maybe even the return of trolleys! — for Brooklyn. Comments (13)

Candidates waste big chance to be king of Brooklyn

Politicrasher: Only two candidates showed their Brooklyn street cred at last night’s Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce debate. Comments (9)
Election: Borough President Markowitz locked up a third-term in a Manhattan board room on Tuesday afternoon as the Board of Elections kicked the Beep’s Democratic challenger off the ballot. Comments (10)

July, 2009

Josh Skaller is the machine candidate — the copy machine candidate

Election: A tight race for a rare open City Council seat in Brownstone Brooklyn was thrown into turmoil, however briefly, this week after one of the candidates copied another’s press release and passed it off as his own. Comments (9)

Biv, you whack! Longshot candidate goes ballistic on ‘machine’ pols

Election: The organizers of Tuesday’s 33rd City Council District debate dubbed their Williamsburg forum a “Verbal Smackdown,” but only one of the hopefuls took that name literally. Comments (17)

Skaller vs. Lander: A war of words

Election: So how bad was the Skaller campaign’s plagiarism? You be the judge. Comments (3)

Democracy in action — DeBlasio is back on the ballot!

Election: Front-running public advocate candidate Bill DeBlasio fought his way back onto the ballot at a hearing on Tuesday, convincing the famously Kafka-esque Board of Elections that the agency, and not his campaign, had caused the error that had knocked the Park Slope councilman off the ballot last week. Comments (5)

Marty: I have to knock my challenger off the ballot to save democracy

Election: Borough President Markowitz’s campaign says that it must kick the Beep’s sole Democratic primary challenger off the ballot to ensure the “integrity” of the balloting process. Comments (6)

Signs say that DiBrienza is no longer on the dole

Windsor Terrace: Former City Councilman Steve DiBrienza’s scandal-scarred Windsor Terrace non-profit has practically gone out of business after the city stopped funding the organization this summer — even the sign has been changed. Comments (1)

Rep. Mike helps slow down health care reform

McMahon on Line 1: And he’s proud! Oh, boy, time to get him on Line 1. Comments (3)

DeBlasio off the ballot in bizarre bureaucratic bungle! 

Election: The front-runner for the hotly contested public advocate race — Park Slope Councilman and ultimate political insider Bill DeBlasio — has been knocked off the ballot because of a technical error with his campaign petition signatures. Comments (6)

They’re off! Fields are set for September primaries — and The Brooklyn Paper is there

Election: It’s our big election package — online! Comments (17)

Marty’s campaign tries to knock rival off the ballot

Election: Borough President Markowitz is a shoo-in for a third term — yet the powerful beep isn’t taking any chances, moving this week to knock his virtually unknown Democratic challenger off the ballot. Comments (15)

Rosemarie O’Keefe, GOP stalwart, is dead

Bay Ridge: Rosemarie O’Keefe, the heart and soul of Bay Ridge’s tight-knit Republican community, died of cancer on July 17. She was 65. Comments (2)

Council candidate: Party boss ‘stole’ my petitions!

Politicrasher: The Republican Party is tearing itself apart even before its City Council candidate in Park Slope can get his chance to be shredded at the polls in November. Comments (25)

In the 33rd district, seven candidates speak

Election: Public schools are a big topic right now — but not every candidate sends his or hers to public school. Is that a problem? Comments (3)

In the 39th District, five men speak

Gowanus: Public schools are a big topic right now — but not every candidate sends his or hers to public school. Is that a problem? Comments (2)

Yassky’s boxed in

Williamsburg: Councilman David Yassky (D-Brooklyn Heights) took a break from campaigning for city comptroller and took over the foursquare court at Saturday’s “Williamsburg Walks” event. Comments (5)

In the 33rd district, one candidate is truly in ‘jeopardy’

Election: Answer: This Park Slope brainiac has moved beyond the world of game show competition and entered the rough and tumble world of Brooklyn politics to endorse a candidate for the City Council seat being vacated by David Yassky. Comments (1)

It ain’t easy being Green — if you want to get on the ballot

Election: David Pechefsky begins the long struggle to run as a Green in one of the city’s most-liberal neighborhoods. Comments (2)

June, 2009

Marty likes Bill and David — two borough pols — for higher office

Politicrasher: Surprise, surprise: Borough President Markowitz has endorsed the only Brooklynites in the races for public advocate and comptroller. Comment

Money train derailed for DiBrienza

Windsor Terrace: The city’s yearly cash stream to a former Councilman Steve DiBrienza’s not-for-profit — a flow of money that became such a political liability that he was forced to drop out of the race for his old seat — has been plugged. Comment
Politics: And you said there was no Brooklyn angle on the deaths of Farrah Fawcett and Michael Jackson! Comments (5)

What if the city removes the bike lane on Fifth Avenue?

Cartoon: Our cartoonist offers his view. Comments (1)

Rep. Mike likes ‘Cash for Clunkers’

McMahon on Line 1: The latest installment of our popular feature chronicling new Bay Ridge Rep. Mike McMahon’s first year in office reports on McMahon’s support for the “Cash for Clunkers” bill. Comments (8)

This month, every pol is your best friend

Cartoon: Our cartoonist Cristian Fleming thinks politicians are a bunch of two-faced glad-handers. Comment
Election: Hopefuls for two hotly contested City Council seats in Brownstone Brooklyn kicked off the primary election season in that most democratic of traditions: standing on street corners asking you to sign your name on their petition to get on the ballot. Comments (4)
Election: The former presidential front-runner (who eventually lost, by the way) has endorsed both Josh Skaller and Brad Lander for the City Council. Wow, that was helpful. Comments (6)

Scream team: Howard Dean to endorse Josh Skaller today

Politicrasher: The former presidential front-runner (who eventually lost, by the way) will endorse City Council candidate Josh Skaller. Comments (2)

Fray by the Bay! Capano takes on Gentile for Council seat

Election: Longtime Republican political backroomer Bob Capano will challenge Councilman Vince Gentile for his Bay Ridge seat. Comment
Politicrasher: Opponents of Atlantic Yards who hoped for a candidate to run against project cheerleader Borough President Markowitz got half their wish this week — a challenger has finally emerged, but he thinks Markowitz hasn’t championed the mega-development enough! Comments (12)

May, 2009


So, what IS John Heyer’s view on abortion and gay marriage?

Election: Hear it all for yourself in this exclusive podcast with the controversial candidate. Comments (1)

In the 39th district, five candidates speak out

Election: Residential parking permits are a big topic right now. Here’s where your would-be councilman stands on the pay-to-park plan. Comments (1)

In the 33rd district, seven candidates speak

Election: Residential parking permits are a big topic right now. Here’s where your would-be councilman stands on the pay-to-park plan. Comments (25)

No Heyer love! Club president quits rather than campaign for John

Election: Clubhouse politics were thrown into turmoil on Tuesday when the president of one of the borough’s best-known liberal groups took a leave of absence rather than work to elect the right-of-center candidate who won the club’s endorsement for a council seat last week. Comments (4)

Heyer gets clubhouse nod — rival ‘insulted’!

Election: One of Brooklyn’s oldest and most-progressive political clubhouses was riven last night after a closed-door meeting led to the “insulting” endorsement of the most-conservative of five Democratic candidates seeking to succeed Councilman Bill DeBlasio. Comments (8)
Brooklyn Angle: He came. He saw. He kicked my butt. Comments (2)

In the 39th District: Heyer Heyer pants on fire

Election: Four Democratic candidates for City Council rebuked their more conservative rival John Heyer for boycotting a debate in Park Slope on Tuesday night after he claimed it was “rigged” because one of the moderators was biased against him due to his supposed positions against gay marriage and abortion rights. Comments (3)

After controversy, angry Heyer bails on ‘rigged’ debate!

Election: Controversial City Council candidate John Heyer abruptly dropped out of tonight’s political forum, claiming that the event was “rigged” against him because of comments made by “front men for opposing candidates” on The Brooklyn Paper’s Web site yesterday. Comments (2)

‘Nice guy’ to finish last? Local pol calls on Dem club to reject Heyer

Election: Democratic officials are ramping up their attacks on John Heyer, one of five hopefuls to succeed Councilman Bill DeBlasio, slamming right-of-center candidate as too “conservative” for the Park Slope, Carroll Gardens and Windsor Terrace district because of his opposition to gay marriage and abortion rights. Comments (8)

Levin to Dems: I will show up this time

Election: Candidate Steve Levin vows to stop his “Rose Garden” strategy, break away from Vito Lopez’s shadow and finally debate the issues in the race to succeed Councilman David Yassky. Comments (12)

Question time: New format helps reveal candidates’ traits — and car ownership!

Election: The fight to succeed Councilman David Yassky in the 33rd Council district was never considered “scrappy” until Tuesday night, when candidates posed no-holds-barred questions to their opponents and showed some of their true colors in the process. Comments (7)

April, 2009

Dazzle me? How about underwhelm me?

Politicrasher: Candidates were asked to “dazzle” us. They failed. Comments (4)

Where are they now: Superfund — pro or con?

Gowanus: Lots of topics came up at the “Dazzle Me” candidates’ forum last week, but the biggest issue (judging by the crowd reaction) was whether the Gowanus Canal should become a federal Superfund site. Here’s what the Democratic candidates to succeed Councilman Bill DeBlasio (D–Park Slope) said about this murky topic. Comments (2)

Ridge freshman corners Hillary on … Sri Lanka?

McMahon on Line 1: The latest installment of our popular feature chronicling new Bay Ridge congressman Mike McMahon’s first year in office takes us inside the House foreign affairs committee. Comments (7)
Politicrasher: It’s now a seven-for-all to succeed David Yassky in the City Council. Comments (19)

Marty’s borough haul continues

Politics: Not-for-profits controlled and created by Borough President Markowitz continue to rake in donations from companies that have benefitted from his support of controversial projects like Atlantic Yards and the cruise ship terminal in Red Hook. Comments (4)

He’s an animal

Williamsburg: This is not District Attorney Charles Hynes — but it is one of his honorees! Comment

Where are they now — on gay marriage?

Vox Pop: Gay marriage is in the news again. So where does your elected official stand? Comments (4)
Bay Ridge: Disgraced former Rep. Vito Fossella has abandoned his appeal of last year’s drunk-driving conviction in a Virginia court and will likely begin a five-day sentence behind bars this weekend. Comment

Tish of the day: Councilwoman finally pays her back taxes!

Election: Councilwoman Letitia James moved quickly this week to diffuse what could have been a major distraction in her re-election campaign, personally heading to a Department of Finance office in Manhattan to pay $9,000 in overdue property taxes on her Lafayette Avenue house. Comments (20)

Voters to pols: Knock us dead

Election: It’s time for the five candidates to succeed Councilman Bill DeBlasio to put aside the talking points and dazzle us already. Comments (1)

So, who dazzled you?

Politics: It’s showtime! Candidates running to succeed Councilman Bill DeBlasio and represent a district that stretches from Carroll Gardens to Kensington are being asked to “dazzle” a Carroll Gardens community group at an upcoming forum. So The Brooklyn Paper asked the five men fighting for the Democratic nomination what politician has dazzled them. Comment

Hammerman out of Council race

Election: Community Board 6 District Manager — and New York City Hall of Fame inductee — Craig Hammerman has abandoned his second quest to represent Park Slope in the City Council. Comments (2)

Tish, tish — councilwoman owes $10K in back taxes

Fort Greene: Councilwoman Letitia James owes the city almost $9,837 in property taxes for her Lafayette Avenue house since April 2008, plus $614 on her water bill — and the lawmaker is blaming the feds! Comments (7)

McMahon on Line 1: Ridge Rep. votes yes on budget

McMahon on Line 1: The latest installment of our popular feature chronicling new Bay Ridge congressman Mike McMahon’s first year in office offers a look into the centrist Democrat’s fight against the populist mob. Comments (6)

March, 2009

Scandal forces DiBrienza from race

Election: Former City Councilman Steve DiBrienza has reportedly abandoned his controversial and scandal-tarred campaign for his old seat. Comment
Boerum Hill: Mike Bloomberg wants YOU — to volunteer for his race for a third term. Comments (7)

The ‘mob’ is angry — but Ridge Rep. votes for cooler heads

McMahon on Line 1: The latest installment of our popular feature chronicling new Bay Ridge congressman Mike McMahon’s first year in office offers a look into the centrist Democrat’s fight against the populist mob. Comments (3)

DiBrienza to city: investigate me

Kensington: Embattled former councilman Steve DiBrienza asked the city to release information about his neighborhood non-profit group in the wake of reports in The Brooklyn Paper and the New York Post about the group’s alleged misuse of taxpayer money. Comments (2)
Election: A Brooklyn political club has moved the location of its scheduled forum so that Jewish candidate Isaac Abraham can attend. Comments (22)
Election: Council hopeful Isaac Abraham, an observant Hasidic Jew, has turned down a political club’s endorsement forum invitation because the event is in a church basement. Comments (26)

Marty’s going Dutch!

Politics: Brooklyn’s Beep is about to head out on a fact-finding tour of our borough’s ancestral homeland, Holland. We always knew he had a big mouth — now he’s getting tulips, too! (We’re kidding, we’re kidding!). Comments (7)

Lander gets WFP endorsement

Politics: The Working Families Party has endorsed Brad Lander for the seat being vacated by Councilman Bill DeBlasio. Comments (5)

DeBlasio gets WFP endorsement

Politics: The Working Families Party has endorsed Councilman Bill DeBlasio for public advocate. Comment

DiBrienza scandal has him rethinking Council race

Politics: Ex-Councilman Steve DiBrienza is considering pulling the plug on his race to win back his old seat in the wake of a growing scandal over yearly, six-figure payouts from the City Council’s so-called “slush fund” to the non-profit DiBrienza has run since leaving the legislature in 2001. Comments (11)

DiBrienza must quit

Editorial: In light of a scandal, our editorial board calls on Steve DiBrienza to abandon his race for his old City Council seat. Comments (9)

From People’s House to White House: Ridge Rep. gets first visit with Obama

McMahon on Line 1: The latest installment of our popular feature chronicling new Bay Ridge congressman Mike McMahon’s first year in office. Today, a report on McMahon’s first sit-down with President Obama (note: 61 other people were there, too). Comment
Fort Greene: There’s a new front in the fight over the Gaza Strip — the doorstep of the Brooklyn Academy of Music. Comments (8)

McMahon on line 1: Ridge Rep. writes first bill — and lands key post

McMahon on Line 1: Oh, dear, our little congressman has grown up — and so quickly! Rep. Mike McMahon has introduced his first bill. And he was also named the whip for the Democratic freshman class. No wonder he was on the phone with us again this week. Comments (6)
Politicrasher: He’s been out of politics for more than eight years, but former four-termer Steve DiBrienza held a clinic — call it “Campaigning 101” — for the six rivals for the Windsor Terrace seat he used to hold. Comment

February, 2009

McMahon on line 1: Ridge Rep. takes us inside the chamber

McMahon on Line 1: President Obama had just finished speaking to a joint session of Congress — and the excitement was still in Rep. Mike McMahon’s voice in his obligatory debriefing session with The Brooklyn Paper on Tuesday night. Comments (1)
Politicrasher: Our columnist chews the fat — or was that the burger? — with Park Slope’s diner-loving councilman, Bill DeBlasio. Comments (2)

McMahon on line 1: New Ridge Rep. loves the stimulus

McMahon on Line 1: Bay Ridge’s freshman Rep. Mike McMahon backed the nearly $800-billion federal stimulus package on Friday — he’s a Democrat, after all — and promptly called The Brooklyn Paper buzzing about his first truly historic vote. Comments (6)

Marty’s ‘state’ of mind! Beep mentions us in his annual speech

Politics: Borough President Markowitz delivered his “State of the Borough” address last night — a wide-ranging speech chronicling the highlights of 2008 and the challenges ahead that even found time to acknowledge our award-winning work. Comment

It’s our bill! Two boro reps are all over stimulus package

Politics: Two Brooklyn lawmakers got their names — and maybe even their stamp — on the most important piece of legislation since the Great Society. Comments (1)

January, 2009

DiBrienza: I’m back, baby, I’m back!

Park Slope: Former Councilman Steve DiBrienza sent shockwaves through the race to succeed Bill DeBlasio, jumping into a race that already has six capable candidates. Comments (13)

Six and the city (council)

Politics: Now that term-limit opponent Councilman David Yassky (center in photo above) has made stronger indications that he is indeed running for comptroller and not for re-election, the six candidates to succeed him (including Isaac Abraham, right) say the money will really start flowing into their coffers. Comments (6)

Press release of the week: Save energy by showering less

Politicrasher: The nation is in economic turmoil — and Assemblyman Alec Brook-Krasny is on the case. Comments (2)
Politics: From a packed assembly at a Clinton Hill elementary school to a full crowd at Borough Hall to even the apartment of a John McCain supporter, Brooklyn lived up to its adopted name — Baracklyn — on Tuesday, cheering as Barack Obama finally received his new title: president of the United States. Comments (1)

Council $eat becoming two-man race

Park Slope: Just-released campaign finance filings by the six candidates seeking to represent a broad swath of Brownstone Brooklyn in the City Council show a shift in momentum. Comments (1)

DeKalb Avenue’s president’s day

DUMBO: Now this is a real President’s Day celebration. Just as on that other holiday honoring our prior commanders in chief, about 30 businesses on or near DeKalb Avenue in Fort Greene will offer a weekend of special deals in the run up to Barack Obama’s inauguration as the 44th president on Tuesday. Comment

GOP talk: Two righties to take on Gentile

Bay Ridge: Two would-be Bay Ridge Republican stars are gearing up for this fall’s Council race against incumbent Vince Gentile (D–Bay Ridge). Comments (1)

The freshman!

Bay Ridge: Freshman Rep. Mike McMahon (D–Bay Ridge) started his career on Capitol Hill this week by nailing an appointment to the powerful Transportation and Infrastructure Committee — a post he coveted during his campaign this fall. Comment

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