December, 2010

Politics as usual! So-called ‘reformer’ gets job with Lopez’s protege

Brooklyn Heights: So much for reforming the Brooklyn Democratic organization! Comments (55)

The ‘Rent is Too Damn High’ guy returns! And he’s running for prez!

Greenpoint: Some people might find a rock to crawl under after failing to get even one percent of the vote in an election — but Jimmy McMillan is not some people. Comments (16)

Locals pile on Vito for ‘double-dipping’

Bushwick: Williamsburg community leaders slammed Assemblyman Vito Lopez for cashing in on a state loophole that allows him to collect his retirement pension while still drawing his $92,000 salary. Comments (12)

Vito’s double-dip: An editorial

Editorial: This week, Assemblyman Vito Lopez was caught in the ultimate Albany scam — he wants to start collecting his pension even though he’s about to start his 14th term. Comments (1)

Parker beats the rap in ‘assault’ on Post photographer

Midwood: State Sen. Kevin Parker escaped serious jail time — and will likely get to keep his office — as a jury on Tuesday acquitted him of felony assault charges stemming from a 2009 scuffle with a New York Post photographer. Comments (1)

Adams: I did not lie about Aqueduct gaming debacle

Fort Greene: A once-time rising star in the state Senate is in full damage-control mode after a state investigation questioned his role in the corrupt bidding process over turning Aqueduct race track into a video gaming hall. Comments (5)

Parker to the pokey? His fate is in the jury’s hands

Midwood: A jury began deliberating felony assault charges against state Sen. Kevin Parker as the four-term lawmaker’s trial for attacking a New York Post photographer concluded on Monday. Comments (1)

Sen. Parker is a thug, prosecutor says as trial opens

Midwood: The four-term Flatbush Democrat is on trial for assaulting a New York Post photographer. Opening day didn’t go so well for the pol. Comments (4)

Re-writing history! Kevin Powell — three-time loser — pens memoir

Politics: History isn’t always written by the winners, after all. Comments (3)

November, 2010

Bklyn party boss lived in Queens!

Vito under the Microscope: An old mortgage on Vito Lopez’s Long Island lovenest listed the foreign address. Comments (12)

Inside Vito’s Long Island lovenest

Vito under the Microscope: Brooklyn power couple Vito Lopez and Angela Battaglia were no doubt drawn to Peconic Knolls on the edge of Long Island’s North Fork for its tranquility and privacy. Comments (1)

New Assemblywoman votes for change — by re-electing boss

Bay Ridge: It’s “Press Release of the Week” time. Comments (6)

Grimm times ahead! Our first interview with Bay Ridge’s congressman-elect

Bay Ridge: He believes in less government, protecting local businesses from arduous fines, that the science of global warming is unsettled and that Muslims need to suck it up — and he’s your new congressman. Comments (8)

The full transcript of our interview with Michael Grimm

Bay Ridge: A spirited and revealing look at the incoming Congressman’s views and agenda. Comments (8)

The victim! Vito rails against media and his ‘enemies’ at public meeting

Bushwick: Both sides of Assemblyman Vito Lopez were on display last week — click below for both stories. Comments (5)

Roofus: Republican wave drowned McMahon

Cartoon: This week, Roofus weighs in on Rep. Mike McMahon’s surprise election loss. Comments (2)

On the other hand, he really fights for loft tenants

Bushwick: Assemblyman Vito Lopez is staking considerable political capital and effort into saving the homes of tenants in an illegally converted loft — despite receiving round-the-clock treatment for a recurrence of cancer. Comments (2)

Grimm must move to center

Editorial: The Brooklyn Paper editorial board urges the newly elected far-right congressman to represent his district, not his ideology. Comments (12)

McMahon shun! Newbie swipes Ridge House seat back for GOP

Bay Ridge: Freshman Rep. Mike McMahon drowned in a Republican tsunami as newcomer GOP challenger Michael Grimm trounced him by a 51.5 to 48 percent vote, early returns show. Comments (16)

Vote today! Here’s our guide to the questions on the other side of the ballot

Politics: There’s more to this year’s election than meets the eye. Comments (1)

October, 2010

Still the life of the party

Politicrasher: Inside Democratic establishment legend Steve Cohn’s annual breakfast at Junior’s. Comments (2)

McMahon: No on ‘Ground Zero’ mosque

McMahon on Line 1: A Bay Ridge Democrat in a re-election fight comes out with the same position as his GOP challenger. Comments (10)

Inside the Restler victory party!

Politicrasher: It’s been said that political victory has 100 fathers — in this case it’s 120. Comments (3)

McMahon: Situation is ‘Grimm’ at foe’s businesses

Bay Ridge: Bay Ridge GOP congressional hopeful Michael Grimm touts himself as a successful small businessman, but one of his bungled ventures mainly succeeded in racking up city health code violations. Comments (1)

DiSanto’s ‘Golden’ moment against Sen. Marty

Bay Ridge: Political newcomer Mike DiSanto slammed longtime state Sen. Marty Golden as a “hallway” hack who skipped out on key votes in Albany rather than take controversial positions. Comments (8)

Rep. Mike McMahon: ‘I’m not angry’

Bay Ridge: Bay Ridge’s Democratic congressman is in the fight of his life — but his opponent is not just a GOP rival, but an irate nation. Comments (3)

Parking permits will help

Perspective: I recently spoke out in support of residential parking permits for Downtown, specifically in the area surrounding the Atlantic Yards project and the upcoming Barclays Center. I have long been a supporter of these permits; even before this development, I felt that permits offered a viable solution to the “park-and-ride” issue at the Atlantic Center terminal. Comments (17)

Tax Ratner for parking — not us!

Perspective: To residential parking permit — or not? That is the latest taxing question to confound Prospect Heights and Fort Greene residents since City Councilwoman Letitia James’s recent announcement that she intends to reheat Bloomberg’s residential parking permit leftovers — an indigestible portion of the mayor’s failed 2008 Congestion Pricing Plan. Comments (10)

Roofus: Lopez gives voters no choice

Cartoon: Our cartoonist thinks Vito Lopez is just making it easy for the public. Comments (2)

Poll workers say Vito oversaw election fraud!

Bushwick: Two Bushwick centers affiliated with Assemblyman Vito Lopez — one of which who’s already under investigation — played host to serious election fraud that helped secure a Lopez victory last month, poll workers charged this week. Comments (18)

‘Chisholm’ trail! Fort Greene gets building named after legendary congresswoman

Fort Greene: She was unbought, unbossed and unafraid to fight for women’s rights — and now legendary Rep. Shirley Chisholm is getting an honor usually set aside for dead white men. Comments (2)

Lopez, under investigation, chases his tormentor Cuomo

Williamsburg: Gubernatorial hopeful Andrew Cuomo just can’t seem to shake Vito Lopez. Comments (6)

Cut! Paterson freezes funds for Vito’s charity

Bushwick: Gov. Paterson has halted $25 million in state contracts due to a Bushwick-based nonprofit affiliated with embattled Assemblyman Vito Lopez — a move that could financially cripple an organization that provides services to more than 6,000 Brooklyn residents. Comments (14)

‘Midwood Mouth’ no more! Weiner mellow as House passes 9-11 bill

Politics: But American has spoken: We want Mad Anthony! Comment

September, 2010

Op-ed: Vito and his nonprofit are a modern political machine

Perspective: In the wake of a series of investigations into a nonprofit founded and controlled by Assemblyman Vito Lopez, we asked a Baruch College professor who has researched the charity to explain how it all works. Comments (11)

Are Kevin Peter Carroll’s pants on fire after flip-flopping over Lopez? 

Committeman Confrontation: A self-appointed “reformer” casts his first vote for the party boss. As flip-flops goes, this is George H.W. Bush’s “no new taxes” all over again. Comments (10)

Vito takes leave of absence to battle cancer

Williamsburg: Embattled Assemblyman Vito Lopez will take a leave of absence to undergo four days of radiation treatments next week to combat another outbreak of cancer. Comments (10)

More Vito problems — two fed probes and more city scrutiny

Politics: The bad news for embattled Assemblyman Vito Lopez continued yesterday as a new report revealed that two federal offices are investigating him and his Bushwick-based nonprofit, the state Attorney General is also eyeing a probe, and state and city officials ramped up pledges to increase oversight of the charity — and its $100 million in government contracts. Comments (5)

Vito: It’s my party! Boss adds more hand-picked lackeys to Dem leadership

Politics: Brooklyn Democratic boss Vito Lopez has strengthened his control of the borough’s political establishment by more than doubling the number of hand-picked loyalists in party leadership positions. Comments (4)

Vito’s power plays cross the line

Editorial: The Brooklyn Paper editorial board takes on Assemblyman Vito Lopez’s power base. Comments (2)

Roofus: Vito runs a dirty office

Cartoon: Our cartoonist has a real problem with Assemblyman and Democratic Party boss Vito Lopez. Comments (1)

Final result is in — Restler beats Cohn

Williamsburg: But the real loser is Party boss Vito Lopez — but you knew that. Comments (11)

Janitor says Vito Lopez’s charity fired him for backing his rival

Williamsburg: A former employee at a nonprofit agency backed by Assemblyman Vito Lopez claims the Bushwick group fired him for backing one of Lopez’s rivals in last year’s election. Comments (2)

Vito power! Lopez wins another term as county leader

Politics: Meet the new Boss — same as the old Boss. Comments (13)

Boss Vito: I have cancer — Party leader reveals health scare to insiders

Williamsburg: Assemblyman Vito Lopez, the most powerful politician in Brooklyn, has had his share of battles with political opponents throughout his career, but he is facing an even more formidable foe — cancer. Comments (13)

Democrats circle the wagons for freshman Rep. McMahon

Bay Ridge: Democratic Party officials are so concerned about the Republican Marine gunning for Rep. Mike McMahon’s Bay Ridge seat that they’ve put the freshman lawmaker in their “candidate protection program.” Comments (6)

Another flip-flop in Williamsburg district leader race

Williamsburg: Now Restler appears to lead! Comments (15)

Vito’s charity shakeup!

Politics: Ridgewood Bushwick under fire — and Vito’s campaign treasurer is at the center of it. Comments (7)

Flip flop! Now Restler is losing to Cohn

Williamsburg: The closest election of this year’s primary season is going to paper ballots and machine recounts. Oy vey. Comments (3)

Vito’s ‘Money Honeys’ get big salaries — subsidized by you

Politics: Assemblyman Vito Lopez, Brooklyn’s powerful Democratic party leader, steered more than three-quarters of a million dollars to both his campaign treasurer and his girlfriend, who work at the nonprofit he founded. Comments (26)

…And in North Brooklyn — Restler upsets Vito’s man

Williamsburg: The biggest news in North Brooklyn was in a race for one of the smallest seats: Insurgent reformer Lincoln Restler narrowly leads Warren Cohn for district leader as voters were split between two twenty-something candidates pitted on opposite sides of the county’s reform movement. Here’s all the news that’s fit to print on a tight, caffeine-aided deadline (all results reflect 100 percent of the precincts reporting). Comments (5)

And from our Southern Brooklyn bureau…

Politics: There were few primary election upsets in our southern Brooklyn coverage area, but that’s to be expected in New York City democracy, where a man awaiting a trial for punching out a photographer and a woman who is already collecting her retirement pension face only token challenges. Comments (5)

Your complete last-minute election guide — with our endorsements!

Politics: Tomorrow’s the day! This year’s primary is getting scant attention everywhere else but here, so we thought we’d give you one last chance to read up on the people, the issues and the offices that you’ll be considering on Tuesday, Sept. 14. Please remember to vote. Comments (10)

Editorial: A double take on ‘double dipping’

Perspective: Two Assemblywomen. Two pensions. Two levels of outrage. With video … Comments (13)

Double dipping is wrong

Perspective: The reason that elected officials should not be allowed to double dip (or collect two government paychecks at the same time) is simple: They make the laws that govern the state’s pension system. It is a conflict of interest in its most basic form and begs the question: What is to prevent them from passing laws and making rules that benefit themselves? Comments (5)

It’s legal and it’s my money

Perspective: The average voter should understand that it’s legal. I was advised by counsel [that] it’s my money, my pension, and I will also tell you that si Comments (2)

Weed it and weap: High-minded Senate wannabe says country should go to pot!

Politics: Meet a Senate candidate whose slogan is “tax pot, not people.” Comments (13)

August, 2010

That’s my money! Millman backtracks from pension pledge

Cobble Hill: Assemblywoman Joan Millman has backed off a pledge to stop taking her public school teacher’s pension — and instead slammed her challenger for linking her to so-called “double-dipping” lawmakers who draw their state legislative pensions even as they work at the state house. With video … Comments (2)

Debate week continues! Now, Parker refuses to slug it out with us!

Politics: It’s official — state Sen. Kevin Parker blows us off! Comments (1)

Debate week round two! Millman vs. Biviano!

Cobble Hill: Assembly candidate Doug Biviano blasted away at incumbent Joan Millman in a debate last week, hammering her for taking her pension even as she works as a lawmaker, lambasting her for backing transit cuts, and for flip-flopping on housing inside Brooklyn Bridge Park — but the harshest word he had for Millman was that she’s “nice.” With video … Comments (16)

Debate week begins! Round one: Jacobs vs. Adolphe!

Politics: It’s a barn-burner between three-decade incumbent Assemblywoman Rhoda Jacobs and challenger Michele Adolphe to represent Flatbush. Normally, we at The Brooklyn Paper don’t cover Flatbush, but this debate must be seen. With video … Comments (2)

Grimm’s fairy tale? GOP candidate ‘too busy’ to debate rival

Bay Ridge: Michael Grimm refused our invitation to debate his GOP rival, Michael Allegretti, in the race to take on Rep. Mike McMahon. Comments (10)

Vito’s ‘abuse’ of power! Lopez called city worker to get goods in political case

Williamsburg: Assemblyman Vito Lopez “abused” his office when he called a city employee and asked him to provide documents that he wanted to use in a bid to kick a political opponent off the ballot this year. Comments (8)

Pugilistic Parker’s trial date pushed back until after the election!

Politics: State Sen. Kevin Parker’s trial for assaulting a New York Post photographer has been delayed until after the September primary election, but this time the pugilistic legislator has a longtime political rival to thank for the hold up. Comments (2)

Now, Rep. King weighs in on Weiner’s eruption!

Perspective: A week after Rep. Anthony Weiner (a.k.a. “the Park Slope Piranha”) wrote us an op-ed piece, the target of Weiner’s venom fires back. Comments (6)

Powell outage! Candidate Kevin owes the taxman $600,000 — and blames his opponent

Politics: Congressional hopeful Kevin Powell’s faltering campaign to unseat 27-year incumbent Rep. Ed Towns (D–Fort Greene) was dealt a death blow on Friday after reports indicated that he owes the taxman $615,000 — and then tried to divert attention by decrying Towns’s political consultant for “nasty dirision.” Comments (5)

The ‘Midwood Mouth’ roars! Weiner pens op-ed about his House burning

Politics: Finally, Rep. Anthony Weiner explains the root of his rage. Comments (3)

July, 2010

The Weiner tirade: What was it about?

Politics: So what the hell was he yelling about? Comment

Here’s Weiner’s full rant

Politics: Here is the full text of Rep. Anthony Weiner’s 1:42 tirade on the House floor on Thursday night, as transcribed from a C-Span video. Comments (3)

Sarah Palin weighs in on Ridge House seat

Bay Ridge: Former Republican Veep loser likes Grimm over Allegretti to replace Democrat McMahon. Will it matter? Who knows, but it’s a great story. Comments (20)

Oy vey! Jews and non-Jews plenty mad over McMahon’s ‘Jewish money’ gaffe

Bay Ridge: The “Jews” are not happy about Rep. Mike McMahon’s “Jewish money” gaffe. Comments (20)

Lazio stumps in Bay Ridge

Bay Ridge: Trailing in the polls, demolished in the money race, virtually unknown outside of a small group of political insiders, Rick Lazio did what any Republican gubernatorial hopeful would do to energize a campaign: head to Bay Ridge. Comments (2)

Golden thunders! Marty’s camp seeks to sink Dem opponent

Bay Ridge: Talk about being anti-choice! Republican state Sen. Marty Golden wants yet another challenger-free election. Comments (90)

Vito to rivals: You want a spot on the ballot? Fight for it

Committeman Confrontation: Kings County Democratic Party Chairman Vito Lopez has a message for insurgent party members: the fight is on. Comments (7)

One crazy night at the Board of Elections

Politicrasher: A great yarn about the hour when men become candidates and candidates become scared little boys. Comments (21)

Powell gets free shots at debate no-show Towns

Fort Greene: It looks like this re-energized bunny has already run out of juice. Comments (7)

Towns, longtime congressman, will run again

Fort Greene: What anti-incumbent mood, the 28-year lawmaker seems to be saying. Comments (10)

Hot fight, cool TVs! Golden boils over at Squadron’s ‘asinine’ bill

Brooklyn Heights: A Brownstone Brooklyn lawmaker’s bid to make televisions more energy efficient is making a Bay Ridge colleague boil over with rage. Comments (10)

Sen. Kruger speaks: Sell my services to donors? Me?

Politics: After a week of tight-lipped silence, state Sen. Carl Kruger is finally speaking out about the FBI’s probe into his campaign practices, saying that he’s just an innocent patsy despite allegations that he sold his sizable political clout at high-priced fundraisers. Comments (9)

Kruger’s campaign expenses reveal a really fancy bathroom

Politics: State Sen. Carl Kruger’s $2.1-million campaign war chest brings new meaning to the phrase “money to burn.” Comments (1)

June, 2010

Tonight — watch Hope Reichbach mix political science and the sweet science

Committeman Confrontation: You’ve heard of “Million Dollar Baby”? Well, meet Democratic District Leader candidate Hope “The Moose” Reichbach — Brooklyn’s $20,000 baby. Comments (8)

It’s Oedipal! Restler runs against Warren, but campaigns against Steve!

Committeman Confrontation: A war of words is breaking out between two young challengers for North Brooklyn’s next Democratic District Leader — and Brooklyn’s judges are in the middle of it. Comments (3)

‘Ultimate’ fighter! Lawmaker’s bill to legalize blood sports moves ahead in Albany!

Greenpoint: Getting a bill passed through Albany these days may be tougher than beating Chuck Liddell in a mixed martial arts match — but not if the bill could bring Ultimate Fighting Championship events to Brooklyn! Comment

Bay Ridge pol collared for impersonating a lawyer

Committeman Confrontation: This is not some twisted anti-lawyer joke! Ralph Perfetto is actually facing a year in jail for helping a pal in a 2008 case. Comments (10)

Shingle out! Bill DeBlasio plays therapist to an anxious public

Fort Greene: Public Advocate Bill DeBlasio doesn’t have a Ph.D. in psychoanalysis, but he looked like one during his “Public Advocate on the Street” initiative on Tuesday. Comments (7)

Ridge district leader candidates in new fight over, well, democracy!

Committeman Confrontation: The Bay Ridge district leader war was waged on a new front this week as 18-year incumbent Ralph Perfetto threatened to knock his insurgent challenger off the ballot if the newcomer makes good on his threat to run a slate of opposition candidates for the lowest-level party positions. Comment

Republicans coalesce around Bay Ridgite Allegretti

Bay Ridge: Staten Island’s Republican Party has finally settled on a candidate — and it’s the guy from Brooklyn! Comments (4)

May, 2010

BREAKING: Vito Fossella declines GOP nomination for old seat

Bay Ridge: The disgraced former congressman, nominated for his old seat by his Staten Island party cronies, said today that he will not return to politics at this time. Comments (5)

Grand old party: Panel picks drunk-driving, cheating, love-child-fathering Fossella to win his old seat back

Bay Ridge: The already divisive Republican effort to unseat freshman Rep. Mike McMahon took a bizarre turn last week, when a GOP committee on Staten Island nominated none other than Vito Fossella — the congressman who was run out of town after a drunk-driving arrest and subsequent revelations that he had a secret family in Virginia — to represent the party in the fall election. Comments (7)

Roofus: Vito Lopez is a power-hungry octopus

Cartoon: Wow, that’s a powerful cartoon! Comments (11)

Cohn heads! Steve wants his son to take his district leader seat

Committeman Confrontation: These crazy district leader articles are becoming the political drama of the season. Now, Vito Lopez loyalist Steve Cohn drops out — in favor of his son! Comments (5)

Candidates savage each other in district leader debate

Committeman Confrontation: Incumbent Democratic District Leader Ralph Perfetto says that a vote for his inexperienced challenger Kevin Peter Carroll would be a vote for the Republicans. With video … Comments (10)

The Great Debate — a summary

Committeman Confrontation: During their 50-minute debate, Democratic District Leader Ralph Perfetto and challenger Kevin Peter Carroll engaged in a lively interchange of ideas, agreeing sometimes, and disagreeing more often. Here are the highlights. Comment

Lopez strengthens his ‘Vito’ power with ‘loyal’ lackeys

Politics: EXCLUSIVE: The battle for the soul of Brooklyn’s Democratic Party continues — with Chairman Vito Lopez bolstering his iron grip on power. Comments (12)

The great debate! It’s Perfetto vs. Carroll — live (on tape)!

Bay Ridge: You’ve heard the buildup. You’ve read the allegations. You’ve been shocked by the vitriol. Now it’s time to rumble as Bay Ridge’s incumbent District Leader Ralph Perfetto and hard-hitting challenger Kevin Peter Carroll go mano-a-mano in a debate in our Downtown offices. With video … Comment

Vito’s power grab

Perspective: Sure, no one wants to read about district leaders or party bosses, but this editorial could change your life. Comments (13)

Would-be Ridge leader says he’ll only back candidates who back him!

Bay Ridge: Kevin Peter Carroll has a few choice words for elected officials who endorse his opponent, Ralph Perfetto, for state committeeman: carry your own petitions! Comments (9)

Rep. Mike’s fact-finding mission to Afghanistan

McMahon on Line 1: Rep. Mike McMahon has just returned from a three-day fact-finding mission to Afghanistan and Pakistan, where he met with big wigs like Gen. Stanley McChrystal and Afghan President Hamid Karzai. Given McMahon’s staunch support for our operations in that theater of war, and how much we can’t wait to run a picture of the freshman Bay Ridge rep in a flak jacket, it was clearly time to get McMahon on Line 1. Comment

Proxy battle! Race for district leader — what? — is really all about Vito Lopez

Brooklyn Heights: This year’s biggest election battle is being waged on the lowest rung of the political ladder — a fight for a district leader post in the heart of Brownstone Brooklyn. Comments (11)

The greatest district leader debate — ever — is on!

Bay Ridge: It’s Kevin Peter Carroll vs. Ralph Perfetto for the soul of Bay Ridge. Comment

Newcomer Restler battles incumbent Cohn for obscure, minor, little-known post

Williamsburg: The challenger is just 26 years old — and he wants to beat a guy whose held the district leader job in Williamsburg for 27 years. Comments (7)

April, 2010

Legalize poker? Fine, but no one wants to play Bushwick Hold ‘Em with Lentol

Greenpoint: Hours after Assemblyman Joe Lentol announced a bill to legalize poker, all his would-be marks folded. Comments (2)

Now Lentol wants to legalize poker!

Greenpoint: What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas — except for legal poker, one Williamsburg lawmaker is hoping. Comments (3)

Kettle Black brawl sparks political fight

Bay Ridge: Last week’s arrest of four members of state Sen. Marty Golden’s family came as good news to at least one person — his longtime rival, Councilman Vince Gentile. Comments (5)

Anti-gay-marriage senator will at least let homosexuals mourn their dead

Politics: State Sen. Carl Kruger still says no to gay marriage, but he’s now OK with gay mourning. Comments (6)

Go jump in a lake! To woo Google, Lentol says he’ll swim in Newtown Creek

Greenpoint: Towns all over America are doing wacky things to win Google’s offer to install an ultra-high-speed Internet network, but none of them — so far, at least — have an elected official who’s willing to jump in a toxic waterway. Comment

Suit: Marty ran the Beep’s office like a frat-house

Politics: And may have broken campaign finance laws by using city staffers on his campaign. Comments (15)

What happened to all the bad blood over health care?

Bay Ridge: Rep. Anthony Weiner — a big “yes” vote on Obamacare — is hosting a fundraiser for naysayer Rep. Mike McMahon. Comments (5)

McMahon gets an earful from Bay Ridge liberals

Bay Ridge: Members of a progressive Bay Ridge political club slammed Rep. Mike McMahon for opposing the just-passed health care reform bill and for his right-of-center positions on war, terrorism and military policy. Comments (27)

Councilwoman ends Tish-grace!

Fort Greene: Letitia James has dropped her bump-and-scratch lawsuit against a day laborer. Comments (10)

Roofus: McMahon’s vote is his umbrella

Cartoon: Everyone is calling for Rep. Mike McMahon’s head — except our cartoonist, who thinks the Obamacare-rejecting congressman is in the clear. Comments (1)

March, 2010

What? McMahon worry? Dem shouldn’t be nervous after ‘no’ vote on Obamacare

Politicrasher: But it’s not like anyone can actually beat this centrist in Bay Ridge, is there? Well, that won’t stop the GOP and the liberals from targetting the freshman. Comments (13)

Hey, was that John Heyer at the gay-bash vigil?

Carroll Gardens: The anti-gay-marriage candidate re-emerges at the scene of the assault of a gay man. Comments (4)

More Tish-grace! Councilwoman hires big-time personal injury lawyer in bump-and-scratch

Fort Greene: Councilwoman Letitia James is vigorously pursuing her personal injury lawsuit against an itinerant laborer, despite widespread ridicule over her contention that she suffered “permanent” injuries after bumping into the legal trailer hitch on his parked van. Comments (23)

It’s a Tish-grace! Councilwoman James sues over scratch

Fort Greene: Councilwoman Letitia James has filed a personal injury suit against an itinerant laborer after she allegedly injured herself walking into his legally parked truck. Comments (50)

The Gowanus stinks — for Toll Brothers

Gowanus: Our cartoonist has a different take on the EPA’s Gowanus Canal Superfund designation. Comment

McMahon in the middle

McMahon on Line 1: Bay Ridge’s freshman congressman is named the “most centrist” lawmaker in Washington. But our analysis shows that Mike McMahon is plenty liberal and plenty conservative when he wants to be. Comments (2)

February, 2010

Where was Rudy? Mayor scrubs endorsement for Grimm a day after Kerik debacle

Bay Ridge: So much for that Rudy Giuliani photo op! Comments (5)

Landslide! Liberal clubhouse pol swept aside in centrist uprising

Park Slope: One of Brooklyn’s most liberal clubs is moving towards the center. Comments (10)

The airplane noise really is bad

Cartoon: Our cartoonist offers this take on life in Park Slope. Comments (10)

Roofus: Kill Jews? Here’s something that really should be killed

Cartoon: Here’s the only murderous imperative that matters. Comment

January, 2010

‘State’ of the union? McMahon likes speech, but still hates Obamacare 

McMahon on Line 1: President Obama called on congressional Democrats to pass a health care bill now, rather than fearfully “head for the hills” — but freshman Rep. Mike McMahon is so far up the mountain that he risks a nose bleed! Comments (4)

Roofus: Harold Ford is a snake — literally!

Cartoon: Our cartoonist weighs in. Comments (1)

‘Golden’ boy! Upstart grad student to take on Sen. Marty

Bay Ridge: The young guns are coming in to try and devour the “bad apples” rotting in Albany, and for one man, Bay Ridge’s longtime Republican state Sen. Marty Golden is the sourest of them all. Comments (5)

Harold Ford in Brooklyn — kissing Vito’s ring!

Williamsburg: The path to the Senate obviously goes through the stomach of Assemblyman Vito Lopez. Comments (15)

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