December, 2011

Report: Kruger to plead guilty

Politics: State Sen. Carl Kruger will reportedly plead guilty today to accepting at least $1 million in bribes — and, in doing so, lose his powerful seat in the Senate. Comments (3)

October, 2011

‘Novice’ to challenge Rep. Grimm for Ridge seat

Bay Ridge: A political nobody who has only voted once in his life came out swinging against freshman Rep. Michael Grimm, announcing last Thursday his candidacy to represent Bay Ridge and Dyker Heights and calling the incumbent a “mouthpiece” for the Republican elite. Comments (37)
Fort Greene: Fifteen-term Rep. Ed Towns is losing the money war to Assemblyman Hakeem Jeffries — and has only $11,000 on hand against an upstart candidate who raised more than $150,000 in his first cash push. Comments (3)

Hakeem — the dream! Jeffries to fight Rep. Towns in 2012

Fort Greene: Assemblyman Hakeem Jeffries will battle 30-year Rep. Ed Towns next year — a battle for a congressional seat that is part political mission, part generational shift. Comments (9)

September, 2011

Pols: Vito’s a geezer freezer

Bushwick: Candidates complain that a Vito Lopez-backed charity is blocking them from campaigning in its centers. Comments (3)

Grimm: I’ll take on my party over Irene relief funds

Bay Ridge: The borough’s lone Republican congressman is poised to battle his own party’s leadership — and put his budget-cutting credentials on the line — to make sure that Brooklyn gets more Hurricane Irene relief money. Comments (8)

August, 2011

Hugh Carey, governor who saved New York, is dead

Politics: The Park Slope native was 92. Comments (8)

Marty: Let Jamie take international freebies!

Politics: Borough President Markowitz calls for relaxed city ethics rules against tagalong spouses. Comments (15)

Marty has been controversial and defiant — and always quotable!

Politics: Borough President Markowitz had been nothing but defiant in response to the scandal over his wife’s freebie trips to foreign countries. And he’s also been extremely quotable! Enjoy. Comments (3)

July, 2011

Rep. Mike is a Grimm bulb!

Rep. Mike is a Grimm bulb!

Bay Ridge: Bay Ridge’s Republican congressman fights an energy efficiency bill in the name of getting the “nanny state” off your back. Comments (26)

Take his wife, please! Marty fined $20K for Jamie’s tagalong junkets

Downtown: Borough President Markowitz abused his government position by scoring three free overseas trips for his wife, a city ethics panel ruled on Monday, but the Beep defiantly denied the allegation. Comments (28)
Perspective: Anthony Weiner screwed Brooklyn, twice. Comments (5)

June, 2011

Golden: Who are lawmakers to change the law about gay marriage

Bay Ridge: The only Brooklyn state senator to vote against gay marriage thinks that the people, not the people’s elected representatives who do everything else, should vote on the issue. Comments (29)

So Weiner sexted — doesn’t everyone?

Politics: The moral minority seems to have a problem with the congressman’s online dalliances — but young Brooklynites do it all the time. Comments (14)

Outed Kruger now says gay marriage is OK

Politics: State Sen. Carl Kruger has come out — for gay marriage. Comments (12)
Mean Streets: Actually, he booted him for a lot of other reasons Comments (12)
Bay Ridge: Dozens of gay marriage supporters rallied on Monday at the Bay Ridge office of state Sen. Marty Golden, slamming the Republican lawmaker for dismissively saying that Brooklynites “don’t give a rat’s ass” about the issue yet then introducing a bill last month indicating just the opposite. Comments (50)

Member item! Rep. Weiner admits softcore tweet

Member item! Rep. Weiner admits softcore tweet

Politics: The Sheepshead Bay congressman admits that he sent that lewd photo to a 21-year-old — and carried on at least five other online dalliances. Comments (17)

May, 2011

Fort Greene: Assemblyman Hakeem Jeffries is moving ahead to challenge 15-term Rep. Ed Towns — a battle that will set off a generational clash that party leaders once thought could be avoided. Comments (9)
Committeman Confrontation: It’s hard to even write those words, given that the 28-year Congressman hasn’t lost anything in decades, but sure enough, Assemblyman Vito Lopez and Co. have shot down Towns’s bid to become a lowly district leader. Comments (9)
Politics: The city that never sleeps now apparently wants to nod off by midnight. Comments (9)

April, 2011

Bay Ridge: Wednesday’s town hall hearing erupts as outraged seniors rip into the Republican freshman over the GOP budget priorities. Comments (18)

DeBlasio to Grimm: Come clean about 1999 bar fight

Bay Ridge: Public Advocate Bill DeBlasio is demanding Rep. Michael Grimm come clean about a 1999 nightclub brawl in which the gun-slinging G-man-turned-Congressman apparently abused his authority, waved a gun around like a madman and spouted racist comments at Caribbean club-goers. Comments (27)

So what actually happened that night?

Bay Ridge: Depending on who you believe, Rep. Michael Grimm was either a gun-waving crazy man or a law enforcement officer doing his job during a visit to a Queens nightclub on July 10, 1999. Here is what happened, according to the New Yorker magazine (all of which is denied by the congressman). Comments (1)

Boro Young Republican leader out — but successor vows to continue fighting party establishment

Politics: Brooklyn GOP Chairman Craig Eaton may have thought he won his intra-party generational war when Jonathan Judge, the leader of the insurgent Brooklyn Young Republicans club, announced he would relinquish his seat — but Judge’s replacement vows that the tusk bashing will continue. Comments (9)

March, 2011

Bay Ridge: The battle over women’s health care came to Bay Ridge on Tuesday, as members of the National Organization for Women rallied on 86th Street to protest a pattern of “anti-woman” votes by freshman Rep. Michael Grimm. Comments (14)

February, 2011

Dem ‘robo-calls’ target Bay Ridge Rep. Mike Grimm

Bay Ridge: Rep. Michael Grimm’s support of the GOP’s controversial spending bill has left the Marine and former FBI agent with a big target on his back. Comments (3)
Committeman Confrontation: Rep. Ed Towns has been at the top of Brooklyn’s political ladder for 28 years, but now he wants to go right back to the bottom — and perhaps deal a blow to Brooklyn Democratic Party boss Vito Lopez. Comments (6)

GOP Chairman Eaton takes bite out of Young Republicans

Bay Ridge: Will the real Republican youth movement please stand up? Comments (243)
Politics: The Beep pokes fun at his anti-bike-lane stance by pedaling into his annual State of the Borough speech. Comments (36)

January, 2011

Bay Ridge: The repeal of President Obama’s landmark health care reform on Wednesday was punctuated with plenty of Brooklyn moxie — and a few indirect swipes at freshman Rep. Michael Grimm, the only Republican in the city’s congressional delegation. Comments (4)
Bay Ridge: Soldier-turned-Congressman Michael Grimm has hired a former NYPD detective who will “act as a bodyguard” for himself and staffers in the wake of the Arizona shootings — but Brooklyn’s lone Republican member of Congress is apparently our only local lawmaker to take such a drastic step. Comments (6)

Grimm: House members should pack heat if they want

Bay Ridge: Gun-slinging G-man-turned-Republican Rep. Michael Grimm wants beefed up security training for him and his House colleagues in the wake of last weekend’s Arizona shootings — and lesson one is that lawmakers should consider packing heat. Comments (23)

Oh, brother! Grimm will work against Obamacare yet get full health care in Congress

Bay Ridge: Critics are howing at the freshman congressman’s fear of becoming a “burden” on society — but the tens of millions of Americans who really are a burden can forget about getting health care. Comments (18)
Bay Ridge: Borough President Markowitz — a Democrat — gives Grimm some guff on Sunday. Comments (4)

Grimm takes over — and first vote slams constituents, critics charge

Bay Ridge: Rep. Michael Grimm is sworn in as Bay Ridge’s new Congressman — and one of his first votes will allow Congress to raid a transportation trust fund and undermine local transit improvements, Democrats howled on Wednesday. Comments (12)

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