Transit Issues

December, 2009

Our cartoonist’s take on the MTA service cuts

Cartoon: This week, Roofus says that there’s plenty of blame to go around regarding MTA service cuts. Comment

MTA approves massive transit cuts!

Transit: Brooklyn is facing a full-blown transit apocalypse — include massive bus service reductions and the elimination of an entire subway line — thanks to severe cuts approved by the Metropolitan Transportation Authority board this morning. Comments (7)

MTA cuts would slice and dice Brooklyn

Transit: Brooklyn is facing a full-blown transit apocalypse — include massive bus service reductions and the elimination of an entire subway line — thanks to severe cuts approved by the Metropolitan Transportation Authority board this week. Comments (17)

November, 2009

Transit: Will the city let East River ferry service just die? Or is New York Water Taxi to blame? Comments (1)
Transit: Millions of people go to Coney Island by subway. But would the tens of thousands of residents consider switching to a ferry? Comments (3)
Williamsburg: In the end, a girl from Queens took the Miss G Train crown. Comments (5)
Transit: Shuttle busses replaced regular F train service again this weekend — and a “screw-up” by the Metropolitan Transit Agency left Brooklyn straphangers frustrated and confused. Comment

Another F’ing lie! Shuttle buses return on closed F line this weekend

Transit: The MTA lied! Read all about it! Comments (7)

Miss G train pageant is rolling ahead

Williamsburg: Finally, the beauty pageant for the little engine that could is generating some interest. Comments (19)

The billion-dollar bridge!

The billion-dollar bridge!

Greenpoint: Costs for a new Kosciuszko Bridge are skyrocketing. But look at what we’ll get! Comments (11)

October, 2009

Transit: The weekend shuttle bus system that has been the bane of F-train riders for the past three weekends, is over — for now. Comments (2)
Bay Ridge: But is a ferry next? That’s unclear. Comments (5)
Transit: The F train is slower, dirtier and less reliable than other lines in the subway system, the Metropolitan Transportation Authority finally admitted in a bombshell report released on Friday. Comment

September, 2009

Carroll Gardens: The Metropolitan Transportation Authority derailed its own plan to shut down a manned token booth at the President Street entrance to the Carroll Street F-train station. Comment

August, 2009

MTA still has no ‘Hewes’ for station entrances

Williamsburg: Stairways to heaven they ain’t. Comments (5)
Election: One candidate announced in advance that he’d show up this morning — the other just showed up. Isn’t this subway system big enough for the both of them? Comment

Heyer: Fight MTA booth closings on Monday

Election: City Council candidate John Heyer has found an issue that he hopes to ride all the way to office. Comments (9)

July, 2009

It’s splitsville for the B61 bus!

Transit: The MTA wants to improve service on this Red Hook–Queens bus line by cutting service in half. Comments (1)
Transit: Happy sails — starting this weekend, there will be free ferry service to Governors Island every Saturday and Sunday through Labor Day. Comments (1)

Exclusive video: Unknown hero saves the day on the Q train!

Transit: Why was the Q train delayed from beginning its run from Stillwell Avenue in Coney Island on Wednesday night? This shocking video, forwarded by our reader Nicky Huddy, shows why. Comments (2)

June, 2009

These are R(epulsive) and N(asty) trains

Transit: Now we know what the “R” and the “N” stands for in the names of two of Brooklyn’s key subway lines: “Rancid” and “Nasty.” Comments (5)
Transit: We all know that something is wrong with the F train — but soon we’re going to know exactly what. Comments (12)
Transit: Ferry service returns. And there was much (or, at least some) rejoicing! Comment
Transit: Ferry service returns. And there was much (or, at least some) rejoicing! Comments (1)

May, 2009

Cartoon: The canal is really a mess

Cartoon: Cartoonist Cristian Fleming thinks the mess in the Gowanus Canal has two new sources. Comments (1)
Editorial: Our editorial board urges riders to make sure the MTA knows how important the newly expanded G-train service is to Brooklynites. Comments (3)

Our cartoonist loves a longer G train

Cartoon: Cartoonist Cristian Fleming has to give the MTA some credit, albeit temporarily. Comment
Transit: The G train will be extended to Church Avenue in July, creating the first direct link between trendy Williamsburg and posh Park Slope. Comments (2)

Crash course on the avenue of death and destruction

Mean Streets: The so-called Avenue of Death and Destruction is still living up to at least part of its name. Comments (2)
Bridge ‘Park’: State officials revealed on Tuesday night that a colossal renovation of the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway won’t likely begin until 2020 — nearly 30 years beyond the roadway’s original lifespan. Comments (8)
Mean Streets: A decades-long project to repair a ready-to-collapse section of the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway finally begins tomorrow night. Comments (4)

April, 2009

Bay Ridge: The wheels on Bay Ridge’s B4 bus are going round and round — and 78th Street residents are going crazy. Comments (10)
DUMBO: The city has restored a key link between East DUMBO and West DUMBO, uniting the divided neighborhood for the first time in generations. Comments (1)
Greenpoint: Replacing Greenpoint’s decaying Kosciuszko Bridge might make the roadway safer for drivers, but reconstructing the overpass could also displace more than a dozen local businesses from the shadow of the span. Comments (3)

A slasher is loose at the Brooklyn Museum

Cartoon: Our cartoonist, Cristian Fleming, weighs in on the Museum’s financial problems. Comments (3)

‘Hurst to first: Station rehabs are back on track

Dyker Heights: Subways repairs to the dilapidated D and M lines are back on track, thanks to $242 million in federal stimulus money that will be routed towards the decrepit stations. Comments (2)

A cartoonist’s-eye view

Cartoon: Our cartoonist, Cristian Fleming, sees some hypocrisy in the federal move to declare the Gowanus Canal a Superfund site. Comment

Park Slope to MTA: Unseal our long-lost subway entrances

Park Slope: On Flatbush Avenue, the stairway to heaven might actually lead underground. Comments (4)

These cars have boxed her in!

Mean Streets: Motorists who park their cars on the sidewalks of Bay Ridge are driving Jean Ryan mad. Comments (13)

MTA is an F-ing tease

Cartoon: Cartoonist Cristian Fleming, like everyone else, wishes the F train was better. Comment

What the F? MTA tests longer train — then decides against it

Transit: Reports of the F train’s improvement were, alas, greatly exaggerated. Comments (7)

Our cartoonist takes on Bloomy!

Cartoon: Cartoonist Cristian Fleming sees a mayoral monarch in Mike Bloomberg. Comment

March, 2009

Transit: Federal stimulus money is rolling towards the city, and Mayor Bloomberg wants to use the cash to put 11 Brooklyn infrastructure projects in motion. Comments (4)

I’m back on the road, thanks to a donated bike

Brooklyn Angle: Someone up there must like Gersh, because over the weekend, an anonymous Brooklyn Paper fan donated our famous bike-riding editor a new bike. Comments (3)

They’re mad about the un-fare!

Transit: The Brooklyn Paper editorial board calls for no increases in revenue for the inept MTA until the transit agency is reformed. Comments (3)

Our cartoonist takes on the MTA!

Cartoon: Cartoonist Cristian Fleming sees only danger ahead for subway and bus riders. Comment

Someone stole my bike — again!

Brooklyn Angle: This newspaper’s famously bike-riding editor has had yet another bike stolen — the second time in eight months that his wheels have been swiped. Comments (9)
Mean Streets: The people have spoken — and they want two-way streets to fix the mess of Grand Army Plaza and the dangerous “speedways” of Eighth Avenue and Prospect Park West. Comments (8)

No to MTA bailout

Editorial: The Brooklyn Paper editorial board calls for no increases in revenue for the inept MTA until the transit agency is reformed. Comments (17)

January, 2009

Transit: Politicians, transportation activists — and a bagpipe player — buried the M and R train in a pre-emptive funeral service for the lines, which face severe service cuts under the Metropolitan Transit Authority’s proposed “Doomsday Budget.” Comments (2)

Raging bull! Toro’s firing from CB1 panel is explained

Mean Streets: Get this: the chairwoman of a key North Brooklyn transportation panel was booted from her position because she attempted to correct a factual inaccuracy in the Brooklyn Daily Eagle (of all places). Comments (3)

More ferry bad news at Ikea

More ferry bad news at Ikea

Red Hook: Ikea has again slashed its free ferry and shuttle bus service, citing declining use of the complimentary transit by shoppers to its Red Hook megastore. Comments (3)

MT-Hey! Station booths will be cut big

Transit: Buried deep in the Metropolitan Transit Authority’s proposed budget cuts are suggestions to close part-time and several full-time service booths — a move that could save the $10.8-billion agency millions, but could also compromise safety of its passengers by depriving riders of another set of eyes and ears late at night. Comments (4)

Run down! CB1 Committee Chair booted over bikes?

Mean Streets: Fasten your seatbelts, Williamsburg — next week’s community board meeting is going to be a “showdown” over the stunning Christmas Eve dismissal of the chairwoman of the transportation committee, who was deposed because of her vocal support for a pair of controversial Kent Avenue bike lanes. Comments (2)
Mean Streets: Opponents of a pair of controversial bike lanes on Kent Avenue have been using school buses to block the street in an act of automotive disobedience — and now they’re publicizing their plans with a billboard blaming the resulting traffic jams on cyclists. Comments (11)

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