Transit Issues

December, 2016

Cyclists sick of 88th Precinct cars in bike lane, CO claims he can’t do anything about it

Mean Streets: He says there aren’t enough parking spaces nearby. Comments (39)

Cuomo ignores DeBlasio’s plea to put brakes on unpopular traffic changes, pol says

Midwood: Gov. Cuomo steam-rolled Mayor DeBlasio and the city’s Department of Transportation by ignoring their request to postpone unpopular traffic changes to Ocean Parkway, a local pol says. Comments (8)

Riding high: City wants to green-light illicit bike path across Court Street

Mean Streets: Legalize it! Comments (25)

Lane in vain: Panel endorses 7th Ave. path, though many think it won’t make much difference

Mean Streets: Are they just feeding cyclists a line? Comments (21)

Bike lane to the danger zone: Hundreds support Flatbush Ave. plan, but predict uphill battle against drivers

Mean Streets: You heard it here first — this will be controversial. Comments (31)

Wrong track: Sunset Parkers lash out against streetcar plan

Sunset Park: They’re calling it a streetcar named displacement. Comments (18)

Railroaded! Streetcar’s promo video misquotes activist

Sunset Park: He says the city used his critique out of context in a promotional video — making it look like he supported the very plan he is fighting against. Comments (10)

Zed-letter day! Pols back Verrazano-Narrows name fix

Bay Ridge: The Metropolitan Transportation Authority must fix a 50-year-old typo, according to area pols. Comments (13)

Red alert! No weekend 2, 3 trains in Brooklyn starting spring next year

Transit: But 4 and 5 trains will run locally. Comments (5)

Tonight! Weigh in on the streetcar plan in Sunset Park

Sunset Park: Locals can weigh in on the mayor’s proposed $2.5-billion, Sunset Park-to-Queens streetcar project at a meeting in Sunset Park tonight. Comments (8)

Backtrack: MTA says its policy is to report all hateful graffiti to police

MTA: We only report hateful graffiti to police if it is expensive to clean

Transit: Swastika graffiti is only a hate crime if it’s done in permanent marker, according to the Metropolitan Transportation Authority’s logic. Comments (11)

Sinkhole tries to gobble up bus

Sunset Park: A massive sinkhole nearly swallowed a school bus on 23rd Street between Fifth and Sixth avenues on Dec. 6. Comments (1)

Fighting for their rights: Rally opposes right-turn ban on Ocean Parkway

Transit: The state must put the brakes on a plan to ban turns on portions of Ocean Parkway, drivers are demanding. Comments (21)

Broken main floods Seventh Avenue

Bay Ridge: On the first day this week that we didn’t get any rain. Comment

Gawk shock! Locals outraged city gave parking spaces to ‘Dyker Lights’ tour buses

Dyker Heights: A shadow hangs over Dyker Lights. Comments (3)

November, 2016

$1.7-billion BQE repairs will be most expensive in city history

Fixing the BQE: It is Brooklyn’s billion-dollar mile! Comments (8)

Exit strategy: City adds signal, crosswalk to Manhttan Bridge off-ramp

Mean Streets: Now you can cross that bridge when you come to it! Comments (6)

No gravy train: Atlantic Ave. merchants say streetcar will ruin business

Mean Streets: They’re trolley dodging! Comments (56)

Skirting the law: City needs Feds’ permission to run streetcar past courthouse — but doesn’t have it

Mean Streets: Officials haven’t actually asked for permission, and local leaders don’t think they’ll get it. Comments (13)

Downtown residents to streetcar honchos: We have enough transit already, thanks

Downtown: They’re not on board. Comments (16)

One-way? No way! WT residents: Change would turn Seeley St. into speedway

Mean Streets: These Windsor Terrace residents are not one direction fans. Comments (4)

‘Is there a chance the track could bend?’: CB2 residents can weigh in on streetcar routes tonight, CB6 Thursday

Downtown: Be the squeaky wheel who gets the grease! Comments (11)

Leaf creepers! MTA slows trains because of slippery leaves on tracks

Transit: Wondering why your above-ground subway commute has slowed lately? It’s the season that’s the reason. Comments (1)

Trolley plan reveals potential street closures, new bridges

Transit: See the maps inside! Comments (28)

‘Dollar van’ crackdown coming

Transit: Officials want to buck the trend. Comments (19)

City cuts open BQE, finds it has 10 years to live

Fixing the BQE: This is the inside scoop! Comments (13)

October, 2016

Citi yikes! City transportation reps won’t attend Park Slope Citi Bike meeting

Mean Streets: The Department of Transportation has infuriated members of a Park Slope panel by declining to attend a hotly anticipated meeting over the controversial rollout of the Citi Bike bicycle rental service in the neighborhood. Comments (65)

Montgomery, DeBlasio rep trash DOT over Schermerhorn block closure

Mean Streets: The state senator went on a lengthy tirade against the agency at a Community Board 2 meeting on Thursday. Comments (33)

September, 2016

What a bus-t: Bridge Park neighbors don’t want B63 driving through loop road

Mean Streets: Locals really threw this plan for a loop. Comments (18)

Ding dong, the Prospect Park West bike lane lawsuit is dead

Mean Streets: After six years, the critics conceded that it would be impractical to get rid of the lane now. Comments (11)

Red Hook Houses residents: ‘We’re tired of Citi Bikes and people making decisions for us’

Mean Streets: They’d rather parking spaces. Comments (103)

A bad sign: City posts ‘Meserole Avenue’ on Meserole Street

Williamsburg: What a mess-erole! Comments (5)

Shout of the blue: Next CB6 Citi Bike meeting could have police protection

Mean Streets: Somebody call the cops! Comments (26)

DOT apologizes for surprise Boerum Hill Citi Bike racks, but still won’t move them

Mean Streets: We made our bed — and now you have to bike in it! Comments (26)

Stopping e-bikes would be easier if they were legal, Sunset Parkers say

Sunset Park: The only way to curb the scourge of unsanctioned electronic scooters is to legalize them, according to activists. Comments (16)

Word on the Jay Street: Cyclists weigh in on new bike lane

Mean Streets: The new Jay Street bike lane is on the right path, but there are still some roadblocks, according to riders. Comments (37)

Other ways to fix Jay Street

Mean Streets: We ride it every day. Comments (25)
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Vote: What do you think of the new bike lane?

Mean Streets: Nothing incites reasonable discourse in the Brooklyn Paper comments section like an old fashioned bike lane article! Comments (16)

Marooned! City: Gov Island not busy enough yet for full-time Brooklyn ferry

Red Hook: No sail! Comments (6)

Full circle! Fifth Avenue sinkhole finally filled a year later

Sunset Park: It’s a whole new intersection! Comment

August, 2016

Hub snub! Boerum Hill residents jilted by surprise Citi Bike station

Mean Streets: Talk about coming out of the blue! Comments (49)

Citi gripes: Slopers hate Carroll Street Citi Bike rack

Mean Streets: They say the block between Fourth and Fifth avenues has gone to rack and ruin. Comments (102)

Sister of cyclist killed on Classon Ave. demands bike lane

Clinton Hill: A driver fatally ran over Lauren Davis as she was cycling to work on Classon Avenue in April. Comments (70)

Trail trash! Red Hook street so gross no agency will touch it

Mean Streets: We’re not even sure if this belongs in our “Mean Streets” column or “Meadows of Shame” column! Comments (8)

Get rolling! Sunset Parkers demand city take bike lane request seriously

Sunset Park: Sunset Parkers who have been demanding a cycling path on Fourth Avenue for years are miffed that Marine Park got a lane it did not even ask for. Comments (30)

Van damn! Camper collapses in Clinton Hill after driver crashes into cars

Mean Streets: The driver lived in the van and had no license, identification, or plates. Comments (12)

Au boy! Gold Street gets new crossing, wider median

Mean Streets: It’s the new Gold standard. Comments (3)

A bad sign: Proposed ‘speed advisory’ sign won’t quell dangerous intersection, Ridgites say

Bay Ridge: It’s a case of the fast and the furious. Comments (2)

Seventh Ave. stop gets stile-ish with new gates

Park Slope: Talk about a good turn. Comments (6)

Planks-giving! City may expand Brooklyn Bridge walkway

Mean Streets: It’s time to end this vicious cycle. Comments (46)

Transportation buff: Replace treacherous Times Plaza with roundabout

Mean Streets: This is some circular logic! Comments (54)

July, 2016

Escape from Williamsburg! Straphangers already fleeing to avoid 18-month L-train closure

River of Tears: Time to get the L outta Williamsburg! Comments (4)

Firefighters cut trapped woman out of flipped car on Prospect Park West

Park Slope: Dramatic photos inside. Comments (4)

Ferry tales do come true! City grants Hookers’ dream of Atlantic Basin boat dock

Red Hook: Call it bowing to pier pressure. Comment

First stop, Brooklyn: MTA to start citywide subway station improvements here

Transit: These subway stations are going wireless — but there are some strings attached. Comments (10)

Back on track: Brownstone Brooklynites renew fight against express F

Carroll Gardens: Slow your roll! Comments (9)

June, 2016

City officials hate him! Discover one weird trick Gov. Cuomo is using to avoid paying for BQE fix

Fixing the BQE: The decaying Brooklyn Heights portion of the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway is too crummy to qualify for state funds, city officials say. Comments (14)

Can you dig it? Residents: Tear down Heights BQE and build a tunnel!

Fixing the BQE: The triple cantilever has to go, Heights residents told city officials last night. Comments (13)

An inside job: City will cut open triple cantilever for first time ever!

Fixing the BQE: Finally, a chance to see the gooey inside of the world’s most-dangerous highway! Comments (6)

Residents: Delay Pier 6 towers to create BQE construction site

Fixing the BQE: And other tidbits from the triple-cantilever repair meeting. Comments (2)

Trolley dodger! Menchaca on streetcar: ‘I’m not for it’

Sunset Park: The plan banks on property values going up, but rents are already off the rails in Sunset Park, and the councilman said he can’t get on board with an engine for displacement. Comments (33)

F yeah! Architect designs second York Street subway exit

DUMBO: Call it an exit strategy. Comments (10)

Overnight R train to run borough-wide starting this fall

Bay Ridge: It’s about to get a lot easier coming home to Bay Ridge late at night. Comments (5)

Finally! Fancy subway entrance in luxury high-rise open to public

Downtown: Talk about a grand entrance! Comments (7)

F tunnel closure will only happen on weekends

Transit: Mystery solved — well, one of them. Comments (4)

Shafted: L-spooked straphangers demand details on F tunnel repairs

Downtown: You’ve heard of the L-pocalypse, but what about this cluster-F? Comments (5)

To the letter! Petition to add second Z to Verrazano bridge

Bay Ridge: Can’t they spell? Comments (20)

Off the rails: Williamsburgers worry streetcar will displace locals

Williamsburg: The city’s planned Sunset Park-to-Queens streetcar could be a one-way ticket out of Williamsburg for low-income residents, locals said at a public forum about the trolley on Wednesday night. Comments (14)

May, 2016

Brooklyn-Queens Express-PAY! Levin to Cuomo: Cough up cash for repairs

Fixing the BQE: It is a triple threat! Comments (30)

MTA to pitch L-train closure plans in Canarsie

River of Tears: Last stop — Canarsie. Comments (1)

City halts controversial Clinton Ave. bike lane vote 

Mean Streets: These Clinton Hill residents finally caught a brake. Comments (46)

Residents to city: Streetcar can’t be amenity for rich, white yuppies

Red Hook: They don’t want a gravy train. Comments (36)

Light-bulb moment! New traffic signal at deadly Kensington intersection

Kensington: They’re shining a light on road safety — and also Caton Avenue. Comment

Bridge shakeup: State to fix rattletrap Bay Ridge overpass

Bay Ridge: Ridgites have to hold tight for another year. Comment

Have your say on the streetcar in Red Hook

Red Hook: Boon for Brooklynites or boondoggle for developers? Comments (13)

F outta here! F express will halve rush-hour service at Brownstone stops

Park Slope: F this! Comments (8)

L train closure will free the G!

Free the G: One train’s L-oss is another’s G-ain! Comments (7)
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MTA offers two options for L train closure: bad and worse

River of Tears: What the L kind of choice is that? Comments (13)

April, 2016

Cutting a path: Pulaski Bridge bike lane finally open

Mean Streets: It is the path of less resistance. Comments (23)

Sudden M-pact: MTA to boot Bushwick residents from homes during track repairs

Bushwick: And some may never return. Comments (4)

L-allelujah! MTA will reveal L-train closure plans at May 5 meeting

River of Tears: There is light at the end of the tunnel — followed by years of darkness. Comments (2)

Ripple F-ect: Riders: MTA must add more trains if it brings back F express

Carroll Gardens: Tangerine, she is folly they claim. Comments (8)

March, 2016

Reviving F express too costly, transit expert sez

Transit: The resurrected orange bullet would negatively impact other riders’ commutes or just plain cost too much, according to a former Transit Authority bookkeeper and regular F train rider. Comments (9)

Cobblestoned Vinegar Hill block is a rocky road

Mean Streets: Call it Vinegar Hill Country! Comment

MTA shutting Bushwick M train stops for 10 months next summer

River of Tears: It is not the L-pocalypse, but it is an M-ergency! Comments (4)

A drop in the ocean: City cuts East River Ferry price to match new boat service

Transit: Ferry good news for Greenpointers, less so for Ikea fans. Comments (8)

Heads up! Red Hook kids score free bike helmets

Red Hook: This was a no brainer! Comment

The fix is in! Gridlock Sam says BQE repairs must happen before it’s too late!

Fixing the BQE: They cantilever it alone any longer! Comments (27)

Stop and stair! Luxury development builds its own subway entrance

Downtown plan: They really know how to make an entrance! Comments (12)

Shuttle diplomacy: Luxury developer already promising L-train replacement service

River of Tears: Yoga rooms and rooftop pools be damned — the next must-have amenity for luxury Williamsburg apartment buildings could be subway access. Comments (10)

February, 2016

Shafted! MTA won’t build brand-new L train tunnel

River of Tears: They can’t dig their way out of this one. Comments (15)

City may have to build new bridges over Gowanus Canal, Newtown Creek for streetcar

Transit: The city may have to build new bridges across the Gowanus Canal and Newtown Creek to accommodate the streetcar system Mayor DeBlasio wants to construct along the borough’s waterfront, officials revealed on Friday. Comments (13)

Getting the shaft: Dumbo residents demand second entrance at York St. subway station

DUMBO: It is the tunnel of shove! Comments (12)

DeBlasio: Streetcar may not offer free transfers to subway, bus — or even my own ferry!

Red Hook: Straphangers may have to pay a second fare when switching from subways and buses to the streetcar, Mayor DeBlasio admitted on Tuesday. Comments (27)

Dreams really do come true! W’burg, G’point finally get the traffic study they have been longing for

Mean Streets: The wheels are finally turning. Comments (7)

A sharrow escape! City plans dedicated bike lane on Lafayette Avenue

Mean Streets: They’re finally drawing the line. Comments (4)

Pols: L train answers hopefully coming next month

Williamsburg: There is some light at the end of the tunnel. Comments (2)

Cars keep blowing this stop sign in the middle of a Gowanus block

Mean Streets: Talk about a short stop! Comments (12)

Put a turd on it! Portland pol-turned-transit guru says most streetcars stink

Transit: It is a streetcar named quagmire. Comments (12)

Pols to mayor: Fix Southern Brooklyn transit before building flashy streetcar

Transit: They’re rail-y riled up over this. Comments (12)

Diamond in the clear! Transit legend’s streetcar dreams finally back on track

Red Hook: His cable car has just come in! Comments (9)
✔ Poll

POLL: Mayor is on board with developer-backed streetcar plan — are you?

Transit: It is a streetcar named DeBlasio. Comments (34)

January, 2016

L-train riders demand answers on closure — MTA blames media for revealing story in first place

Williamsburg: What the L is going on? Comments (12)

Slings and sharrows! Cyclists: Kill Jay St. parking, not bike lane

Mean Streets: This plan leaves a lot to be retired. Comments (13)

It’s snowing inside Borough Hall station

Downtown: Borough Hall station became a winter blunder-land on Saturday, after part of the Flatbush-bound 4 and 5 platform filled up with snow, creating a slippery path that had some straphangers worried. Comments (5)

Dumped on: Subway-less Red Hook left out in cold by early bus closure

Red Hook: They missed the bus. Comments (3)

No exit sign: Controversial turn off Manhattan Bridge remains for now

Mean Streets: They aren’t turning back now. Comments (3)

Parks and aggravation: Canal-side builders leaving cars on sidewalk

Mean Streets: This parking job really stinks. Comments (14)

L on Earth: Service between Brooklyn and Manhattan could shut for years!

Williamsburg: Prepare for commuter L. Comments (12)

City unveils safety proposals for Meeker Avenue triangle of death

Mean Streets: They’re making Meeker Avenue meeker. Comments (8)

Can’t stop, hammer time! Subway construction could mean months-long closures for G, C, R stations

Transit: G, thanks. Comments (12)

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