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River of Tears: L Train Closure News

July, 2016

Escape from Williamsburg! Straphangers already fleeing to avoid 18-month L-train closure

River of Tears: Time to get the L outta Williamsburg! Comments (4)

May, 2016

MTA to pitch L-train closure plans in Canarsie

River of Tears: Last stop — Canarsie. Comments (1)
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MTA offers two options for L train closure: bad and worse

River of Tears: What the L kind of choice is that? Comments (13)

April, 2016

L-allelujah! MTA will reveal L-train closure plans at May 5 meeting

River of Tears: There is light at the end of the tunnel — followed by years of darkness. Comments (2)

March, 2016

MTA shutting Bushwick M train stops for 10 months next summer

River of Tears: It is not the L-pocalypse, but it is an M-ergency! Comments (4)

Shuttle diplomacy: Luxury developer already promising L-train replacement service

River of Tears: Yoga rooms and rooftop pools be damned — the next must-have amenity for luxury Williamsburg apartment buildings could be subway access. Comments (10)

February, 2016

Shafted! MTA won’t build brand-new L train tunnel

River of Tears: They can’t dig their way out of this one. Comments (15)

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