Mean Streets

December, 2011

Family: NYPD doesn’t care about dead cyclist

Mean Streets: The NYPD lost key evidence and botched the investigation of a fatal hit and run of a Williamsburg artist two months ago because officers had “more serious crimes” to deal with, the late cyclist’s family charged on Monday. Comments (19)

Barclays Center traffic changes screwed Boerum Hill, residents say

Mean Streets: The city’s efforts to tinker with the traffic flow around the Barclays Center to reduce congestion near the under-construction arena have not only failed, area residents say — they’ve actually made things worse on Third Avenue in Boerum Hill. Comments (35)

Route problem! Thugs terrorize cyclists on bike path between housing projects

Mean Streets: Brick-tossing teens have turned a major cycling route through a public housing project in Fort Greene into death trap, injuring or terrorizing at least six cyclists — one seriously — in a spate of attacks this year. Comments (71)

Cyclist seriously injured in latest park crash

Mean Streets: A cyclist was seriously injured in a crash on Saturday in Prospect Park — just yards from the scene of two previous, near-fatal bike accidents and a target for a police crackdown on speeding two-wheelers. Comments (58)

City garbage truck kills woman

Mean Streets: A city garbage truck struck and killed a woman crossing Broadway on Wednesday, the second pedestrian accident to occur in Williamsburg in less than a week. Comments (18)

Report: Hit-and-run trucker must have known that he’d killed cyclist!

Mean Streets: The Williamsburg cyclist killed by a truck driver last month was not cruising in the driver’s blind spot, but was actually rear-ended by the trucker, a just-released bombshell accident report reveals. Comments (18)

Trucker arrested for mowing down 90-year-old man in Williamsburg

Mean Streets: Police arrested a trucker who they say was drunk when he nearly killed a senior last Thursday. Comments (5)

Bikelash! Cops say they’ll crack down on speeding cyclists

Mean Streets: After two serious accidents in the park, a major enforcement offensive seems on the verge of starting. Comments (132)

November, 2011

‘Shore’ thing: Neighbors say Ridge road’s a crash zone

Mean Streets: Shore Road has become a demolition derby where speeding cars careen out of control and crash into parked vehicles as they try to negotiate a blind curve, and it’s only a matter of time before someone gets hurt, say neighbors who want the city to slow the cars down. Comments (22)

Cone rangers! City installs traffic barriers to deter Park cyclists

Mean Streets: The city has a message for bicyclists in Prospect Park in the wake of two near-fatal crashes: Slow down! Comments (42)

Pedestrian injured in collision with Park cyclist sues city

Mean Streets: A Windsor Terrace actress who was nearly killed in a crash with a bicyclist in Prospect Park is preparing to sue the city for $3 million, claiming speeding two-wheelers put pedestrians in danger on the park’s popular roadway. Comments (29)

Don’t leave town! FDR ramp closure will make it hell to get back to Brooklyn

Mean Streets: This just in (literally): The Department of Transportation has just told us that Brooklyn-bound drivers should avoid the Brooklyn Bridge at all costs this weekend! Comments (10)

Uneasy rider! Famous cyclist Schumer ignores our questions about bike lane

Mean Streets: We tried everything, but New York’s senior sentor — a big-time bicyclist — refused to talk about the Prospect Park West bike lane. Smart man — his wife is leading the opposition to the cycle path. Comments (30)

DUMBO — historyland or Disneyland?

Mean Streets: More of DUMBO’s charming Belgian block streets will be restored as part of a just announced $20-million project — but some locals are worried the roadwork will be more “Disney World” than historic neighborhood. Comments (7)

Bike-lash! City bails on plan for another two-way lane after PPW protests

Mean Streets: The city abandoned plans for a two-way bike path on Plaza Street West in the wake of a lawsuit over the controversial Prospect Park West bike lane — and seething cyclists say that transportation honchos were simply scared of another fight. Comments (25)

Go ‘West,’ young cyclist! City plans major bike lane on Greenpoint’s waterfront

Mean Streets: The city plans to turn West Street, a pockmarked 12-block truck route on the Greenpoint waterfront, into a one-way northbound street while adding a bike lane and removing half the parking spaces. Comments (52)

October, 2011

Dead Williamsburg cyclist was a major art figure

Mean Streets: Locals mourn rising star Mathieu Lefevre — and we join the tribute with a slideshow of his amazing work. Comments (33)

Mom’s crusade: Family of dead Bushwick cyclist blast city for lax enforcement

Mean Streets: The parents of deceased cyclist Matthew Lefevre blasted the NYPD for stonewalling the family about the hit-and-run accident that killed their son in Williamsburg last week. Comments (3)

Enough already! Another cyclist killed by driver

Mean Streets: A hit-and-run truck driver struck and killed a bike rider this morning on Morgan Avenue. Comments (22)

Foot(path) soldiers! City brings in traffic cops to calm tensions on Brooklyn Bridge

Mean Streets: But do these whistleblowers actually do anything? Comments (44)

Ridgites demand more time to park

Mean Streets: Merchants on Fifth Avenue in Bay Ridge are demanding the city increase the time shoppers are allowed to park along the strip, claiming the present one-hour limit doesn’t give clients enough time to go from store to store— and many times results in them getting expensive parking tickets. Comments (33)

Another fatal car crash in Greenpoint

Mean Streets: A drunk driver was arrested on Monday night after he mowed down a 41-year-old delivery man on Leonard Street in Greenpoint, police said. Comments (2)

Greenpoint Avenue is latest battleground in the car-cyclist clash

Mean Streets: Greenpoint’s community board has asked the city to halt its plan to remove much-needed parking spaces to accommodate an extended bike lane on Greenpoint Avenue. Comments (19)

City: Time to 86 left turns at Fourth Avenue

Mean Streets: A proposal by the city would make it illegal to turn left from 86th Street, but some say it will just cause more traffic futher down the block. Comments (8)

Tow-tally unfair! City wrongfully hauls cars in another PPW bike lane-related controversy

Mean Streets: The city wrongfully towed a slew of cars on Prospect Park West after installing a bizarre “No Standing” sign that confused everyone — including parking cops who were deployed to maintain order on the world’s most-controversial roadway. Comments (50)

Seeing red: Pedestrians still dodging Atlantic Ave traffic to get to Pier 6

Mean Streets: And residents say it’s because the city doesn’t enforce the “No turn on red” restriction. Comments (31)

September, 2011

Carmageddon! Ridge dealerships block sidewalks with cars

Mean Streets: Bay Ridgites are furious that a handful of car dealerships along Fourth and Fifth avenues are breaking the law by parking their inventory on the sidewalk, blocking the path of pedestrians and forcing people in wheelchairs to roll into oncoming traffic. Comments (19)

Park Slope loves its bike lane — but not city tweaks!

Mean Streets: Moving crosswalk signals will create chaos along Prospect Park West — if you believe a majority of Community Board 6. Comments (27)

City goes both ways on Furman Street

Mean Streets: Suddenly, a one-way conduit becomes a two-way nightmare near Brooklyn Bridge Park. Comments (13)

Cyclists to city: Don’t let the terrorists win on the Williamsburg Bridge

Mean Streets: New bike path barriers, designed to thrwart attacks, are driving bikers mad. Comments (25)

So, will Brooklyn benefit from the city’s ‘bike share’ plan?

Mean Streets: The city picks a vendor to handle the new cheap bike-rental scheme — but the devil is in the details (which, by the way, remain unclear). Comments (36)

Van is out of control on Fifth Avenue

Mean Streets: An out-of-control — and possibly drunk — driver smashed into a Fifth Avenue bar in Park Slope on Sunday evening, shattering the storefront window, injuring himself and a cab driver. Comments (11)

Another senseless cyclist death in Williamsburg

Mean Streets: A bike rider was killed after a car struck him and dragged him through an intersection on Rodney Street — the second such death in days. Comments (48)

Cyclist run down on Williamsburg street

Mean Streets: A woman falls from her bike and is killed on Bushwick Avenue on Tuesday night. Comments (41)

August, 2011

BQE needs emergency roadwork

Mean Streets: Expect nighttime delays on the hurricane-battered byway. Comments (3)

More bike help in Grand Army Plaza

Mean Streets: The construction that’s been bottlenecking traffic on Grand Army Plaza for weeks will soon pay off for commuters — bike commuters, that is. Comments (46)

Editorial: Enough is enough!

Mean Streets: Foes of the Prospect Park West bike lane have had their day in court. Now, they must learn to live with the cycle path. Comments (45)

Lane pains! Foes of Prospect Park West cycle path threaten new suit

Mean Streets: Opponents of the Prospect Park West bike lane — whose case against the world’s most controversial cycle path was thrown out last week — are now demanding that the city remove the bike route entirely or face another lawsuit. Comments (37)

Ride on! City wins Prospect Park West bike lane suit

Mean Streets: The controversial Prospect Park West bike lane survived a legal challenge this week, as a judge dismissed a lawsuit brought by a group of well-connected neighbors on technical grounds on Tuesday. Comments (29)

BREAKING NEWS: City wins Prospect Park West bike lane suit

Mean Streets: The city has won the Prospect Park West bike lane case, as a judged tossed a lawsuit by opponents who claimed that the Department of Transportation improperly installed the controversial cycle path last year. Comments (6)

July, 2011

City: Brooklyn leads the cycling boom

Mean Streets: More than 2,000 new riders are bike commuting into Manhattan, according to a new survey. Comments (73)

City on PPW suit: Bring it on!

Mean Streets: The city will fight the Prospect Park West bike lane lawsuit on its merits, instead of seeking its dismissal on a technicality, lawyers told a judge on Wednesday. Comments (49)

Bike lane lie? Beep testimony casts doubt on city position

Mean Streets: Borough President Markowitz says the city is lying to protect its most controversial bike lane. Comments (28)

Nice rack! City to cut two parking spaces on Smith Street for bike parking lot

Mean Streets: A bike parking corral will soon replace two spaces on Smith Street in Carroll Gardens — a move that neighbors say will fix the treacherous intersection with Sackett Street. Comments (17)

Subpoena: Bike lane backers will have to swear to tell the whole truth

Mean Streets: Did Councilman Brad Lander and the city’s Transportation Commissioner fudge the data? A lawsuit says so — and now the officials may have to testify in court. Comments (48)

Road rage! Accidents prompt new look at bike and ped safety in Prospect Park

Mean Streets: A group of cyclists is demanding that the city paint bike symbols on the car lanes in Prospect Park in the wake of several bicycle crashes — and park officials are listening. Comments (34)

Idle-nonsense! City wants to boot buses off of Old Fulton Street

Mean Streets: Begone smog-belching buses! Comments (10)

June, 2011

Hey, Brooklyn — learn to drive!

Mean Streets: Cops have written more than 121,000 moving violations so far this year — more than any other borough. Comments (9)

City: Ends justify the means on the Prospect Park West bike lane

Mean Streets: Responding to a lawsuit, the city says that the Prospect Park West bike lane is legal because, well, it works! Comments (69)

Who’s on Third?

Mean Streets: A civic panel shot down a bid to turn Third Avenue between 82nd and 92nd Streets into a pedestrian mall for six evenings this summer, saying the proposal was misguided because it didn’t take into account the problems with traffic, litter and noise it would create. Comments (17)

Hey, you, look out! Closure on W’burg Bridge path means more bike-ped clashes

Mean Streets: The city is shutting the Williamsburg Bridge’s south pathway for six weeks this summer to improve its security — forcing pedestrians and cyclists to use only one path to get between Brooklyn and its western suburb. Comments (20)

Gentile: I didn’t boot Cassara over the bike lane!

Mean Streets: Actually, he booted him for a lot of other reasons Comments (12)

Pro-bike CB10 member not reappointed by lane foe Gentile

Mean Streets: Long-time community activist and bike lane advocate Bob Cassara has been booted from Community Board 10 after nearly 10 years, the only member of the panel who sought re-appointment but did not get it. Comments (11)

May, 2011

The Flatbush Two Step! Major street changes coming to Barclays Center area

Mean Streets: Get ready to dance the Flatbush-to-Fourth Two-Step — whether you like it or not. Comments (44)

Call it ‘Fort Mean’: Nabe leads boro in bike crashes

Mean Streets: Fort Greene is Brooklyn’s most treacherous bicycling neighborhood, according to the city’s most-recent bike crash data. Comments (28)

Not everyone in Bay Ridge hates bike lanes

Mean Streets: A key member of a community board panel is demanding that the city strap on a helmet and revive its own abandoned proposal for a bike lane on Bay Ridge Parkway — but he’s facing an uphill battle. Comments (45)

Bike lane? What bike lane? Drivers, cyclists clash over Bedford Avenue

Mean Streets: The clash of cultures over a Williamsburg bike route has gotten physical. Comments (96)

April, 2011

Circle of death? Residents say corner of Prospect Park needs to be safer

Mean Streets: A Lefferts Gardens woman who watched her mother get mowed down by a car is Comments (29)

City to turn parking lot into children’s playspace

Mean Streets: The Fourth Street cul-de-sac won’t be available for parking anymore. Comments (17)

Bay Ridge pressures city to kill bike lane

Mean Streets: The bikelash continues — this time on Bay Ridge Parkway. Comments (2)

Massive show of support for Prospect Park West bike lane

Mean Streets: Hundreds of cyclists — toddlers on tricycles, sign-waving mamas and helmet-clad dads — rode the Prospect Park West bike lane on Sunday to show support for the city’s most controversial cycle path. Comments (112)

On Sunday, a bike lane victory lap?

Mean Streets: Bicyclists will participate in a massive group ride on Sunday to show support for their beleaguered Prospect Park West bike lane, now the subject of a lawsuit, political pressure, dueling polls, and more international media coverage than some real wars. Comments (39)

Crackdown! City hitting cyclists with twice as many tickets

Mean Streets: Cops are slapping cyclists with nearly double the number of traffic tickets in the wake of a “crackdown” on rogue bikers in Brooklyn. Comments (99)

City taking Greenpoint Avenue Bridge bike lane back to the shop

Mean Streets: City officials will reconsider plans to extend a bike lane over the Greenpoint Avenue Bridge after residents and local business owners said that the truck route is too dangerous. Comments (36)

Night trip to Manhattan? Don’t take the Brooklyn Bridge

Mean Streets: Starting tonight, the Brooklyn Bridge’s Manhattan-bound lanes are eliminated late nights. Comment

Park Slope Assemblyman: Remove the bike lane!

Mean Streets: Park Slope’s assemblyman has tossed aside the results of his own survey to conclude that the controversial two-way bike lane on Prospect Park West must be eliminated in favor of a standard one-way lane. Comment

New survey says people like — though some fear — the bike lane

Mean Streets: The survey says — again! — that Park Slopers like their controversial bike lane. Comments (45)

March, 2011

No ‘Big Dig’: Planners likely to take BQE tunnel option off the table

Mean Streets: There is just not enough money to move ahead on an ambitious — and popular — proposal to bury the aging Brooklyn–Queens Expressway in a tunnel. Comments (17)

Wheel bad news in Bay Ridge as city puts meters on last free block

Mean Streets: A legendary oasis of free parking on Third Avenue will dry up this summer when the city installs new muni-meters between 83rd and 84th streets. Comments (19)

Car-free park? Council bill would ban behemoths among Brooklyn’s boughs

Mean Streets: A Manhattan lawmaker wants to ban cars from Prospect Park — a plan that would tame the “hectic pace of city life,” its chief supporter says. Comments (68)

It’s a big Con Ed ache as hundreds of workers will compete for street parking

Mean Streets: Hundreds more drivers will compete for parking spots in Gowanus and Park Slope under a plan by Con Ed to eliminate a 250-space employee parking lot next month. Comments (149)

City’s Eastern Parkway fix includes signals, medians and a bike lane

Mean Streets: Eastern Parkway would be transformed from a menacing speedway into a pedestrian- and cyclist-friendly strip under a new city plan that will begin construction next month. Comments (30)

Residents still getting tickets in ‘School zone’ — though school’s been out since 2006

Mean Streets: But the city won’t change the signs because St. Anthony’s on Leonard Street may reopen this fall. Comments (2)

CB6 to Prospect Park West cyclists — slow down!

Mean Streets: The community board asks the city to install speed bumps along the bike lane. Comments (62)

Cops: Drunk officer caused this horrific crash

Mean Streets: A drunk and possibly drugged-up cop triggered the horrific March 15 crash on Fifth Avenue that led to multiple injuries — including two of his fellow police officers, this paper has learned. Comments (10)

Prospect Park West bike foes pushing ‘Eighth Avenue’ solution

Mean Streets: Opponents of the Prospect Park West bike lane say they have a solution to the long-running bike lane conundrum: move the controversy one block away. Comments (84)

Town-gown battle in Fort Greene as LIU seeks greener pastures

Mean Streets: Long Island University and Fort Greene are in a town-gown battle pitting the school’s need for athletic space and locals’ need for parking spaces. Comments (16)

Bad crash on Fifth Avenue

Mean Streets: A reckless driver flew through an intersection and slammed into a police car and a parked car on Fifth Avenue early Tuesday morning. Comments (33)

Border war! Queens rejects relocation of Greenpoint buses to Maspeth

Mean Streets: The city’s plan to move MTA buses from Brooklyn to Queens has ignited a border war! Comments (6)

Lots of yelling, little decided at Prospect Park West bike lane hearing

Mean Streets: The Prospect Park West Bike Lane is a miracle solution and a horrific danger, bike lane friends and foes trumpeted at packed hearing last night. Comments (53)

Yassky: Plan would help the boroughs

Mean Streets: New Yorkers in Manhattan have excellent taxi service. You put up your hand, hail a yellow car with a light on top, and it takes you where you want to go for a predictable price. Comments (1)

Desai: The plan will hurt yellow cabbies

Mean Streets: We are stunned by the mayor’s proposal to turn liveries into taxis in the outer boroughs. Comments (4)

What do actual drivers think?

Mean Streets: We know what an advocate of taxi drivers and the city agency behind the proposal think about the proposal to install meters inside livery cabs. But what about the livery cab drivers themselves? We asked five drivers outside the Atlantic Center what they thought of it all. Comments (3)

Pothole for Lafayette bike lane

Mean Streets: A city plan for a new bike lane in Fort Greene skid to a halt after community objections last month, the latest clash in a winter of discontent about bike lanes across the borough. Comments (25)

Could one-way Congress Street be the key to Brooklyn Bridge Park access? 

Mean Streets: The city is considering reversing the direction of a Cobble Hill Street make it easier for cyclists to pedal to Brooklyn Bridge Park — but critics say the move will be more hazardous than helpful. Comments (7)

Suit: City lied about Prospect Park West bike lane

Mean Streets: The city threw pedestrians into the “lane” of fire by fudging Prospect Park West bike path data and colluding with rabid advocates to stanch opposition, a bombshell lawsuit alleges. Comments (56)

Activists to install a ‘Tomb of the Unknown Cyclist’ at Boro Hall

Mean Streets: Seven “ghost bikes” to memorialize cyclists killed in accidents were installed this year in Brooklyn — and next week, a sixth white-painted shrine will be placed near Borough Hall to honor victims of unreported collisions. Comments (8)

February, 2011

The bike lane is working

Mean Streets: Never have so many words been exchanged about so few feet of pavement and lane striping. Our kids should be forgiven for believing that the Battle of Brooklyn was when George Washington strategically retreated his bicycle across Prospect Park West. Comments (94)

Road rage! Lookout, cyclists — there’s an ambulance in the bike lane!

Mean Streets: An ambulance driver who abandoned traffic-choked Prospect Park West to use the controversial bike lane as a shortcut was hardly a lone rogue. Comments (54)

Council bike data bill will prove us right — foes and cycle supporters say

Mean Streets: Friends and foes of bike lanes can’t wait for a new city bike-crash data law to take effect — because both sides think it will show they’re right. Comments (35)

Wheel good news! Unicyclist beats the rap in sidewalk-riding caper

Mean Streets: Call him “Free Wheel-y!” Comments (11)

Here they are — your Sarah Jessica Parker pictures

Mean Streets: The Hollywood starlet lenses a scene in Brooklyn Heights — and you are there. Comments (1)

Fort Greene group seeks neater bow-ties

Mean Streets: Four triangle parks may get spruced up. Comment

Here it comes — the inevitable Prospect Park West bike lane lawsuit!

Mean Streets: The politically connected group that opposes the controversial Prospect Park West bike lane is poised to sue the city — at the risk of a marital rift between cycling advocate Sen. Charles Schumer and his lane-hating wife. Comments (36)

Bike lanes — the third rail of New York City politics

Mean Streets: A hastily scrubbed meeting over a new set of cycle paths in Park Slope prompts denials from supporters and gloating from bike opponents that they are starting to have an impact. Comments (22)

Bus-aster! Seventh Ave’s two lines behaving like one

Mean Streets: Park Slope commuters are furious that the two bus lines serving Seventh Avenue continue to bunch up — rendering useless the staggered schedule that is supposed to be enhancing local service. Comments (4)

Bridge out! Returning from Manhattan? Don’t take the Brooklyn!

Mean Streets: Brooklyn-bound drivers on the Brooklyn Bridge will think they’re in London several nights this week as emergency repair work will divert cars to the northern lanes of the fabled span — as workers repair weather-beaten exit ramps on the Brooklyn side. Comment

SJP and Pierce set to roll ‘em in Brooklyn Heights

Mean Streets: This Hollywood invasion is going to close off about eight streets. Better move your car! Comments (1)

‘Alternate’ reality! Return of parking rules drive snowbound Slopers mad

Mean Streets: Alternate-side parking returns — and few are happy. Comments (16)

Slow ‘em down! Boerum Hill seeks big cut in speed limit

Mean Streets: Boerum Hill residents are pushing the city to slam the brakes on reckless drivers by cutting the speed limit to 20 miles per hour in their exclusive brownstone enclave. Comments (14)

Cyclist left for dead in Williamsburg hit-and-run

Mean Streets: Now her friends are hunting for the driver. Comments (8)

January, 2011

Lane pains! Former officials slam city for lying on Prospect Park West

Mean Streets: Two former top city officials — including an ex-Transportation Commissioner who emphasized car travel over bikes during her tenure — have emerged as the principal leaders of the opposition to the city’s controversial Prospect Park West bike lane. Comments (125)

Snow problem on Prospect Park West

Mean Streets: Blizzard of 2010? No, but Friday’s light snowfall means that cyclists on the controversial Prospect Park West bike lane are out of luck until the city gets around to plowing the two-way dedicated path. Comments (25)

Safety first! Prospect Park West bike lane working

Mean Streets: Accidents have plummeted dramatically since the installation of the controversial Prospect Park West bike lane in the spring, new city data reveals. Comments (60)

Breaking: Cyclist killed on — yes, on — the BQE

Mean Streets: Keep checking back for updates on this odd tragedy. Comments (8)

License ‘em! Sloper wants to put plates on bikes

Mean Streets: Cyclists will be required to register their rides like their gas-guzzling counterparts under a controversial scheme trumpeted last week by a Park Slope activist. Comments (37)

City: Bus a move — away from Brooklyn Bridge Park

Mean Streets: The city is moving to stop droves of double-decker tour buses from idling and clogging the foot of Old Fulton Street during the summer — a traffic debacle that’s reached a breaking point since Pier 1 of Brooklyn Bridge Park opened early last year. Comments (18)

Bikelash! Cops to crack down on two-wheelers

Mean Streets: A big enforcement effort against cyclists is coming. Comments (103)

January, 2010

Hit-and-run on Flushing Avenue

Mean Streets: A hit-and-run driver critically injured a 2-year-old as he slammed the tot as he was being pushed by his 13-year-old sister near the dangerous corner of Kent and Flushing avenues on Tuesday afternoon. Comments (2)

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