Cleaning Our Waterways

October, 2016

Gowanus Canal cleanup begins

Cleaning Our Waterways: It’s a Go-wanus! Comments (2)

July, 2016

Do you recognize this Gowanus Canal swimmer?

Cleaning Our Waterways: Has anyone seen this guy sporting a nasty rash — or an extra leg? Comments (9)

June, 2016

Two thumbs up: Feds OK city plan to seize Gowanus film studio

Cleaning Our Waterways: Now the owner is hoping for a Hollywood ending starring Mayor DeBlasio. Comments (5)

May, 2016

Dyin’ gosling: These Gowanus Canal baby geese are going to die

Cleaning Our Waterways: Their goose is cooked! Comments (22)

April, 2016

Un-‘Americans!’ City plans to demolish sexy spy drama’s studio for Canal cleanup

Cleaning Our Waterways: Their cover is blown! Comments (9)

Short time span! Residents only have a few weeks to decide on new Canal bridge that could affect cleanup

Cleaning Our Waterways: They have to cross this bridge before they come to it. Comment

March, 2016

Dirty photos! Shutterbug makes himself sick shooting artsy Canal waste

Cleaning Our Waterways: Talk about suffering for your art. Comments (3)

December, 2015

It’s official: Newtown Creek dirtier than Gowanus Canal!

Cleaning Our Waterways: Everything we ever belived about Brooklyn’s nautical purgatory has been turnd on his head — thanks to Christopher Swain! Comments (10)
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