Park Slope

A guacamole with some kick!

The Best Thing We Ate This Week: Even the best guacamole is a bland, one-dimensional paste. Comment

Thriller! Spike Lee honors the King of Pop again

Music: On Sunday, the filmmaker hosts his second annual “Brooklyn Loves Michael Jackson” party. Comments (2)
Meadows of Shame: And we’re not just talking about the garbage. Comments (10)
Meadows of Shame: Parks Enforcement Patrol officers have written zero yes, zero tickets for littering over the last 20 months while dog owners are routinely summonsed, new documents show. Comments (10)

She fought them off!

Crime: A foiled crime leads the blotter this week, along with the rest of the crime news from Park Slope’s 78th Precinct. Comments (1)

Confidential! Notes reveal that goose massacre was unnecessary

Documents obtained by The Brooklyn Paper through a Freedom of Information Law request reveal a vigorous debate over how best to control the goose population near New York’s airports — and shows that last month’s extermination of some 290 geese in Prospect Park may not have been necessary. The excerpted transcript below represents minutes of a meeting among various state, city and federal agencies from 2006 that discusses how widely geese should be culled. The consensus was five miles from airports, which does not include Prospect Park. Comment

Another school is crime victim

Crime: This time, $21,000 in equipment is stolen from PS 571. Plus all the other news from Prospect Heights’ 77th Precinct. Comment

‘Battle’ star! George Washington saved us all (so they say)

Event: Yes, it’s Battle Week again in Brooklyn. Comments (2)

Lipton tease! Ethan’s new songs will make you laugh

Music: Ethan Lipton and his Orchestra (OK, there’s only three of them) offer up sardonic wit at Barbes. Comment
Event: Justin Israelson and Gary Jonas aren’t so great at homebrewing. Comment
The Butcher of Flatbush Ave. Extension: Getting in bed with a Bravo television series winner fills a small gallery, but leaves our critic a bit empty. Comments (7)

JFK monument busts a move back to Grand Army Plaza

JFK is back and better than ever. Comment

Drinking, old style, to help the Botanic Garden grow

Event: It was mallets aforethought at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, as guests garbed in the styles of a century ago gathered to celebrate the oasis’ centennial. Comment
Lenny Shiller is still having fun, fun, fun — and he doesn’t even have a T-Bird. Comments (2)

Dancewave troupe wows them in Scotland

The Park Slope youth dance troupe that was robbed of $10,000, yet was able to re-raise that cash just in time to enter a prestigious dance festival in Scotland made its victorious return on Sunday, having been the only American representative at the Aberdeen International Youth Festival. Comment

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