Park Slope

Beautiful Sunset! Festival takes Fifth Avenue

Photo Galleries: The Fifth Avenue Festival filled the corridor between 59th and 44th streets with families, food, and fun for the 14th year in a row. Comment

Slimed! P’Park lovers say Nickelodeon kid fest has no place in Brooklyn’s backyard

Meadows of Shame: An upcoming Nickelodeon festival that is going to pack Prospect Park with screaming children will be the latest in a long line of big-ticket events to trash Brooklyn’s backyard, claim park preservationists who refuse to give the kids’ network a pass. Comments (21)

Perp robs man of iPhone at gunpoint

Crime: Plus all the other crime from Park Slope’s 78th Precinct blotter. Comments (2)

Scared safe! Barclays Center transformed into blood-soaked disaster zone for chemical attack drill

Photo Galleries: On Friday night, the Barclays Center turned into a disaster area packed with dead and dying people and emergency personnel rushing around in hazardous materials suits — and it was all part of a military drill to prep for a possible chemical attack. Comments (4)
Several weeks after she left her house in cuffs after a cop fell through the floor and she refused to leave the wreckage, according to authorities and witnesses, a First Street homeowner is locked out and living on the stoop, neighbors say. Comments (11)

Borough’s lively president honored at Brooklyn’s biggest cemetery

He’ll be a Brooklynite to the end — and beyond! Comments (3)

Don’t duck and cover! The disaster at the Barclays Center tonight is only a drill

Those dead and bleeding people and the figures in gas masks running out of military vehicles feet from Atlantic Avenue? They’re just practicing. Comments (31)
Apartment dwellers who want to go green can soon count on curb-side service for their rotting leftovers. Comments (9)

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