Park Slope

Three Way: The Way Station bar celebrates third anniversary

Boro of Nerds: The Prospect Heights Doctor Who- and steampunk-themed bar is throwing a birthday bash, with live swing music and go-go dancing. Comments (2)
Music: Talk about a magical mystery tour! Comment
A gruesome discovery was waiting by the lake early Monday morning. Comments (8)
Mean Streets: A cyclist is in bad shape after a driver hit him near the Brooklyn Museum on Sunday, cops said. Comments (23)

I’m walkin’ here! Activists say cops should give bikes the car treatment

Mean Streets: The city is ramping up its war on cars, lowering speed limits, narrowing streets, and, last week, staging a sting operation on drivers turning into crosswalks, but some activists say scofflaw cyclists need policing, too. Comments (57)
Quilts. Twill. Corporate furniture. Test-tube beef? Comments (8)
Vox Pop: The idea of test tube meat is as intriguing as it is revolting, so we figured we should put the big-money question that could make or break the bio-tech industry to everyday Brooklynites: “Would you eat a hamburger grown in a test tube?” Comments (4)

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