Park Slope
Music: This party will be hot as burning pitch! Comment

These Kensington residents support the new homeless shelter...

They are collecting diapers, supermarket giftcards, and making “welcome packets.” Comments (12)

Popped at Popeyes

Popped at Popeyes

A gunman killed a guy in a Seventh Avenue restaurant in Sunset Park on Dec. 7. Comment

... and these ones don’t!

They fear the refuge will attract drug users and sexual predators, and say it shouldn’t be near an elementary school. Comments (11)

Scoundrel rides off with man’s bike

Crime: Plus all the other crime from Park Slope’s 78th Precinct blotter. Comment
BoroBeat: It is a leading light! Comment

Reindeer games: Kids don antlers for dash through Prospect Park

BoroBeat: They weren’t horsing around. Comment

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