Park Slope

Saturday, May 5, 2007

Montgomery woman mugged at home

Park Slope: Traffic in Park Slope is enough to make anyone’s blood boil. But not all drivers take their frustrations out with a tire iron — plus all the other crime news from the 78th Precinct! Comment

A meaty tale of local success

PS … I Love You: Our columnist tries to figure out the secret of one butcher shop’s success. Comment
Park Slope: The Stoop solves the mystery of those five abandoned buildings on supposedly booming Fourth Avenue. Comment

Spoil-sports: Con Ed coughs up dough

Park Slope: After eight months of battling Con Edison for thousands of dollars in damages stemming from a 24-hour power outage last summer, the Park Slope Co-op received finally received a check last week. Comment

A messy crash on Berkeley Place

Park Slope: This is one bad car crash. Comment

Wanted: bike lane

Letters: We received a remarkably high volume of mail regarding the controversy of a city plan to eliminate one lane of traffic in each direction on Ninth Street and replace them with left-turn bays and install bike lanes on each side of the street. Virtually every letter was in favor of the city plan. Comment

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